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Anti Warez Association, 3. by Anti Warez Association (AWA)

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Layman's Guide to Taking Over #warez.
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                             ,,||,        ,,|,      ThoughtCrime (AWA WHQ)                        
                           ,|||'           ||||,        (617) 599-7154
                        ,|||||               |||||,
                      ,||||||                 ||||||,
                   ,|||||``X                  X''||||||,
                 ,|||'     I                  I     `:|||,
               ,||:..      |                  |      ::||||,               
             ,|||:.    |    ,      ,        ,|,   |      ::|||,
           ,|||:.      I  ||||,  :|||,    ,||::`  I        ::|||,  
          |||:        ,X   :||||, :||||.,|||::    X,         ::||,
        ,||:       . __X'   .':||||, `|||||:` .  `X___ .        ::||,
      :||:                  |  ':|||' :||:    :                   '|||,  
      :                     |    ':     :     |:                    |||.
  .                   ``::|||                 ||||'''                 `||.
                         ::||       ANTI      ||  sand                  `|
                         ::||      W|\REZ     ||::
                          :||    ASSOCIATION  ||:
                           :|                 |:  Issue #3 (AWA-003.TXT)
                            |                 :   Friday 13th August 1993

    Welcome to the third release of AWA.  We got a huge responce since
the last issue, and this installment rocks!  We know you're out there!
Join us!  There is power in numbers!  Help us lift the warez burden
out of cyberspace, and more imortantly off irc!

    We were going to insert an unencoded gif (bones.gif: How 2 B an
Elite WareZ d00d) into this release but since it was so large, it was
decided that it would be left out of the zine.  The gif can still be
aquired from our FTP site.  More on the FTP site later.

*** Membership List

    We actually have a membership list.  We will update it every
issue.  You can be a member if you write something at least once a
month.  You will be placed on the membership list as soon as we
publish one of your articles.  Members will lose their AWA membership
if they do not submit anything to AWA in the timespan of one month.
Its not too much to ask.  The membership list is transient.  There are
only a few permanent members of AWA.  As long as you write you are a
member.  Oh, and if you are a permanent member, you'll know.

Membership List - 08/14/93

handle                irc nick

Ozone Pilot       -   ozop
Jason Farnon      -   foobar
Alexander Knox    -   knox
MegaEl1te         -   MegaEl1te
Starchild         -   n/a
Synapse           -   synapse
Coup              -   coup
Baphomet          -   Y-WINDoZE
The Nightstriker  -   ntstriker

    What do you get out of being an AWA member?  You can go to bed
knowing you are kicking WareZ d00dz in the head at all times, while
also being able to put the 3ll3+ AWA logo next to your handle
every time you sign a warez flame.  If you are not a member of AWA but
use the AWA logo, we will have to crack your kitchen counter.

*** Information on AWA Submissions

    A word about submissions.  Although our creative juices seem to
flow endlessly, they might suffer a dry spell once in a while.  We
know you feel our plight!  We know you understand!  So put it in
words.  Remember, your handle could be up there, and you could use the
affiliation when applying to the latest RAZOR board!  DCC submissions
to foobar, ozopilot, or alexknox anytime you see them on irc.  Or mail
submissions to:


Submissions can also be sent to the main archiving center,
ThoughtCrime.  The phone number is below.

Don't forget to sign your article.

*** Distribution of AWA

    If you run a board and want to become an AWA distribution site so
that AWA couriers will give you the zero day AWA releases, you suck.
You suck because distribution sites suck.  If on the other hand you
want to get the latest AWA releases and make them available for
download on your board, we would be more than greatful.  What would
you get in return?  Well your system's name and phone number would be
displayed at the beginning of each AWA release.  To top it all off,
you would get that warm feeling inside you only get when you are
distributing for AWA.  We won't check up on your board, but if we
catch you fibbing, and you don't have the latest issues, we will
destroy your kitchen counter.  The AWA boards are as follows:

System                      Phone Number
ThoughtCrime                +1-617-599-7154

Its just the begining you know.

*** FTP Site

    If you cannot access ThoughtCrime because my modem randomly
decides not to let people to connect there is hope!  You can get the
latest AWA propoganda and release via anonymous FTP.

ftp etext.archive.umich.edu : /pub/Zine/AWA

Thanks to Paul Southworth for all his help.

Thanks to Coup for posting the "Little Tikes Software co." files in
alt.security.  Maybe we could get financial contributions from the
SPA?  Also special thanks to Jizmak and Kilroy.

Coming soon AWA PGP Key!  (If there is a need for such a thing)


Jason Farnon   - comrade@gnu.ai.mit.edu        IRC: foobar
Alexander Knox - knoxy@garbo.uwasa.fi          IRC: Knox
Ozone Pilot    - Murhe@garbo.uwasa.fi          IRC: Ozop


01: Introduction
02: WareZ War Three
03: Top Ten List
04: Timebomb and 'zine Hacking
05: The N3W L0D
06: Layman's Guide to Taking Over #warez
07: Mother Meets her Fate
08: Shit List I: alt.security post
09: Warez Phobia
10: You and Your Children
11: Please Mr. C0urier -- D0n't Sh00t
12: Shit List II: alt.security post
13: Evolution of a Warez Boy
14: WarezSex
15: Replies to the Shit List
16: Quote-0-Rama


Let the games begin!

                             "Warez War Three"

                                Ozone Pilot

        The Child himself sat back and looked up at the strategy map.  He
sighed, weighing the possibility of defeat.  The Army Of Fedz was moving
in fast from the west, and his 3l33+ Guard was having difficulty just
containing the eastern quadrents of Warezdom.  The Child picked up the red
phone on his desk and dialed up his advisor.  "We are losing ground.  The
fedz are making a push from the west" he muttered. A low voice came back 
over the phone "We have a new threat now, the lamerz are coming in from the
south, in large numbers.  They are well armed." The Child looked back up at
the map.  "Well" he said, "The LD boards are still up and we have couriers
bringing in the latest warez we will never use, so we arent in too much
trouble yet."  The voice responded "yeah, but we are in Critical Condition,
this is a real Timebomb".  The Child simply hung up the phone, he didnt
like to hear the painful truth.  
        Out on the front, the 3l33+ Guard was falling to the Army Of Fedz.
The k0dez kidz were only armed with VMB's, which were hardly a match for
the Fedz.  The more sophisticated Couriers had Dual Standard 16.8 Jigawatt
phasers, but those hardly had an effect either.  They were falling like
flies, and the Fedz were pushing closer to the Warez House itself, posing
a direct threat for The Child.  The Fedz were gaining ground fast, and
now the lamerz were coming in from the south.  The lamerz scared The Child
most.  They werent elite.  They didnt have the latest warez.  They all
were out to get him.  His empire was in Critical Condition.  
        The Child decided to move down to the basement shelter of the Warez
House.  The thunderous explosions of the SPA 18" shells were getting closer.
The sky darkened and filled with smoke.  He retreated to a small makeshift  
office in the shelter, and opened the desk drawer.  It had been years since
he used the desk.  He found a few old pencils and some scraps of paper with
long since abused k0dez scribbled on them.  He sighed and flipped the switch
on his ancient 486/66DX2 - he hadnt used the old 486 in probably 10 years,  
or whenever the last time he was in the shelter.  He could hardly stand using
such un-warez equipment.  He longed for 986/758MHz.  He longed for the
6989 Gig IDE II hard drive.  He had to settle for 1.2 gigs on this old
machine.  He dusted off the 28.8k modem on the desk and dialed up 
Knee Cap Walkway.  Scanning the message bases, he noticed that every message
he wrote brought 14 negative replies.  The tables had turned.  It was nothing
like the days of TGW, when he contolled what everyone thought and spoke.
No one used autosigs anymore, except him.  The last relic of the ANSI
kingdom, which fell long ago to the Good Guys.  The Good Guys, the people
The Child feared more than the fedz and the lamerz together.  The Good Guys.
The words brought shivvers down his spine.  The Good Guys were a group of
people, who from the very beginning, opposed his couriering empire.  They
tormented him on the boards, they made his life miserable, they destroyed
his reputation, and they won people over to their side.  They made The Child
swallow ever word he spoke, they grilled him thoroughly, they made him
swim in his own stupidity.  He lost a war he though he would win.  Now, he
was fighting another war.  The war that would decide his fate.
        He logged off, near tears.  He called up his mother, and told her
that he was in trouble, and he needed help.  She was tending to the 
warez pie in the kitchen, so she put The Childs father on the phone.  
What was it he needed?  What kind of trouble was he in?  The Child told him
that he couldnt explain the whole thing.  Do you need another $10,000 for
computer equipment?  I can send you the mon..."NO!, I dont need anymore
computer equipment.  You already bought it all for me.  It's what I've done
with it.  I have become a cyberdictator, and now I am being hunted" The Child
told his old man.  His father was puzzled.  "So you dont need mone..."
The phone went dead.  The USSS had cut out the phone service downtown.  They
were getting closer.  The lights flickered.  It was just a matter of minutes
before the power went out.  The Child hit the button on the dusty old
intercom and paged his Vice-CyberDictator.  "Yes sir?" the voice piped over
the box.  The Child spoke: "We are nearing the end.  I want to go to 
Code Yellow." "Are you serious?  You mean..." "Yes, yes, format the hard
drives.  Start now, we have 990,234,678 JigaGigs to erase.  Get a move on,
I want all the warez deleted before they get here."  The Child let go of
the button and confirmed his V-CD's reply.  "Yes sir, I will start formatting
        Downtown, on E-Street, the Lamerz had crossed the bridge to the
city.  They had made it to 3l33+ territory.  The Lamerz were carrying their
registered software with them, and at least 1000 TerraGigs of shareware.
A warez d00de's worst nightmare.  They had relatively few casualties among 
them, it seems the 3l33+ Guard was too busy keeping the Fedz at bay up north.
They walked up Florida Avenue, where they were greeted by the cheers of
thousands of liberated warez captives.  They no longer had to live in the
fear of having an old ware in their possession.  They didnt have to worry
about the periodic household searches for low speed modems by the 3l33+
Guard.  Women rushed into the streets and embraced the weary soldiers and
offered food and drink.  The Commander of the lamerz allowed the troops to
stop and enjoy the hospitality of the freed souls.  
        Up north, the 3l33+ Guard was fighting a losing war to the
Fedz.  The 3rd Infantry Division of the FBI's Warez Task f0rce was landing
tanks from the sea.  The artillery fire was getting heavier, and now the
planes were starting to arrive.  The 3l33+ Guard didnt have a fighter
squadren anymore, it was totally wiped out in the Great ANSI War.  The
3l33+'s were getting slaughtered.  The Fedz made one final push and broke
the front lines of The Childs defenses.  They made a rush towards the
city, mowing down the helpless 3l33+ guard.  The end was drawing near.
        Down in the basement shelter, The Child stood peering at a radarscope
of the city.  The mad rush of Fedz from the west, the lamerz still resting
down on Florida Avenue, waiting to attack.  "Nooooooooooooo!!!" he suddenly
burst out, shoving his fist through the CRT in a fit of adreniline.  "This
cant happen!".  He turned to his advisor, and looking him straight in the
eyes said "This is your fault!  You didnt ready the Guard fast enough.  You
didnt get the right equipment!  YOUR NOT ELITE ANYMORE!!!!!!".  The Child
grabbed a rifle from the rack on the wall, and the men in the basement all
retreated slowly into corners.  He raised the rifle with his bloodied hands
and pressed the barrel against the advisors head.  "You are responsible
for this..." The gun went off, and the advisors head exploded into large 
peices around the room.  His body fell to the floor.  A man in the back of
the room fell over, he had been hit be the bullet too.  When the smoke
from the shot had cleared, a large sploch of blood and tissue marked
the concrete wall.  The Child swung the gun around and eyed the rest of 
the men in the room.  The fear on their faces was indescribable.  He
threw the gun down, and stepping over the body, opened the hatch leading
down to the underground communications center.  Somebody there, he hoped,
would know what the hell is going on.  If not, he would lose his patience
        On Florida Ave, the lamerz had been ordered to march on.  The
Warez House was less than a mile - they could be there in 20 minutes.
The crowds continued their cheering as the troops moved off down the avenue.
This was the moment of glory for the lamerz.  They had no warez, they
had no ANSI's, they werent on any good boards, but they knew how to kick
some serious ass.  Soon, as they turned a corner around a large cluster
of skyscrapers, they could see the Warez House.  It was under heavy guard,
but the moral of the 3l33+ guard was low.  They would be able to overtake
them with their sheer numbers.  The Guard saw them and started taking 
badly aimed shots at them, but that was ineffective.  Most of their 
heavier weapons were on the front.
        The Child swung the door of the communications center open and was
astonished at what he saw.  The Comms Manager was playing the latest Ultima
on the main terminal, the other 3 operators had their feet up on their desks.
One was reading a paper, the other was munching on WarEzZzzZ rations, the
last was snoring.  The Child reached for his .14mm automatic handblaster
with lightening speed.  The Comms guys didnt even see him before he got
the first shot off.  He hit the Manager in the neck, and he hunched over,
putting his through the 16" flat screen, gasping for air.  The Child
turned and started firing madly at the 3 others.  The guy reading the paper
took a bullet in the head and fell off his chair while the second guy 
dived for cover under his desk, to no avail.  The bullets peirced the
steel frame and shredded the lazy proletarian worker.  The third man dived
for the door leading to the service area.  He nearly pulled it off it's
hinges, but he was hit with two bullets in the stomach.  He continued
down the red-lit hallway, shedding blood along his path. He opened the door 
at the end, and closed it behind him.  He fumbled with the lock, but it
finally snapped shut before The Child caught up to him.  The Child ran into
the door with a thud, and tried the door.  Locked.  He turned back up the
hall and ran back into the Comms Center.  He sat down in the managers seat
and dialed up the mobile command unit on the front.  No response.  He 
jumped back up, and ran down the hall to the main shelter.  He swung open
the door and was horrified.  His men were gone.  He scrambled up the ladder
leading back up to the Warez House first floor.  He opened the hatch and 
ran towards the large bay window in the conference room.  He pulled the 
curtain apart, and saw his aids, advisors, and servents running across the
lawn towards the gate.  But even worse, in the distance across Modem Park,
he could see the Lamerz approaching.  He was trapped by himself in the Warez
House.  Alone.   By himself.  No warez or ANSI'z to hold onto.  
	The Fedz decided to storm the Warez House.  They sent WarezBo in to 
kick some ass.  With an M-60 fully automatic tank machine gun strapped
on, he ripped his shirt off and started to scream at the top of his lungs as
he charged up to the House.  "Holy shit!" The Child screamed as he started
to run through the house, looking for a place to hide.  WarezBo ran straight
through the door without even opening it.  He paused once inside, and looked
in both directions.  "Come out warez d00d!!!!!!!!  I'm here to pump you full 
of lead!!!" WarezBo bellowed.  Cowering under a chair, The Child pondered
the possibility of being discovered by WarezBo.  WB ran through the house
looking for The Child.  Finally, WarezBo found him under the chair...
	From the outside of the House, the Fedz could here the distant 
screams of a Warez D00de in pain.  Then gunshots...


*** Ten Things To Do To Get Kicked Off #Warez in Less Than 10 Seconds. ***

1) Enter using the nick "SPA"

2) Enter using the nick "Warezd00d"

3) Announce that PCBoard is really a bad hack of Telegard.

4) Ask When DOS 5 is coming out.

6) Announce MajorBBS blows Vision/2 and Oblivion away

7) Tell everyone about your new copy of PKWARE 1.01

8) Ask about the newest FTP GIFZzZz Sitez

9) Request number and NUP for Elusive Dreams

10) /DCC send [nick] AWA-003.ZIP

Try them.  They really work, and in most instances, you are b00ted within
4 seconds.  If you arent kicked within the specified time allotment, there
are apparently not enough elites on.

Compiled and Tested By Ozone Pilot and Alexander Knox

Another k00l quote from TheWhiz:  "ANSI is ANSI with more color"

[Ed:  I dont understand what this means either]


Timebomb and Electronic Magazine hacking

        Believe it or not, since or last issue Timebomb has become a full
fledged member of the hacking community.  You always thought he was a
one dimensional warez d00d couriering warez, but that is not true.
Timebomb has other sides that we have only discovered after publishing the
second installment in the AWA series.  You see Timebomb is not a government
hacker.  He does not have a cellular hobby.  He doesn't like to rape and
pillage the local unix system or the department of motor vehicles.  No,
Timebomb is a different kind of hacker.  He is an electronic 'zine
hacker.  Laugh you must;  I would.  but Timebomb has pioneered the
profession only in a way that a Warez d00d could.  All of the editors of
e-zines around the world!  Attention!  Watch your back, or your magazine
might get hacked, by Timebomb or someone in his cult, ZHA.  'Zine hackers
of America.

        So how did this maniacal hacker come about?  And what exactly does
he do?  Well Timebomb always knew there was more out there, but between
stealing software from Microsoft, (he is an 3ll3+ supplier) and working
full time so his board can be a warez distribution site, (3ll3+ groups
charge upwards of 100 dollars a month for a distribution site to get the
latest warez) he just did not have a chance to become a real hacker like
he read about in the fifth LOD technical journal.  He wanted to go to
the hacker school the new LOD was sponsoring, but time would not let him.
Our of pure accident Timebomb became a 'zine hacker.

        Timebomb said he did not give a shit about AWA.  He said we were
all a bunch of lifeless loosers.  Some of us who have nothing better to do
than write stupid warez stories, while others spending most of their
existence on irc.  But when the first release of AWA came out, Timebomb
struck.  And boy did he strike big.  You see Timebomb really cared what we
wrote about him.  He cared about his WaReZ reputation.  And since he is a
generic insecure Warez d00d (See AWA 1: Evolution of a Warez d00d) he
needed to be accepted and could not possible have his name slandered.  So
anyways he downloaded the first AWA release.  He read it and was in shock
that such brilliance and ingenuity was possible from people with "no
lives".  He could not possibly have it spread.  He could not possibly let
them get away with something like this.  He had to do something.

        And then it hit him.  Timebomb decided to change the article.
He would slander those who have slandered him, and upload it every-
where.  Then their reputations would be shot, and they would never see
a 0 day ware in their whole existence.  It would be years before they
could even get a chance to touch a 5 day ware.  Timebomb was ecstatic
about his new plan.  But then he realized something.  Years of couriering
had rotted his brain away to the point that it only understood warez
and carding.  He did not know what to do.  He gazed at the blank screen
for hours, hoping some simple idea would come to his head, but nothing
happened.  He loaded up the slander that AWA had written, and decided
that he was not sure what he was going to do, but something had to be

        Then he loaded up a ware.  Warez helped him think.  Since he was
working with text he decided to load up Wordperfect 9, stolen fresh
from the company.  "It would not be out in stores for 2 1/2 years, but
all the TGW distribution sites already had it," Timebomb thought
smugly to himself.  "That is what makes Warez worth it!" he exclaimed
loudly.  So he loaded up Wordperfect and stared some more. After
intense concentration that took a few years off his life, an idea
formed.  He would use Wordperfect Nine's elite search and replace
functions to search and replace his name with the people who slandered
him.  Thus when his handle was being slandered, it would be the handle
off his attackers.  "Brilliant!" He said.  "Sometimes I even surprise
my World Headquarters!"  The first thing that the maniacal hacker
did was search for the string 'ThoughtCrime'.  ThoughtCrime is the
main archiving center for AWA.  He replaced the string 'ThoughtCrime'
with "I hAVE NO LIFE!!!".  He smiled to himself.  Sometimes he just
did not understand where his brilliance came from.  He proceeded to
reverse all the names.  So that slander from Ozone Pilot to Timebomb
would be changed to a slander from Timebomb to Ozone Pilot.  In
Timebomb's eyes, it was a stupendous work of genius.  He had to call all
the latest boards and upload so he could burn those assholes.

        But first he needed a name for his new file.  If he renamed it
to something like AWA1REV.ZIP it would just be a rebuttal to AWA-001.ZIP
That would not work because inside Timebomb knew he could not match
wits with the charter members of the AWA.  No, he could not do that.  But
if he released his new file as AWA-003.ZIP, it would look like a genuine
AWA release, and then screw up the group even more.  Timebomb did
exactly just that, and waited for the fireworks.

        But Timebomb was brilliant in more than one way.  While hacking
out e-zine he actually insulted what his stands for.  I guess his plan
backfired.  The quote is as follows:

Timebomb:  "To say that I am against pirating software would be
hypocritical.  I am against the Warez society, the couriers, and those
ansis really fucking piss me off.  Yeh, and I use what I download, not
download for the sake of downloading.  To sum it all up, 'Warez Suck.
Huh-huh.  Huh-huh.'  Where's the 4C?"

This quote was originally by me, Jason Farnon, straight from the AWA
charter, But Timebomb used Find and Replace to change the handle to
his own.  Timebomb, if you hate ansis so much, how come you distribute zero
day ansis?  How come you have a fleet of TGW couriers ready to release
Wordperfect 9?  I'd like the answer to that question.  So I guess Timebomb
is a hypocrite on top of an idiot.

    As shown above Timebomb has not fully explored the art of magazine
hacking.  There is a lot to learn in the art, but give him time.  Soon
he may explore the uses of the delete key.  If we get real wild and crazy,
he might erase lines, and even whole paragraphs!  Now if that isn't sitting
on the shoulders of giants, I don't know what is.  I expect a elite
textfile from Timebomb to be published in the LOD technical journal six,
whenever that comes out.

AWA Damage Report:

After a very messy spill, AWA was able to recover from Timebomb's assault.
We lost two lives, and Ozone Pilot's pet hamster lost an appendage, but it
was all in the line of duty.  Don't let this happened to you.  Don't piss
off Timebomb, or he may secretly switch you electronic magazine formula
with one of a leading brand.

jason farnon


And now for you IRC fans:

IRC that vast pile of crap that it is can be used for some very fun and
worthwhile hobbies. One of which is slander and typing practice. Since I
do both so well here is a brief example of how to do such on the great
IRC channel #hack. #hacK is known as the #warez refugee camp. Just ask

 Ebl00dAXE = Y-WINDoZE

<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is better than the old LOD anyday.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is so elite it hurts.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is the best thing ever written.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is incredible.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will not release waaaaaaaaaay old out dated stuff.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will teach yoou how to kill your cat.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will be writtin on vt52 terminals.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will rule the world.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is incredible and we will make everyone who sends us
            money members.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will not sell shoes like Pepsi Man does.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will hack games.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will become a WareZ group.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will code games in 4dos btm's.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will write adventure novels in shell scripts.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will clean toilets.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will eat tampons.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will bow to everyone in iNC.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD can not suck a good dick like RAZOR 1911 members.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will sell knives door to door.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will not rape cows.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will ask them first.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves little girls.
<Cowboy713> The NEW LOD will give free pencils to the first 300 customers
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will be a Y group.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will trade GIFS for ANSIS
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is eLite.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will be a hate group.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will hate each other.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will break up.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will wish it where phrack.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will wish it had sex with chelsea.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will kill a famous hacky sack player.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will try and bomb people.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will wish it was as elite as U.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will call 1-800-lla-ma4u
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will bow before Megad00d.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will be from the area code 416.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will eat at taco bell everyday.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will kill members in strange warez sacrifices.
<Cowboy713> The NEW LOD will build a NEW TACO BELL EVERY DAY!
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will rape one dog a day.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will not rape more than 5 cats a day.
<Cowboy713> The NEW LOD will eat strange warez leftovers DAILY@!
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will wish it was as elite as an IRC lamer.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will try and get on #warez all the time.
<Panzer> The NEW LOD will come out with a new ELITE filter to talk about the
         NEW LOD
<Panzer> The NEW LOD will need an IRC channel for themselves
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD knows that 3riC is really a good person.
            NEW LOD
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will get op and then mass ban everyone.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will be in a #channel by themselves.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will suck my dick.
<Panzer> The NEW LOD will need an IRC channel for themselves
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD knows that 3riC is really a good person.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will wonder why no one has kicked it yet.
<Panzer> The NEW LOD will need an IRC channel for themselves and another one
         for thier ego.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD Wish they could bend well enough to suck thier own
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will not understand how much everyone hates them.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will trade lemmings for Tandy deskmate.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will kill a member every week because they are so
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will run on a DEC.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will disbann and form 36 new elite groups.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will love VMS.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will give people old at&t ccn's.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will run VBBS.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will not be good enough to even run shitty Vision-X.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will trade warez at 2400baud.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will set up acounts on lestats machine.
<Panzer> Well this NEW LOD has given me the shits, so I'm gonna take off and
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will not understand why people really really hate
            hate them.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will make bots and sell them.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will call up 1-900 numbers.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will get info from psychics on hacking.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will make a conference every night out of cans and
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will sell picture of clinton naked.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will feel really swell.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will wonder what in the hell carbon just said.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will sell picture of clinton naked.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will feel really swell.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD want to be nuked.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW <Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will be at walmart.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will laugh at RBH.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD knows how pathetic he is.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves all of the people fingering him.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves you all.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD wonders if someone with op will kill him.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD's fingers are getting tired.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will make meteor showers.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will lick daver.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will love assholes more than anything else.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD was so fucking lame it died.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD makes friends well.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD was nuking no one.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD Loves RBH.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD wonders why you are all so swell.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD wishes that cows didnt run when you fucked them.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will trade apogee warez.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will hack apogee warez.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will agree with karbon.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD wishes someone was on #reality.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD thinks that AWA is funny.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD wishes it where from DELPHI.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is sick of this acount.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD likes foobar's ass.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD likes typing.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD trades password files.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD runs KC on a VAX.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LODis |<-/>a|>
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is so elite thier prostates hurt.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will not define prostates for you losers.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will talk about economics.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will trade lots of script.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will run windows 1.1.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves Daver.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has too many ideas
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD Loves to watch people join.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD knows daver is, seriously.
<chasin> The NEW LOD is a fast typer.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is hurting his fingers.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD is s00per d00dz
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD thinks kream is keen.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is Y-wINDoZE.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is 3Lit@!
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is fred@dweeb.cs.uah.edu.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD doesnt care.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD laughes hard.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has over 11 Credit Cards
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD has 16 credit cardz.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves IRC#'s.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has under 7 AT&T Calling cards.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD bombs people a lot.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has toomany Ideas to comprehend.
<chasin> The NEW LOD is getting old.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is vast.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD says fuck off.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD says kick me.
<[OCaP]> The new The NEW LOD warship old T-Files
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD says hack my acount.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD doesnt care.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is too 3lit@ for you.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD have over 78 Megs of X-RaTeD TeXtFiLeZ
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves daver a lot.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is not a newbie.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is not yp, he is Y-Windoze you dolts.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves you all.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LODThe NEW LOD is spelled in K-Rad inese..
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD wonders how come you don't /ignore.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD says lestats is great.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves FAKE name servers.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves l0ki.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has a collection of x-rated fsp.ftp's.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves 14400 baud.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD has a 14.4 slip.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is 3Liteeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD will only call 14.4k or higher
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD types a lot.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD is green
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD wishes he could hack indirect.com.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has a snot stuck up his nose
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD couldn't hack a wrong number
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD laughs again.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD wonders how stupid some of you really are.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD hacks at radio shack.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD says /On condition -
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has a voice mail system...... Legally
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD thinks IRC is elite.
<[OCaP]> the NEW LOD is s00per
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD uses a red box and a 1200baud acoustic coupler.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves tsunami.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD uses a blue box from home,on ESS5
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves taking over #warez.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD puts the phone on the coupler.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has over 20 of thier own conference's
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is leeching warezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD has 234324 conferences.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD leech warez at 150bps
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD leeches warez at 75bps on infared link.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will hack newspaper boxes.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD leeches warez at 11baud
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is not offensive.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD forget's his last name.
<reAdwrIte> The NEW LOD is fucking stupid and Annoying.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has three legs.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD Loves read write.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD has 5 legs.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves circle jerks.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD doesn't care.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has 7 mothers,11 dads.. and 25 sisters. and from them 55
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD wishes the only op would come back.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD will be made up of ME only.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has a  is neet-o
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD hacks potable LCD games.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD re-releases OCAP text files
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves tar.
*** Action: reAdwrIte tosses a nickel on the NEW LOD.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD uses ow all the time, it really works.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LThe NEW LOD has naked pic.s if thier mothers.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD wonders if gifs of it's mothers are considered h/p
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD hates the EFF.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD says the EFF is a bunch of pansies.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD sit on thier biks without the seat or pants
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD uses PGP 1.1
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves tpying.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD thinks fast.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD forgets his password on BBS's
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves you all.
<[OCaP]> the NEW LOD has 1 member,
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD uses the same password on every system.
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD is ME!
<Ebl00dAXE> The NEW LOD loves DCC.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has one member,that wants to quit.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD lives on IRC
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD loves sissy ignores.
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD loves getting banned.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD just did /nick eBloodAX
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD is 3Lit@!
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD is an IRC lamah Like you all.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has no neck
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD WILL try a weak bomb on kream.
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD says damn.
<k7ng_m8b> the NEW LOD uses
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD listens to rap!
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD is on s shitty dec.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD is gonna get shot.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD uses 1022 alot!
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD thinks data entry is a dead end job.
<MALICE> who is the NEW LOD?
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD sas,use 10835
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD loves the 9 line.
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD is still Y-Windows.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD says, use 10222 alot!
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD is fReD tHe HitMan.
<reAdwrIte> The NEW LOD doesn't need the 9line, he calls IRC for his jollies.
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD is anonymous.
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD loves jizmak.
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD loves asses.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has a blotto box.
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD thinks strap ons are fun.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has a 135 inch SVGA monitor
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD uses a vaccuum to untap his line.
<k7ng_m8b> THE NEW LOD uses too many aliases.   
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD pisses on daver.
<k7ng_m8b> THE NEW LOD cheats      
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has a 188Mhz computer
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD cheats at solitare.
<k7ng_m8b> THE NEW LOD can't type fast    
<k7ng_m8b> THE NEW LOD is ebl00daxe     
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD plays windows solitare 9 hours a day.
<[OCaP]> TheThe NEW LOD has 11 members,that are 1 member,that are the other
<reAdwrIte> The NEW LOD uses macros.
<k7ng_m8b> THE NEW LOD always cheats     
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD is wondering how many of you lamers are capturing this.
<k7ng_m8b> THE NEW LOD uses windows     
<k7ng_m8b> THE NEW LOD sucks      
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has a big f0ne BilL
<k7ng_m8b> THE NEW LOD doesn't use log    
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD is too 3lite for that crap.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has a big forehead
<k7ng_m8b> THE NEW LOD is lame     
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD has a BIG lameness about him.
<Entropy> saying THE NEW LOD is lame
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD loves lots of 'ppl'.
<k7ng_m8b> THE NEW LOD is queer     
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD is wondering why this place doesn't talk about hacking.
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD wishes he could type 110 words a minute.
<k7ng_m8b> THE NEW LOD abrrievates      
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD laughes!@#@!$#%@$%
<k7ng_m8b> THE NEW LOD uses macros to type 110 wpm 
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD laughs again1@#$!#$
<Heller> The NEW LOD should shut up. . .
<eBloodAX> The NEW LOD doesnt use macros he isnt that cool.
<k7ng_m8b> THE NEW LOD laughs too much    
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD loves myself,better than you.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has whipcream on backorder
<Ebl0odaxe> The NEW LOD laughs at losers again.
<Ebl0odaxe> The NEW LOD loves alt.security.
<Ebl0odaxe> The NEW LOD say no it didn't.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD   has tin cans on his head.
<Ebl0odaxe> The NEW LOD said join a maling list.
<[OCaP]> Read: nope.. The NEW LOD says It was a j0ke.
<Ebl0odaxe> The NEW LOD crys because daver left.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD is only 8 years old.
<e_bloodax> The NEW LOD is only 20 and in a loser colege.
<reAdwrIte> Jizmak: To join NEW LOD list, mail to lamer@wannabe.lozer
<e_bloodax> The NEW LOD is lame.
<e_bloodax> The NEW LOD say you are all cool.
<e_bloodax> The NEW LOD quits now.
<Jizmak> The NEW LOD listens to new kids on the block
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD has over 617 text files, which are just re releases of
         old files.
<[OCaP]> The NEW LOD likes that everybody is leaving.
<Jizmak> The NEW LOD likes young boys
<Jizmak> The NEW LOD is geared towards warez d00dz

[ Ed:  Thanks to Y-WINDOZE for this work ]


The Layman's Guide to Taking Over #Warez

        This is the first installment in a series of articles
detailing how to take over the #warez channel on irc.  I won't get too
complicated, as I would like to go over the basics with those who
don't know.  The first question that might pop into your head is "why
would I want to take over #warez?"  Well the answer to that is simple.
Tormenting WareZ d00dz lives is pleasure that cannot be described in
words.  It feels so great watching wareZ d00dz groan and suffer
knowing they cannot do anything.  Personally it gives me that warm
felling inside...

         What can you do once you take WareZ?  You can preach your
propaganda.  The Warez d00dz will have to listen.  You can ask for
the two player version of Pole Position 2.  The doodz will squirm,
wanting to kick you, but one of them will be able to!  You see warez
d00dz cannot leave #warez.  They are too stupid to realize that if 0
the left warez and all went to #warez2, a warez take over would have
no power.  There would be no one to annoy.  But warez d00dz are not
know for their intelligence.

So how do I take over warez?

        Very easily.  First of all here is a list of users who have
 automatic op status when they go into warez.  You cannot come in
 with their nick and get oped.  You need to come into #warez with
 the actual account plus nick.

addop *!pot@mecca.epri.com
addop *!Gomer@tornade.ERE.UMontreal.CA
addop *!hoxley@umaxc.weeg.uiowa.edu
addop *!Arcane@ug.cs.dal.ca
addop *!jdt@hebron.connected.com
addop MrBlaster!haliciog@elaine53.Stanford.EDU
addop W_Length!#WaveLengt@ultb.isc.rit.edu
addop Lone-Wolf!Rush@mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu
addop TheGlitch!#glitch@eskimo.com
addop Eagle_1!Eagle_1@sumax.seattleu.edu
addop MrBlaster!mb@mecca.epri.com
addop OldWolf!cmburke@yak.socs.uts.EDU.AU
addop bYtE_!pbannist@ENIAC.SEAS.UPENN.EDU
addop Crucifux!#tigger@eskimo.com
addop Ritz!Ritz@tulip.cs.odu.edu
addop OldWolf!#cmburke@banksia.itd.uts.EDU.AU
addop Gena!c0703073@guli12.technion.ac.il
addop Liberal!ridingms@slufxb.slu.edu
addop NetFlame!daili@elm.circa.ufl.edu
addop Liberal!MSR@cidmv1.wustl.edu
addop fuzzy!heidi@cairo.anu.edu.au
addop CC!CC@ultb-gw.isc.rit.edu
addop HB!hb@medio-gw.hos.se
addop Lone-Wolf!#Rush@twilight.ece.uiuc.edu
addop Ritz!Ritz@azalea.cs.odu.edu
addop renegadeB!falopian@indirect.com
addop TGhost!w9ba@jupiter.sun.csd.unb.ca
addop Axxon!Axxon@nutmeg.cs.ntu.edu.au
addop sand!umrobe54@ccu.umanitoba.ca
addop sp0t!ghost@spiff.gnu.ai.mit.edu
addop salad!salad@eskimo.com
addop Riverwind!River@keyes.cc.umanitoba.ca
addop C_Monster!kbacon@gauss.onu.edu
addop Stingray6!sting@cwchme.ECHEM.CWRU.Edu
addop Eagle_1!Eagle_1@UNIX5.ANDREW.CMU.EDU
addop BoogieMan!zoltar@spiff.gnu.ai.mit.edu
addop YoMama!bridget@sumax.seattleu.edu
addop Immy!vlad@eesun.vut.EDU.AU
addop scotch!s2522235@techst02.technion.ac.il
addop Ozone!*@next2.cs.umr.edu
addop Entropy!Entropy@flash.cs.pitt.edu
addop Arcane!Arcane@ug.cs.dal.ca
addop KKlown!trscott@headcrash.Berkeley.EDU
addop CrazyMan!fnckvkx@gsusgi2.Gsu.EDU
addop Dinki! Dinki @b62.ucs.usl.edu
addop pot!pot@mecca.epri.com
addop Crucifux!~tigger@eskimo.com
addop Phaedrus_!baksa@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu
addop Punisher!hoxley@umaxc.weeg.uiowa.edu
addop AyM!argaymar@sun44.felk.cvut.cz
addop CyanB!91059302@ramsey.cs.laurentian.ca
addop MaxMan!boon0007@student.tc.umn.edu
addop Lenin!updougla@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu
addop WarezCoP!pared@earth.eng.wayne.edu
addop Neuron!Neuron@rain.cs.odu.edu
addop Muzz!peiffer@fridrich.loria.fr
addop Almighty!Almighty@
addop Destroyer!Destroyer@dag.cis.pitt.edu

Thanks to Jizmak for that list...

If you befriend one of these people they will give you op.  Or
using the right server and a hacked client you can go into
#warez and get an op.  Better yet get a hacked account so they won't
know its you, go into the #warez channel as "overlord" and say:

overlord> doodz I n33d a|\| 0p I |-|a\/3 \/\/1nD0\/\/s 3.2 N3Wzzz!@

You'll get an op right away.  As soon as you get an op, you must
run this script.

alias massdeop {
        ^set display off
        userhost $N -cmd assign mme $$3
        on ^who * if ((ischanop($1 $C))&&(mme!=[$3])){@ mlist = [$1
        on ^who "% % % user host*"
        ^who $C
        @ mcnt = 1
        set display on
        while ([$(#mlist)]>=mcnt){
                mode $C -ooo $word(${mcnt-1} $mlist) $word($mcnt
                $mlist) $word(${mcnt+1} $mlist) @ mcnt = mcnt + 3
        ^on who -
        @ mlist = []

It will de-op everybody in the channel.  How exactly do I run this
script you ask?  Well save it to a file in your home directory.  Say
we call it "nut".  Now go into irc and type "/load nut".  Then
when it is the appropriate time, type 'massdeop'.  Its that simple.
This is what #warez looks like if you take over it properly.

Channel    Nickname  S   User@Host (Name)
#warez     Jinx      H   rks@livy.ccs.itd.umich.edu (Raul Shum)
#warez     FuckMe    H   jackson@staff.tc.umn.edu (*Unknown*)
#warez     warrior   H   #bmluethk@sacam.oren.ortn.edu (There can be
only one)
#warez     pilfuS    H   THRAWN@ (<Grand Admiral Thrawn>)
#warez     foobar    H@  comrade@wombat.gnu.ai.mit.edu (Jason Farnon)
#warez     Pegasus   H   kc60@mhoro.cc.columbia.edu (Pegasus)
#warez     overman   H   franklin@hairball.ecst.csuchico.edu (Frank
#warez     Hotwire   H   yhy@slc12.INS.CWRU.Edu (Yi H. Yang)
#warez     bmass     H   bmass@hastur.cc.edu (Bmass)
#warez     Panzer    H   *!*@DROWN.SLIP.ANDREW.CMU.EDU (*)
#warez     Gooey     H   larsoe@aix02.ecs.rpi.edu (Yo... Moo)
#warez     sand      G   *@ccu.umanitoba.ca (!id *)
#warez     Arcane    H   Arcane@ug.cs.dal.ca (DaArcmiester)
#warez     Ozone     G   **@next2.cs.umr.edu (FUCNRDTSUCNBACPTRPGMR2)
#warez     Elminster H   tmlawson@sacam.oren.ortn.edu (Cathedral, The
Ethereal Mirror)
#warez     DataSlave H   GEN3005@Husky1.StMarys.CA (<Missing someone>)
#warez     waldo     H   waldo@indirect.com (Ron Friedman)
#warez     bobby     H   irc0@prof.jpl.nasa.gov (Telnet user from
#warez     Borad     H   Da-Borad@SALES.STERN.NYU.EDU (*Unknown*)
#warez     Eagle_1   H   Eagle_1@UNIX5.ANDREW.CMU.EDU
#warez     pot       H*  pot@mecca.epri.com (Prince of Thieves)
#warez     Outrun    H   Outrun @mecca.epri.com ( Outrun )

Can it be that easy you ask!?  Yes, well sort of.  Some Warez d00dz
have a mass kick/ban/deop protection on.  When it is seen that
you are massively deoping everyone, you get de-oped by the protection.
That kind of defeats the purpose.  So go in and say:

Overlord> 1 h0p3 t|-|0s3 |_a/\/\3 H/-\(k3RzzZ d0n't c0m3 1n a|\|D
+Tak3 0\/3R THe (|-|anN3LL!@#  wh0 |-|aZzz Pr0tecT10|\|?!@#

Somebody will say, I have my protection on.  Make sure you de-op
that nick first, so that he can not de-op you when you run the
script.  After you de-op him, run the script.  Its pretty simple,
but later on I will make it complicated.

Oh and one more suggestion.  Go into #warez, take it over, and flood
it with the latest awa release.  Your parents would be proud of you.

jason farnon


                          Mother Meets Her Fate

        My mother is a nosy bitch.  Whenever I am at the computer, she makes
it a point to creep up behind me and read what I am looking at.  Textfiles
interest her.  She thinks I am writing my plans to kill the family.  No, just
her.  So, I have this little daydream once and a while.  It goes like this:

	One day, while reading a harmless textfile I had just downloaded, my
mother rushes into the room, thinking she has caught me red handed with the
launch codes for US nuclear missles.  I tell her, as usual, that she is a
stupid bitch and to leave me alone.  She leaves the room.  Pissed beyond all
belief and fed up with her, I boot up Borland C++ (even though I have no
programming knowledge whatsoever), and devise a clever program that makes
use use of interrupts to explode the monitor at a preset time.  A screen
saver from hell.  A fragmentation non-interlaced monster.  Whee.  And even
better, it runs under Windows 2.0 or later.  So, without getting too technical,
I set up this beast to explode at 3:00pm on Sunday afternoon.  So, at 2:55pm
on Sunday, I loaded up a textfile that simply said "Fuck You", and left
it on.  I left the house, went downtown, and got a hamburger.  I return
sometime later, and sure enough, there is m0m, lying on the floor, with the
monitor case burning and glass imbedded in the walls.  I smile. 

|Ozone Pilot|		

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%AWA RULES 1993%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

[ Here is my favorite part of this issue.  The shit list.  Read on... ]

From watmath!watserv2.uwaterloo.ca Wed Aug 11 17:24:40 EDT 1993
Article: 8407 of alt.security
Xref: undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca alt.security:8407
Newsgroups: alt.security
Path: undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca!watmath!watserv2.uwaterloo.ca
From: coup@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Christopher Klaus)
Subject: warez list
Message-ID: <1993Aug11.200142.20536@mintaka.lcs.mit.edu>
Sender: news@mintaka.lcs.mit.edu
Organization: Free Software Foundation
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1993 20:01:42 GMT
Lines: 259

Hello.   I happened to look at /tmp in some major ftp site and found
some interesting files.   Anyways, I know CERT has sent out a advisory
already on FTP abuse.  But they didnt really address the FSP sites either.

I dont know much about the IBM scene nor care, but I figure maybe some 
of the admins would like to investigate this list and maybe clean up
their sites if they are on it and it hasnt been cleaned up.  

Maybe the SPA can get involved if someone so desires.
Here's the list.

                     __/   __/   __/
                    __/         __/         __/__/    __/__/
                   __/   __/   __/ __/   __/   __/  __/
                  __/   __/   __/__/    __/__/__/  __/__/
                 __/   __/   __/ __/   __/             __/
                __/   __/   __/  __/   __/__/    __/__/

              The Little Tikes Software Co proudly presents
the most comprehensive and complete Warez Information available on the Internet

Last revision: 930721


If you wish to make a more public version of this file, be sure to remove all
information about site operators, IRC bots & servers.

Please direct any update information or comments to Tikes and send
flames to


>From now on, you'll have to request me the list, I won't automatically dcc it
to U when it is updated...


This file contains many sections:
        FTP Sites       List of all sites that has been or are warez active
        FSP Sites       List of all sites that has been or are warez active
        Legal Sites     List of usefull sites... other than warez
        IRC             Alternate servers used primarly for Warez "hiding"
        IRC Robots      IRC robots
        Operators       List of all has been or actually involved in warez

FTP Sites

Notes:  C)losed, P)password changed, D)irectory changed ?) Status unknown
        anonymous/@      indicates "normal", lamer, dumb anonymous login
        user/pass@       indicates a normal user login account...
        anonymous/[ip]   indicates only specific ip's can connnect
        anonymous/[nick] indicates only nick@ip can connect
                    (developed by Tikes for is modified/enhanced FTP server)

C anonymouys/@thyme.lcs.mit.edu
        930717                          /pub/jrd/". "/binary
C anonymous/@                 
        930715 Empty
C anonymous/[nick]@henry          Lawn
C daniel/herschel@rayleigh.ee.washington.edu Ano/Pengo
        930712 Gateway 2000             "/rayleigh/home/daniel/..  / /.w"
C anonymous/@geom.umn.edu     
        930715                          incoming/"..  "/.b.in
C alien/delete1@salmon.micro.umn.edu
        930715 SunOS 4.1                Warez
C anonymous/@math.princeton.edu
        930715                          /pub/fycfung/baezpapers/". . ."/.bin
C anonymous/@bruno.cs.colorado.edu
        930715                          /pub/cs/doc/.NextTrash/"^L"/progs
P dhb/stratton@leach.cs.rit.edu
C anonymous/[nick]@                Rocks
C anonymous/[nick]@                Rocks
  anonymous/@ub.es (arrima)      an16480@ub.es
        930721                  /incoming/".bin. "
P m90-scj/lingonris@trisse       Leinad
P m92-axb/ljulklapp@trisse       Leinad
        930318 NetWare v3.11            /tcs/swap
        930720 IBM OS/2 TCP/IP FTP      ../[IBM|AMIGA|DOCS|NEW]
C anonymous/[ip]@mirage.unipv.it   Clint
        930420 Private                  /incoming/"   "/is
  anonymous/[ip]@roxette.mty.itesm.mx  NetShadow
        930721 Empty... setting things up, don't ask for access
C anonymous/[nick]@tdsb-s.mais.hydro.qc.ca        TheCamel
        930715                          ./private
  anonymous/[nick]@tdsb-s.mais.hydro.qc.ca        Tikes
        930718 On invitation only, don't ask    ./private
        Site operators only, validate nick@host, so don't bother trying to log
C anonymous/@hobiecat.pcmp.caltech.edu
        930715                          pub/dropoff/tar.Z/"..  "/.bin
  ftp/warez@gena                  Gena/Freezer
        930721 This site will close soon        ./[incoming,warez]
        Replaced by
  proba/epson@                     Gena/Freezer
        930721                          ./warez
C anonymous/@plains.nodak.edu 
        930721 No space!                /pub/tandy/incoming/"..  "/.b.in
        Permission denied in dir /pub/tandy/incoming
        930721                          pub/sschurch/[.b...in,.r...eq]
C slucas/richmond@powhatan.cc.cnc.edu
        930712                          ".   "
P c880148/kurilin@asterix.fi.upm.es
        930330 Slow link...
C wizard/hhhew@               
C ftp/ylin@                      marfada9
        930330                          /pub
C ftp/maolong4@cobra            babuu
P Ether/amadeus@              
P abc/trantor@cca.pue.udlap.mx
P adela/avatar!@goren.u.washington.edu    Ano/Pengo
        930709                          /".   "/".  "
  georgias/fuk!it@honeydew.cc.wwu.edu  A-Flat/blazer
        930721                          ".^t./^t^l.^l^t"/.real
? anonymous/@                 
        930720 Always connection time-out...    pub/local/peter/upload/.bin
C ftp/@apache.telebit.com     
        930712                          /tmp/"..  "/.bin
  Scum/sux2bu@                [15] Croc
        930720 Running on a PC, often down... Biggest site!
C stress/waterloo@unix1.mrih.no    berol
        930527 Closed while Berol is in the army...
                Heard some1 else is supposed to take the flame...
C zip/merlin@uropax           
        930718 Empty                    tmp/[unknown dir]
        930721 Still empty... asking 4 uploads! /pub/tal/.warez
               Loggin message says everything is logged... be carefull...
                README message says it's run by sysadmin... Would sure like
                to know who run this site!


? Mirage 3000             Outrun
? NetShadow 5555         NetShadow
        930712 Registration required

Legal Sites

? vendor/microsoft@           
        930712 Host unreachable

IRC Servers

C mecca.epri.com               7777
C picard.cc.umanitoba.ca       7777
? roxette.mty.itesm.mx         7777     NetShadow

IRC Robots

  WarezCat                              TommydCat
        930718 [de]op/ban/kick/invite/dcc...
               mirror fsp site titan.ucc.umass.edu 2112
C Shadow                                Elminster
        930720 Initializing... not ready for use
        Due to the way Elminster is actying in #warez... he won't be "trusted"
        anymore (mass deop/mass kick/lame acting etc...)


---- that it


                             The Warez Phobia

            Too many people think that all warez are bad nowadays.
        This is not true, it is the image and the people who crack
        and relase the wares that are what is evil. These are the
        people who say k-rad and elite, and really mean it. These
        are the people who are always kicked from #hack. These are
        the people who will ftp 200 megs of warez, just for the
        sake of having done it. These are the people who trash sites
        on the net with there huge amounts of -3 day garbage. These
        are not the people who use and benefit from warez.

             The majority of the people who pirate, do it because
       they actually need the software they get. They dont go and
       ftp everything single file from a wares site. Many people
       who pirate dont even admit it now, for fear of being called
       a lamer. Know that to use pirated software is completely
       acceptable, but to fall into the trap of waresdom, getting
       every file from a site, getting 'affiliated', is the worst
       sin ye can ever commit.

Written by


You and your Children

  Welcome to the counter-culture, welcome to cyberspace. The last
vestige of virtual freedom, you might ever have oppportunity to visit,
let alone enjoy.

  However as in any pioneer culture, there are setbacks and stumbling
blocks, one such setback in the digital underground is the Warez scene,
a collection of mildy retarded children, who out of knee jerk liberal
kindness have been allowed access to modems. If you have ever
encountered such social misfits, the impression I am sure was clear
enough. Some people simply should not be allowed to breed. With this in mind
I have have written up a quick file on how to avoid this dillema, and if
needed deal with it.

 First off I am assuming you are fertile (yes quite an absurd assumption
for some of you, but none the less) and someday you might find an
overweight blowbunny fucksow willing to live and presumably marry your
pathetic ass. In this instance, laws of probability state you will
unfortunately have children. Such is reality, so in view of this I have
popped up a few easy ways for you to spot if your child is becoming a

1: If your child keeps teling you that SVGA and the Pentium are slow and
K-fucking Lame, and that the 64k lease line is sluggish on Downloads,
this might be a warning sign..

2: If your child adopts the term Dude, and substitutes all of his 'c'
and 'k' s with X you might need to worry.

3: If your child for no reason at all, drops his pants at the computer
store, and begins to spontaniously ejaculate on the nearest software
display, you might need to worry.

4: If your child comes home with a tattoo on his forehead sporting the
logo FuCK THG, RaZoR 1911 RuLZ. This could be a good indicator.

5: If you find your child masterbating to iCE ansi work and software
packages, you might start making calls.

6: If you find your child breaks into tears from the harrasment he gets
on #hack, this is a dead give away.

7: If you find bizzarre sticky stains on the monitor after your kids
fires up Cshow, this could be bad news.

8: If your kids litterally shits himself whenever he hears the word SPA.

9: If he tells you Christ has nothing on Rusty, from Rusty and Eddies in
the way of martyrdom, it's worrying time.

10: And most of all, if your child seems to finds gifs of Gail Thackeray
kind of attractive in a weird kinda way.....

 Ok with this in mind here are several sure fire cures.

1: Down grade the modem to 300 baud.

2: Beat him severely over the frontal lobe of his brain to induce
epilepsy, and fuck with the vga display on your moniter, so it strobes
and he has Grande Mal siezures when he plays games.

3: Cut off his strap him in a chair roll all his favorite gifs of Deanna
Troy from star trek accross his screen whilst playing Billy Idols latest
record, this should be enough to turn him off computers.

4: Leave him stranded in #hack for several hours, with the Handle

5: Simply beat his lame little ass whenever he sets near a computer with
that frenetic "I'm jonesing fer sum Kings quest " look in his beady
little eyes.

6: Subject him to a VaxBuster alliance with RAgent to play head
games with him.

7: And finnaly, give him a chinese style execution in the backyard and
bill Razor for the bullet.

                               THE END

Synapse of 403 for the AWA


                      "Please Mr. C0urier -- D0n't Sh00t"

                              by, Alexander Kn0x

        Pity the p00r warez c0urier.  N0bly they make their app0inted r0unds in
spite 0f being t0ssed ar0und and abused like they were s0me kind 0f rag d0ll.
0h the things these 3133+ d00dez w0uld d0 f0r rec0gniti0n.  "N0 $300.00 ph0ne
bill will st0p me fr0m being the c0urier that br0ught Kings Quest XIVIXVX t0
New England," as they hurried thr0ugh the file secti0ns 0f the RZR, FLT, 0r
whatever cracking gr0up they were slaving f0r that day.  Every0ne fr0m the
Sys0p's 0f the best 0 day ANSi b0ardz t0 the new user 0n the 35 dayz WaRez
b0ards c0mplains ab0ut h0w sl0wly their area gets such and such ware.  All 0f
this fell 0n the c0urier's sh0ulders.  0h h0w I feel f0r th0se c0uriers.

        Yet these threats fr0m the 0utside pale next t0 the dangers that lurk
0n the 0ther side 0f the screen.  F0r all the excitement, n0thing seri0us
happens after the l0ss 0f a c0urier t0 the side 0f g00d.  A few n0n-0 day
b0ardz are terminated; a few 0 day b0ardz hear murmur's fr0m inside the cracks
0f the seams 0f their f0rum hacks.  The Sys0p's may have the c0uriers by the
neck, but they aren't danger0us.  The same can't be said f0r the c0uriers
themselves.  Y0u kn0w what I'm talking ab0ut.  There are times when warez
aren't realeased f0r weeks.  0r when certain gr0ups g0 0n dr0ughts 0f 0nly
releasing usefull utilities instead 0f useless games.  These are the times
that the real c0urier's shine thr0ugh.  These are the t0ugh times.

        During the last year, 49 c0urier's have killed 323 b0ard-members all-
t0gether.  And their targets aren't the quiet 0nes wh0 rarely make an appear-
ance in the message bases, and just call f0r the 0ccaisi0nal warez.  Their
targets are the whiners, bitchers and m0aners.  The users wh0 when the 0-day
warez aren't fl0wing like a m0untain stream, start bitching and m0aning.  And
m0st 0f this bitching and m0aning, (99% 0f it) is directed at the C0URIERS.
I am g0ing t0 f0cus 0n 1 c0urier wh0 stuck 0ut in MY mind as the 3l33+ist.

        The c0urier I w0uld like t0 tell y0u ab0ut g0es by the handle 0f (rad)
"Evil Nitr0".  He c0uriered f0r Raz0r t0 the 617 and 203 area c0des and distri-
buted his warez t0 the l0cal b0ards he called. He had t0 call Raz0r's Eur0pean
Head Quarters t0 get the warez 5 times a week.  N0w after the calls t0 the EHQ,
his calls t0 617 & 203 and his regular bbs calls Evil Nitr0 was racking up $350
a m0nth in l0ng distance charges.  N0w I kn0w y0ur thinking, "why didn't
this idi0t use c0des 0r dial0uts."  Well that's just it, he was an idi0t and
didn't kn0w ab0ut these new-fangled ideas.  Well this chilly winter had
apparently g0tten t0 Raz0r and they were 0n a mean c0ld streak f0r warez. They
hadn't released a file in 3 weeks and their last release was just an0ther
V/2 beta.

        Well 0ne 0f the l0cal b0ards he distributed t0, "Shad0w Undergr0und",
had been planning a get t0gether 0f s0rts f0r all the users t0 c0me, trade
warez and talk ab0ut the latest releases and ANSi art.  Well it just s0 happens
that this bbs was the 0ne that Evil Nitr0 t00k the m0st abuse fr0m.  The users
were disgruntled at the sl0wness 0f Raz0r.  They t00k it all 0ut 0n Evil Nitr0.
0ne night while scanning thr0ugh the newest messages ab0ut him that en0ugh was
en0ugh and he w0uld take advantage 0f this "warez picnic" and get his revenge.

        The day 0f the highly t0uted "Shad0w Undergr0und 3l33t Gathering" came.
Evil Nitr0 arrived at the ch0sen meeting place (s0 sekret we can't even menti0n
it here) and reviewed his plan.  He f0und the secti0n that had the greatest
view 0f the main meeting hall.  This is where his eVIL plan began.  He revealed
a gatling gun fr0m his duffle bag with 6000 arm0r piercing bullets, all 0f
which he carded at a l0cal p0lice aucti0n (in his real name 0f c0urse).  He
set up high and watched as the d00dez began t0 file in.  At ab0ut n00n 27 0f
them were huddled t0gether f0r a speech fr0m the Sys0p 0f Shad0w Undergr0und.
They all whispered t0 each0ther ab0ut h0w they weren't surprise that Evil Nitr0
had n0t sh0wn up at the c0nventi0n 0' warez.  "He has taken my messages t0
heart", they th0ught as the Sys0p talked 0n.  Evil Nitr0 readied his weap0n.
He decided the best time t0 take acti0n w0uld be when all the d00dez st00d up
and applauded f0r the Sys0p's speech.  Seven minutes later, the speech ended
and the d00dez st00d up just as planned.  Suddenly hundreds 0f bullets flew
thr0gh the sky t0wards the d00dez.  They st00d there alm0st fr0zen at this
sight.  Up in the balc0ny Nitr0 c0ntinued t0 fire sh0ts at them.  He w0uldn't
st0p until they were all dead.  After ab0ut eight minutes 0f c0ntinu0s sh00ting
Nitr0 st0pped.  All 0f the warez d00dez lay dead 0n the fl00r in a p00l of
bl00d.  Evil Nitr0 dr0pped his weap0n and started t0 laugh insanely as he was
gunned d0wn by the NYC c0ps.  The h0rr0r.

        And the vi0lence sh0ws n0 signs of abating.  Mid 1993 has yet t0 pr0-
duce a h0rr0r such as the 0ne described ab0ve.  But the c0uriers are still at
it.  For c0uriers are wedded t0 each 0ther and their pr0fessi0n by b0nds
rivalling th0se 0f 0ld-time 0rganized crime.  The leeches are safe.  For like
the gangsters 0f y0re, c0uriers 0nly kill each 0ther.

alexander knox


[ Uh-Oh!  Another shit list.  quick!  hide the ftp site! ]

From watmath!watserv2.uwaterloo.ca!torn!utnut!cs.utexas.edu! EDT 1993
Article: 8408 of alt.security
Xref: undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca alt.security:8408
Newsgroups: alt.security
Path: undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca!watmath!watserv2.uwaterloo
From: coup@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Christopher Klaus)
Subject: warez list2
Message-ID: <1993Aug11.200800.20903@mintaka.lcs.mit.edu>
Sender: news@mintaka.lcs.mit.edu
Organization: Free Software Foundation
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1993 20:08:00 GMT
Lines: 247

Here's another list found in some /tmp of warez dood sites..

        Please Inform me if U have sites/info not on this list
        And Any Updates To: an874@anon.penet.fi (irc: semi)
        (Please use same format in msg as I use on list so it s
        easy to update.)

        So If there is not you anonymous mail address on this list
        get one and tell it to me.. 
        Also I allways love to receive sites info and also I like
        to get info about realiable users as well as "antipirates".

        Soon I start working with WarBot and #site in irc but
        I tell 'bout that later
FSP:      6611
FSP:     7777   
FSP:     21     Vampyr Central magnus.cs.uiuc.edu 
FSP:      900
FSP:     6969   Corvin
FSP:       21
FSP:       21     ada.stat.uga.edu
FSP:      30     seismo.soar.cs.cmu.edu 
FSP:      21     wuarchive.wustl.edu
FSP:      9030   Lankhmar Extension
FSP:       9999
FSP:      11111
FSP:       2468   byron.u.washington.edu
FSP:       21     flash.bellcore.com
FSP:      2121   vlsi37.coe.northeastern.edu
FSP:      6669   shapley.astro.rug.nl cray/amiga
FSP:      5200   naf1.zool.iastate.edu Was on 42 
FSP:    1992   pv7b8c.vincent.iastate.edu
FSP:    1992   marge.ecss.iastate.edu
FSP:    1992   marge.ecss.iastate.edu
FSP:       2992   pv041f.vincent.iastate.edu
FSP:       6969   The Ninth Level
FSP:      7000
FSP:      8080
FSP:        3000 
FSP:      6611   newton.amath.umanitoba.ca Slow IBM
FSP:      11111
FSP:        21     Good IBM
FSP:     7373
FSP:       4321   cetus.cc.umr.edu
FSP:       6669   and on 1200
FSP:      6669   yallara.cs.rmit.oz.au
FSP:     6669
FSP:    21
FSP:    21     mosaic.cs.caltech.edu
FSP:     21     ipsc2.caltech.edu and on 5200 \?
FSP:       2112   Shifty
FSP:      2711
FSP:      21     brandx.cs.ohiou.edu
FSP:       4444   IBM part closed
FSP:     21     pleiades.newcastle.edu.au
FSP:       1756   Aladdin
FSP:       5190
FSP:       5431
FSP:       5432
FSP:       7351
FSP:       8814
FSP:        4389   swsscsc2.rdg.ac.uk
FSP:        4321   scsscsc1.rdg.ac.uk
FSP:        1121   hobbes.ESCI.StCloud.MSUS.EDU
FSP:       666    Jims Site
FSP:         2911   Ethome
FSP:         3911
FSP:        911
FSP:        911
FSP:       2001   The Bat Cave
FSP:     6666   
FSP:      199    Good IBM
FSP:     21     sunc14.cs.nthu.edu.tw Good IBM
FSP:       21
FSP:       6996    muser.brad.ac.uk
FSP:      4999    Amiga
FSP:      6969    cs.sun.ac.za
FSP:      3333    mehta.anu.edu.au
FSP:       4455    caesar.anu.edu.au
FSP:        2766    Slow one
FSP:      3000
FSP:       21     hannibal.hsn.no
FSP:         21     tsx-11.mit.edu
FSP:      8564   bart.meiko.com
FSP:        6669   poly.polytechnique.fr
FSP:      6678   eurecom5.cica.fr
FSP:       11111  mcshh.Hanse.de
FSP:      2001   ftp.germany.EU.net
FSP:       9999   The Adventure Pit
FSP:       7549

FTP:              Warez   /pub/submit/"..."
FTP:                DEAD    /pub/haskell/library/incoming/" "
FTP:                Warez   /pub/incoming/. unreadable
FTP:                Warez   /upload/"..  "
FTP:                DEAD    /pub/uploads/for.gross/"..  "
FTP:              DEAD    /pub/../". unreadable"/.bi.n
FTP:              DEAD    /pub/incoming
FTP:              DEAD    /warez/".  ,"/pc
FTP:                  Warez   /pub/...                        (e)
FTP: Sun.soe.clarkson.edu       DEAD    /pub/incoming/"..."/.f
FTP: W20-575-67.mit.edu         Warez   /pub/"..  "     (Dos6.0, Os2 Site)
FTP: a.cs.uiuc.edu              DEAD    /tmp/reddy/papers/"..  "/.bin
FTP: apollo.di.unipi.ti         DEAD    /pub/"..  "/.bin
FTP: athena.erc.msstate.edu     DEAD    /pub/seger/"..  "
FTP: athena.erc.msstate.edu     DEAD    /pup/off-theses-ps/"..  "/.bin
FTP: aun.uninett.no             DEAD    /gopherfiles/tmp/gftpC+/"..."
FTP: cs.ep.utexas.edu           DEAD    /pub/reports/xfer/incoming
FTP: cs.tut.fi                  DEAD    /pub/tut/testing/confocal/.bin/.zip
FTP: delphi.cs.ucla.edu                 /incoming/" "/". bin"
FTP: dix.gps.caltech.edu                /pub/...
FTP: doppler.ncsc.org                   /pub/siggraph/uploads/...
FTP: elof.iit.edu                       /.NeXT/...
FTP: elof.iit.edu               DEAD    /pub/drum/incoming/"..  "/b.i.n
FTP: emil.ma.utexas.edu                 /gif/.../
FTP: emil.ma.utexas.edu                 /incoming/.../
FTP: faui80.informatik.uni-erlangen.de  /pub/asl/"..  "
FTP: faui80.informatik.uni-erlangen.de  /pub/asl/..
FTP: faui80.informatik.uni-erlangen.de  /pub/scheme/yorku/new/...
FTP: fcs280s.ncifcrf.gov        Warez   /pub/incoming/". unreadable"
FTP: fourcroy.chem.wayne.edu    SCOUnix /pub/unix/sco
FTP: fourcroy.chem.wayne.edu    Warez   /pub/incoming/".message "/.bin
FTP: ftp.brad.ac.uk             WAREZ   /incoming/msdos/"..  "
FTP: ftp.cayman.com             DEAD    /pub/users/john/ibmpc
FTP: ftp.cs.umn.edu             GIF     /users/grante/incoming/...
FTP: ftp.psi.com                DEAD    /tmp/"..  "/". unreadable"/..f
FTP: ftp.uu.net                         /library
FTP: ftp.uu.net                         /published/usenix/faces
FTP: gatekeeper.dec.com                 /.2/micro/sysv-386/uportlaCk
FTP: geom.umn.edu               Warez   /incoming/". unreadable"/ (visual c++)
FTP: guardian.cs.psu.edu                /pub/mosis/ugrain/...
FTP: gumby.cc.wmich.edu         DEAD    /pub/incoming/". unreadable"/". "/
FTP: hub.cs.jmu.edu             DEAD    /incoming/"..  "/". unreadable"
FTP: huron.scd.ucar.edu         Warez   /weather/CO_ski.obs/...
FTP: hydra.helsinki.fi          Warez   /incoming/". unreadable"
FTP: j.cc.purdue.edu                    /pub/deTex/.../
FTP: kanaha.idbsu.edu                   /incoming/...
FTP: kanaha.idbsu.edu                   /pub/NOBS/flip/...
FTP: lamont.ldgo.columbia.edu           /nceer/data/"..  "
FTP: lamont.ldgo.columbia.edu           /nceer/data/...
FTP: louie.udel.edu                     /incoming/.../
FTP: mango.rsmas.miami.edu      DEAD    /incoming/.../.../ibm/.zip
FTP: math.princeton.edu         Warez   /pub/deTex/"..  "
FTP: math.utexas.edu                    /incoming/djgpp/...
FTP: math.utexas.edu                    /pub/mp_arc/...
FTP: math.utexas.edu                    /pub/mp_arc/abstracts/...
FTP: math.utexas.edu                    /pub/mp_arc/doc/...
FTP: math.utexas.edu                    /pub/mp_arc/papers/...
FTP: math.utexas.edu            Warez   /incoming/"..  "
FTP: math.utexas.edu            Warez   /incoming/klaus/haken3/...
FTP: mcnc.mcnc.org                      /pub/4kk/...
FTP: ncar.ucar.edu                      /pc/virus/"..  "
FTP: nexus.yorku.ca                     /pub/scheme/new/...
FTP: nic.stolaf.edu                     /pub/sci/...
FTP: nic.stolaf.edu                     /pub/tmp/...
FTP: omnigate.clarkson.edu      DEAD    /pub/gw/dump/.../.f
FTP: osceola.cs.ucf.edu         DEAD    /amar/.../I/f
FTP: park.bu.edu                DEAD    /pub/incoming/"   "/.b.in
FTP: park.bu.edu                DEAD    /pub/incoming/dt.bak/.b.in
FTP: phoenix.oulu.fi                    /pub/incoming/"misc.zip "/"... "
FTP: phoenix.oulu.fi            DEAD    /pub/incoming/"misc.zip "
FTP: picard.uakron.edu                  /NetInfo/NeXT/" "/"..  "/
FTP: potemkin.cs.pdx.edu        Warez   /pub/ileaf/incoming/".. "
FTP: psuvax1.cs.psu.edu                 /pub/mosis/ugrain/...
FTP: quayle.mu.wvnet.edu        DEAD    /pub/pc/uploads/.../.zip (no anon.)
FTP: rascal.ics.utexas.edu              /misc/...
FTP: rascal.ics.utexas.edu              /misc/av/safety-folder/...
FTP: rascal.ics.utexas.edu              /misc/mac/...
FTP: raven.alaska.edu           Warez   /pub/".. "
FTP: sachiko.acc.stolaf.edu             /pub/tmp/...
FTP: sesqui.net                         /pub/incomming/"..  "
FTP: sifon.cc.mcgill.ca         DEAD    /pub/in.coming/_..___/__________
FTP: solar.stanford.edu         DEAD    /pub/"..."/.f
FTP: solbourne.solbourne.com            /pub/uploads/for.gross/incoming/...
FTP: sonata.cc.purdue.edu               /pub/next/submissions/multi-media
FTP: sonate.cc.purdue.edu       Warez   /pub/next/multi-media^A
FTP: sperm.ocean.washington.edu         /pub/matter/"   "/" "
FTP: sperm.ocean.washington.edu DEAD    /pub/matter/"   "
FTP: sun.soe.clarkson.edu               /pub/incoming/...
FTP: sun.soe.clarkson.edu               /pub/src/flex/.."     "
FTP: sunbcd.weizmann.ac.il      DEAD    /pub/incoming/"..  "
FTP: suntan.tandem.com                  /pub/...
FTP: thor.cs.wayne.edu          DEAD    /pub/.warez
FTP: transit.ai.mit.edu                 /incoming/...
FTP: uhunix2.uhcc.hawaii.edu            /mirrors/gnu
FTP: unmvax.cs.unm.edu                  /pub/jensen/.bin/.zip
FTP: uvaarpa.virginia.edu               /public_access/aa/.find/".  "
FTP: venera.isi.edu                     /pub/wuu/tmp/"..  "
FTP: wlv.iipo.gtegsc.com                /pub/...
FTP: zaphod.lanl.gov                    /pub/clim/incoming/

USER:**Irc Nick*********Email**********************************************
USER:+ (not in irc)     an31@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ Amp              (No Email)
USER:+ Ap0ll0           an19159@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ Bin              ap.9416@cupid.sai.com
USER:+ BloodSlop        csc226117@husky1.stmarys.ca
USER:+ BosStone         an19426@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ DDay             (Not Yet)
USER:+ Darion           an18877@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ Dekion           an18796@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ Eddie            (Not Yet)
USER:+ Fidelio          an19045@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ Flognat          an14231@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ GreenDay         an18894@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ Ignotus          an17295@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ JizMak           (Not Yet)
USER:+ MasNinja         (Not Yet)
USER:+ PurpCon          (Not Yet)
USER:+ Q_Silver         an19169@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ RalfiBoy         an19218@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ RedOne           (Not Yet)
USER:+ Robinn           (Not Yet)
USER:+ S-Lord           an19288@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ Slick            (Not Yet)
USER:+ Snarf            snarf@oulubox.tolsun.oulu.fi
USER:+ Sp0t             (Not Yet)
USER:+ TBoard           an19155@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ TI_Master        an15612@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ TWC              an19455@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ TWicked          an19576@anon.penet.fi
USER:+ Zip              (Not Yet)
USER:+ semi             an874@anon.penet.fi

XTRA: + - User is Real (Pirate)
XTRA: - - User Is Antipirate *BEWARE*
XTRA: ? - Unknow user

        ps. If U have idea how to make this list look better
            or any idea at all about this "thing" just send
            me mail.. I just love to receive mail ;)

        Pss. If Someone wants his name on this list and also
             want to receive this my list regualy every time
             it get chanced, PLEASE don't tell me that in irc,
             just send me e-mail with: irc nick, anonymous
             mail address and real mail address. (and if U
             would tell in same message that where U get this
             list, you will be in my list very soon.


                           Evolution of a Wares Boy


        This evolution chart is only an example of how some people
       go through the wares scene. It is how most of the people I
       have seen locally go through it, so i used it for an example.
       There are an almost endless amount of ways this can go on.
       Taking all this into account:

                             Gets Computer
                     Swaps Software with A Friend
                               PD BBSer
               Gets registerd shareware without paying for it
                   Starts to call local pirate boards
                     Gets some commercial software
                      from the local pirate bbses
                           Gets a high speed
                      Starts to get on the elitist
                            boards locally
                        Gets software that is new,
                    just came out less than a week ago
                     Gets affiliated with a local group
                       Starts to call long distance
                        to spread the groups name
                          Gets software that
                        hasn't been released yet
                          in stores from LD
                                  | >--------- thrill wears off, goes on to
                                  |                   better things.
                     Starts to kiss ass to people in
                            national groups
                        Gets affiliated with a
                           national group
                    At this point, doesnt even play 95%
                      of the software he downloads
                        Starts to courier wares
                         all across the globe
                         Parents get phone bill
                                 / \
           parents pay bill     <   > has to sell computer to pay off the
           and he continues            phone bill, therefore forcebly taken
           in the endless              away from the wares scene.
           race called the
           wares scene

Written by:



    I didn't think it could get any lamer.  But believe me, sometimes
when you drop a stone into the pit of lameness it takes hours before
you hear it hit the bottom.  Warez are lame.  This has been established.
There is something called "netsex" which is just plain fucking scary.

It constitutes one irc user typing erotic messages to another irc user
while both of them masturbate.  That is just sad.  But now we have
sunk to an all new low:  WareZSex!  Yes, Warez D00Dz having netsex.
I was able to play along with a warez d00d as he got off and captured
it.  To tell you the truth, his talk of western digital hard drives
just made me sick.
    The following transcript has not been changed at all.  The only
thing I edited out is warez d00dz giving each other 'op' status.  You
see when a WareZ d00d goes into the #warez channel, everyone has
that nickname set to auto-op, so he gets oped by 15 different people.
Its very scary, but WareZ d00dz enjoy that.  You cannot have op wars
if nobody is op.  If I had left the ops in here, this file would have
been 700k.  Scary...
    To go on, everything is an exact quotation, except the stuff in
'[ ]'.  Those are my quotes.  Lines starting with a '>' are messages
posted by me to the public.  A nickname in stars (i.e. *CR*) followed
by a message is someone sending a private message to me.  An arrow
followed by a nickname in stars (i.e. -> *CR*) is me sending a private
message to someone.

*** - $$$_*: anonymous ftp server IRC.NSYSU.EDU.TW( $W*:
*** - /pub/nsysu/Chinese-IRC/*.  &p*G9o$$$eIRC&3%t&s0]CD)N+XD3, =P e-mail
*** - cray@mis.nsysu.edu.tw  hung@cc.nsysu.edu.tw  lmj@cc.nsysu.edu.tw
*** -
*** -    =P$j.a /join #chinese ,#heart or #$$$e, %;@W9DEw*o$j.a(O%N$$$e%f=M!D
*** -    Cv)s&p&s(O%N$$$e IRC, =P /msg Chbot help ......Happy Travel!!  ;-)
*** -
*** -  ==== CC of National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan, R.O.C.  ====

[I logged into irc through the Chinese irc server.  I could not possibly
logon with an account that WareZ d00dz knew me by, as they would catch
what I was doing and ban me 19 different ways.]

/nick WareZslut

[I set my nickname to WareZslut.  This would be obviously get the point

/join #warez
*** WareZslut (irc7656@irc.nsysu.edu.tw) has joined channel #warez
*** Topic for #warez: DF is DF is Df is an op :@
Channel    Nickname  S   User@Host (Name)
#warez     WareZslut H   irc7656@irc.nsysu.edu.tw (from gnu.ai.mit.edu)
#warez     pilfus    H@  THRAWN@ (<Grand Admiral Thrawn>)
#warez     nghtraven H   irc2@prof.jpl.nasa.gov (Telnet user from
#warez     TommydCat H@  TdC@AIX370.SIU.EDU ([TuSwF] [iCE] [Ramble Riders])
#warez     Lenin     H@  updougla@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu (-*MATRiX*-)
#warez     WarezCat  H@  WarezCat@AIX370.SIU.EDU (Me a bot\?  Nah...)
#warez     OS        H@  OS@unixd3.cis.pitt.edu (Obsidian_Scimitar[BiTCH])
#warez     WetWerk   H@  mmc@reef.cis.ufl.edu (WetWerk)
#warez     MaxMan    H@  boon0007@student.tc.umn.edu (...Max Man 8^)
#warez     Arcane    H@  Arcane@ug.cs.dal.ca (DaArcmiester)
#warez     Brainstrm H@  #BrainyMan@boomslang.labs.cis.pitt.edu (GreyGhost
+a.k.a. The Repeat Offender)
#warez     Cork-Z    H   carl0166@student.tc.umn.edu (X)
#warez     df        H   iczer@spiff.gnu.ai.mit.edu (daniel finster)
#warez     bball     H   bball@rac1.wam.umd.edu (Nguoi Khong Ten)
#warez     Creeper   H@  whited@marcus.its.rpi.edu (I'm an ASA dude...)
#warez     methusula H@  ramers@coplex.coplex.com (!id Christopher Durfy)
#warez     scotch    G@  s2522235@techst02.technion.ac.il (scotch)
#warez     CR        H@  crazyrat@vlsi.louisville.edu (!id Sleepless Knight)
#warez     Pegasus   H   kc60@jambo.cc.columbia.edu (Pegasus)
#warez     sand      H@  umrobe54@ccu.umanitoba.ca (*)
#warez     Shuttle   H@  shuttle@WALNUT.CHEM.UPENN.EDU (Endeavor_Discovery)
#warez     MasterT   H@  trillo@ug.cs.dal.ca (ALEX A. TRILLO)
#warez     DH2       H@  stephen@obelix.blh.no (The former DeaDHeaD2)
#warez     bYtE_     H@  pbannist@ENIAC.SEAS.UPENN.EDU (bYtE)

[I did a /who listing of people in the channel to find my prey.]

<CR> no way!
<Arcane> There they go again.
<bball> Ids all the sites down or what?
> I am lonley
<nghtraven> net gone bye bye
*** TheWhiz (aeppert@ideanet.doe.state.in.us) has joined channel #warez
<TheWhiz> Sup all.
> Who here gives good netsex?  I am very horny@#!
<Lone-Wolf> hey nghtraven
<WetWerk> YAGS: Yet another great split.
> I want to go to a private confrence and fuck.  Nobody here gives netsex?
  I'm suprised.  What about WareZsex?!@

[Notice I have not been kicked yet.  Warez D00dz will kick someone off
their eliteist channel at the drop of a dime.  They all want me, but
are all afraid to say anything.  Even to a fucking virtual babe!]

<nghtraven> byte iss the one for us
*** Phuct (axc@thor.INS.CWRU.Edu) has joined channel #warez
<pilfus> Anyone know where I can get WinNT release???
<Phuct> sup
<TheWhiz> wow, split????????
*CR* Want to try me?

[A horny WareZd00d.  Bingo.]

<bball> msg overload
<Pegasus> CR: intersting... how much of a speed difference do you notice as
+compared to 80ns?
<CR> damn. net sucks tonite
-> *CR* sure!

[Step one of the operation has been completed.

<bball> probably nada :)
-> *CR* oooooh!  I'm so excited lets go to a private confrence!

[I invite him into my palace of pleasure.]

<TommydCat>  /on ^MODE "%.%.% *" comment
<methusula> !
*** Signoff: Phuct (Killed (goren1.u.washington.edu (Phuct(?) <-
<scotch> back..
<TheWhiz> sup tdc
<methusula> HA!
<Pegasus> CR: I second that notion
<blackFART> pilfus: ya in seattle
<nghtraven> looking for warez in all the wrong places
<Creeper> fuck
<methusula> See !!! ha!
<Creeper> that kinda sucked
<TheWhiz> me
<methusula> Hopefully no more...:(
*** Phuct (axc@thor.INS.CWRU.Edu) has joined channel #warez
<AirStrike> swimmy: oooo, is that so
<Strand> hi all.. how is everyone today?
*CR* type /join #CR
/join #CR
*** WareZslut (irc7656@irc.nsysu.edu.tw) has joined channel #CR
*** Users on #CR: WareZslut @CR

[I have left Warez and joined CR's private confrence.  He will make
the channel private, and thus we will not have to send private
messages to each other.  We can type out in the open, as we are the
only ones in the #CR confrence.  We are ready to WarezNetFuck (or
at least he is).

> are we private?
> ooh
*** Mode change "+i" on channel #CR by CR
> tell me about yourself....
> im sitting with my 486 tower open ready for your expansion cards.
<CR> Well I don't give netsex the way other guys give netsex.  You might
of known that allready since you found me in the WareZ confrence.  I give
WareZ sex.@  I know you will probably like it because you are a Warezslut.
> how big is your hard drive.
<CR> It's about 150 megs, but I use doubledisk.
> Thats not too large, but you know, its not the size of the hard disk,
its the age of the warez that are on it.  that is what counts
**<< Action >>** : CR boots up his 486/66 tower and show Warezgirl his
200 line autoexec.bat...

[Now we're really getting into it!]

> oooh baby!  How your Zero Day Beta version of QEMM manages your memory!
<CR> Can you tell me about your hardware?  Do you courier for anyone?
What are your latest warez?
> I have a fully exposed 486/33 tower.  I used to courier for TGW, but
when I refused to fuck the president (his warez were sometimes 2 days eee
www!) he kicked me out of the group.
> My warez are not always 0 day, but what I download i always store on my
large hard drive, as the used meggage expands!

[I think I got him excited...]

> my hardware is not top of the line, but ive distributed for many groups
and its still running as smooth as the first courier.
<CR> maybe we can exchange addresses so we can exchange gifs of each other's
hardware?  We could send warez to each other...
> i dont know how to give Warezsex, I know when someone gave it to me
my CPS rate flew all the way up to 4000.
> baby I want you to partion my drive so I can run OS/2 and Windows 3.2
at the same time!  I'm waiting to see your meggage!
<CR> I really want to please you
**<< Action >>** : CR takes Warezslut to his fourth node
**<< Action >>** : CR starts to kiss WareZslut's simms
> I will upload yoour latest ware to all my distribution sites
> yes!
> place your serial cord into my I/O card
**<< Action >>** : CR sucks and licks WareZslut's motherboard as her
processor goes into overdrive
> stick you fist in my 3 1/2 inch floppy and make 5 1/4!
**<< Action >>** : CR can feel soundblaster vibrating
> both of my nodes are in full operation
> backup your catridge into my tape backup
**<< Action >>** : CR attempts to place a 1.2 meg floppy into a 3.5 meg
> ooooooh
> ooh you've turned both my drive lights on
> i am too horny to speak
<CR> want to feel my floppy?
> yes show me your maxtor 2.7 gig hard drive
**<< Action >>** : CR finds no bad sectors in Warezgirl's latest ware
**<< Action >>** : Warezslut starts the transfer
**<< Action >>** : CR watches the CPS rate rise increasingly
<CR> ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> are you feeling it?  I sure as hell am!
> my clock speed his doubling
<CR> YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> YES! YES!  Im going to finish disk eight
> we lost our flow control at the samr time!
<CR> I want to see your UART!@@!
*** Action : WareZslut opens her case and waits...
**<< Action >>** : CR grabs WareZslut's tower and starts to enter
her from +behind
**<< Action >>** : CR enters her with deep thrusts ooooooooh!
> ooooooooh!
**<< Action >>** : CR is sweating a lot
> ooooh i love it when you hit me!
> ooooooooh
> this transfer is so good its -2 day!#~
**<< Action >>** : CR increases the speed
> harder harder!
> ahhh that was good.  thank you very much
<CR> would you like to exchange addresses?
> You are a STUPID WAREZ L00SER!  The transfer has been captured by
the Anti-Warez Association and your sexual frustration will be
reproduced and read by people areound the globe!@  You are lame, and
you should get a life.  FUCK OFF.


I hungup on him.  I wonder why...  So there you have it.  CR if you're
out there, maybe sometime we could courier together again?

jason farnon


In article <1993Aug11.200142.20536@mintaka.lcs.mit.edu> coup@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Christopher Klaus) writes:
>From: coup@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Christopher Klaus)
>Subject: warez list
>Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1993 20:01:42 GMT
>Hello.   I happened to look at /tmp in some major ftp site and found
>8some interesting files.   Anyways, I know CERT has sent out a advisory
>already on FTP abuse.  But they didnt really address the FSP sites either.
>I dont know much about the IBM scene nor care, but I figure maybe some 
>of the admins would like to investigate this list and maybe clean up
>their sites if they are on it and it hasnt been cleaned up.  
>Maybe the SPA can get involved if someone so desires.
>Here's the list.

[list deleted]

Congratulations, asshole. You have posted the best ever list here. 
If I ever should meet you, I will physically beat you up, which will cause 
severe injuries.  

Meanwhile we'll do our best to make you go insane. Better cancel your 

                -= ANTITRACK/LEGEND! =-

In article <Antitrack.32.0@htu.tu-graz.ac.at> Antitrack@htu.tu-graz.ac.at (Antitrack) writes:
>   [list deleted]

no, list saved.

>   Congratulations, asshole. You have posted the best ever list here. 
>   If I ever should meet you, I will physically beat you up, which will cause 
>   severe injuries.  

no, congratulations fellow sysadmin, and thank you.

>   Meanwhile we'll do our best to make you go insane. Better cancel your 
>   account!
>                  -= ANTITRACK/LEGEND! =-

get a life.

If I found any site that I administrated in that list, I'd be sure to
"correct the situation" ASAP.  It's hard enough to run an ftpd with a
writable incoming directory without getting xgifs and "get rich quick"

Now, I have to watch all my guest users for fsp daemons.  I've already
wiped a few clients, but I have not seen and archives being created.
Of course, I've also wiped muds, bots, sub-bbses and all kinds of
yphack/ypbreak/ypsnarf/ypblah programs.  I don't have the time to
watch every tcpip connection to verify its validity.... now I have a
few ip/ports to add to my netwatcher so a program can do it for me.


In <Antitrack.32.0@htu.tu-graz.ac.at>,
Antitrack (Antitrack@htu.tu-graz.ac.at) wrote:

>In article <1993Aug11.200142.20536@mintaka.lcs.mit.edu> coup@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Christopher Klaus) writes:
>>From: coup@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Christopher Klaus)
>>Subject: warez list
>>Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1993 20:01:42 GMT
>>Hello.   I happened to look at /tmp in some major ftp site and found
>>8some interesting files.   Anyways, I know CERT has sent out a advisory
>>already on FTP abuse.  But they didnt really address the FSP sites either.
>>I dont know much about the IBM scene nor care, but I figure maybe some
>>of the admins would like to investigate this list and maybe clean up
>>their sites if they are on it and it hasnt been cleaned up.
>>Maybe the SPA can get involved if someone so desires.
>>Here's the list.
>[list deleted]
>Congratulations, asshole. You have posted the best ever list here.
>If I ever should meet you, I will physically beat you up, which will cause
>severe injuries.
>Meanwhile we'll do our best to make you go insane. Better cancel your
>               -= ANTITRACK/LEGEND! =-

Cl threats over the net seem 
rather small. 

>Meanwhile we'll do our best to make you go insane. Better cancel your 
Oh Okay.  I better watch out now. You mite hack my account and erase
all my files here or something.  I think Ill go insane. 
>               -= ANTITRACK/LEGEND! =-
antitrack/legend the supplier of old warez.. Id like to thank CoolCat,
Jizmak, ZigZag and QueenF from IRC for supplying the lists.  Join AWA.
Anti-warez alliance..
Warez are lame, and abusin Internet for them is even lamer.  Keep pirates
to their own HST multi-line/gig BBSes.


Post: 2723 of 2725
From: bwwl@sun.rz.tu-clausthal.de.de (Wolfgang Ley)
Newsgroups: alt.security
Subject: Re: warez list
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1993 11:32:10 GMT
Reply-To: Ley@rz.tu-clausthal.de
Lines: 41
X-Software: Okami Newsreader Version 0.20

In <Antitrack.32.0@htu.tu-graz.ac.at>,
Antitrack (Antitrack@htu.tu-graz.ac.at) wrote:

>In article <1993Aug11.200142.20536@mintaka.lcs.mit.edu> coup@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Christopher Klaus) writes:
>>From: coup@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Christopher Klaus)
>>Subject: warez list
>>Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1993 20:01:42 GMT
>>Hello.   I happened to look at /tmp in some major ftp site and found
>>8some interesting files.   Anyways, I know CERT has sent out a advisory
>>already on FTP abuse.  But they didnt really address the FSP sites either.
>>I dont know much about the IBM scene nor care, but I figure maybe some
>>of the admins would like to investigate this list and maybe clean up
>>their sites if they are on it and it hasnt been cleaned up.
>>Maybe the SPA can get involved if someone so desires.
>>Here's the list.
>[list deleted]
>Congratulations, asshole. You have posted the best ever list here.
>If I ever should meet you, I will physically beat you up, which will cause
>severe injuries.
>Meanwhile we'll do our best to make you go insane. Better cancel your

Congratulations! I think it is the best way to post such lists to inform
some sysadmins about the illegal use of their sites.

        Wolfgang Ley             email: Ley@rz.tu-clausthal.de
        Teichstrasse 9
D-38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld     "With workstations you can do a lot of
        (Germany)                 nonsense. With PC's not even that..."
        Phone: +49 5323 82132


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Anyway you send it, we'll print it.  So, here we go with the Ed's:

                           --- Ozone Pilot ---

"No warez d00de is a good warez d00de except a dead warez d00de.  Hurumph.  
 Sooner or later, you hit the deck, you get found out.  If you are a warez
 d00de, fear us.  We will find you.  This issue marks a turning point for
 my life.  I am elite.  Yes.  Please pass the jelly..."

                          --- Alexander Knox ---

"It's human nature to keep doing something as long as it's pleasurable and you
can succeed at it -- which is why the world population continues to double
every fourty 40 years.  Greets to all the Op's of #warez who have banned me
or kicked me since our last issue hit the presses.  You are the ones that drive
me to incredulous abomination."
                           --- Jason Farnon ---
"Search for vanity in the depths of my brain and you search may not be
in vain.  Search for it in the depths of my soul, and find an energy
sucking black hole.  Search in the mega-dimensions --if you find me
it is the end of vanity because you have found yourself."

end of transmission.