This infos has been taked from the net after the FBI has start his CYBERSTRIKE few days
ago after perhaps 8/9 month of work & infiltratation !!!

So now some BBS has been busted , some others has closed & some sites too !

This the following chapter.

Take care dudes !!! peace 2 my bro Egoistic Fate & arch-magi !!! (Sensi/SoDoM/DaKoTa)




    At approximately 9AM, Eastern Standard Time, the following BBS's got a knock on the door
from 4 agents, sent by Big Brother.  Our regrets go out to the sysops and the couriers that
will suffer due to this. 
          Board Name              Sysop				Affiliations

 Malevolence 			Egoistic Fate 		DOD WHQ, RAZOR USHQ, RISC CHQ 

 Purgatory 			Neuromage		EMPIRE WHQ, RAZOR MEMBER BOARD 

 Zions Hideout 			Zion 			PSG WHQ, MNM USHQ 

 Tower of Socery 		Arch Magi 		ETN WHQ, EMPIRE USHQ, PSG EHQ 
                                             INFORMATION.  THANK YOU.
    Undoubtably, there are many boards that have not been mentioned above.  There's a lot of
 systems out there that don't even have affiliations, yet still have a fairly large user base. 
 These are the only boards we could absolutely confirm at the time this was written.  If one of
 these boards happens to go back up, or you see one of their sysops online, keep your distance,

					2.HOW THE FUCK?!#% 
    What led up to the first in the largest set of computer-crime-related busts in the history
of the good 'ol US of A?  It wasn't a quickly thrown together operation, I'll tell you that. 
This has been an ongoing investigation for months now.  This is an inept exclusive. 
    As far back as most of us would care to remember, theres always been a 'narq' presence,
but seeing the extent of damage the federal government caused to the scene within a 7 hour
timeframe, its pretty much obvious that they had a lot more then a few wisely placed narqs. 
Our sources have talked with the busted sysops, and we have some very shocking news to reveal
to the scene. 
    Have you ever thought about how much information about the scene passes through a single
IRC server in a year? a month? a week? a day? an hour?  Evidently, the government did, and
they acted upon it.  Our sources say that they've discreetly run an IRC server for roughly 8
months.  Think your logs get big when you idle in a channel #exceed for a day?  How about
idling in every warez related channel on IRC for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a
year.  Quite a fuckload passes through.  All of that information, including your messages
(although not DCC Chat), that you thought was perfectly private and your business, was
actually Big Brother looking over your shoulder and monitoring you for illegal activities. 
They were in EVERY channel, +i or not.  Think of it as a wiretap, on an incredibly large
    What does all this mean?  If you haven't pieced it together.. heh.. let me put it in terms
you can understand.  'THE FEDZ k-0wn DA SCENE MANGOR'  That better?  Good. 
    Those boards were the icing on the cake my friends.  Those busts were to get us scared. 
Those busts were to make us shut down our sites and stop from spreading warez.  Personally, I
think they were being somewhat charitable.  They're giving us some time to make ourselves
clean.  What lies on the road ahead for us?  Well, from our sources, it doesnt look too good. 
    After busting those boards, from simply information gathered online, they can piece
together even more information about us.  Who uploaded releases where, who were the major
players, etc etc etc.  In other words, they've got us hanging by our balls with a piece of
thread.  Every leader, of every group, in every city, in every state, is owned. 
    They've made their list, they're checkin it thrice.  They sure as fuck know who's naughty,
and who's nice.  They have a LIST of FULL INFO and UPCOMING BUSTS that has been seen by
OUR SOURCES, FIRSTHAND.  We cannot reveal any names, even though we know them, for fear of our
own saftey.  If you are classified under any of these categories, you're in deep shit. 

          Individuals supplying or packaging software for groups (Mainly created by
          Adobe/Microsoft/Novell/Sega/etc. see this or this). 
          Boards and Sites that are major hubs for the distribution of the software. (the
          Internet hasn't been hit, yet.) 
          Individuals that courier software in very high volume, with special consideration to
          bust people using CC#s to call long distance. 
          Groups and the individuals in the groups that sell the software on either DATs,
          CD-ROMs, or by selling access to BBS's or Sites. 

    Heh.. that just about names 9/10ths of the scene right there.  If you fall under any of
those classifications, I suggest you go here now.  They have the information on you, they're
just waiting for the right time.

    When looking at the above list, you should see some trends that go along with what you see
here.  The boards busted so far were either RAZOR or PRESTIGE boards.  The same groups that
sell their software.  I won't say exactly if the specific boards busted had anything to do
with selling of CD-ROMs or DATs or whatever else, but I think as long as they're associated
with those groups, its a good enough reason for Big Brother. (ie; friends of crack dealers are
naturally assumed to be crack dealers themselves.)

    Who's next?  The agenda says the internet sites go down next.  After that, they add up the
offenses caused by the leaders of the groups, and after that, they go for the other
individuals that are taking part in Credit Card Fraud and the hackers, and so on, and so on. 
The next set of busts will begin anywhere from today, to next week.  We don't know exactly
when.  However, we do  

    If you're skeptical, I really can't blame you.  But in an age where someone can go from
#exceed to a top courier position in Amnesia, Empire, or even RiSC, in less then a week, it's
the time when we can really expect something like this to happen.  We got too clumsy my
friends, we go too filled with pride, and most of us are going to pay dearly.  Our friends,
the sysops who have already been busted have decided to either clam up, or spill their guts. 
Those who value the scene, have talked to us, and have warned us of the weeks to come.  Those
who did not, well, you better look out for, because they're coming back to make sure you have
the same fate they do.

  once again, none of this is rumours, none of this is bullshit.  this is all the 100% truth. 
 if you feel like you don't want to listen and you disregard these warnings, i pity you.  good

     Take precautions.  Wouldn't you rather be safe then sorry?  We're talking jail time here,
not a fucking walk on the beach with your new lover assigned by Uncle Sam.  I recommend you do
the following: 

          Run a site?  Supply software?  Package software? Use this.  It's called BurnIT, and
          it'll wipe your drive of any information, leaving no traces behind.  This is for
          DOS/WINDOWS, but I recommend you create a boot disk, unzip this onto it, and keep it
          Do anything of the above, but have Unix?  Get this.  Uncompress it, compile it, and
          have it in /sbin, ready to go. 

        IF YOU DO GET BUSTED, DO NOT TALK. I can't speak for you, but I won't be talking. 
  PLEASE respect other people in the scene, and try to preserve what we have left.  thank you.