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Wanted files

Do you have some files that you think we could use?

Don't worry if you feel the files are too new or irrelevant, send them up anyway. We will filter through what we can use: crack-intros, magazines, reports, text files, documents, articles, art work... anything scene related and legal.

We are also specifically chasing the following items and magazine issues.

Bulletin Board Systems
  • BBS session captures and user logs.
  • BBS adverts in b/w, coloured text or coded bbs-intros.
  • Message logs or archives from the old scene BBS networks.
    CelerityNet (G|B) CyberCrime (G|B) FelonyNet (G|B) InfiNet (G|B) TCSnet (G|B)
  • FTP session captures and user logs.
  • FTP adverts of any type.
  • Old daemons from the 1990s.
    bftpd eftpd xftpd rftpd er33td ftpd4all eqlftpd
Cracktros / Crack-tros / Intros
  • BBS and FTP site intros sometimes called bbs-tros or bbstros.
  • DOS and Windows intros related to the scene or crack-intros.
  • DOS and Windows installers that were included in many releases.