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The open source browser extension to properly view ANSI, ASCII or NFO files as text in your browser
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Presenting RetroTxt, the ASCII art & NFO browser for Chrome
2016, May 2.

RetroTxt available on the Chrome Web Store. Last month I wrote a long post titled ASCII, NFO Art & Text Encodings. That covered the complications and technical difficulties involved in accurately rendering ASCII art and NFO text in modern browsers. It also dealt with how I overcame those difficulties and developed a backend rendering engine to […]

ASCII, NFO Art & Text Encodings
2016, Apr 4.

After last month’s successful rollout of the JavaScript DOS emulation throughout the site. There has been one other gripe I have been wanting to overcome on Defacto2 and that is the accurate display of ASCII art and NFO text in a browser. Surprisingly this ability to display files created on a text standard from 1981 […]

DOS Emulation
2016, Mar 14.

Taking the lead from the Internet Archive, in the past couple of weeks, I have rolled out a significant update to the site. One in which we can now all run Defacto2’s entire collection of  1,350+ DOS scene productions online and in the browser! The idea for this has been simmering for the past couple […]