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ExeLord CopyControl Shell Protection Remover by Independent (IND)

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------------------------------------------------------- CCUNSHL : ExeLord CopyControl Shell Protection Remover. CCUNSHL Ver: 2.05 , Release Date : June 20 2000 ------------------------------------------------------- Introduction : -------------- It Will Remove CC shell protection layer of your excutable files ( Dll,EXE ) in PE or MZ files. Executable Files : ------------------ Excutable Files are in different Formats : MZ Old-style DOS executable NE Windows or OS/2 1.x segmented ("new") executable LE Windows virtual device driver (VxD) linear executable LX Variant of LE used in OS/2 2.x W3 Windows WIN386.EXE file; a collection of LE files PE Win32 (Windows NT and Win32s) portable executable based on Unix COFF CCUNSHL support PE and MZ protected files . NE Files Not Supported in this Version , Who cares about NE files ?! ;) If you want me to add NE Unshell Engine to next versions please send me an email because I want to know how many person need that, I may add NE UnShelling Engine in next versions . Decryption : ------------ PE Decryption : CCUNSHL Used Exelord PE UnShelling Engine V1.81 . CopyControl add 3 sections to your PE file , and encrypt 2 section of it CCUNSHL decrypt the encrypted sections, repair PE header, Correct PE Checksum and remove CopyControl sections. PE decryption tested on CopyControl Ver 3.01 shell protected files MZ Decryption : CCUNSHL Used Exelord MZ UnShelling Engine V1.67 . CopyControl decypt some part of MZ file and MZ header , and add it's protection checking code to the file . CCUNSHL can compleatly decrypt encrypted parts and remove CC protection checking code . MZ decryption tested on CopyControl Ver 1.xx, 2.xx, 3.00 and 3.01 . Thanks to UnforgiveN for his help for MZ UnShelling Engine. Greets to : ----------- LUEVELSMEYER, G-ROME, Stone, ANAKiN, UnforgiveN, Launch Pad, Ian Luck, Alexey Solodovnikov, Andrew de Quincey, eGIS!, ... and all in #Cracking4Newbies, uCF, Phrozen Crew, TNT, ... Comments -------- I just packed CCUNSHL.EXE for easy transfer not protecting ! So please don't change it's code or texts or unpacking it. If You have any question or ideas or comments feel free to send me email to : [email protected] Enjoy of your Unprotected progy! -ExeLord
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