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Star Trek: The New Generation - EGA version. by Triad


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2/6/90  TRIAD'1990 Presents:  Star Trek: The New Generation - EGA version

	Hi there folks, this is Jenetic Bytemare here.  I took a look at
	this program looks ok, EGA graphics - takes about 4 megs on your
	HD.  I got the file, it was already installed for EGA, so CGA 
	folks will have to wait for the CGA version (which probably blows)
	This program was supplied by Mr. Xerox! Thanks again to our #1
	supplier.  Look for more TRIAD releases and kracks soon on both
	the IBM and Amiga! (Buy an Amiga today!) - No apparent copy
	protection on this game!

	-Jenetic Bytemare

	Call These Great BBS's!

	Lakeside Park   - 500+ megs - 9600/19.2k DS HST - (203) 261-9603
	Rock'in Ranch   - 320+ megs - 9600/19.2k DS HST - (518) Pri-Vate
	The Wall        - 330+ megs - 9600/19.2k DS HST - (716) Pri-Vate
        Plutonium Mines - 330+ megs - 9600/14.4k HST    - (716) Pri-Vate
        Greets go out to: The Viper, Island Hacker, Cyfer, Lord Blix,
        Barimor, Gord The Rogue, Null Set & Bit Manipulator!
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