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Theme Park. by High Voltage (HV)


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                          H I G H    V O L T A G E 
            ┌── ···                                                             
          ┌─│──═══════════════════════════════════════════════╕ ·              
          │ │··──────════════╞P R E S E N T S╡════════──────··│ ·
          · ├─────────────────────────────────────────────────┤ ·               
          · │                   Theme  Park                   │ │              
          · ╘═══════════════════════════════════════════════──│─┘               
          │ R E L E A S E  N O T E S────────────────────────────┤
          Company      : BullFrog                                        
          Serial #     :                                               
          Release Date : 6/23/94                                                
          Disks        : 6                                                   
          Cracked By   : Wayward       
          Supplied By  : WeBLucky                                            
          Rating       : Extremely Cool                                        
          Packager     : WeBLucky                                       
          ────────────── Brief Description ─────────────────────         
          Design an build the greatest theme park in the world..
          Thanks to BullFrog and Electronic Arts

  *Cause no one really knows; A BIG Happy Birthday to Killerette from BadMan
                           ┌─│─────────────────┐ ·                                              
                           · │M E M B E R S────┤ ·                                               
                           · └─────────────────│─┘                                               
                  PhoneStud      Killerette      Wayward
                Crackers : Randall Flagg   The Terminator             
             Spread'n Team : Annihilator (Courier Coordinator)                  
                             Storm Master (Courier Coordinator)
                             [Jarre]  JunkMan  The Cool One
                             CyberChrist  The Shadow               

       High Voltage Guys : Nuke  Kid Creole  War Master  Radar/HV  Bazza        
                           Amphagory  Blade Runner  BadMan  The Joker 
                           Ipso Facto  Legend  Sandstorm  Ford Perfect
  *** If your group is not giveing you the support you think you deserve,
      CALL HIGH VOLTAGE!  We offer FULL support with HV releases PLUS ALL
      major releases!
  ** If you are interested in High Voltage, CALL 513-521-6609
     Account name Login : High Voltage
     Account password   : High Voltage

     PLEASE Leave mail to "Phonestud or Killerette" using this account.

  ├────────────M E M B E R   B B S  L I S T─────────────────────────────────┤
  │ Name                             Number          Nodes   Sysop          │
    RIP                WORLD     HQ  (000)000-0000   12      NUKE
    Yee Side           Canadian  HQ  (000)000-0000   5       Amphagory
    Software Pit       Australia HQ  +61-000-00000   2       Bazza
    The Hemispheres    Member  BBS   (404)518-1795   4       Radar
    Road To Noware     Member  BBS   (310)000-0000   4       Legend
    White Sands        Member  BBS   (000)000-0000   2       Sandstorm
    My Boom'in System  Member  BBS   (514)488-4166   4       Blade Runner
    Whiplash           Member  BBS   (206)762-4630   2       Kram
    Zen                Distro  BBS   (410)000-0000   3       Rox/Sigh
    Flatliner          Distro  BBS   (604)000-0000   2       Dr. Death
    House of Mischief  Distro  BBS   (718)000-0000   1       RoboCop
    Nightmare Ministry Distro  BBS   (203)000-0000   3       Rocky Moto
    Dead Beat Club     Distro  BBS   (504)000-0000   2      Warren the Dwarf
   Special Greet : To all you guys that said Pacific Strike was a fluke..
   Personal Greets : The Hellion, Butcher, Demented Bendz, FanFan LaTulipe, 
                     Data-Stream, Big Boss, Saito/TRSi, Silus Guardian, 
                     Rizzo, Mr. Morris, MikeySoft, Oyl Patch, Speed Master,
                     NightSpawn, Little Will

                     *And my FAVORITE wittle guy WILLY
                     *And all the COOL Traders on R.i.P.

   Group Greets :    PTG, PE, RiSC, NTA, Nexus, UC, PiL, Legend 
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