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What is Defacto2?

Defacto2 is a website committed to the preservation of the historic PC cracking and warez scene subcultures.

Defacto2 preserves the legal productions derived from the legacy PC cracking and warez scenes. Including text files, demos, music, art, magazines and other legal products that are cracking related are covered.

We choose to preserve this niche field as it is rarely discussed. And without this effort, an essential element of the underground computer subculture could be lost and forgotten. As the nature of robin-hood piracy with its high-churn for participants means it is a community that is not well documented nor understood.

To clarify the term 'PC' refers personal computers that run Microsoft Windows or earlier IBM-PC compatible computers that ran MS-DOS.

Despite the subject matter, we do not engage in or support software piracy period.

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