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Add to your channels list is a web server that is hosting web pages oriented towards the scene. The server is hosted by Affinity Hosting on a 5mbps network located in Gardena, California. While the domain name is owned and paid for by Ipggi who resides in Western Australia. Currently hosts three unique pages and is the base for the group with the same name Defacto 2.

The Scene News hosted by is a service that provides the scene with a regularly updated webpage on the news that involves them. Unlike some other news services The Scene News collects the information itself rather then just publishing submissions and emails directly.
The Scene Archive is the largest page of it's type in the world. Using some of the best resources available, this page should be your focal point if you wish to learn about the old cracking scene.

The Defacto 2 Member Division is made up by a group of individuals who have decided to dedicate some of their spare time to doing scene art requests. Currently we are now only focusing on web requests and will not be accepting any other type of requests or applications. The Member Division will only do requests for non profit organisations in the scene and does not make any profit from it's work.

If you feel you are up to our standards we are always looking for new talented members to expand our group. Currently we are specifically looking for anyone who has talents listed in the application page. Remember that we are a leading force entering into a new scene that we are helping to create.

Proficient is an excellent mIRC script that has been created by Defacto 2 member Ipggi. If you are looking for this script simply click here to goto it's official page or if you wish to download it now click the 'files' option on the menu to the left.

This server has been tested with Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape Communicator 4.04
(All Netscape coding bugs have been fixed)

Copyright 1996, 1997, 1998 Defacto 2. All rights reserved.