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The Net Monkey Weekly Report, 33. by The Net Monkey Weekly Report (NWR)

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Introduces a VCD section.
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Netmonkey Weekly Report
February 2nd, 1999

                                  g#S$     d.      ____      ascii by garflozzy
                     ____         $$$: -- ,$b ----- $$$  ___
                     $$$$$s    __ :$$l $',$$$$.`$$ :$$$._l$$:
           ,s#S$$$$: $$$"╚$$b.`╚$i $$$ ',$$'└$$,`$ l$$$T$$$$._
--------- l$$$$$$$$ :$$l b,`Y$$,`l l$$.d$P . └$$,` $$l" $$$▓T$S#g._ -----------
░░░░░░░░░ :$$$$$$$l l$$: $$b.`Y$$, :$$$$' d$b └$$,d$$: :$$l ,.`"▓T$S# ░░░░░░░░░
           $$$$$$$: $$$ :$$$$. Y$$.s$$$' d$$$b '$$$$l  l$$: l$'.d$$'
           $$$$$$$. $$$ l$$$$$. $$$Sl$' d$$$$$b '$$$: :$$l .'.d$$'
           $$$$$$l :$$l $$$$$$l l$$::P :$$$$$$$b.`$l  l$$:  ~~~~~~~
------------------ l$$: ------- :$$l.' ---------- `: ;$$l ---------------------
                   $$$  ░░░░░░░ .l$$ ::              ~~~~
           │ $$S#s,$$$           :::
                   `Y$  [ n ] ETMONKEY [ W ] EEKLY [ R ] EPORT

    Support NWR and CWS, and email your weektops to:
    Thank you!

    Well fuck, maybe we should make the release date Tuesday, since 
    second week in a row of it. But we are here, and with our brand new 
    VCD section. We'd like to welcome Ryche to the editorial staff of NWR 
    and we are missing the Utils report this week because Bud was sick. 
    Prozac is back and also includes his monthly report that you can find 
    also on his page. We want to also mention that Prozac is keeping a list 
    of the N64 roms and emu news on his site as well at:

    So check that out, anyways, sorry for being late and enjoy the mag.

                                       -Lester [Co-Editor/Head Writer]

    Ok.. So we are still all text, but fear not, the coded mag is coming
    soon.. Paledeth is doing some music for us, and if anyone else out
    there has any VGA or ASCII art that they want to send us, that would
    be cool..
    Bud was sick this week, as was i, thats why NWR is late. Prozac is
    back with both his #5 games report, and his MONTHLY report, for feb.
    Check that out in the nwr.zip, its the file called: PPGR0199.TXT

    We have 2 pics this week, none of jess, unfortunately.. The first pic
    is called "brain-wh.jpg", and we are VERY proud to show this cute
    picture of RiSC's very own Brain, who recently made a trip to the 
    Nation's capital: the Whitehouse! Brain is the gentleman immediately
    to the president's right.. cute little guy, ain't he?

    The other pic, is called eternal1.jpg, proving once and for all, that
    eternal really is female, as he certainly is a whiny little bitch!

    We started off our new "VCD" section today... Its a little large, 
    i guess because its the first time, so.. i'll try to cut it at least
    in half for next issue...
    Have a good week everyone..... 
                                         ndetroit [Co-Editor/Head Fatass]

-----------[ index ]-----------

   I.)   Intro 
               a) Lester
               b) ndetroit

   II.)  Quotes of the Week  

   III.) Stats - Ndetroit's Weekly Stats, and comments on Sites.
   IV.)  Lester's Biased Courier Report

   V.)   Articles 
               a) Prozac's Kinda Biased Games Report
               b) Bud's Biased Utils Report
               c) Lesters Moview Reviews
               d) VCD Group and Movie Reviews
               e) MnM is Lame!

   VI.)  Scene News - All the news thats fit to print 
   VII.)  Rumors! 

   VIII.)  Closing

---------------------[ Quotes of the Week! ]---------------------

-<superjess> wow
 <superjess> i got 6 boobs

-200- | 02 duranged   i like penis                293.691 megs  154.70  |
 200- | 08 wishmstr   DEVOCEAN SUNAMI             188,830,720 
 200- [09] insanity   RIP EQL Friend Sirbubu      134MB         96K/s
 200- | 10 Deleon     Man, I'm pretty             101.663 megs  104.31  | 
 200- | 13 zarkof     [OXG] ART of Painting       107.673.600   146 k/s |

-<winterhwk> Cablegod, crawl back in your hole and die. You are some 
             lame twit with the IQ of mole. 

-<superjess> wow
 <superjess> i got 6 boobs

-<Grade> AOD signed me to a 1 year contract
 <Grade> for a t-shirt

<PaleDeth> oh i have a news for yah.. newly formed channel #furniture we 
           talk about furnitures all day.. even trade furniture pics...

-----------[ ndetroit's sites and stats section ]-----------

    Hey there, ok, well, we're back for another action-packed week.. ;p

    Not much of anything new or exciting went on, so i guess i will
  have to make something up... what else is new, really?   ;p
    I guess the biggest news is that, as hinted at in last week's 
  issue, FALSEHOOD is back.. FH was the alltime favorite site of
  a damn lot of people, and its cool to see it back. It's AoD WHQ,
  and SCUM and SHOCK EHQ... (wtf is up with all this dual-grouping?)
    No word on games yet, but i'm sure it won't take overly long for
  them to come up with someone half decent... heh.. 

   mgoh is doesn't have a games affil yet for his new site, ROOT, so
  if you are a member of... uhh... well.. one of the 3 or 4 games groups
  out there, then contact him.

    Hades changed IP's, so if you are having trouble connecting, that's
  probably why.. ;p
    SOD(?) became OGN USHQ. 
    DOPE became an OGN affil, to go with their TRPS, CORP, and AoD.
    Da Fun House become OGN UKHQ.
    MFLG (My Fat Lesbian Girlfriend) became OGN FHQ.
    TR (the rock) became PRM HQ.
    MW isn't back yet, and i still don't know what its gonna be called when
  it does come back, but... bleh.

    I saw on Bacid's page that a new site called "NEC" is up, and its RZR HQ,
  PGC WHQ, and CORP. 100mbit, and pretty fast already, so... check that out.
    Some dude that i've never heard of named "airbrush" tried to nark TV/TViSO.
  What a dumbass.. Its been a while since we have had a narking spree, so
  maybe ppl are starting to fall asleep with who they add to their sites..
    Wake the fuck up, people!

    Sorry i don't have much more news, but i'll try to come up with something
  a little more interesting for next week.. Thanks to the ppl who helped me
  with weektops... take care..
	Sites are rated on a 3X and 2X scale.. if you want to know why we 
 do it that way, read an old issue. Couriers get 10 points per site they get
 #1 on, 9 points for 2nd place, 8 points for 3rd, etc, etc. 
	Sites are rated by us. If you don't like the ratings, then.... 
heh... fuck off and die..

          The Top Ten sites for this week are:

          x3 FS -*- STH -*- ET -*- E -*- HOE
          x2 VDR -*- DLS -*- DOPE -*- TV -*- IC

	          ---=NETMONKEY COURiER REPORT=---

 trader       group   FS STH ET  E *HOE VDR DLS DOPE TV IC   pts   pos    
 toadie       DMS      2   1  1  1    0   1   4    0  0  0   171   [1] 
 cedric       AoD      5   4  0  0    0   0   3    0  0  9    77   [2] 
 garoto       DEV      0   7  2  0    0   6   8    0  0  4    69   [3]  
 morbid       AoD      4   3  0  6    0   0   0    0  0  0    62   [4] 
 wishmaster   DEV      0  10  8  8    0   4   0    4  6  1    61   [4] 
 kenzo        RiSC     0   0  7  5    0   0   0    1  5  3    48   [6] 
 dirtman      TFA      0   0  5  2    0   0   0    7  0  0    45   [7]  
 ragger       EPT      0   0  0  7    0   0   9    0  3  0    44   [8] 
 nightsky     AoD      3   0  0  0    0   0   1    6  0  0    44   [9] 
 dual         RiSC    10   9  0  3    0   0   6    0  0  0    43  [10]  

 * = no weektop this week.

-----------[ Lester's Biased Courier Section ]-----------

Lester's Biased Courier Report

Ahh, back in action again.

Dimension: DMS showed signs of the old life again this week with Toadie 
dominating most of the big sites, redman and some others were there in 
support. They also picked up NGZ as a site and Garflozzy as a lazy retired 
guy. So DMS pulls down a view #1's and more #2's and #3's on the group 
weeks this week.

Devotion: Dev was out and about, with Jaydee owning FS on pre's and the 
other boys runnin around picking up megs. They took #1 on most of their 
sites which is the most important, and were'nt far behind on other sites.

AOD: They continue to do well, not the dominance of last week, but still 
a solid performance. In the thick of 1-3 on all sites that matter. And 
they pulled #1 on DOPE by a couple megs, which as far as I know is their 
only site. hehe

Risc: Awhile ago I had talked to eagle1 and he told me risc was leaving 
the PC area and going ISO, and it seems to be true as the pc side is 
fucking stagnant, despite whatever Eternal wants to say, and he has plenty 
to say. Well, since we are late I can comment on some late breaking news 
with these great boys. The picked up Cablegod, HFB, Lethal(uh been there 
done that?), Bigrar(nice name slick), Mackan(ya we have heard of you),
Pozzo(Hrm, same # of letters as Bizzy, 2 Z's, fuck why not!), Rase(sounds 
like Mase, and he's a pimp, aint nuthin changed but my limp). So, Risc is 
truly to be fucking feared now.

Esprit: Now i'm sure you are saying, why would he leave out VGN/MNM and 
shit and still do Esprit? Well I'm sure Esprit is thinking, well because 
we fucking own right?! WRONG! I'm doing this to make fun of you, just 
like I always do when I include a small group. Why you ask? Let's goto 
the tape!

[TSG] -0127- (insanity/EQUALiTY) LOTUS_DOMINO_AND_NOTES_4.6.3A-LND
[TSG] -0127- (cabeca/ESPRiT) LOTUS_DOMINO_AND_NOTES_4.6.3A-cd
[TSG] -0127- (ragger/ESPRiT) LOTUS_DOMINO_AND_NOTES_4.6.3A-LCD

[Hall of Illusions] -New Util- (B_REAL/DMS) Visual.Mail.Interface.Client.
[Hall of Illusions] -New Util- (pistols/EPT) Visual.Mail.Interface.Client.

[Hall of Illusions] -New Util- (toadie/DMS) Flow.Charting.PDQ.v1.1x.Network.
[Hall of Illusions] -New Util- (pistols/EPT) Flow.Charting.PDQ.v1.1x.Network.

Ok, just three examples of many. If you plan to have all of your couriers 
use mass macros and god knows what else, at the very least make sure they 
fucking work right! Disgrace and mockery is what it leads to!

I've decided not to include VGN or MNM or some of the smaller groups unless 
they do something for me to make fun of or applaud. the review seems to be 
the same every week. :)


-----------[ Articles ]-----------


-----------[ Prozac's Kinda Biased Gaming Report]-----------

Prozac's Kinda Biased Gaming Report -  #5

Well I'm taking some time off from the scene at this moment. I'm not even
sure if they'll be another Kinda Biased Report from me. That's why I didn't
have a gaming report last week. If you don't see anything from me for a while,
it's because I'm gone, relaxing, taking some well deserved time off. Yes, my
status at this moment is at semi-retired (if there is such a word). When my
life is back in order, maybe I'll get back in the swing of things. Welp the
last two weeks has been "interesting" to say the least. Paradigm came back
and blew away everyone, SC3K controversy from CLS & OGN, Drizzt & Zeus's
return, my semi-retirement, and the kicker, a working N64 Emulator for the 
PC. Let's take a look at what's been happening lately:


This group has been getting a lot of hatred from other groups ever
since the final store version of SimCity 3000 came out. OGN has made a 
whole book in their nfo about this, and seem determined to make sure the 
scene knows they put out a supposed final version. You know what, I don't 
care. The facts have been laid before us in CLASS's nfo & OGN's nfo, and 
you can determine the truth. 

I won't give my thoughts because all it does is create strife in the scene. 
Do I support Class release? Always. Even if they did the most fucked up 
thing in the world (and they already have in the past with Half-Life), 
I'd stand behind this group. But to the shock of goaman, I do have to 
critique this group for this release quality of a bridge & go game released 
by a no-name European company. Yeah its Jan., but that's really no excuse 
in my opinion. At least they did put out Do U., which I beat in a couple 
days, and found to be kind of interesting, thought way too short.

They finished off the month with another UK Soccer Manager. PHEAR. This
group will be slowing down since I've taking some time off.

Hot Releases:
Bridge Master Class II - 4 disks
Go Professional II- 4 disks
Beavis & Butthead Do U- 37 disks
Simcity 3000 Final- 50 disks
USM 98-99 Soccer Manager - 27 disks

Oh my God. It seems that the guys in PDM do read my report (some like
it, some don't). Drizzt comes back and barely loses to CLS on Do U., then 
Zeus & JLennon come back and slam about 5 games in a week, including the 
highly anticipated Turok 2 & RB6:Eagle Watch. They basically come out of 
left field and win the month of January, no doubt about it. They also fixed 
RZR's mistake of finalizing Alpha Centari (thought not Razor's fault 
completely, they just jumped the gun). 

As long as I'm out of the supplying competition, PDM should be whooping 
it for a while.

Hot Releases:
Rainbow Six:Eaglewatch- 27 disks
Extreme G2- 7 disks
Football World Manager- 38 disks
Alpha Centari Final- 16 disks
Tellurian Defense- 49 disks
Battleground 9- 26 disks
Turok 2- 49 disks

As predicted, this group is pretty dead at the moment. There are only two
active suppliers in Razor and they aren't exactly very reliable. The 
crackers seem to be bored because they've been doing patches & trainers to 
kill the time in hope that some day in this year they will see a game they 
can crack and try to win on. Until the people who make Razor a household 
name come back and decide to be active, expect this slump to last. 

I'm shaking my 8-ball at this moment, and I see "Don't count on it".

Hot Releases:

This group of wascully wabbits has really been doing some MAD recruiting,
and have managed to get the old people of RZR Prime (91-93) back and active
in this group. That doesn't mean it'll be a good thing. They did win in the
race of cracking Worms Armaggedon first (multiple groups were racing on this
game), then put out a kind-of web game. On there off time, they've been
doing trainers and patches. They've also created a manifesto to basically
demolish JTF & Class while at the same time they create there own propaganda
machines called scenereview.com & the scene review charts. Funny. 

They not only bitch about being bias, they create there own biasness 
PRO-OGN scene reports. But why am I bitching? Everything in the world is 
bias, if you askew it to your own view. Anyway, OGN.. keep it up. I like 
the team you've managed to acquire.

Hot Releases:
Spins- 5 disks
Worms Armaggedon- 47 disks

All of the other groups seem to be kind of dead, except the so-so games the
people who don't want to put their under the big name group names put out
crap games. I did like the Frogman & Casino games, slagging ][ce & OGN, but
leaving the game unsigned. Heh. That's a good way to get your true feelings
out without being bashed back. <g>

Hot Releases:
None worth mentioning.

Springer'ish Final Thoughts:
Around the end of the month the impossible became possible: An N64 Emulator
that works on the PC. While you do need a 3DFX card and at least a 233 
Machine, the console scene exploded, with out its consent. 

Thousands of people rushed into channels looking for the games they only 
wished they could play, including Zelda & Mario 64. The most amazing part 
was that they looked even BETTER than their N64 counterparts, because the 
resolution was at 640x480 or 800x600, and just drop dead gorgeous. The 
console scene now despises the emulamers even more, and has split this 
once quiet and relatively small scene into a major active scene of the net. 

I'm sorry, but I have to throw this in, but my new pet project has been a 
compatibility list for the UltraHLE N64 Emulator, which can be read at 

I've been amazed by this thing, and while officially its been canned,
it's known that development is still being done on this great piece of
software, and shows the scene that the impossible IS possible. Will we 
see in the future of a PC N64 scene? Time will tell.

Perm. ad for my website, be sure to check out http://ppgr.webjump.com - Be
sure to read my monthly report included in NWR & on my website!


-----------[ Bud's Biased Utils Section ]-----------

Bud was really damn sick this week, so we didn't manage to get a Utils
report out of him, but GET WELL, BUD, DAMNIT!!!!


=---------[ Lester's Movie Reviews ]----------=

   Sure he's a prominent scene member, leader of the #1 courier 
   group, and former "Miss Scene 1995".. But did you also know that 
   in real life, Lester's real name is "Roger", and he hosts a popular 
   syndicated television show, where he plays a big fatass who has 
   nothing better to do with his time than go to every single movie 
   ever released?  Well.. now you know.. 

Movie Reviews

She's All That
Starring: Freddie Prinze Jr., Jodi Lyn O'Keefe. 
Rating: 3 out of 4

This is another in the string of recent 80's flashback teen style movies. 
But yet this is still a very funny and good movie. The premise is that 
the best looking guy in school (freddie prinze jr.) has until the senior 
prom to make the dorkiest girl into the prom queen. Since he was dumped 
by the favorite for prom queen(jodi lyn o'keefe), he has to show that 
he is still the man by doing this. What follows is some goofy situations 
and some great stuff from Matthew Lillard(stu from scream). Overall it's 
a good feel good movie and is a good time. Hopefully we will see it in 
VCD before long (g)


=---------[ VCD Group and Movie Reviews ]----------=

VCD Group and Movie Review

Welcome to the first edition of the VCD Review section of NWR. We would like 
to begin by explaining some of the common terms used in VCD releasing. These 
formats are:

Telesync/TS: Telesync is a procam on a tripod in an empty theater with a 
separate audio source. If there's an audience, you hear people coughing, 
camera is shaky, etc. It's a CAM.    CAM = banned. If you want a movie 
extremely early, Telesync is the way it will be.

Workprint: Workprint is a pre-release copy of a movie, stolen copy, etc. 
that usually has the film running time on the screen.

Screener: Screener is usually the BEST quality, an actual vcd of the movie, 
made from a reviewers copy, etc. Screener's are generally released after 
movies have left the theaters.

Special Thanks to Ryche of EViLiSO for the education in VCD terms, and to 
come.to/vcddupe for keeping us up to date on the new titles.


Special note for last week. Jerry Springer Ringmaster was released by 
Slackerz, and The Faculty was released by Eviliso.

These are all really old I know, but since up until today there was not alot 
of action for this week, I did not get to watch much. Today EViLiSO has 
exploded with A Civil Action and In Dreams. I also have Pecker coming for 
next weeks reviews. So I am just offering some tips for people looking at 
older VCD's. :) Next week will be every title that was released during the 
span of Sunday-Saturday. Slice, Myself, and S^J will be doing reviews, with 
Ryche of EViLiSO taking care of the group reviews. Enjoy!

A Bug's Life - 12/08/98 - VCDRS - Telesync - 2 Discs
Disney Pictures

Video Quality: I was impressed by the quality of this video for a telesync, 
but there were a few problem in the early stages of the movie, focusing was 
going in and out, excessive brightness and then two people walked in front 
of the screen, so they lose some points for that. But overall the quality 
of the video was very good for a Telesync.
Rating: 3

Audio Quality: For the first time since I started watching VCD's, I saw a 
THX telesync, and I was very impressed. No pops or hisses and just a 
smooth sound. Very nice.
Rating: 4 1/2

Movie Quality: Great for kids and even adults. Worth the cd's.
Rating: 4

Reviewed by Lester

A Simple Plan - 11/25/98 - IGN - Workprint - 2 Discs

Video Quality: I wish I had a sample of this before I burnt the disc. 
The video is extremely fucked up and choppy, it's also not even a full 
screen, more of a wide screen format. I didn't even bother burning disc 
2 as I couldn't sit through the first disc.
Rating: 1

Audio Quality: Didn't really notice it greatly because of the video problems.
Rating: N/A

Movie Quality: This movie is supposed to be very good, but I'd goto the 
theatres or wait for video rather than download this VCD.
Rating: 1

Reviewed by Lester

Rounders - 11/06/98 - VCD-Europe - Screener - 2 Discs

Video Quality: Excellent, much of what you expect from a screener. No 
complaints on this end.
Rating: 5

Audio Quality: Also very good.
Rating: 5

Movie Quality: Big fan of this movie about poker. Starring Matt Damon, 
Edward Norton and John Malkovich. I suggest checking it out
Rating: 4

Reviewed by Lester

American History X - 11/24/98 - EViLiSO - Screener - 2 Discs

Video Quality: Screener, so as expected it's quite good. Not alot to say 
here. Althought it seemed slightly crooked at first.:)
Rating: 4

Audio Quality: same as above.
Rating: 4

Movie Quality: Superb film, Edward Norton was amazing. See my review in 
a past NWR of it. 
Rating: 5

Reviewed by Lester
This Week's Releases Reviews

Pecker - 01/30/99 - VCD-Europe - Screener - 2 Discs

Video Quality: The scrolling of This is property of New Line Home Video 
kind of sucks and the Globe that tags who created the VCD in Asia is 
annoying too, but you can't deduct points for the group for that, and 
the rest of the quality is great.

Rating: 4 1/2

Audio Quality: Audio quality is as good as you can make it with your sound 
system, it's a screener!

Rating: 5

Movie Quality: Well, it's pretty rare that I d/l a vcd that I haven't yet 
seen, so I was looking forward to watching Pecker to see how it was. I am 
a big Christina Ricci fan and so I figured I'd take a peek. The movie is 
original for sure, it's about a kid who takes pictures of his family and 
people in his home town. He becomes big and famous and ruins the lives 
of his friends and family, will there be redemption in the end? You figure 
it out, anyways I think this is a worthy rental, but it's up to you if you 
want to use 2 cd's, but if you figure $1 per disc, and $2 for a rental..
same thing!

Rating: 3

Reviewed by Lester

SJ's Reviews:

the virus (telesync - eviliso)

very good  plot. Energy lifeform takes over a russian space station and 
via that russian science ship. a small crew of americans stumbles on that 
ship  and wanted to bring it for bounty award but stumbled on this life 
form. It's a life form make people + robts type of race (borg) and it 
seeks to takeover earch and kill the virus (us). Brave americans battle 
it. Movie quality wasn't really good as well as video/sound could have 
been better. The end was kinda shitty . I expected  a lot more. So if u 
on a date cause u owe it to your sister since she covered u up for 
something, than this is the movie to go see otherways wait for the hbo
*7 out of 10*

down in the delta (screener - vcd europe)

i dunno wtf was thisd movie doing in the cinema.  I dunno also what was 
wesley snipes doing in it (unless community hours for some shit he did 
earlier) This movie has little point nor interest. Basically about a 
black family who try to  survive in chicago and when they went back to 
their 'roots'  in missisippi their life change and they get reborned.
I would never pay for this, nor that i know why i watched this movie. 
lester was pimping me to watch some movies that he didn't watch so i 
had to watch that crap. If some1 died in your family only then watch 
that movie 

1 out of 10

stepmoM (screener - vcd europe)

WOW what a story ,  am not gonna tell  u the story GO WATCH THIS MOVIE
if u are family , bf and gf , lonely kid whatever go and SEE IT!
The actors plays beautifully and this movie gonna get few  oscars am 
sure. I haven't  seen anything this good of a plot/actors  play /story 
sicne maybe i dont even know :P

9.5 out of 10 

.5 is missing cause am in a bad mood ,  didn't get laid today :P (hi ndetroit)


P.S. msg him with leech accson your vcd sites so he can review more for
your pleasure


Ryche's Really Biased VCD Report

<Sir_Spank> Are you gonna do an unbiased report?

Ok, here we go. Your all leeching these releases, so we're gonna tell 
you which groups rocked, and which groups sucked. I'll do my best to be 
as fair as possible but if I dont, you were warned. Ill review each group 
on 3 things. Number of releases whithin the week, quality of the releases, 
and the movie selection on a 5 point scale. (Yes, I can count higher)

In case you dont know, the main VCD releasing groups are (In no order 
whatsoever): EViLISO, PMTVCD, IGN, VCD-Europe, Centropy, VHS (Videoholics), 
FiZ, and VCDRS with various pop-up groups sometimes rearing thier ugly 
head to throw shit in the game :)

Releases for the Week of 1/23/99 - 1/30/99

012399 - Virus - Telesync - EViLISO (See Review)
012799 - Down in the Delta - Screener - VCD-Europe (See Review)
012999 - The Minion - Screener - Centropy 
013099 - Pecker - Screener - VCD-Europe (See Review)
[NUKED] - What Dreams May Come - Workprint - VHS

- VCD-Europe -

VCD-Europe continued thier trend of releasing high quality screeners that 
everyone has come to expect from them and I'll always give points for 
Screeners (Best quality VCD you can get USUALLY). Thier movie selection 
Im going to have to say something about tho.. Pecker?! It was a Box-Office 
ghost that never opened in wide release because the director, John Waters 
(Crybaby, Hair Spray), is just too weird for most peoples tastes. 
I know your going to say "If it never opened in wide release, that makes it 
a GREAT release!" Bullshit. Movies dont open in wide release because theyre 
either independent small studio releases or they suck. Guess which one this 
is. Overall a pretty good week for them with nothing but Screener coming 
out of this group for the week.

Total - 4 Points


EViLISO started out the week with a Telesync of one of the two big movies 
to open the week of the 15th (Varsity Blues wknd). Ill give points for 
releasing it so quickly and points for choosing one of the top movies at 
the time. Its a Telesync so I wont give it any special mention because if 
I did, S^J wouldnt have anything to do. Overall, a decent release and it 
was done quickly.

Total - 3 Points

- Centropy - 

Well this week was not good to Centropy, but its thier own damn fault. 
They released The Minion which is a Dolph Lundgren (OMG!?#@) movie and when 
you see his name, you know we're not talking about good acting. I've been 
told this movie is a future direct-to-video release and it wouldnt surprise 
me one bit. Centropy's movie selection for release wasn't thier biggest 
problem this week though. During the release process, they forgot to include
the .rar of CD1. The VCD was released to the public on the 29th, and as of 
writing they STILL had not released it. Even though they have promised to 
release it by Monday several sites have followed through on thier 24-48HR 
completion rule and have nuked the release for incomplete which would bring 
thier release total for the week to 0.

Total - 0 Points 

- VHS (Videoholics) -

This is a relatively new group that no one seems to know anything about but 
Im going to mention them since people seem to want to know who the hell 
they are. I have it on pretty good authority that VHS is the Telesync/WP/Other 
releasing arm of a VCD group who dont want to release non-screeners under 
their own name. Whether its true or not, I dont know, and since we dont have 
a "VCD Rumors" section your getting it in the reviews. VHS released a very 
good workprint (studio/pre-release) copy of What Dreams May Come. The reason 
it was nuked is because FiZ released a Workprint of the same movie some months 
back although it wasnt very good quality from what I hear. 
Either way it was a dupe, and was nuked officialy by siteops who follow 
strict releasing rules. I wont give any points for releasing a dupe but I 
will mention it because alot of siteops/nukers weren't aware it was a dupe 
and it's supposedly a higher quality image than the FiZ release was.

Total - 1 Point (They made an attempt)

A relatively slow week in VCD releases, and VCD-Europe takes home the first 
NWR VCD Review top group award for the week thanks to thier number of releases 
and Screener quality. 
EViLISO continues thier steady trend of releasing, VHS makes a mistake and 
Centropy fumbles the ball completely (No Atlanta jokes please). Hopefully 
next week will bring more releases by the other groups so I can pick on 
them too.

                                           If you dont agree. I dont care.
                                                    - Ryche -

-----------[MnM is Lame!]-----------

Hey... here is a log someone gave me, that i decided to run because I
ran out of things to say.... slow news week.. ;p Log pretty much speaks
for itself tho... I'm sure we will see chill kicked from mnm soon enough
and joining risc... ;p   BAHAHAHA

<[ben]_> i had a mnm courier tell me last night he was taught by shitman 
and pyx to use speed control
<mgd> hm
<mgd> wierd
<mgd> just need to catch em now :P
<[Sket]> [ben]_: who?! :P
<[ben]_> chill
<mgd> ?
<[ben]_> he knows shit about trading tho
<mgd> no
<mgd> i mean pyx
<[ben]_> yeah pyx and shitman taught him
<[Sket]> mgd: he meant chill was the guy who was taught :]
* acidapple is away, reason(-bbl-) log(on) page(on) email(acidpl@devotion.ch)
<[ben]_> ill just grab the log
<[ben]_> [23:40] <chill> i use protect
<[ben]_> [23:40] <chill> macdef init
<[ben]_> [23:40] <chill> tick
<[ben]_> [23:41] <chill> cd /Utils
<[ben]_> [23:41] <chill> protect
<[ben]_> [23:41] <chill> bin
<[ben]_> [23:41] <chill> thats all i am saying
<[ben]_> <[ben]_> i hate cheats
                   DIDNT KNOW IT
<[ben]_> [23:51] <youthZzz> damn dude...u let that shit get out u will be 
<[ben]_> [23:51] <chill> thats how shitman taught me
<[ben]_> <[ben]_> on all sites it says "no using speed protection"
<[ben]_> blah
*** Joins: godbless (liszt@p84-242.e-seoul.thrunet.ne.kr)
<[ben]_> it goes on a lil
*** FiRESiTE sets mode: +v godbless
<FiRESiTE> [godbless] DEV -+- SiEGE -+- MANiFEST
<[Sket]> hmmmm
<[Sket]> whoah
<cHr0NiK> hrmm
<cHr0NiK> thats no good
<[ben]_> its less than no good :)
<cHr0NiK> who is chill?
<[ben]_> mnm
<[ben]_> he is very new tho
<cHr0NiK> ahh
<cHr0NiK> no loss then
<cHr0NiK> good nite
<cHr0NiK> Iam tired as fuck
<[ben]_> hehehehe
<[ben]_> to true :)


-----------[The Scene News]-----------

All the news thats fit to print... 
and then some...

-uhhh... For some unknown reason, DURANGED has managed to weektop
 somewhere... #2 on DLS, if you can believe that.. *cough*prewhore*cough*

-Falsehood is back! Hooray!... As expected, its AoD's WHQ, and its
 already damn good... VDR is back. Hades is back, now FH is back..
 We are pretty much back to the same sites being on top when NWR first
 came out... 

-WHAT THE FUCK IS RiSC DOING? bahahahaha.... sooooooo lame.. OMFG, its
 embarassing what has happened to them.. i belive that it was only about
 2 weeks ago that i said something like "Lethal didn't pass his trial at
 DEV, so that means he'll probably be going to RiSC pretty quick..."
 Anyways: Lethal, Bigrar, HFB, Rase and CABLEGOD all joined up with RiSC! 
 Cablegod?? jesus... Rase?? hahaha.... oh man.. maybe E1 should nark them
 after all, and put them out of their misery... ;p

-i guess XNS will be coming back in a couple weeks, with a RiSC affil..
 leet.    very very leet.. ;p   ... i hear they will be surrounding
 RiSC with the excellent affils of.... Fluke, TPC, and... hrmm.....
 (/me thinks: what is another really crappy group?)... oh, and iND
 so that will make their affils: RiSC/TPC/FLUKE/iND... leet.

-ok, so... OGN now has a total of.... uhh.... 23 different HQ's throughout
 the world, so... apply to them if your site has not yet been made an OGN
 HQ.. I think that there is still a slot open for SWISS HQ, and Aussie HQ.

-group moves: vylent to eql, godbless to RZR, cablegod to DNG, a whole
 shitload of crappy ppl to RiSC (wtf?), tk4 to ogn, paledeth to CURE (?),
-According to Grad(e), AoD signed him to a 1 year contract in exchange
 for one official AoD T-Shirt... 

-Uhh... uhhh.... 

 Way to go GLOW.... RiSCISO had better watch out, looks like they got
 some competition...  ;p 
					             -sky masterson

--------[Stories from the Watercooler]----------

Ahh yes, rumors, we all love them even though we love to say how much we 
hate them when they are about us. And these are some of the better ones
circulating around this week. Email us or find us on irc if you have a 
good rumor you'd like entered, your name will not be included, but we
do not add rumors like that say "Tdpriest is having anal sex with Fusion"
because we know that Fusion is only having sex with Xtremist and therefore
there is no hard evidence of that rumor, so if you have real rumors, let us
know. Let's begin!

-Rumor has it that NWR will be disbanding soon, because we are tired
 of listening to whiny bitches like grind constantly asking "where is NWR?"

-Rumor has it that Eagle_1 is going to find a way to stop the embarassment
 of what RiSC has become "once and for all".. Not sure what that means, but
 good luck to him, seems like a tough task..


Well friends.. Thats about it. If you've read this far, we sincerly thank you.
We like to know this thing gets read, so if you get the time, drop one of us
a quick msg, and tell us what you think, give us suggestions, tell us it sucks,
or just say "hi" to us!....

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prozac, bernis, paledeth, duranged, tech+his crew, Kusa, ssava, CRC 97, 
acidapple, and all the rest of you that we love...

Find us on IRC in #nwr, (channel commands: !nwr, !nwr 23 or whatever issue 
you want. We can't afford email, so we just steal CWS's... ;)

    Support NWR and CWS, and email your weektops to:
    Thank you!

take care..


                                       -ndetroit + lester.

NWR 2/02/98