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Interview with Speed Racer. by Razor 1911 (RZR)


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The Speed Racer talks about the internal wars of early 1995.
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<h1>Interview with Speed Racer</h1>
<p>In January of 1995, <strong>The Renegade Chemist </strong>decided that he wanted to retire from the scene and retire <strong>RAZOR 
1911</strong>. The general consensus of the group was that they wanted to see the legacy continue. So <strong>EOS</strong>, <strong>The Gecko</strong>, 
and myself decided we would continue the group and then TRC came to the conclusion of kicking us out and then 
shutting down the group. An internal war would ensue with EOS, The Gecko, and myself on one side with <strong>TRC</strong> and 
<strong>Marauder</strong> on the other with <strong>Randall Flagg</strong>, at the time, in the middle. The whole scene watched intensely to see 
who would emerge victorious meanwhile, with the fighting going on RAZOR 1911 wasn't producing as many titles as 
usual. The other groups were quick to capitalize on this weakness. In time TRC would concede defeat and join 
Tyranny but his presence would not dissapear nor be forgotten while Marauder would still be in RAZOR. A month 
later TRC, Marauder, Randall Flagg and Hoson would ban together to form Eclipse showing an impressive 
performance while RAZOR 1911 was in reconstruction. During reconstruction, many members ,unsure of the future, 
under new leadership, would jump ship. Those who stuck by during hard times would see and be a part of the 
glorious future including top releases, #1 for a few months on the charts, and domination of Europe. As the diskette 
releases became fewer Genesis would close shop and concentrate on trendsetting TDU-JAM their CD division. 
Hybrid, the new CD division of Eclipse was concentrating more on CD's with Eclipse giving a poor showing on the 
floppy releases leaving RAZOR and Tyranny to battle it out with RAZOR on top the majority of the time. With the 
scene almost ignoring diskette releases and only watching the CD-Rom groups battle it out, the general consensus was 
that RAZOR 1911 was dead. In an interview at the end of September I was asked "Why is RAZOR dead?". 
Laughing I told the reporter that if RAZOR had rocked the diskette scene in the past, that the CD could be done as 
well. Also I told him that in October, RAZOR would show the world just how dead we were. I also told him that, 
RAZOR, entering the race late would have a lot to learn, but the goals set for RAZOR in the month of October were 
simple, release quality and be consistent. As this article is being written on October 22,1995, TDU-Jam is #1, Razor 
1911 CD #2, and Hybrid #3 , #2 is not bad for a "Dead Group" with 9 days left in the month, anything can happen, 
so we shall see. As far as looking into the future no one can really tell but with such a great bunch of guys, loyal and 
hard working we will always unite to bring YOU the best in quality PC originals.</p>
<p>Greetz : The Gecko, EOS, Pharaoh, Hot Tuna, Beowulf, Jimmy Jamez,<br>
Shadow Master, CyberChrist (SWAT!), Cyber Angel, Toast,<br>
Third Son, Ustasa, Fatal Error, Evil Current, Kilroy,<br>
The Undertaker, HuLa, Cobra, Soultaker, Great White,<br>
Lost Rider, The Mercena</p>