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ASCII, NFO Art & Text Encodings
2016, Apr 4.

After last month’s successful rollout of the JavaScript DOS emulation throughout the site. There has been one other gripe I have been wanting to overcome on Defacto2 and that is the accurate display of ASCII art and NFO text in a browser. Surprisingly this ability to display files created on a text standard from 1981 […]

DOS Emulation
2016, Mar 14.

Taking the lead from the Internet Archive, in the past couple of weeks, I have rolled out a significant update to the site. One in which we can now all run Defacto2’s entire collection of  1,350+ DOS scene productions online and in the browser! The idea for this has been simmering for the past couple […]

Files, files and more files!
2015, Nov 22.

First of I just want to say thankyou to everyone who has submitted files over the past year or so. The site now preserves an additional 4,000 scene produced productions most of which were submitted by a few individuals, well done! On the subject of scene productions I have received a portable hard drive from […]