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Defacto2, 1 by Defacto2 (DF2)

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1996 The Best Courier Game And Utility Scene Groups In Review, Interview with Lester and David and Goliath of Drink or Die (DOD), Interview with Hoson founder of Hybrid, Interview with Orion of Lengends Never Die (LND) and founder of Pirates With Attitude (PWA), Interview with Shadow Master of Prestige (just before he quit), Interview with Met founder of Rebels, Interview with The Krazy Little Punk (tklp) of Reflux, Interview with The Punisher leader of Razor 1911.
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      |   |__|  |   ____|       |   _____|  ____  |   \/    |  _____|
      |   |  |  |   __|__       |        |     |  |         |   ___|_
      |___   |  |____   |___    |___     |___  |  |___||    |___    |
         |_____/   |____/ |_____|  |_____| |______|    |___/   |____/
                               __|  |__ _____ 
                               |_    ____ _  |
                                 |  |     |  |
                                 |  |___  |  |
                                 |__|  |____/
                                             ___                  __
         ____ _______ ________ ____   ________  |__ ______    __ |  | 
      ___|   |   ____|   _____|    \ |   ____/   __| ___  |  |  ||  | 
     |  __   |  ____|_   ___|   |   \|       |   |__    | |  |  ||  | 
     |   |   |____   |____ |_____    \__     |__   |___   |  |  ||__| 
     |_______/  |____/  |__/    |____/ |____/   \__| |____/  |__|          
                                -+ JANUARY +- 

  Hello everyone, 

  Let me introduce myself, my handle is Saint Tok (use to be Tok).
  Well, I want to say few words about this new emag(1). De facto was started
  in the middle of 1996, and after 9 issues(2), we decide to shut it down. It 
  contained nice coding, articles and I'm sure you all saw it a while ago.
  De facto was weekly emag, and every week we brought you new articles
  and so on. Defacto 2 will be a little bit different. Let me explain. First
  of all, it's warez magazine. We will tell you what is going on in the scene
  and we will voice our opinions about stuff. DF2(3) will be released every
  month,  so there will be a lot of material for you to read. There is a
  totally new interface(4) for DF2, but it's still run by some the original
  De facto members including Ipggi and myself.
  As you all know RCN died not so long ago, and to be honest, I'm glad to
  see that is it dead. No, not because we are restarting our magazine, it's
  because I'm sick, of lies, lots of lies, about people and groups. One thing
  about DF2, all material will be 100% pure TRUTH. 

  Saint Tok.

  Welcome to the new Defacto.

  What can I say, after collecting all the interviews for this issue I realized
  that this issue is just plain brilliant. Which magazine gives you interviews
  with Hoson, Shadow Master, The Punisher, The Krazy Little Punk, Lester
  Ramierz, Marbz, Orion, Mason, Winterhawk, Hawkeye and M:et all in their
  first issue, Defacto2 does.

  Lets get into Defacto2, if you remember the old De facto we where a magazine
  that target the mass warez market, including all the lamers, kids, and
  people with no clue. Defacto2 has changed, we are not here for fame or
  popularity like Reality Check Network was, we are here to bring you the best
  quality electronic magazine for the scene, not for the kids, lamers,
  clueless, but for the people who truly contribute to the scene.

  If you want a magazine where you don't have to go through pages of articles
  about people with no clue, unknown kid groups, irc offer channels, and
  high school stories you are reading the right magazine, if you want to read
  about these things go and read Affinity or Anemia.

  Defacto2 in the future will be available to read using three different
  - There will be a coded PC version supporting SVGA graphics, digital
    music and all that other jazz. 
  - A plain ascii / text version for all you unix users or people who feel
    the coded edition is too big to download.
  - And finally each issue will be viewable on our web page at
  Unfortunately for this issue their is no coded version available due to
  unforeseen difficulties.

  Every month we will hope to release a issue, exactly when during the month
  we will release will not be decided until we have enough quality content
  to warrant a release. Each issue will be released on the day of release on
  most major ftp sites and on the web page. We don't have and are not planing
  on having an irc channel, irc offer bots or anonymous ftp sites.

  Well I hope you enjoy this issue and watch out for us in the future. If
  just two people can do all this, think what we can do once we are a lot
  most established.

  If you wish to contact Defacto2 please email us at [email protected]

(1) Emag is a abbreviation of "electronic magazine".
(2) These issues can be downloaded from http://www.defacto2.com
(3) DF2 is the abbreviated term for Defacto 2.
(4) Coding will be implemented in next months issue.

        _________ __________ ____________\___|_______ ______________
       |   _____/  ___  |   |   |  _____/    |  _____|  _____/ ____/
       |        |    |  |   |   |     |      |   ___|_     |____   |
       |___     |___ |  |___    |___  |___   |____   |___  |___    |
          |____/  |_____/ |_____/ |___/ |____/  |____/ |___/  |____/
                                -+ OF 1996 +-
  I'll start off with 1996 as a whole. There where many new faces this year,
  lots of new budding couriers ready to take on the best sites in the world
  and they did. But there was also a lot of group jumping with these new
  faces, people felt they could get what they wanted by joining a bigger name

  But 1996 also saw many new groups forming and many of these same groups
  dying or merging with in a matter of weeks. There was the final transition
  from BBS to Internet which by the end of the year, left BBS's a thing of the
  past. And how could we not talk about 1996 without mentioning #fatefiles.
  A channel that single handily helped turn a excellent group into a quiet
  kiddy group.

  In January of 1996 Rise in Superior Couriering, Malice, Fate and
  Request 2 Send where the top groups, by the end of the year two of these
  groups would vanish, one of these groups would turn into a kiddy group and
  the other would end up being number one through out the year.

  So what happened to Malice? Well Malice had some internal conflicts and after
  some in-house fighting, half the group would end up leaving to a new group
  called Amnesia, a group that would end up dominating the early and middle
  parts of the year (Rapier also found it's beginnings because of this split).
  Malice never recovered from that split and eventually died while Amnesia
  and Digital merged to reformed Guild of Distributors (Digital being a once
  successful group that was formed by some ex-MindCrash members). GODS shortly
  afterwards changed their name to Amnesia and the leftovers ended up forming
  Damaged, a group that ended up having very little success. Why did GODS
  die before it really got off the ground? My theory is that they had to
  many leaders, and these leaders had different ideas and opinions that
  let to a lot of in-house fighting and caused disorganization within the

  Fate after engulfing some great groups such as Hardwire earned it's self an
  excellent reputation during 1995. But in 1996 that reputation faded and now
  it's non existent. Where did they go wrong? I think Fate made it's self too
  public, especially with #fatefiles a channel where any Joe, Dick or Harry
  could come in an download 0-1 day software for nothing. Of cause now days
  with no major groups supporting IRC couriers anymore so these channel offer
  significantly less software which usually arrives a lot slower. But because
  of #fatefiles a lot of people with no clue applied to join Fate, and Fate
  accepted them with open arms. With Fate continually growing a lot of good
  members had enough and left from more reputable groups. Will Fate ever
  re-live their 1995 success? I truly doubt it.

      Est. 1996..
   █▄           ▄▄▀  ▄▄     ▄             ▄▄▄▄▄▄█▄▄▄  ▄▄▄▄    ▄   █▄    ▄
  ▄█▀█▄   ▄  ▄██▀██▄██▀██▄ █▓█▄     ▄  ▄██▀ ▀█▓███▀ ▄█▀ ▀███▄ ▄ ▀████▄   ▄▓▀
 ▀▀████▀█▄  ▄███  █▓█  █▓█▄ ███▀█▄    ▄███  ▐███▀ ▄█▓█ ░ █▓██▐█▓▄ ████▀█▄  ▀
 ░ ████  ██▄ █▓█  █▒█  ████ ███  ██▄  ████  ██▀   ██▒█  ▄███▀▀██▀▀▄███  ██▄ ░
   █▓██  ▐██▌▀██  █▒█  ██▓█ █▓█  ▐██▌ ██▓█ ▀   ░  ▀█▓█ ▄▀▀▀  ▄▄▄▄ █▓██  ▐██▌
    ▀▀▀   ███ ██ ▐█▓█▌ ██▒█ █▒█ ░ ███ ██▒█ ▄▀▄  ░  ▀██▄    ▀██▓██  ▀▀▀   ███
 ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀███▌▀█  ███  ██░█ █░█ ░ ███▌▐█░█▀███▀ ░░ ▀  ▀▀█▄▄  ██▓█▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀███▌
   █▒█▄ ░ ████ █   ▀   ██▒█ █▒█ ░ ████ █▒█  ▀  ░░░░    ▄ ███ ▀█▒█ █▒█▄ ░ ████
 ▀ █▓██  ▐█▓█▌▐█   ▄   ██▓█ █▓█  ▐█▓█▌▐█▓█ ▀▄▄  ░  ▄███  █▓██ █░█ █▓██  ▐█▓█▌
██ ████▀ █▓██ ██ ▀█▓█▀ ████ ▀██  █▓██ ████ ▄▐██▄  ██▓█ ▄ ██▓█ █▒█ ████▀ █▓██ █
▀ ▄████ ▀███ ▄██▀ ▀█▀ ▀████▀ ██ ▀███▀  ███ ▀ █▓██▄ ▀██ ▀ ███▀ █▓█▀████ ▀███ ▄█
┌─ ██▀ ── ▀ ▄█▀ ── ▒ ── ▀██ ▀██ ─ ▀ ─── ▀▀█▄███████▄ ██▄███▀▄████ ██▀ ── ▀ ──┐
└─ ▀ ────── ▀ ──── ░ ──── ▀ ─ ▀ ───────────────────────────────── ▀ ─────────┘
                   ▒  See us in action and you'll FORGET the "competition"!

  Amnesia started with a big bang! This group really did well during the
  summer(1) and I was really impressed with the internal feeling of the
  group. This group at the time had the best organization and ended up
  being a very, very happy group.

  But why has Amnesia fallen from grace? My theory is Amnesia started
  accepting some bad couriers. Bad not in their courier ability but
  people with bad personalities and egos. Eventual these people where
  kicked but the damaged was all ready done. Then when some of the
  council left the group and other members followed, Amnesia was
  hurt. With no organization, the lost of that 'friendly feeling'
  and the lack of any leaders to steer the group into the right direction
  leaves me little hope for this group in 1997.

  I would love for this group to come back again, I have a lot of fond
  memories from this group and it's a shame they are not the same group
  we once new and respected.


             ░▄▄▄░                            ▄▓████▓▄                       ░
  ░     ▄▄■▀▀█████▓   ░               ░      █████████▌ ░    ░░  ░░▒▒▒ ▒▒▓▓▓ ▒▐
 ▄▄▄▄███▓    ▐█████▌▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▓▄▄▄ ▄ ▓███████▀ ▄ ▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▓▄
  ▐█████▌    ▄████▓         ▄▄■    ▄▄   ░▄▄▄░  ▀▀▀▀▄▄■ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄      ▄▄   ░▄▄▄▓
   █████▓ ▄▄██▓▀▀ ▄▓██▄■▄▄▓██▓▄▄▓███▓■▀▀█████▓■▄▓███▓▄███▀▀▓███▄▄▓███▓■▀▀█████
  ▐██████▀▓█▄  ▄█████▀   ████▌ █████▌    █████▌█████▐███▌   ▐███▐████▌    ████▌
  ███████▄  ██▓▄▄▀█▓▌    ▐████ ▐█████    ▐████▓▐████▌███▓▀▀▀▀▀▀▀█████▓    ▐███▓
▄▓██▀▀▓███▌ ▐█████▄▀▄    █████▓▐█████   ▄████▓ █████▓▐███▄ ▀▓███▐█████
        ▀▀▀▄████████▐█▄▄███████▌█████■▄██▓▀▀  ▐██▓███▌█████▄████▌███▓█▌      ░
█▓▓▒▒▒░░ ░░  ▀▀█▓███▌▀▀▀▀    ▀▀▓▐████▌      ░ ▀▀   ▀▀░ ▀ ▀▀▀▀   ▀▀   ▀▀ ░
                 ▀█▀ ph<aCid!>  ▐█████
                 ▐▌             ██████▌
                   ■          ■▀
                       ▄   ■
  Rapier in the first half of 1996 was an excellent group, an excellent
  BBS courier group. In the middle of 1996 Rapier disbanded and by
  September they reformed. This new Rapier was a far cry from the old
  Rapier we knew and respected, at the time I thought that this group would
  have little or no success in if they continue with their poor
  attitude and never bother to try and compete with the best. They told
  me that they are all okay and that they where working on their BBS
  division and are trying to move themselves onto the Internet.

  Now in the last few months I've seen some good changes, a lot of lamers
  have been kicked and been replaced by excellent couriers from Amnesia,
  Motiv8 and Empire. Now Rapier competes on the sites and are earning their
  old reputation back. Unfortunately though it is still too early to say
  weather they will be successful in 1997. They are still a new but pretty
  good group, remember this new Rapier are only four months old. After they
  are half a year old I think then we will be able to decided how good
  they really are.

                 |             ▄
    ─ ─────────-<·>─────── ─ ▄██ ─ ──────────────<  ▀  >─────────── ─  ─
 ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄   ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ █▓█  ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ █  ▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄  ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
   ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀███│███▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ │███│███▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀███▀▀▄█▀█▄ ██▀▀▀███│███▀▀▀███
 ░░░│███ ░│███│███ ░░░│█▓█ ░│█▓█│█▓█ ░│█▓█ ░│█▓█ ░ ▀█▀ ▄▓█ ░│█▓█│█▓█ ░│█▓█ ░░░
    │█▓█ ░│█▓█│█▓█ ░░░│█▒█ ░│█▒█│█▒█ ░│█▒█ ░│█▒█ ░ ▄▄▄│█▒█ ░│█▒█│█▒█ ░│█▒█
 ░░░│█▒█ ░│█▒█│█▒█▄▄ ░│█░█ ░│█░█│█░█ ░│█░█ ░│█░█ ░│█▓█│█░█ ░│█░█│█░█ ░│█░█ ░░░
 ░░░│█░█ ░│█░█│█░█   ░│█░█ ░│█░█│█░█ ░│█░█ ░│█░█ ░│█▒█│█░█ ░│█░█│█░█ ░│█░█ ░░░
 ▒▒▒│█░█ ░│█░█│█░█ ░░░│█▒█ ░│█▒█│█▒█ ░│█▒█ ░│█▒█ ░│█░█│█▒█ ░│█▒█│█▒█ ░│█▒█ ▒▒▒
 ░░░│█▒█ ▒│█▒█│█▒█ ▒▒▒│█▓█ ▒│█▓█│█▓█ ▒│█▓█ ▒│█▓█ ▒│█▒█│█▓█ ▒│█▓█│█▓█ ▒│█▓█ ROY
 ▒▒▒│█▓█ ▓│█▓█│█▓█ ▓▓▓ ▀██ ▓│██▀│███ ▓│███ ▓│███ ▓│█▓█│███ ▓│███│███ ▓│███<SAC>
 ▓▓▓│███▄▄▄███│███▄▄▄▄▄ ▀██▄██▀ │███▄▄▄███ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄███▄███▄▄▄███│█▓█ █│███ ▓▓▓
 ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▄ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀  ▀█▀ ▄▀▄ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀█▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀  ███ ▄ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀
  ▀  ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ▄▀   ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ █▀   ▀▀▀ ▀  ▀
                           ▀                        ▀
  When Devotion was started seven months ago, they showed everyone from the
  start that they where not going to tolerate fighting, wars and rubbish.
  As a result Devotion are one of the most peaceful groups in the scene and
  also one of the best courier groups.

  When Devotion formed they had a few rules that some people would say has
  limited their growth and potential. The first being that Devotion would
  only courier to and from Internet sites and the second being that Devotion
  would only accept European couriers. Well seven months later Devotion now
  accepts the odd American courier, but fortunately they still and most likely
  never will have a BBS division.

  The fact that most members of Devotion are from Europe is probably a key
  reason for their success. As most of the best sites happen to be located
  in Europe and the fact that Devotion has access to the fastest links around
  on that continent is a clear advantage when it comes to getting on the
  top 10 lists on the best sites in the world. Devotion would be one of the
  few groups that could boost that they have had members leaving Rise In
  Superior Courier to join Devotion. Now with all this going for them it
  would not take much for Devotion to be the number one in 1997.

          ,g'^  ^'g ,g$Qg                              ,g,       g          
       ,g$' ,g,   `S"   `$" "   ,g     ,gQ$$Qg,   "  " ""S$$Qg, "$"" " ,gQ  
    " "" ,gQ$$$Qg,   ,g, "   ,gQ$'  ,g$" $$$$$$           `$$$$i    ,g$""$  
      ,g$""$$$$$$$ gQ$$$, ,g$$$$$ g$$$[  $$$$$' ]g   ,g$  ,$$$$' sg$$$[  $  
   ,gQ$$I  i$$$$$' i$$$ `$i`$$$$$ $$$$$  $$$$'  $$  g$$$ss$$$$gg  `$$$$  $  
  $$$$$$$  i$$$$',g$$$$  "  $$$$$ `$$$$gg$S' ,g$$'  $$$$  `"$$$$Qg, $$$gs$  
  `$$$$$$gs$$S' """"$$$     i$$$$, `$S$[      `"'   `$$$    `$$$$$$, $$$    
   `$$$$$i   ,gQ$Qg,`$$,     $$$$$Qg,`]$   $Qg,gQ$g, `$$$    $$$$$$$ `$$    
    `$$$$$  "$$$$$$$ $$$Qg,  $$$S"" ,g$$$s  $$$$$$$$g  ]$$gs ""S$$$$  $$$s  
     $$$$$QgQ$$$$$$$ i$$'   ,$'   s$$$S'    $$$$$S"' ,g$$S'     `"$" g$S'   
     $$$$""'  "S$S'   `     "      "$'     $$S"'    ""'  ,g^ ^Qg,   "  ,g$  
    "$"                                                 "       `$Qg,s'     
           cH RiGOR      Empire Trading! Established 1996.       `""'       

  I remember when Empire was first started, they really did set a name for
  themselves. But unfortunately now instead of hearing "Empire, yeah they are
  a pretty good group", it's more like "Empire who?". Empire started off big
  enough and now it has faded away. Maybe it's because of all those internal
  changes that happened from month to month or more likely that it's because
  Empire is resistant to change, they have focused on BBS couriering (and
  do a good job at it) but neglected their Internet division. In the beginning
  of 1996 BBS's where still a main form of distribution with release groups
  first uploading to BBS's before the Internet. But now at the end of 1996
  BBS's have lost their importance in the chain of releasing and are now just
  another medium to trade to after the program is released on the
  Internet. Just like the Internet was two/three years ago.

  Unfortunately for Empire they have not followed this trend and are now
  stranded on high ground. It will take a lot of work for Empire to make
  the transition to Internet, a decent Internet division. If they don't
  I'm definitely sure that Empire won't be around by the end of the year.
  Rise In Superior Couriering..

  █▀▀▀▀▀▀█ █▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ── █▀▀▀▀▀▀▓ ── ▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ─═══─ ▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ──
  ▓ ▒▒▒▒ ▓ ▓ ▒▒▒▒░▒  ▀▄  ▓ ▒░░░ ▒  ▄▀  ▒▒░░  ░ ░▒▒  ▀▄ ─ ▄▀  ▒▒░░  ░ ░▒▒  ▀▄
  ▓ ▒░▒░ ▓ █▄▄▄  ▒░░░  ▓ ▒ ░▒░▒ ▓ ▓▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▓ ▓▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▓
  ▓ ░░░░ ▒ ─── ▀▄  ░ ░ ▒ ▓▄▄▄▄▄▄█ ─────────────────────═─────────────────────
  ▓ ░ ░  ░ ─══─ ▓   ░  ░ ──────── █▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ── █▀▀▀▀▀▀▓ ─══════════─
  ▒  ░     ─── ▄▀ ░    ▒ █▀▀▀▀▀▀▓  ▀▄  ▒▒▒▒▒▒░▒░░░  ▀▄  ▓ ▒▒▒▒ ▒ ─══════════─
  ░      ░ ▓▀▀▀  ░ ░░  ▓ ▓ ▒▒▒▒ ▒ ── ▀▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄  ░░░   ▓ ▒ ▒░▒░ ░ ─══════════─
      ░  ▒ ▒ ▒▒░▒░░  ▄▀  ▒ ▒░▒░ ░ ─══──────── ▀▄ ░ ░  ▒ ░ ░ ░  ▒ ─══════════─
  ░  ░ ░ ▓ ▓▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▀▄ ─ ░ ░ ░    ─══════════─ ▓      ░    ░ ░ ▓ ─══════════─
  ▒ ░░░░ ▓ ──── ▄▄▄▄▀ ▀▄    ░ ░ ░ ─────────── ▄▀ ░ ░  ▒ ░ ░▒░▒ ▀▄ ───────────
  ▓ ░▒░▒ ▓ ─══─ ▓   ░░ ▓ ░ ░▒░▒ ▒ ▓▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀  ░ ░   ▓ ▓  ▒▒▒▒  ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▓
  ▓ ▒▒▒▒ ▓ ─══─ ░ ▒▒▒░ ▓ ▒ ▒▒▒▒ ▓  ▀▄  ▒▒▒▒░▒░░░░░  ▄▀ ─ ▀▄  ▒▒▒▒░▒░░░░░  ▄▀
  █▄▄▄▄▄▄█ ─══─ ▓▄▄▄▄▄▄█ ▓▄▄▄▄▄▄█ ── ▀▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▀ ─═══─ ▀▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▀ ──

                   ·─/\/─· RiSE iN SUPERiOR COURiERiNG ·─\/\─·

                         ·─/\/─· O-12 HOUR WAREZ ·─\/\─·
  Michael Jackson maybe the king of pop, but Rise in Superior Couriering
  has to be the 'King of Couriers'. This group shuns away from the public
  eye yet are the most respected courier group in the scene today and of
  the scene of yesteryear.

  1996 was a indifferent year for Risc. They gained some excellent couriers
  to their group and they lost some others. Risc also had some internal
  problems which caused a dent in their supreme reputation but this has long
  since been solved and they are now back at number one again.

  I think their only problem could be that Risc has a tendency to 'take'
  members from other groups, and if this member was willing to leave their
  old group for Risc. How loyal will they be to Risc if Risc stumbles for
  a while? Will they jump fence to the greener grass?


 ███████▓▓▓▓▓▒▒░░▒▒▓▓▓█▀▀▀     ▄▄▄▓▓▓▒▒░░░░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▓▓▓▓▒▒▒▒░░▒▒▓▓▓▄s░q▄2 ▀▓▓
 ▄▄   ░▀▀▀▀██▓▓▓▒▓▓█▀       ▄█▓▓▓▓▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓█▀▀▀█▓▓▒▒▒▓▓███▌  ▐█  ▐▓
 ▓███▄  ▄▄   ▀██▓██    ▄▌  █▓▓▓▒▒▒▒▓▓▓▓▓▓▓███▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀█░   ▀▓▓▓▀▀      ▐█  ▐█
 ▒▒▓▓██░ ▀██▄  ███░  ▄██  █▓▓▓▓▓▓██▀▀▀▀░   ▄▄▄▄▄▄  ▄█▓▓ ▀▄  ▀  ▄▄███▄▄█▌  █▓
 ░░▒▓▓█▓  ▐██▌ ██   ▄██▌  ████▀▀     ▄▄█████▀▀    ▐████▌ ▐█   ██▀ ▀████  ░█▓
  ░░▒▓██▌ ▐███ ▐   ▄███▌ ▐█▀   ▄▄███▄▄  ▀██▌      ▓▓██▀▌  ██ ▐█▌   ▐██▌  ▐▓▒
  ░░▒▓█▌  ████░   ▄████  ▐   ▄█████████  ▐█   ▄▌ ▐▀▀   ▌  ██▌▐█▌   ██▌  ▄▓▓▒
  ░▒▓██  ▐████▌  ▄██▀██    ░███▀▀   ▀██▌ ▐█  ▐█    ▄█ ▐▌ ▐██  ██▄ ██▌░▄█▓▓▒░
  ░▒▓█▌  █████▌ ▄█▀  ▐█    ███   ▄▄  ▐█▌ ██  ██   ██▌ ▐▌ ▐██   ▀███▌ ▐█▓▓▒░░
 ░░▒▓█  ▐██▀▐█▌▄█  ▐  █▌  ▐██▌  █▓▓▌  █▌ ██  ██  ▐██▌ ▐  ██▌    ▄██▄  ▀█▓▒▒░
 ░▒▒▓▌  ██   ███  ░█  █▌  ▐██  ▐▓▓▓  ▐█ ▐██  ██▌ ▐██  ▓  ██▌   ███▀██▄  ▀▓▒░
 ░▒▓▓  ▐█▌   ██▌  ▓█  █▌  ███  ▐▓▀  ▄█  ▐█▌  ██▌  ██  ▌ ▐██   ███   ███░ ▐▓░
 ░▒▓▌  ██▌   ▐█  ▐██  █▌  ███▌    ▄█▀   ▐█▌  ▐██  ██    ██▌  ▐██▌    ███ ▐▓▒
 ▒▓█  ▐██  ▌  ▀▌ ▐██ ▐█▌  ▐███▄▄██▀  ▄▌ ██▌  ▐██  ▐█▌ ░██▓   ███     ▐██  █▒
 ▒▓▌  ███  █▄     █▌ ▐██   ▀███▀▀  ▄█▓  █▓   ▐██▌  ██▄███    ███░    ▐██▌ █▓
 ▓▓▌  ███  █▓▓▓▄▄▄▐▌ ███▌       ▄▄▓▓█▌ ▐██▌ ▄██▀    ███▀   ▌ ▐██▌    ██▓  █▓
 ▓█  ▐███▌ ▐█▓▓▓▓██▌ ██▀  ▐████▓▓▓▓▓█▌  ███▄    ▄█▄  ▀   ▄█▌  ▀██▄  ▄██  ▐▓▒
 ▓█▌  ████  ▀█▓▓▓▓█     ▄▄██▓▓▓▓▒▒▒▓▓█   ▀▀██▄  ▐▓▓██▄▄██▓▓█▄    ▀▀▀▀▀  ▄▓▓▒
 ▒▓█░  ▀▀██▄ ░▀▀██▄▄▄▄███▓▓▓▓▒▒▒░░░▒▒▓▓▄         ▀█▓▓█▓▓▓▓▒▓▓█▄▄    ░▄▄█▓▒▒░
 ░▒▓▓▄▄           ▀▀▀█▓▓▓▓▒▒▒░░░░  ░░▒▒▓▓▓▄▄▄░     ▀▀▓▓▒▒▒░▒▒▓▓▓▓███▓▓▒▒░░░ 

  Motiv8 are now over three years old, no bad for a courier group. Motiv8
  in the early part of the year focused on the new fad IRC couriering, and
  also moved onto the Internet. Motiv8 had a good BBS division and were
  attempting to expand their Internet division. After the Malice split
  two of their seniors, one the owner of their FTP WHQ left for Malice
  and the other for Amnesia. But the owner of the ex-Motiv8 WHQ eventually
  returned and was promoted to vice president.

  One problem with Motiv8, actually there are two problems. The first being
  Motiv8 gets used. People join Motiv8 and use them as a stepping stone to
  get into the more famous groups. Motiv8 should be trying to keep it's
  couriers not teaching them and then letting them go. The second problem is
  that Motiv8 allowed (I don't know if they still do) multiple affiliations.
  Members where allowed to be in two courier groups but this usually ended up
  with the multiple affiliated person leaving Motiv8 to work full time with
  their other courier affiliation.

  The Best Courier Group of 1996 is :

  Rise In Superior Couriering.

  The Top Five Groups of 1996 (in Alphabetical Order) are :

  Amnesia, Devotion, Empire, Rapier and Rise In Superior Couriering.

(1) Winter to you southern hemisphere people.

                     _________  ____ ____  ___ _______
                    |   _____/ / __ \    \/   |   ____| 
                    |  |     |/  |   \        |   ___|_
                    |____    |___     |__||   |____   |
                       |____/    |____/   \___/  |____/
                         -+ Game Groups of 1996. +-

  1996 was a fairly nice year for games. A lot of great sequels and a few
  original games too. Who will forget Quake, Red Alert, Duke Nukem 3D,
  Tomb Raider, Crusader No Regret and Civilization 2. Lets discover who did
  what in, the games scene for 1996.

  Razor 1911..
                _ ________________________  _____ ________ _
                 \\_____  \_____  \_____  \/  .  \\_____  \\
                dZG/\   __//  _   |/  ____/.  |   \/\   __/  
                 _/  \   \/   /_ _/   /_   |  !  _/  \   \
                 \____\   \______\_________|_____\____\   \_
  I am starting my report of the legendary group Razor 1911. More specifically
  their CD division seeing 1996 saw the death of disk base games. Razor 1911
  are oldest group in the scene today (est. 1985). But in 1996 I have been
  disappointed with RazorCD. This was the year Razor 1911 got it's reputation
  tarnished big-time, with a few badly cracked big name games (Red Alert) and
  a fair few betas (Privateer 2) put a dent in Razor's ego.
  In the beginning of the year it was Razor releasing everything while other
  groups where asleep. By the middle of 1996 RazorCD had a split and a few
  members started leaving. By the end of the year RazorCD started releasing
  again, and also managed to get the members of Paradigm to merge into them.
  But it was RazorCD who release most of the biggest titles in 1996. I'm sure
  a lot of people still have Civilization2, Quake, Red Alert and even
  Daggerfall on their hard drives. So it leaves me to ask the question,
  what is better? A group who releases some of the best titles but only
  releases occasionally or a group that releases everything that they can get
  their hands on, weather it's good or bad.
  My favorite releases from this group, in 1996: 
  Civilization 2  (c)  Microprose                             [xx/18]
  Heroes of Might & Magic (Windows 95)                        [xx/16]
  Operation Carnage (c) Beaucomm                              [xx/03]   
  Final Doom (c) GT Interactive                               [xx/30]
  GENDER WARS (c) GT INTERACTIVE                              [xx/14]
  DEADLINE (c) MILLENNIUM/PSYGNOSIS                           [xx/31]
  F1 GRAND PRIX 2 RACING                                      [xx/24]
  Chessmaster 5000 for Win95                                  [xx/16]
  QUAKE *REGISTERED*  (c) iD Software                         [xx/17] 
  Triple Play Baseball '97 (c) E.A.                           [xx/45]
  Marathon 2: Durandal (c) Bungie                             [xx/26]
  Monster Truck Madness *GOLD* FINAL                          [xx/21]
  Super Euro Fighter 2000 (c)DID/OCEAN                        [xx/50]
  Daggerfall  (c)  Bethesda                                   [xx/62]
                     _______ _________ _____  ________________
                     \_   | \   \/   / _   /__\_   \_/   _    \
                      |   _  \_  \ _/  \   \ __/___/ |   /    /
                      |___|   |____|___/   /_\   \___|_______/

  Hybrid, a brilliant group and a survivor, almost as legendary as Razor1911.
  Hybrid during most of 1996 where asleep, some people even thought dead.
  But a few times during the year there was a glimmer of hope, a sparkle that
  lead one to think, are Hybrid one of the best groups of 1995 back? Then the
  sparkle would die and we where left to ponder.
  Luckily in the last few months Hybrid have shown us what they are capable
  of. They have released a few good titles and are now back. Unfortunately all
  those soccer games do not help their reputation much. But who else are going
  to release those soccer games when Hybrid has complete dominance on the
  United Kingdom release front (except for UK Electronic Art games)? Lets hope
  Hybrid continues into 1997 and stays awake for the whole year this time.
  My favorite releases from Hybrid in 1996: 
  GEX (c) Crystal Dynamics/Microsoft                          [xx/19]
  Olympic Soccer (c) US GOLD                                  [xx/16]
  STRIKE BASE (c) MAX DESIGN                                  [xx/33]
  Zapitalism (c) LavaMinds                                    [xx/30]
  ABSOLUTE PINBALL (c) 21st Century                           [xx/04]
  S.T.O.R.M. FINAL (C) AMERICAN SOF.                          [xx/50]
  Screamer 2 (c) Virgin                                       [xx/24]
  AD&D - BLOOD & MAGIC (C) INTERPLAY                          [xx/25]    
  REALMS OF THE HAUNTING (C) GREMLIN                          [xx/27] 
  Halloween Harry in Zombie Wars                              [xx/05]  

                  . ____ /  >______.  . _____.____ ____:.
                 .: \   \  /_\___. \__::>   /:\   Y   /'96:.
                 :: / .   /  \|  __/  \:/  /__/       \ .:
                  ./  \__/ "  \  >  "  <______>  \_/___>:
                 `<  /:<___\___>/___\___>.  <_____>:.  :.
                   \/  .:.    |/:. .:.mr!  .:. .::  .
  Well Napalm gets my vote for best file_id.diz for 1996. I am sad Napalm
  are not in the scene anymore seeing they did come out with some big titles
  including Decent 2 and Battle Arena Toshinden. But Napalm earned themselves
  a bad reputation, their policy of getting the release out first and then
  cracking the release later did not go down well with the scene. I'm sure
  no one enjoys downloading a release only to find out they need 3 different
  patches just to get the game to work.
  But Napalm did release some quality titles and they where a pretty friendly
  group considering all the flack they received. I always liked this group and
  it's a shame they are not around to continue into 1997.
  My favorite releases from Napalm in 1996: 
  Descent II (c) Interplay                                    [xx/19]
  Batman Forever (c) Acclaim                                  [xx/06]
  Conquests. Of The New World (c) Interplay                   [xx/16]
  BATTLE ARENA TOSHINDEN (c) PLAYMATES                        [xx/09]
  FIRE FIGHT (c) ELECTRONIC ARTS                              [xx/28]
  CLOSE COMBAT FOR WINDOWS 95' (c) MICROSOFT                  [xx/11]
  NFL QuarterBack Club '96                                    [xx/25]

  Legacy will be best remembered as the starting point for Reality Check
  Network (November 1995). Legacy made it into 1996 before the leaders all
  decided to leave the scene for good(1). Well after a few months, RCN was
  back but Legacy was not(2). But when Legacy was around for the early part
  of 1996 they did have some good releases but a lot more releases where
  below par. Legacy lived for 6 months and before dieing, pretty much the
  usual situation for the scene nowadays.
  My favorite releases from Legacy in 1996: 
  QWIRKS (C) SPECTRUM HOLOBYTE                                [xx/06]
  BLOOD (C) 3D REALMS                                         [xx/13]
                 \__¼   - ________¼        ./__¼   - ________¼
                 __/         \\__/     -   \\ /         \\__/
                 \__     |    \\__          \\__    |    \\__ 
                   /_____|      ./_____________./___|      ./
                      R E L E A S E   O N   R A M P A G E
                  ███▄▄▄▄ █▄▄▄▄▄███▄▄▄▄       ▄ ▀ ▀████▀   ·■▄
                  ▐██ ███▐██▀██▐███ ██████    ▐██▄ ████▌ ░    █   ░
                   ██ ██████▄██ ███ ██▌███   ▄████ ███▌▀▄     ▐▌
                  ▐██   ▀███ ▄▄ ███▄   ███ █████▓█ ███▄  ▀▀▄▄█▀   ░░░
                  ███▌   ▐██ ██ ███ ░░ ███ ███▐████▀▀  ▄▄▄▓▀▀▓▄▄
                  ████▄ ▀▀██▀▀▀ ▄▄▄   ▀███▀▀▀▀ ▀  ▄▄▄▀▀▀       ▀▀▀▄
                  ████▀▀  ██   r  e  f  l  u  x  !      ░░         ▀▀
                   ▀    ────── ─────────-- - -─ -───-─  

  When Released On Rampage started in 1995 they became a well known and an
  established group. Unfortunately in 1996 RoR became a group known for major
  controversy and stuff ups. The infamous fake Quake Final scandal being
  the biggest of all. But when the Software Pirates Association banned
  all RoR releases on their BBS's and sites, Tklp(3) had enough and reformed
  RoR into a new group called Reflux.
  Reflux was doing fine until Reality Check Network started including some
  negative stories about Tklp and his group, which resulted in an overall
  degrading of the groups reputation. But Reflux is not a bad group, they have
  had some big name releases with the likes of Time Commando and Full Court
  Press. Hopefully Reflux will earn back their reputation in 1997 and bring
  us some awesome releases.
  My favorite releases from Reflux (and Ror) in 1996: 
  S.T.O.R.M (c) ELECTRONIC ARTS                               [xx/28] 
  SKUNNY *MULTI-LANGUAGE* (c) MAGIC TOUCH                     [xx/07]     
  JEOPARDY (c) SONY INTERACTIVE                               [xx/39]
  TIME COMMANDO (C) ADELINE/EA/ACTIVISION                     [xx/45]
  HELLBENDER (C) MICROSOFT                                    [xx/22]
  FULL COURT PRESS (c) MICROSOFT                              [xx/10]
  4GEN (c) D'INDIA SOFTWARE                                   [xx/O8]
                     ________________________/»|__/| ___________
                     \___  \ __   /  __/  __/    / |/ ____/  __/_
                     |   __/ _/ _/  _| \__  \  \/  /  )  /  _|  /
                     |___|\__\   \________  /___\__\__   \______\

  Well everyone knows that Prestige was an awesome force in 1996 with these
  guys earning many accolades including the breaking of Tdu-Jam's record for
  the maximum number of releases in a month (35). Unfortunately some of these
  games where lacking in the quality stakes, but in general Prestige has done
  one hell of a good job with excellent releases. But like every group
  Prestige did have it's ups and downs with some uncracked and non working
  releases but most people have forgotten about those by now.
  Prestige is a kick ass group with a great reputation, awesome sites and
  a nice courier crew. But weather if Prestige will be around in 1997 is
  another story, the lost of a few important members including their leader
  to Class won't help.
  My favorite releases from Prestige in 1996: 
  Total Knockout Championship Female Boxing                   [xx/11] 
  Battleground 3: Waterloo (c)TalonSoft                       [xx/36]
  SHELL SHOCK FINAL (C) CORE DESIGN                           [xx/15] 
  The Settlers II (English) (c) Blue Byte                     [xx/07]
  AFTERLIFE (c) LucasArts                                     [xx/40]
  Ultimate Doom (c) Id Soft. Dos/Win95                        [xx/21]
  FRANK THOMAS' BIG HURT BASEBALL                             [xx/36]
  LINKS: LS 1997 (c) Access Software                          [xx/45]
  CRUSADER: NO REGRET *FINAL* (c)Origin                       [xx/25]
  NETWORK Q RAC RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP                            [xx/41]
  STAR CONTROL 3 (c) ACCOLADE                                 [xx/40]
  FX FIGHTER TURBO (c) GTE                                    [xx/42]
  SKYNET (c) Bethesda Softworks                               [xx/11]
  TOMB RAIDER (c) Eidos                                       [xx/21]
                      ▄▄ ██ ───────────────── ▐█ ▄ ─────────────
                     ▐██ ██  ▄▄ ▄▄ ▄█▄  ▄▄   ▄▄█▌▄   ▄▄▄  ▄▄ ▄▄
                     ▐██ ██▐█ ██ █▀███▐█ ██ ██ █▌██ ██ █▌██ █ ██
                     ▐██▄█▀▐█ ██ ██ ▀ ██ ██ ██ █▌██ ██ █▌██ ▓ ██
                     ▐██   ██ ██ ██   ██ ██ ██ █▌██ ██ █▌██ ▒ ██
                     ▐██    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀    ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀  ▀▀█▌▀▀   ▀▀
                     ─────■ P A R A D I G M ■────── ▀█▄█ ───────

  Paradigm (formerly Zeus) was founded by Zeus after he left Prestige. After
  2 months of activity Paradigm merged into Razor1911. But before this merge
  Paradigm did have a few major releases, including Syndicate Wars(4)
  Fifa 97(4) and Heroes of Might and Magic II. Unfortunately two months is not
  enough time to establish a reputation and Paradigm will be forgotten like so
  many groups before it. Hopefully they can help continue the Razor1911
  tradition into 1997 and beyond.
  My favorite releases from Paradigm in 1996: 
  Heroes of Might & Magic II (c) NWC                          [xx/16]
  RACE MANIA (c) Flair Software                               [xx/38]
  CREATURES (c) iNSCAPE                                       [xx/14]

                   ___|\___ _/\____/\___/\____/\_______ _/\   
                   \__  \  | \___  )\___\     \     \  |  /  
                     /  |\__  \  : \/ (: |  :  \  :  \ _  \     
  After being a major force in 1994 and 1995 the restart of Tyranny in
  April 1996 was a bit shaky. Cyber Angel was confident he could restart
  his group and once again be at the top by mainly focusing on disk base
  games. Well after five releases Cyber Angel killed Tyranny, which is
  now nothing more then a distant memory.

  My favorite releases from Tyranny in 1996:

                     _____  __ ______ _____ __ _____
                    /     \/   |     |__|  |  /  _  \
                   / _ _  |  _ |__|  |  |  |  \_   _/
                  /  | |  |      ||  |   \    /  -  \
                  \__|_|__/\____/ |__|___|\___\_____/
                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   [xx/xx]

  Well in general Motiv8 is a courier group, but from time to time they
  do release the odd game. In 1996 Motiv8 released a few nice titles,
  but a lot of them where either pre-releases or mini-rips. Hopefully
  these guys will focus more on their courier side and leave the games
  to the game groups.
  My favorite releases from Motiv8 in 1996: 
  3D VCR Pinball *WORKING*                                    [xx/03]
  NBA Live 96 1OO% CD-Rip                                     [xx/35]
  Lemmings for Win95                                          [xx/01]   
  Stardust Final CD-Rip                                       [xx/02]

                    _____  /\._____ |\_.  _ ____  /\___.__.___
                  \.__.\/  |  _  \|  | /.\\__ \/ _:__:  |  /
                   |  | \__.  |   :  |/ | \| \  / |  |\   /
                   |  :  \ |  |  \   |  _  \  \/  |  |/ : \
                   |_____/ :  :__|\__|  |__/__||__|__/  |__RD
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxx * xxxxxxxxx [xx/xx]
  Dynamix, otherwise known has the ex-USA division of Hybrid will probably
  be most remembered for releasing the game of the year, Duke Nukem 3D! This
  was an excellent release but unfortunately it was Dynamix's final release,
  I wonder where those guys are now?
  My favorite releases from Dynamix in 1996: 
  DUKE NUKEM 3D (c) 3D REALMS                                 [xx/11] 
  Smart Games (c) RandomSoft                                  [xx/06] 
  DEADLINE (c) NOVA SPRING                                    [xx/16]

                     ▀▀ ▀▀▀█▄ █▄ ▄█ ▀▀▀█▄ ▀▀▀█▄ ▄█▀█▄▀██▀▀▄ ▄█ ▀▀
                     ░░ ▄█ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ░░D
                     ▒▒ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██▄██ ▀█▄▄▀ ██ ██ ██ ▒▒■
                     ▓▓ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ █▄ ██ ██ ██ ██ ▓▓S
                     ▀▀ ▀▀ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ▀▀
                     ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀  ▄▀▀██ ▀   ▀ ▀   ▀  ▀▀▀  ▀  ▄▀▀██ ▀▀
                     xx/xx/96 ██▄██ EOD ■ VORTEX ■ DYTEC ██▄██ ▓▓
                               ▀▀▀                        ▀▀▀
  Dynasty formed after a merge between three different groups. Unfortunately
  I can't say that this group has shown any growth or potential in 1996.
  But there have been a few nice releases, and they do have some what of
  a good reputation, hopefully 1997 will be a much better year for these guys. 
  My favorite releases from Dynasty in 1996: 
  - OFFENSIVE *ENGLISH* (c) OCEAN CD-RIP                         [xx/19]

  (1) Read Reality Check Network issue 13 for futher information.
  (2) Legacy was restarted by a non original member but died very soon
  (3) The Krazy Little Punk
  (4) Synicate Wars and Fifa 97 where released under Paradigm's old name of

                     ___    ______          ______   ___ 
          ___ ______|  |_ _\_____|_______ _\_____|__|  |_ ___ ____
         |   |   |      _|       |       |       |      _|   |   |
         |   |   |     |__       |       |       |     |__   |   |
         |___    |__   |  |___   |__     |___    |__   |  |__    |
           |_____/ |_____/  |____/ |_____| |_____/ |_____/  |____/
                         -+ Utility Groups of 1996 +-

  Pirates with Attitude..

              ▄█▄                          ▄▀▒▓▌
             ▐██▄▀▀▄              ▄      ▄▀ ░▒▓
             ██████▄▀▄          ▄▀▓▌   ▄▀   ░▓▌ ▄▄
            ▐███████▌▐▌       ▄▀ ▒▓    ▐▌  ░▒▓ ▐▌▐██▄▄        .
           ▄█████████▌█     ▄▀  ░▓▌     █ ░▒▓▌ █ █████▀▀▄▄   ■
            ▀▀█████████▌  ▄▀   ░▒▓      ▐▌░▒▓  ▐▌▐██▀  ▄  ▀▄▀
               ▀████████   █  ░▒▓▌      █░▒▓▌   ▀▄██▌   ▀▄
          ▌     ▐██████▌   ▐▌░▒▓▀  ▄▀  ▐░▒▓▀    ▄ ▀█▀     █▄
          ▐▌ ▐   ██████    █░▒▒▀ ▄▀ ▀ ▄▀▄▀     ▐▓░▄   ▄▄  ▐▀▄
 ────────── ▓▄▀▌ ▐█████▌───▐░▒▒ ▄▀   ▄█▀▀ ───── ▓▒░▐▌ ▀   ─ █▓█ ───-───-─· ·
           ▐▓ ▀▄█████▀    █▄▀     ▄▀    ▀▄    ▐▓▒  █      ▐▌▒▓▌
            ▄▓▓████▀     ▐▀      ■            ▓▒░  ▐▌    ▄▀ ░▒▓
          ▄▓▓██▀▀ ▄▄    ▄▀      .            ▐▓▒░   ▀▄    ▀▄ ░▓▌
         ▐▓▓▀ ▄▓    ▀▀▄▄▄                    ▓▒░     ▄▀     ▀▄▒▓
         ▓▒▌  ▐▓▒        ▀▀▀▄               ▐▓▒░░  ▄▀         ▀
         ▐▓▄   █▓▒       ░▄▀                ▀▓▓▒▒░▀
          ▀▓▀  ▐▓▒░    ░▄▀                    ▀▓▀     ..R.Noble <MiRAGE>
                █▓▒▒▒▀     ... Pirates With Attitudes
              ▄▓▓▀           Proudly Presents ...
  Pirates with Attitude released some of the most wanted and best
  quality releases of 1996. But it has been a sad year for PWA with
  the loss of their presidential founder who left to form a new
  group called Legends Never Die (1). PWA did a good job this year
  and their is still no doubting their number one position at the top.
  Yes PWA may not be as good as they once where, but to be honest all
  the main utility groups where down this year compared to last.
  Hopefully PWA can still survive and dominate without Orion leading
  them into 1997.
  Drink or Die..

     w a r e z   b e a r z   f r o m   R u s s i a   a n d   b e y o n d

                    ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄    ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄              ▄▄▄▄▄▄
                ▄▄██████████████▄▄   ▀▀████▄▄▄   ▄▄▄███████████▄▄
  ■▄        ▄▄▄██▀▀ ▄▄▄ ▀▀▀████████▄ ▀ ▄ ▀▀ ▄▄▄██▀▀ ▄▄▄ ▀▀▀███████▄▄
    ▀▀▄▄▄▄██▀▀▀ ▄▄████       ▀▀██████▌ ▄▄▄██▀▀▀ ▄▄████       ▀▀██████
                 █████        ▄ ▀█████▌          █████          ▀█████
                 █████       ███▄▐█████          █████            █████
                 █████      █████ ██████         █████ █          ▐█████
                 █████     █████  ▐█████         █████ ██          █████
                 █████     █████  ▐█████         █████ ██          █████
                 █████      █████ █████          █████ █          ▐████
                 █████       ███▀▐████           █████            ████
                 █████        ▀ ▄████            █████          ▄████
              ■  █████       ▄▄█████ ▄        ■▀ █████       ▄▄████▀
               ▀▄▄▄ ▀▀  ▄▄▄██████▀▀ ▄███▄▄▄███ ▀▄▄▄ ▀▀  ▄▄▄█████▀▀
                  ▀▀███████▀▀▀     ▀██████████▀ ▄ ▀▀██████▀▀▀▀

  Drink or Die was a group with troubles in 1996. They started off the
  year with a not so good reputation because of some non working releases
  that where not cracked properly, 3DStudioMax, WildCat 5, and Novell
  Netware where a few. Then Jimmy Jamez their leader left them for six
  months or so and did not return until September.

  When Jimmy Jamez returned in September DOD made a comeback. DOD had
  gotten it's act together and became a member of the big boys again.
  Jimmy Jamez showed the scene his great ability for organization and
  now DOD are one of the best utility groups in the scene today.
  Lets hope they continue on in 1997.


                 j   _      ___,,,pyygg#  jM6MMMM0g  "QMMMMMMM0MM  qmyy,
   MydMMMb    "[email protected]  #[email protected]"MMMp   MMMMMMMMM'   #[email protected]            jgy_
  #MMMMMMM#    ][email protected]"^"0    TM0^   #MF   #M     ''    IMF           BMMMMN_
 #[email protected]"MMM#    MM     ^    jMF  _#MM    #M__ _f      IMf          jMMMMMMMM'
 "MMM'   TMM    MM   d      jM$0MMMMMp   #MMMMMF      IMf          #[email protected]^"#MMf
  MMf    jMM    MMAMMM      jMM0F^^MMM   0MF""QF      IMf          0MF   MF
  #M'    jM#    MMMMMM      jMF     MM   MML          IMf    j     TMM   @
  #Mf   jMM'   jMM   ^ ,    jM1,yyy#[email protected]   MMyy___jL    IMf    #L     MMMg '
  #M0gygMM#    jMM    _#g   BMMMMMM0F  _gMMMMMMMMM_   IMf    MMg    `0MMM_
  #[email protected]     jMM_y#MMMMb 7MM"^```       ````""MMMp  #MNg_  #M'      MMMMg
  #MMMMMMF     jMMMMMMM"^                            "MMMMMMM0M      f "MMMf
  #MF``#MM     jMMM"`     _gMMMMMNg     jMMMM0`         `"9MMMML    #L   QMM
  #M   ^MM#   J"^        [email protected]   [email protected]               `"MM   #M#    MMp
  #ML   #MMMf           jMMMF   jMMM# jMMMMMMMMy_               ' #MMMg   MML
  #ML   jMM#             QMMMmyy#MMMF MMMMM^"QMMMp                  MMMNygMMF
  0MMy   #M'              "[email protected]  MMM#   _MMM#                   3MMMMMMf
 [email protected]`   jM                  _#[email protected]   [email protected]                     "#MMMM
 [email protected]`      #                ,gMMM0^     `"MMMMM"^         [┬hΣ K░ⁿ '96]  "[email protected]^

  Rebels is what some people would call an "old school" group (kids would
  of cause say "old skool"). Old school meaning they have been around
  for years on many different formats.

  1996 started off as a bad start for Rebels because like DOD they released
  some pretty poor titles that also ended up being uncracked. But after
  all these mistakes they got their act together and started to release
  some quality titles again. Unfortunately recently in the last few months
  there has been a decline in Rebels releases. Hopefully soon Rebels will
  come back in 1997.


      ▄▄▄▄▄▄   ▄▄▄▄▄▄
      █░▄▄▄█   ██████     ▄▄███████████
      █▒████   ██████   ▄██████████████
      █▓████   ██████  ▐██████▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
 ▀▄██ ██████ ▓ ██████  ██████▄▄▄▄ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀█▀▀ ▀   ▀                ▀  ▀ ▀▀█▄▀
 ▄███▄ ▀████▄▄▄████▀ ▄▄ ████████ ▄███████▄  █████ ▄███▄ ▀███████ ████████ ██▄
▄ ▀██▀ ▄████▀▀▀████▄ ▀▀ █████▀▀▀ ███▀▀█████ ████████████ ███▀▀▀▀ ███▀▀▀▀▀ █▀ ▄
 ▄███ ██████ ▓ ██████  ██████  █████  █████ █████▀█████▀ ███ █ █████▄▄ ▄████▄
 ▄▀██ ██████ ▒ ████▓█  ██████  █████  █████ █████  ▀▀▀ ▄████ ▀ █████▀▀ ▀███▀▄
      ██████   ████▒█  ██████  █████▄▄█████ █████      █████▄▄▄▄ ███▄▄▄▄▄
      ██████   ████░█  ██████   ▀████████▀  █████       ▀███████ ████████
      ██████   █▄▄▄▄█                                           ASCii<ROY>
  X-Force started in 1996 as a plan lame group, bad releases, no sites
  stupid attitude and an overall general lame feeling about the group.
  But during 1996 they built up their reputation, and now they are a
  strong solid group. One problem with X-Force during 1996 is that
  they released a few RC's (Release Candidate). These are Microsoft
  internal beta's for betatesters, which are pretty lame to release
  because they are not complete and a lot of people have access to these
  already. X-Force do have a big attitude problem, they where too lazy
  to do an interview with us and they have fights with DOD, Sodom
  Mortality and LND. Lets hope this changes in 1997.


                   ▄    ▄      ▄▄▄        ▄▄▄ ███    ▄▄▄        ▄▓▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
     ▄▓▄              ▐█  ▄██▀▀▀██▄  ▄██▀▀▀███▓ ▄██▀▀▀██▄  ▄██▀▓  ██▓  ▀▀██▄
      ▀            ▄▄▄▓█ ▐██▌   ▐██▌▐██▌   ▐██▓▐██▌   ▐██▌▐██▌    ███    ▐██▌
 ■▄     ▄▄▄▄█████▄████▓▌ ███     ██▓███     ██▓███     ██▓███     ██▓     ███
     ▄███████▀▀  ▀████▓  ███     ██▓███   ▀▀██████▀▀ ▀ ██▓███     ██▓     ▓██
    ▐▓██████      ████▓  ██▓     ██▌██▓     ███▓█▓     ██▌██▓     ██▌     ▓██
   ▄ ▀███████▄▄▄    ▀▀▀▀ ███     ██▌███     ██▀ ▀█     ██████     ███     ███
        ▀▀▀██████████▄▄▄▄▀▀▓     ██▓███     ██▓▄██     ██▓███     ██▓     ███
█▄▄            ▀▀▀▀▀█████████▄▄  ██▓███     ██▓███     ██▓███     ██▓     ███
▐██████▄▄             ▀████████▓ ▓█▓███     ██▓███     ██▀▀██     ██▓     ▀ ▀
 ███████              ▄██████████▐█▓███     ██▓███     ██▓███     ██▓     ▓▄▓
▄▓█████▌         ▓ ▄▄▄   ▀██████▌▓█▌▐██▌   ▐██▌▐██▌   ▐██▌███     ███     ███
 ▀▀███▓██▄▄▄▄████▓█████▄▄██▓▀▓█▄▓█▀  ▀██▄▄▄██▀  ▀██▄▄▄██▀ ███     ███     █▓█
    ▀██▄▀▀▀▀    ▀█▀▀        ▀▀▀▀        ▀▀▀        ▀▀▀    ▀▀▀     ▀▒▀     ▀▓▀
               Aut Caesar, Aut Nihil! Either Everything or Nothing!

  Sodom a group from Russia like DOD is also run by one of the editors of
  this magazine. 1996 was a hard year for Sodom with a few popular and
  some uncracked releases being released. But currently Sodom are in what
  some would call "The zone". The zone is an area where you drift into
  where nothing can go wrong. A lot of releases have been coming from
  Sodom of late and their dominance in the Novell products can only help
  their cause. Thankfully Novell has have given up their case on BBS's
  so we can all use their products without fear. Lets hope 1997 is a
  better year for Sodom.

(1) Read our interview with Orion for more information.


      _____            __                           ______
     _\____|________ _|  |_  _________________ _____\____|______ ___   __
    |      |        |     _|   _____|  ____/  |   |      |   ___|   |_|  |
    |      |    |   |    |___   __|_     |    |   |      |   __|_   | |  |
    |____  |___ |___|__  |  /____   |____|___     |____  |____   |___|   |
       \___/ \__|     \____/   |____/       \____/   \___/  |____/   |___/

Interview with: Lester (Drink Or Die, Amnesia)
Conducted by: Tok
Subject: Amnesia in 1996 and beyond.

Defacto2: Okay, please, introduce yourself to our readers, tell us what
          groups you are in and what your past affiliations.

Lester:   My handle is Lester, I am the Drink or Die leader and the Amnesia
          Couriers leader. My past affiliations are Razor and Malice.

Defacto2: When Amnesia first started you where competing with Risc but now
          at the end of 1996 Amnesia is not doing as well as before. What's
          the problem here? 

Lester:   Well, as is true with every courier group, we have our ups and
          downs, in early 96 Risc was on a downswing and we were on an
          upswing, Risc is now doing well again, and we are regrouping with
          the changing of a lot of things in Amnesia, we've had a lot of
          different things happen to us in 96, and it's changed our attitude
          on the scene. But I think that in early 97 you will once again see
          the Amnesia you saw in early 96. A friendly competitive group
          focusing more on the positives instead of the negatives of the

Defacto2: Sounds pretty nice. I spoke with Halfback about Amnesia, (he is one
          of the best Amnesia couriers in my opinion) and he said that
          the main problem is disloyalty with people jumping to Risc. 

Lester:   Well this is true, in the past we have had a number of people jump
          over to Risc and what not, but if they are disloyal then we don't
          really want them, we are trying to build a solid group of loyal
          friends, instead of a egotistical super couriers with no loyalty

Defacto2: So, we can say Amnesia will be back in 1997, as it was in the
          summer(1) of 1996? There is no way Amnesia will die ?

Lester:   Well with all the adversity that Amnesia has faced in 1996 without
          dying, I don't see us dying anytime soon.

Defacto2: I think it's pretty hard to share personal time between two
          groups, I mean you are leader of both Drink or Die and Amnesia.
          Isn't it hard to get all the work done for both groups?

Lester:   Yes I had a hard time equaling out my time between the 2 groups, but
          now I have a better grasp on my time and the coordinator within each
          group to handle the responsibilities when I cannot be there, etc. so
          I do the best I can.

Defacto2: What are the new Amnesia goals? Or are your goals going to stay the
          same as the old?

Lester:   Our goals are the same as when we started, but not the same as what
          they were in the middle of 96. We were trying to dominate and take
          out the competition and contribute to the negativity of the scene,
          now it's going back to the way it was, quality trading, quality
          couriers, trying to improve the courier scenes status.

Defacto2: What do you think about the new couriers groups now days such as 
          Devotion, new Rapier, etc.?

Lester:   Devotion is a very good group, they don't get involved in the
          bullshit, they just do what they do and they do it well. I think
          they can be very successful, Rapier is not as good as the old
          Rapier, as the founding members of Rapier are not there. There
          are the usual new groups that come and go every 6 months, I see
          Risc and Devotion to be the other groups around for awhile.

Defacto2: What about Empire?

Lester:   Empire is an up and down group, they lack the ability to hold on to
          talent for any period of time to build a stable group. They might
          stick around but will not be a major force.

Defacto2: How is Amnesia's BBS division going?

Lester:   Amnesia's BBS team is doing well, we have the stable BBS team, but
          our WHQ is temporarily down and we are currently adding a USHQ so
          you don't see as much of it right now.

Defacto2: What was your favorite electronic magazine in 1996? And what is your
          personal opinion about all bullshit which came from Reality Check
          Network during 1996?

Lester:   Well in my opinion there hasn't been a SERIOUS scene magazine since
          Inquisition(2), most of the emags now report bullshit and rag and
          nothing useful towards the scene, with the passing of RCN I was
          hoping to see a new quality emag arrive, maybe yours will be it, but
          I don't know.

          RCN was never a magazine I respected or wanted anything to do with,
          they were a complete disgrace to the scene news, and never reported
          any truthful news, you couldn't trust anything they printed. So I
          was glad to see them disband.

Defacto2: Okay, well, I'm sure, that DEFACTO 2 will live up to your
          expectations. It will be similar to Inquisition but I wont say
          anymore. Do you have any last words, or maybe any greets?

Lester:   Maybe so. :) I'd like to just greet a few of the people who have
          stuck by me throughout 96 and a few friends. Caserd, Prozac, The
          Punisher, Jimmy Jamez, Davan, Nine, Widget, Eviltea and of course
          the great TSR. I know I left a bunch of you out, but you know who
          you are.:)

(1)  Winter for you southern hemisphere people.
(2)  Inquisition was a text base magazine that publish 12 issues in 1995 and

      _____            __                           ______
     _\____|________ _|  |_  _________________ _____\____|______ ___   __
    |      |        |     _|   _____|  ____/  |   |      |   ___|   |_|  |
    |      |    |   |    |___   __|_     |    |   |      |   __|_   | |  |
    |____  |___ |___|__  |  /____   |____|___     |____  |____   |___|   |
       \___/ \__|     \____/   |____/       \____/   \___/  |____/   |___/

Interview with: Ramierz (Devotion)
Conducted by: Tok
Subject: The Starting of Devotion.

Defacto2: Please introduce yourself to our readers, what groups you 
          are in now days, and what groups have you previously been apart of?
Ramirez:  Hi, I'm Ramirez currently my only affiliation with Devotion, my past
          groups, hmm they were Tct, Pantera, Solar, Darius, Sodom.

Defacto2: You left TCT, PNT, Solar, and Darius because they all died, but 
          why did you leave from Sodom?

Ramirez:  Well, the reason I left Sodom wasn't just one reason, I had more
          reasons but my main reason was that I didn't feel home in the group

Defacto2: Why are you not in any games group?

Ramirez:  Well I never applied to them to be honest ;) I never put some
          strength in it to join games groups.

Defacto2: Can you explain further?

Ramirez:  My interest were mainly utils, games are fun but I like the utils

Defacto2: Okay, I can understand that, that's why I decided to go with to
          start a utils group, games for just for fun. Games groups are pretty
          popular, but in my opinion utils are better. How old are you, and
          how long have you been on the net?
Ramirez:  I'm 19, I have been on the net for 1-1.4 years, dunno exactly.

Defacto2: You are the one of the leaders from Devotion, pretty popular and
          pretty good courier group. Probably number two or three courier
          group. How old is Devotion and what the main goals in your group?

Ramirez:  Correction, there are NO leaders in the group I'm a founder together
          with Dizzident and Elmo. The goals of Devotion are pretty simple
          kicking ass and friendship. I never expected to go this far though.

Defacto2: You must have some one who control things, who can
          organize everything. When members have problems, you must have
          someone who can solve them.

Ramirez:  Answering questions, fixing things isn't a leadership based task,
          everybody could do it when you have a little knowledge about the
          scene the most is important thing is friendship that's a real good

Defacto2: So everyone in Devotion can and are doing the leadership job? And
          that depends, when?

Ramirez:  Nobody takes the leadership in Devotion we mostly take care when
          someone is in trouble etc. We try to be as honest as we can to each
          other.. like an open relation ship ;)

Defacto2: What do you mean when you said earlier "kicking ass"?

Ramirez:  Trading on sites being on top that's mostly the definition of
          kicking ass isn't it?

Defacto2: In my mind, it's different thing, but okay, let's say you are right.
          What's the differebce between running a release group and running a
          courier group? Don't you think that in running a release group there
          are more problems involved? You need to worry about such things as
          supplying, spreading the releases, etc.? This is surely more harder
          then running a top courier group.

Ramirez:  You can't compare releasing groups with courier groups, they both
          need each other but then again a release group has it's hard parts
          and vice versa with courier groups.

Defacto2: What does Ramierz mean? Is it from a movie?

Ramirez:  It comes from the movie Highlander yes, and how I came up with it?
          I really don't remember exactly. Have been some years back but 1
          day I just said I'm Ramirez from now ;)

Defacto2: Want to tell us anything about your previous handles?

Ramirez:  That's a thing which put me on thought a while back I don't remember
          my past handle I know that I had just 1 but I can't recall the name.

Defacto2: If we go back a few years, we remember the Internet was slow, with
          only VIPs getting access. Now days we have a lot of ultra fast
          links, and speed is increasing every month. But there is a new
          problem, more 'usual' people can get access to the Internet these
          days, especially kids(1), what's your view of the invasion of the

Ramirez:  Well kids are a problem for sure they like to riot a lot, still
          some people will improve and will learn from the past like everyone
          should :), I think kids aren't the worse problem, if usual people
          can connect on the net and a grab a release on some lame IRC
          channels what about Feds then?

Defacto2: When I was interviewed Marbz (Leader of Empire), he said that he
          has kick a few kid's from Empire because of ego problems and so on,
          has Devotion ever had that same problems?

Ramirez:  Kicking members isn't a really thing about devotion, normally
          people will leave on their own we only kick if it really requires
          to kick (which hasn't happened yet).

Defacto2: When Devotion was started, there's was a rule of only European
          couriers being accepted, has this policy changed?

Ramirez:  We changed that a little, in the beginning there was a rule only
          Europeans could join, there are a few people outside Europe a part
          of devotion now but the main rule is still to courier to European

(1)  Kids being people from the age 12 to 16, or people who act like they are
     those ages.

      _____            __                           ______
     _\____|________ _|  |_  _________________ _____\____|______ ___   __
    |      |        |     _|   _____|  ____/  |   |      |   ___|   |_|  |
    |      |    |   |    |___   __|_     |    |   |      |   __|_   | |  |
    |____  |___ |___|__  |  /____   |____|___     |____  |____   |___|   |
       \___/ \__|     \____/   |____/       \____/   \___/  |____/   |___/

Interview with: David and Goliath (Drink Or Die)
Conducted by: IPggi
Subject: DOD in 1996.

Defacto2: Welcome Davngol, please introduce yourself to the readers. What
          present and past affiliations do you have?

David&G.: Hi, well, for all who don't know me, I am David & Goliath. Presently
          I am a Retired DOD Council Member, meaning that when I am actually
          here, I carry out some duties, but due to my career, I cannot be
          here often. In the past I have been in PWA and The Corporation, as
          well as a few other groups such as scum.

Defacto2: Do you know much about DOD's history, if so can you tell us how and
          by who DOD was started?

David&G.: Well, DOD is a legend.  It was founded and lead by Jimmy Jamez, one
          of the greatest group leaders I have ever seen.  When I came to DOD
          about a year or so ago, he had pretty much retired and left things
          to Lester and the council, but for the past 6-7 months he has been
          back, and things have been rocking.

Defacto2: How long have you been in the scene David and Goliath?

David&G.: Oh, I have been around now for about 5 years approximately.

Defacto2: Would you say the scene has moved towards the worse since 1991?

David&G.: Well, back then, just to get involved in the scene was hard as
          hell. You needed to have references and all kinds of connections,
          and ways of accessing the boards. I remember it took me close to 6
          months before I could get on a local board, and from there I met
          lots of people who helped me move up.  Nowadays, groups are forming
          every 5 minutes, and there are thousands and thousands of new net
          lamers joining them everyday. The word loyalty has disappeared and
          now, any 15 year old with a modem can get in it.

Defacto2: So you would agree with me if I said 1996 was the year the kids over
          ran the scene?

David&G.: Well, I would say the kids think they have taken over. All these
          loser groups are run by them, but if you look at the main groups
          like PWA, DOD, LND, RZR, PSG, you see them being run by adults. The
          kids are present though as couriers. So I would say that the
          majority of the scene now is probably kids, and that did not happen
          only in 96, look back to 94 and 95 as well.

          I was in #PWA the other day, and I saw re-directed messages on how
          groups like Premiere were ragging on PWA. This is not right. In my
          mind, PWA is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest group of all
          time, and too see a bunch of Israeli lamers rag on them, that was
          annoying. Especially looking at the quality of releases coming from
          a group like Premiere. Respect has been lost. Groups like Premiere
          with their lame leaders think they run the scene.
 	  Also, I have seen quality really go down. I don't want to take
          names, but there are some major groups out there releasing complete
          crap, and calling the stuff plugins for this and that. I wish there
          was a way to change all that.

Defacto2: I'm sure there are many people who agree with your comments
          including myself. How would you rate DOD's performance this year?

David&G.: Well, without a doubt I would rate DOD as the top util group of
          1996. PWA was also great this year, as they released Win NT 4.0
          and Office 97, two of the best utils of 96, but DOD provided the
          majority of major utils for 1996, and I was really happy with the
          performance we gave. And again, all the credit goes to the hard
          working suppliers, the poor crackers who have to D/L all this
          stuff, and our great spreading team.

Defacto2: As 1997 is almost here, what are DOD's plans to continue the
          success of 1996 past the new year?

David&G.: Well, like every year we plan on outdoing the competition, as well
          as have some fun. DOD's crew will really have to come together in
          1997, work hard and just simply put out releases. I believe that
          the #1 goal is to get a release, test it, pack it, and get it out.
          But due to the fact that we have HQ's etc., we need to spread too
          :)  So the boys will have to keep everything together, and get the
          utils out as fast as possible.

Defacto2: Do you have any final comments or greets you wish to point out
          before we go?

David&G.: Yeah, I would really like to say to the DOD crew it was really fun
          working with all of them, and to keep up the good work without me.  I will try to
          come back during the summer and help out. I would like to send out
          greets to Jimmy Jamez, Lester, Hemp Hoodlum, Jake the Snake,
          Marlenus, Rambone The Pep, and to everyone else I missed. Good
          luck in '97!
      _____            __                           ______
     _\____|________ _|  |_  _________________ _____\____|______ ___   __
    |      |        |     _|   _____|  ____/  |   |      |   ___|   |_|  |
    |      |    |   |    |___   __|_     |    |   |      |   __|_   | |  |
    |____  |___ |___|__  |  /____   |____|___     |____  |____   |___|   |
       \___/ \__|     \____/   |____/       \____/   \___/  |____/   |___/

Interview with: Marbz (Empire)
Conducted by: Tok
Subject: Empire in 1996.

DEFACTO2: Hello, please introduce yourself to our readers Marbz.

MARBZ:    Well for the past year I have founded and I am one of the leaders
          of Empire.

DEFACTO2: What is your full handle?

MARBZ:    JP Marbitoz

DEFACTO2: What does it mean? If you don't mind telling.

MARBZ:    Nah its not a secret, simple actually. JP are my first 2 initials
          and Marbitoz is my original  handle. I added the JP just because
          I wanted a little change ;P

DEFACTO2: What groups where you in before you started Empire?

MARBZ:    Well...I led a small courier group called dCS, but even before that
          I was under a different handle. Sort of my beginning/learning
          stages so I wont get into that. :P

DEFACTO2: Hehe, i remember dCS, it was quite nice courier group, good job. =>
          Why did you was disband dCS and founded Empire in 1996?

MARBZ:    Well dCS was more of a learning thing for me than anything. I picked
          up a lot more on how to lead/coordinate a group and how its run. I
          picked up a few traders from dCS after I disbanded it and started
          Empire.  For example Exploz, who I think is one hell of a trader
          still today. Empire has built from then on.

DEFACTO2: Who came up with Empire name?    

MARBZ:    Well I decided on the Empire name before I disbanded dCS. Just so
          the people who I was taking knew what they were getting into etc.
          So I did. 

DEFACTO2: Empire was formed in 1996, how was it started?

MARBZ:    Empire started in February, it was a bit hard but it was more
          organized then dCS because myself and some others knew what we
          were doing from our past experiences.  We took it slow together
          and that is what just built us up as a team. More organization
          the more you will get out of your traders is how I see it. 
DEFACTO2: Okay, What your personal opinion about the courier scene in 1996?
MARBZ:    1996 had a lot of new courier crews come into the scene. Empire,
          Devotion, Amnesia, DMT, and some others.  I think its still very
          competitive on sites and new boards are popping up a lot more.
          There is still a need for more long distance traders but all in
          all its still alive and kicking. 

DEFACTO2: Well, Devotion couriers was decide to go without BBS devision
          since it's BBS is a bit slow and requires more work. Whats your
          views on this?

MARBZ:    I think that they made a choice that a lot of the new courier
          groups will do.  The net is a lot faster and with new sites
          popping up everyday so we will just have to wait and see how the
          boards hold up. In my opinion I think boards are just as or more
          important that the net. So you make the call i suppose.

DEFACTO2: Maybe you are right. Do you accept kids in your Empire as

MARBZ:    Kids? I don't think being age has anything to do with it. If you
          do your job and act mature then your worth it. 

DEFACTO2: What was the greatest day Empire in 1996?

MARBZ:    Hmm, I would have to say when gahn joined. He is one of my best
         friends and one hell of a guy.  I couldn't replace him. 

DEFACTO2: You really don't think it is Kids with ego's, lame ideas and that
          piss everyone off? It's some times Kid's that are reasons for big
          fights in the groups.

MARBZ:    Of course...actually its not so much of the age its the way a
          trader/person acts on IRC. If they have a ego problem I don't feel
          like dealing with it so I just kick em.  There has been three people I have
          had to do that to in Empire. 

DEFACTO2: How are the top 5 courier groups currently?

MARBZ:    Top 5 courier groups. Hmm, RISC still #1 , Empire, Devotion
          Amnesia and Rapier/Millenium.

DEFACTO2: What do you think about Rapier re-start? As Empire leader, how do
          think they are going?

MARBZ:    Well because I am in the USA..I don't know the European boards etc.
          that well but I do think its not doing too bad at all. Although
          most of the originals that were in it before made it so much
          better. But at least they are giving it a shot.

DEFACTO2: Any final comments or greets before we go?

MARBZ:    Greets go out to my Empire traders and members.

      _____            __                           ______
     _\____|________ _|  |_  _________________ _____\____|______ ___   __
    |      |        |     _|   _____|  ____/  |   |      |   ___|   |_|  |
    |      |    |   |    |___   __|_     |    |   |      |   __|_   | |  |
    |____  |___ |___|__  |  /____   |____|___     |____  |____   |___|   |
       \___/ \__|     \____/   |____/       \____/   \___/  |____/   |___/

Interview with: Hoson (Hybrid)
Conducted by: Tok via Email
Subject: Hybrids future.

Note:     This interview was done via electronic mail.

Defacto2: Hi, please introduce yourself to our readers, tell the readers what
          groups you are in and what groups have your previously been in.

Hoson:    My handle is Hoson, founder and leader of Hybrid. I was a member of
          TDT, Nexus and Pyradical before I started Hybrid.

Defacto2: What can you tell us about Hybrid in 1996? How was the year for your

Hoson:    1996 was a great year - a lot of releases and most of them without
          flaws. We always try to make our games work - and I think most of
          them do. Thing about 1996 is that the "scene" consists of too many
          lamers who think it's our obligation to provide them with technical

Defacto2: 1996 was the good year with a lot of great things happened and scene
          has changed a bit. With the end off 1996 I've have been asking a lot
          of people what was their best memory of the year?

Hoson:    Tough question. Could've been the fact that Acclaim are on the edge
          of bankruptcy, so we won't have to play their shitty games anymore.

Defacto2: Any bad memories?

Hoson:    When Mad Turnip quit Hybrid for 2 days! BAD!

Defacto2: Does Hybrid have a minimum age limit when accepting new members?

Hoson:    Nope, the limit is the knowledge and expertise.

Defacto2: What are the main goals of Hybrid?

Hoson:    To release working games for the audience.

Defacto2: How come you can never be found on IRC. Don't you think a leader of
          a group needs to put a lot of time and effort into their groups?

Hoson:    I do that through voice calls.

Defacto2: Hoson is strange nick, what does it mean?

Hoson:    Nothing! Comes from a Swedish movie I saw 12 years ago!

Defacto2: How old are you?

Hoson:    Above 20!

Defacto2: What do you think about kid leaders? Are they good or bad for the
          scene, for example: CP (dead-mty), TQR (dead-nfs), etc.?

Hoson:    Don't know them. They probably suck.

Defacto2: What are the current 3 best game groups in the world?

Hoson:    Hybrid
          - and that's it. The others suck.

Defacto2: Have you been busted before, if so when?

Hoson:    Yes - about 4 times, but that was a few years ago.

Defacto2: What do you think about group fights i.e. Razor1911 vs. Prestige?

Hoson:    I love them! Makes it a lot funnier!

Defacto2: Any last words or greets before we go?

Hoson:    Crackgroups should start to "tag" their releases, not only in the
          silly nfo files, but hex edit the highscore lists or whatever.
          Otherwise the people who use the software we bring them will not
          know who gave them the opportunity doing so!

      _____            __                           ______
     _\____|________ _|  |_  _________________ _____\____|______ ___   __
    |      |        |     _|   _____|  ____/  |   |      |   ___|   |_|  |
    |      |    |   |    |___   __|_     |    |   |      |   __|_   | |  |
    |____  |___ |___|__  |  /____   |____|___     |____  |____   |___|   |
       \___/ \__|     \____/   |____/       \____/   \___/  |____/   |___/

Interview with: Orion (Legends Never Die)
Conducted by: Tok
Subject: Legends Never Die

DEFACTO2: Hello, Please introduce yourself to our readers Orion.

ORION:    Well that is kinda easy, those that have been in the scene for
          sometime have heard of me. Some good some bad, :) but I run a
          group called Legends Never Die. (LND).

DEFCATO2: What groups where you in before LND?

ORION:    I was the founder and President of the Utils group called Pirates
          with Attitudes (PWA).

DEFACTO2: You where on vacation for about half of 1996, what changed had
          when you returned?

ORION:    Besides all the new faces and all the new ego's. Seems that every
          kid with a modem was a someone in the scene. At least in their own
          eyes they were. The scene was a more or less still the same as it
          was when I left. I really never left the scene completely. Just in
          the day to day running of PWA. I was always on IRC and talking to
          the people within PWA.. 
DEFACTO2: My personal opinion that in 1996 there was a kid-wave. A lot of
          kids found ways to connect to the Internet. Kids now seem to be
          everywhere don't you think? In 1994 and 1995 there where a lot
          less kid's than now. I would call the year of 1996 - YEAR OF KIDS.

ORION:    Most definitely, 1994-1995 a lot of people (kids) didn't jump on
          the Internet bandwagon. But once they bought tickets to it, they
          are taking it for a large ride... And for the most part its okay,
          but a lot of the kids are coming in with large unwarranted ego's
          that just make them look as the fool. So 1996 yes definitely is
          the year of the KIDS.

DEFACTO2: When exactly did you return from your vacation?

ORION:    I came back 3 months ago, from pseudo vacation. took some time off
          for the family, work, etc. (AKA real life)

DEFACTO2: How long did you spend on this vacation?

ORION:    Non active in the group do you mean?


ORION:    Approx. I would say close to 6-7 months 

DEFACTO2: Tell our readers the little story again, why such respectable man,
          like yourself decide to start another group, when you where leader
          of PWA, probably the best utility group?

ORION:    PWA in my eyes was at its top. I couldn't see PWA rising anymore
          then it was. Its been #1 for 2 years straight, you can't get any
          higher then that. I wanted to get the old feeling back of building
          again. So I left PWA and formed LND. Wanted to see something come
          out of nothing as PWA did. Not knowing if the group was going to
          succeed or fail, is the excitement of it all.. Contrary to popular
          beliefs and unwarranted rumors. There wasn't a harsh split with
          anyone in PWA. We are friends and will remain friends. I still
          consider PWA my baby as many do that were there from the conception
          of the group. We still talk and joke as we did, just don't tell
          each other what we are releasing.. :) 

DEFACTO2: I can understand your point of view. Okay, tell us a little about
          Legends Never Die. How was it formed, who are it's founders, and
          are you guys doing?

ORION:    Actually LND was formed the night of PWA's last meeting. In the
          middle of the meeting I decide right there and then to form LND. I
          messaged TMOD (Master of Disaster) and with him and I we formed LND. We
          absorbed Mortality 45 minutes after the group was formed. Then TMOD
          went to work. I have never met anyone that can take a job to do and
          take it to its fullest extent. TMOD and I have been friends for
          close to 8 years now. He is my eyes and ears of the group and
          scene. LND has taken a lot of flak when we first started with all
          the rumor and suppose stealing from other groups. But as time went
          on, people are starting to see LND as it truly is. A group to demand

DEFACTO2: Well is it true that LND was formed because Mortality died?

ORION:    Meaning what? If Mortality didn't merge with LND saying that LND
          wouldn't be where it is today?


ORION:    No its not true. LND was formed already and already in 30 minutes
          of life already had a full member list and suppliers and crackers.
          Mortality and the people from that group only enhanced the group.
          It wasn't "because" of them at all. That is ridiculous to say.. 

DEFACTO2: Who came up with the name "Legends Never Die"?

ORION:    Actually it was Gunslinger that came up with that name. Months
          before the group was formed he created the channel for us "old
          fucks" to hang out in and not have the kids in there pulling their
          little pissing contests. Just a channel where we can bullshit on a
          adult level.

DEFACTO2: How long will it take you to bring LND up to the position of 
          the number one utility group?

ORION:    Its going to take time to bring any group to that level. LND is
          only 2 months old. It took PWA 1.5 years to make it there, s I
          don't give it anytime frame to make it #1. If we do make it there
          that' great if not such is life. As long as we have fun doing it
          that's all that matters to me.

DEFACTO2:  If LND ends up being number 1, that must mean PWA will drop to
           number two or less. Would you rejoin PWA to bring it back up

ORION:    Only one group can be on top. Either it be LND or PWA to means the
          same.. It doesn't matter to me either way.. I would like to see LND
          be there for a time to prove that it can be done again.. but in all
          honesty it doesn't matter to me 
DEFACTO2: What your personal opinion about utility scene in 1996? Who are the
          top 5 utility groups?

ORION:    There isn't 5 groups that rank toward the top. PWA, LND, DOD are
          the leaders, shifting 2nd and 3rd weekly. There are a few groups
          out there that have potential if they can get releases on a daily
          basis they would be something to contend with. But as it is right
          now there aren't many.

DEFACTO2: What do you mean under "daily basis" ?

ORION:    Weekly instead of monthly, releases that can't get pulled of the
          companies web sites etc.. 

DEFACTO2: You have any final comments or greets?

ORION:    Just watch LND as it matures in the future. It will surprise a lot
          of people.

      _____            __                           ______
     _\____|________ _|  |_  _________________ _____\____|______ ___   __
    |      |        |     _|   _____|  ____/  |   |      |   ___|   |_|  |
    |      |    |   |    |___   __|_     |    |   |      |   __|_   | |  |
    |____  |___ |___|__  |  /____   |____|___     |____  |____   |___|   |
       \___/ \__|     \____/   |____/       \____/   \___/  |____/   |___/

Interview with: Mason (Motiv8)
Conducted by: IPggi
Subject: Motiv8 in 1996.

DEFACTO2: Please introduce yourself to the readers Mason, what groups are you 
          currently in and what have you been apart of in the past?

MASON:    I have been in the scene for nearly 14 years. Most of my years in
          the C-64 scene I was in groups like dom, x-ray, unicess, motiv8
          (c-64 section) 3 years ago I went to PC scene and started motiv8.

DEFACTO2: So you left the C-64 Motiv8 group to start a new PC division?

MASON:    No - I'm still in motiv8 c64 as cracker. 

DEFACTO2: Why did you feel the need to start a motiv8 PC division, and make
          it a courier group?

MASON:    Because I started in the PC-scene unknown and it was easier to
          start my own then asking to join a group.

DEFACTO2: How does the old and current C64 scene compare with the current PC
          scene, are there many obvious similarities?

MASON:    I like the C64-scene better, but we miss some parts of it in the PC
          scene. If you look at releases - all of them used to rate releases,
          but they don't subtract points for non-working and dupes also the
          limit of the release groups is getting out of control.

DEFACTO2: You have spent the last three of your fourteen scene years in the
          PC scene. Do you think in the past 3 years the PC scene has
          declined in quality?

MASON:    Yeah a lot has. Now even every kid setup a site with their NT

DEFACTO2: Would you say 1996 is the year that the kiddies took over the
          scene, well at least over-ran it?

MASON:    Exactly ... and it will be worse.

DEFACTO2: But there were kids on the C64 scene, where they not. Most of the
          scene legends started in the scene at an early age.

MASON:    That is true, but in the c64 scene you had to do something to be
          known there.

DEFACTO2: Do you have any plans of leaving the PC scene if it gets worse or
          will you continue on?

MASON:    Well ... As long my old friends is here I will stay in the scene.
          But more of them are quitting the scene so I'm not sure how long
          I will be here.

DEFACTO2: How would you rate Motiv8's performance in 1996?

MASON:    Well, we haven't been doing much in 1996, but we are getting better
          and better again and that will be better for 1997.

DEFACTO2: Motiv8 had some in house fighting early in the year with some key
          members quitting. Did this effect Motiv8's performance this year?

MASON:    It has been giving problems, but key members has left many times
          before the important thing is that I'm still in the top of Motiv8
          and I hope to be there until I get tired of it.

DEFACTO2: When you do tire of Motiv8 will you kill the group or pass it one
          to someone else to continue the Motiv8 name?

MASON:    When I'm gone Motiv8 will be killed as its a part of the deal with
          Motiv8 C64 to Motiv8 PC or another c64 member should be president.

DEFACTO2: What are Motiv8's plans for 1997? Will we see more releases like we
          saw earlier in the year or will you focus more on being couriers?

MASON:    Well ... we will do more about the courier - I'm not sure about our
          plans on releasing .. but personally I don't care for a group being
          both couriers and releasers.

DEFACTO2: Well thank you for your time, any final greets, comments, etc.?

MASON:    Yeah ... I want to say hi to friends around in all groups in the
          scene (nearly all of them have old motiv8 blood) and to you behind
          the magazine - keep up the good work - its a good thing for the

      _____            __                           ______
     _\____|________ _|  |_  _________________ _____\____|______ ___   __
    |      |        |     _|   _____|  ____/  |   |      |   ___|   |_|  |
    |      |    |   |    |___   __|_     |    |   |      |   __|_   | |  |
    |____  |___ |___|__  |  /____   |____|___     |____  |____   |___|   |
       \___/ \__|     \____/   |____/       \____/   \___/  |____/   |___/

Interview with: Winter Hawk (Masque)
Conducted by: Tok
Subject: Masque in 1996.

DEFACTO2: Hello, Please introduce yourself, and tell us, what groups you are
          in, and what groups you have been in the past.

WINTRHWK: Hello all readers of Defacto E-Mag, I am Winterhawk, I am a
          co-leader of the utilities releasing group called Masque. Let's
          see what groups I have been in, have a few hours? :) Welp I started
          out as a courier.  I was in HTC, Hardwire, Motiv8, Malice and
          Stealth, all courier groups.  I have ever been with FSW, Vendetta
          and Masque as far as release groups do.

DEFACTO2: Hardwire merged into Fate in 1995. Didn't Fate get all the Hardwire
          couriers? So why did you not join Fate?

WINTRHWK: I did not agree with what Fate's ultimate plans for Hardwire was. 
          They wanted 4 couriers and our sites and the plans were to drop all
          the other members thereafter, I did not agree with that.

DEFACTO2: If I'm right it was in end of 1995. And you joined Malice after

WINTRHWK: It was in the Fall of 1995, about September, and yes that was
          eventually lead me to Malice. I actually went to Motiv8 after the
          Hardwire thing. Malice allowed me to be in Motiv8 and Malice. They
          felt I could devote time and represent both groups well enough.
          Funny cause it is a policy I ended up despising as a leader later. 

DEFACTO2: What can u say about couriers groups in 1996?

WINTRHWK: What can I say, I think the entire scene is different. Way to many
          people. To many groups that think they are #1 and have no idea how
          to have fun. Most of these couriers have lost sight of the ultimate
          goal, being a courier is a hobby...:)

DEFACTO2: Well, you are leader of Stealth, pretty respected courier group as
          well, what's going on with this group?

WINTRHWK: Stealth is not a subject I care to discuss.  The reason for the
          Stealth break up is personal amongst Stealth members and was a very
          unfortunate event.  Stealth had the ability to be great...just
          things got in the way.

DEFACTO2: Why did you decide to go with utilities and not games? Do you
          dislike games? My personal opinion is that games are for
          fun/kids/etc. I have no time for it, so I prefer useful programs
          for business, etc. that can help me everyday, the ones that are
          too expensive to buy.

WINTRHWK: Masque started out as a group to release files as we got them. The
          main reason for Masque was a way that four friends could stay
          together. We have released a few games including children games. 
          But the main releases are utils. We seem to be running 50% OS/2
          and 50% the other platforms. But I think games are hard to rip and
          crack and a group must have a lot of time and dedication to release

DEFACTO2: What are the main goals of Masque?

WINTRHWK: To have as much damn fun as possible while we are on the net! My
          members get the job done and still have the best damn time. I
          guarantee you will not find a better group on the net. We may not
          be the #1 releasing group but you know what we do not care. Our
          friendships in Masque are what counts the most to us.

DEFACTO2: Nice goals, when was masque was started, 1995?

WINTRHWK: We started Masque in October, 1995. 

DEFACTO2: We all know that you are a female, how are feelings on the scene,
          when there's 80+% dominance of males?

WINTRHWK: Being female does not bother me.  Seems to bother 80% of the males
          on the net...:) Seriously... Me being female has no bearing on how
          I view the scene. I do not think it has helped nor inhibited me.
          Just gives my enemies a few more choice words to call me..:)

DEFACTO2: It's nice to see women on warez scene, life is bad without women
          so it's good, that you and others like you are in the scene. What
          do you think about GLOW? A group which was started by women.

WINTRHWK: Well I do not see GLOW as a woman's group. I see them as a release
          group. A good one at that. I was asked to join GLOW when they first
          started.  But the conflict of running my own group did not allow
          it. And secondly it is kinda nice being the only female in Masque,
          it does have it's advantages..:) Wait my friend Tempest is now in
          Masque. But I have learned to share Stone with her.

DEFACTO2: Well, what do you think about kids on scene? (13-16) ?

WINTRHWK: Kids on the scene, I do not mind them as long as they have some
          maturity to them.  I have a member, Vivid, he is very young but
          more mature than 90% of the net.  What I despise is the little
          kids that try to act to so tough. 

DEFACTO2: Don't you think the scene has changed a lot because of kids?
          A lot of kids now have access to the net and the scene.

WINTRHWK: Yes, the scene has changed but because of the easy access to the
          net. But also the groups are to blame. We have allowed total
          strangers to come in to make 'us better'. In my opinion it has
          destroyed the scene. When a courier can become #1 by FXp (monkey
          trading) it is sad. Real couriers do NOT use FXP!! That is just a
          small example.

DEFACTO2: Yes, I'm total agreement with you dear. Let's see, what will
          happened in 1997? Any ideas what will you doing in 1997?

WINTRHWK: My plans are to stay with Masque and my friends in there. I will
          never join a courier group again, being a courier is just not fun
          to me anymore.  On a personal side they are to get married and
          enjoy life.

DEFACTO2: Any greets or final comments before we go?

WINTRHWK: Greetings go to  all of Masque, you guys are the greatest, Stone
          my favorite rock and Handy you are simply my world!

      _____            __                           ______
     _\____|________ _|  |_  _________________ _____\____|______ ___   __
    |      |        |     _|   _____|  ____/  |   |      |   ___|   |_|  |
    |      |    |   |    |___   __|_     |    |   |      |   __|_   | |  |
    |____  |___ |___|__  |  /____   |____|___     |____  |____   |___|   |
       \___/ \__|     \____/   |____/       \____/   \___/  |____/   |___/

Interview with: Shadow Master (Prestige)
Conducted by: Tok
Subject: Prestige in 1996.

Note: As you all know Shadow Master has left Prestige, this interview was done
      a few weeks before he left. So some of the information could be dated.

DEFACTO2: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

SDWMASTR: Hi, I'm Shadow Master.

DEFACTO2: What groups you in now, and what groups have you been in before?

SDWMASTR: I am now in Prestige, and in the past I was a member of Legend,
          Genesis, Tdu-Jam, and Razor.

DEFACTO2: How long have you been in the scene and when did you join Legend?

SDWMASTR: Well I've been in the scene for 7 years, but I did not begin
          supplying until I joined Legend in 1994.
DEFACTO2: Prestige started in 1996, why did you decide to start your own
          group and did not earlier?

SDWMASTR: Well to be honest, Prestige was around on the Amiga for 2 years I
          believe, and it started on PC in 1995, with the release of Pinball
          Illusions Disk Version. I was never a founding member, so I might
          be wrong on those facts. I never considered Prestige or had even
          heard of it until 1995, when FanFan, who ran Genesis, mentioned
          they were giving us some PC titles. A few months down the road
          when all the people from my other groups had retired, I was in
          I was extremely unhappy with Razor, but there was no place else for
          me to go, as everyone else I knew from way back when had retired.
          Then Prestige released "Super Star Wars," and since I happen to read
          .nfos all the time, I noticed my old friends Tazman and Troops were
          back. These where the guys I worked with in Legend, and so I sought
          them out and asked if they could use some help. From there things
          kind of skyrocketed, and the reason PSG has been so successful is
          because of the efforts of all those who joined after me, and worked
          with each other to make something great.

DEFACTO2: Now our readers know a little bit of history about this great,
          great group Prestige. Lets talk a bit about Razor1911, everyone can
          see that these two groups have a lot of fights. Can you explain

SDWMASTR: There is bad blood between many of our members and the Razor people.
          If you'll take note, either our members are people who were in
          Razor and left for some reason or another, i.e. me, Mod, Faceless,
          Sternone, or those who used to lead the group, TRC, Marauder,
          Randall Flagg, Wolverine, or those who used to always be in the
          groups competing against Razor.  It's a mix of reasons, but we
          could keep people here all day with them...it's a LONG story to
          say the least.

DEFACTO2: I've seen a lot of people moving from RazorCD to Prestige, can you
          tell me anyone who has moved from Prestige or RazorCD?

SDWMASTR: As far as I can recall, there has never been a Prestige member who
          left for Razor.  Zeus and Karrade both left PSG and are now in
          Razor, but when they left it was for the group Paradigm.  I cannot
          think of anyone who left Prestige with the full intention of going
          to Razor.

DEFACTO2: What is your personal opinion about Paradigm and the merge into
          Razor? I saw some topic by a member of Prestige saying
          "paralame + beta 1911 = superlame 90201 " or something like that.

SDWMASTR: I don't like the Razor people and I don't like the Paradigm people. 
          My personal opinion is that they deserve each other :D.

DEFACTO2: What where Prestige's best releases for 1996?

SDWMASTR: The only one I can think of off the top of my head was Tomb Raider. 
          I don't play PC games, so you'll have to forgive me if I only
          remember the recent stuff.

DEFACTO2: Wait a min, your saying that leader of Prestige does not play
          PC games. I don't believe it, how come?

SDWMASTR: I long ago lost interest in PC games, as I favor role playing games,
          fighting games, and platformers.  I've found console machines such
          as PSX are much better for the type I like.  My enjoyment in the
          scene comes from the competition, not from playing the games. I used to
          play floppy games, but now, I just don't play any PC titles.

DEFACTO2: What are your future plans?

SDWMASTR: My future plans are to continue on with the PC scene until the
          Nintendo 64 scene breaks, and I will then try to lessen my
          activities in the PC scene and concentrate on console supplying.

DEFACTO2: What your final verdict of 1996? Was it a happy year for Prestige? 
          What do u think about Scene in 1996? Don't you think it's almost
          turned into chaos, with people only caring about quantity etc.?

SDWMASTR: I think that while it has been a happy year for Prestige, the
          quality of the scene has lowered in general.  People no longer
          appreciate the groups, but what with me seeing group leaders stoop
          so low as to threaten people and whatnot, it doesn't come as a
          surprise. I never listen to people claims of "Quality not Quantity".
          I have supplied more PC and Console titles than almost anyone I
          know and the only time a group has ever said "Q not Q," is when
          they were the ones getting their ass kicked. That does bring me to
          a point of how the scene has lessened. People are so willing to
          talk about how lame a puzzle/card/chess game is, they neglect that
          fact that these are wanted titles. I bet most people didn't know
          that Smart Games outsold Wing Commander 4. Pretty good for a
          "lame" release in my opinion.  Ah well, times change.

DEFACTO2: What do you think about games companies? Do you think developers
          have stopped making good games, leaving us poor quality gameplay,
          no scenario, doom clones with lots of FMV(1)? About 40% of gaming
          companies have split, like: ID, 3dREALMS, Microprose, Spectrum
          Holobyte, and a lot of them are on the way to being sold off.
          Maybe the scene problems originate from the companies problems?
          Maybe scene problems originate from the companies problems?

SDWMASTR: I believe that is correct too.  Now instead of downloading 3 disks
          of something that would always work since it was the whole game and
          finding out is was total crap, now companies fill 650 megs. with
          total crap.

DEFACTO2: Yes, that's it. I hope companies will think about that in 1991-1994,
          there were a lot of nice games, with excellent gameplay, story, and
          so on, the only thing missing was good graphics and sound.
          Companies could make brilliant games without any Real Time video,
          but now it's all crap. Do you have any final comments or greets?

SDWMASTR: Thank you.  I'd like to greet all the people like you who support
          Prestige in all its endeavors.  There are too many people to name,
          but most can be found inside Prestige.nfo :D

(1) Full Motion Video

      _____            __                           ______
     _\____|________ _|  |_  _________________ _____\____|______ ___   __
    |      |        |     _|   _____|  ____/  |   |      |   ___|   |_|  |
    |      |    |   |    |___   __|_     |    |   |      |   __|_   | |  |
    |____  |___ |___|__  |  /____   |____|___     |____  |____   |___|   |
       \___/ \__|     \____/   |____/       \____/   \___/  |____/   |___/

Interview with: Hawkeye (Rapier)                        
Conducted by: IPggi
Subject: Rapier, past and future.

DEFACTO2: Please introduce yourself to our readers Hawkeye. Can you also tell
          us your current and past affiliations.

HAWKEYE:  Well, I'm one of the Leaders of Rapier and I'm also in Sodom member
          and Prestige courier. I've been in net-scene quite a long time. I
          used to lead Jihad (euro courier group) long time ago, it was like
          Devotion nowadays, I guess many people still remember it.

DEFACTO2: How long have you been a member of Rapier? Can you give the readers
          an insight into Rapier's History?

HAWKEYE:  Well, I've been in Rapier since it started! Manhunter got me into
          (old) Rapier when he left from Malice and started the (old) Rapier.
          But then the (old) Rapier died because Manhunter didn't had enough
          time to lead it and there were some problems with council. Suddenly
          in the Summer Rioandken and Cq asked me to join to this (new)
          Rapier and I joined. We then tried to get old members back, but it
          wasn't so easy as they were involved in other groups but at least
          some of those came with us, and here we are now!

DEFACTO2: The old Rapier if I remember correctly was more dominate on the BBS
          scene while the new Rapier seems to focus more on the Internet, was
          this a deliberate change or was this just part the continued
          progression of the scenes movement towards the Internet?

HAWKEYE:  Yes, old Rapier was more dominate on the BBS'es, but this time
          we're trying to hit to the sites, cause nowadays those mean much
          more than  BBS'es. BBS'es can't compete with the Internet sites!
          Nowadays release groups uploads their releases to sites before
          BBS's.. and it wasn't like that when old Rapier was alive, in that
          time BBS couriers got new releases from BBS's and gave them to net
          couriers.. but not anymore!

DEFACTO2: How was Rapier's year in 1996?

HAWKEYE:  Heh, well it was kinda messy =) We lost many good couriers but also
          got many good ones back, and I personally think that we have quite
          good net team right now. LOYALTY means everything for us! Always if
          new member comes to Rapier. I'll talk with him about the loyalty. I
          got enough for people like nevermind, that group hopper doesn't
          even know what loyalty means! But everything seems to work pretty
          good right now! We have very good sites, and good net team! Maybe
          next year we'll be ready for competing with Risc! =)

DEFACTO2: Loyalty is an important issue with most groups, no one likes a
          group hopper. How is Rapier's performance on the main scene sites?

HAWKEYE:  Well, we're getting more people to main sites right now and people
          who we've added, they've done GREAT job! like [Zero_T]. He's quite
          new in scene, but he knows what loyalty means. many groups have
          tried to get him but he'll stay cause he likes us, Rapier is like
          one big family! And that's the way we make the group work, if
          everybody are friends in the group no one will leave.

DEFACTO2: Now that 1996 is at an end, what are Rapier's plans for 1997?

HAWKEYE:  Nothing special I think, maybe give some friendly competition to
          Risc and Devotion. We're like #3 courier group right now and
          Devotion is #2 and Risc is #1, maybe we'll try to be #2 in next
          year =) We're doing this just for fun!

DEFACTO2: Fun, I hear that word a lot but we all know that everyone loves
          the competition and even the politics involved. Of cause some
          people take it too far. Does Rapier have that more friendly
          atmosphere of Devotion or the more competitive atmosphere of Risc?

HAWKEYE:  Heh, our Atmosphere is like Devotion's or even better =)

DEFACTO2: Well I must thank you for this interview and hope 1997 is a good
          if not better year for Rapier. Any final comments or greets?

HAWKEYE:  Well, I would like to greet these guys!  Manhunter, Chromatiq
          Haywood, Eci, Fronthead, Drake, Cyberphreak, Smaster, Zer0_T
          Samuraion, Darkforce, Crazy, Ddruid and of course to everybody who
          knows me =) and special FUCK OFF to Nevermind!

      _____            __                           ______
     _\____|________ _|  |_  _________________ _____\____|______ ___   __
    |      |        |     _|   _____|  ____/  |   |      |   ___|   |_|  |
    |      |    |   |    |___   __|_     |    |   |      |   __|_   | |  |
    |____  |___ |___|__  |  /____   |____|___     |____  |____   |___|   |
       \___/ \__|     \____/   |____/       \____/   \___/  |____/   |___/

Interview with: M:et (Rebels)
Conducted by: Tok
Subject: Rebels in 1996. 

DEFACTO2: Please introduce yourself, tell our readers what groups you are in
          and what groups have you previously been apart of?

M:ET:     I'm M:ET leader of REBELS I have been in the scene since 1982 when
          I got my first computer and started to mail swap some games. I
          started Rebels Amiga and have been in Rebels since then. But on the
          PC I have also been in Razor1911, Nexus and TRSi, but now it is
          only Rebels and utils that counts. 

DEFACTO2: You are one of the founders of Rebels?

M:ET:     Of the name Rebels yes. I guess it was on the Amiga back in 86 or

DEFACTO2: Okay, how long has PC Rebels been on the scene?

M:ET:     Well it started some years ago with that me and nick from Rebels
          Amiga bought our first PC's and started to release some demos and
          stuff. Later on we merged with 2000ad and then we started to
          release utils seriously. Then again to become a real elite group we
          merged with Pantera with me, Omnibuz, Doson and Racjam were leaders
          so I guess we can say that the 4 of us made Rebels to what it is
          today. A few days ago we merged with CB4, so the leaders of Rebels
          now are 5, myself, Doson, Charley, Omnibuz and Skater.

DEFACTO2: Okay, I know there are two parts of Rebels. Sweden and USA. Is
          Rebels made up of only people from the USA and Sweden?

M:ET:     Well there are not 2 parts of rebels, we work together and are one
          team. But we have most members in Sweden and USA, that is correct.
          But we also have members in lots of different countries.

DEFACTO2: Why do you have official couriers? Currently it is Devotion and
          Stealth where previously. Doesn't Rebels have enough time, to
          coordinate an internal courier division?

M:ET:     Well to keep the member list as short as possible we took the
          decision to use a well organized courier team that we know would
          spread our releases fast and reliable. But sure we could put in an
          courier coordinator in rebels but we see no point in that when
          Devotion are doing such a great job.

DEFACTO2: How was 1996 for Rebels? Are their many good memories from this

M:ET:     Well we started off great and were among the top 3 util crew
          released a lot and only good quality.. then in September we
          almost died, people got tired and had lots of school work and
          different personal problems, but in the beginning of December after
          hard work from the leaders we were back and strong again. We started
          to release as hell again, and now since the merge with CB4 I guess
          we are one of the to 3 again, so look for rbs-*.* on your boards
          and sites cause I can assure you it is worth the dl.

DEFACTO2: What would be the top utility groups in 1996?

M:ET:     Well that's hard to say, to be a top group you must have been around
          for a long time and there is not many of us left and of course you
          must still release a lot and quality stuff .. if I must mention some
          top groups I can just say PWA and DOD, they are cool and have been
          around for a long time. 

DEFACTO2: You said there's five leaders in Rebels, am I right?    

M:ET:     Yes now we are 5 all with different assigns and duties. All work
          hard with their part of Rebels and there are no "lazy" leaders in
          Rebels. We don't work that way, we all have lots of things to do. As
          we are over 80 members now there is a lot to have in mind.

DEFACTO2: Isn't eighty members a lot of work to deal with?

M:ET:     Well we all work on friendship and sure there will be some problems
          when we are so many members. But all have their duty and all knows
          what to do and as we are 5 leaders there should not be any problems. 

DEFACTO2: Why are there so many members, you don't have any couriers. 

M:ET:     Well you will see we have lots of suppliers and lots of crackers.
          That's the main part of Rebels we don't have a single courier. we
          also have 2 dupe checkers to be sure that we don't dupe anyone and
          we have some packers jut to be sure that we can get a releases out
          24 hours/day and then all sysop and site runners are counted as
          members, and all this together makes 80..

DEFACTO2: Thanks for your interview, any final greetings?

M:ET:     Hmm thanks for the interview and good luck with the mag.. final
          greetings must go to the new merged Rebels and all out on the scene
          that do this for fun and in a friendship way see ya all. 

      _____            __                           ______
     _\____|________ _|  |_  _________________ _____\____|______ ___   __
    |      |        |     _|   _____|  ____/  |   |      |   ___|   |_|  |
    |      |    |   |    |___   __|_     |    |   |      |   __|_   | |  |
    |____  |___ |___|__  |  /____   |____|___     |____  |____   |___|   |
       \___/ \__|     \____/   |____/       \____/   \___/  |____/   |___/

Interview with: The Krazy Little Punk (Reflux)
Conducted by: IPggi
Subject: Reflux improving?

DEFACTO2: Please introduce yourself to the readers, what are your current and
          past affiliations etc.

TKLP:     Okay I will list only affils that mean a shit to me.. Tklp, EX-Fate
          releaser, ROR founder, RefluX Founder, Ex-PNC supplier, Ex-XForce
          supplier, Amnesia member, Sodom supplier, EX-Master couriers member
          and EX-Rebels supplier.

DEFACTO2: It's seems you have been in quite a few groups, are you a "group
          jumper"? I mean will you join a group only until you have taken
          what you want and then leave?

TKLP:     Gee your nice, I've only jumped groups with Utils, because they all
          seem not to give a damn about their supplier, sort of use and abuse
          them, and have empty promises. Sodom is the only group who seems to
          be ambitious and follow through with their promises. As for
          couriers, MST died off because of Ego's, Fate well, it was Fate, and
          I was in it for quite some time, When I was a Senior in RTS, I did a
          lot, but ORD- never did shit so I dropped out since it was a waste.

DEFACTO2: I just like getting straight to the point :) Anyway please tell the
          readers some history about Reflux and how it was started.

TKLP:     Okay, well Reflux was started from the best of ROR. ROR as you know
          had problems since the whole Quake mishap, and when the SPA formed,
          TSR wasn't fond of me since there was some rumour, I, and Jestah
          King was going to redo Razor 1911 which was not true, so in order
          to retaliate, he voted to ban ROR (Napalm should have been banned
          Way Before). But since there was a lot of talent in ROR, we
          disbanded the name, took the best of the group, recruited some new
          fresh mat. We Named it Reflux because it means "A RECHARGE OR
          REBIRTH" which is what we were when we began.

DEFACTO2: There was a lot of conflicts between ROR and a lot of game groups
          and Reality Check Network. How did ROR end up being the target of
          these peoples hatred?

TKLP:     ROR didn't really have any problems with any other game groups
          except LEGACY, since we were their main rivals. And about ROR, I
          think it is cause we let a lot of people in and always had to kick
          people out which accumulated, the epitome of the biggest mistake
          in ROR History was the Quake Beta labeled as Final.

DEFACTO2: Ahhh the infamous Quake Beta. Why did you release this? Piston did
          an interview with me in the old Defacto and he claimed, "well you
          did get a chance to play the full quake game before it was released
          even if it was a beta." But I remember before you released the fake
          Quake that this full beta version was already floating around.

TKLP:     Okay well [RI-X], who supplied Quake Final To Razor, told me it was
          the final, and he sent it to me hex edited supposedly to look like
          the final, I trusted him, and released it. the deal was he got
          hardware out of it.

DEFACTO2: What did you give him for this released that caused the death of
          your group, a Hard drive, a Playstation?

TKLP:     We were going to give him a 17" Monitor, but we didn't since the
          release was bullshit.

DEFACTO2: Lets go back to Reflux, how would you rate it's performance in 1996?

TKLP:     Well it was very mild, we had high and low times, but nothing too 
          spectacular I admit, partly do to my living at military school and
          also a long vacation during the summer when we lost our main
          suppliers. But we picked up in December, and with the comeback of
          g0d and others, We will do extremely well I assure you in 97.

DEFACTO2: Some group leaders in the other games groups says Reflux could be
          competing with the likes of them if they got their act together,
          what do you say to that?

TKLP:     Well not to be modest, but I personally could easily be one of the
          tops in the scene supplying wise, just that since I board at my
          military school, I only have the weekends to do store pickups, so I
          have to depend on others to take care of the store pickups, but with
          the joining of G0D who owns his own hardware/software store, that
          will help out a lot, also we have picked up some dedicated people to
          do store pickups. Organization is being worked on extremely and
          RefluX Will Rise To Retain The #1 Spot we once held the early months
          of ROR in 1995.

DEFACTO2: G0d will be supplying for Reflux? Didn't he retire earlier in the

TKLP:     Yes, and he has made his way back to the scene, now that he has a
          lot more time on his hands. 
DEFACTO2: What are Reflux's plans for 1997?

TKLP:     Well RefluX, with the addition of G0D, the more activity of my other
          co-leader Tai Pan, and the new supplying recruits, we are
          guaranteeing dominance in 1997. We shall claim our #1 spot which
          once was ROR's its very first couple months (October 95). With the
          fall of Prestige, we shall take over the US store pickups, and
          hopefully build a foundation in Europe also. We shall be the first
          to release a game in 97.. Dec 31 at midnight, watch for The Flux...
          it will be devastating.

DEFACTO2: Okay, best of luck, any final words or greets before we go?

TKLP:     Welp I hate doing greets because I always leave out someone, but
          ill try ;) .. Tai Pan - For always standing by me. G0D - For coming
          back, and also just being my comrade through a lot. and to some
          (PCROX),ZIMA MAN,ZEUS,CRACKPOT,RIDDLER, and anyone I forgot I
          apologize.. oh and a BIG FAT FUCK YOU TO THAT LARD-ASS ARCH|VILE ..
          laff Oh and a greet to XDC, ALCHEMIST, MANIC,R00T and PEST .. okay
          that's it ;)

      _____            __                           ______
     _\____|________ _|  |_  _________________ _____\____|______ ___   __
    |      |        |     _|   _____|  ____/  |   |      |   ___|   |_|  |
    |      |    |   |    |___   __|_     |    |   |      |   __|_   | |  |
    |____  |___ |___|__  |  /____   |____|___     |____  |____   |___|   |
       \___/ \__|     \____/   |____/       \____/   \___/  |____/   |___/

Interview with: The Punisher (Razor 1911)
Conducted by: Tok
Subject: Razor 1911 in 1996.
Interviewer: Saint Tok

DEFACTO2: Hi, please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us what
          what groups you are in, and what groups have you previously been in.

TPUNISHR: Handle is The Punisher, I am the current "leader" of Razor 1911
          and a senior in Drink or Die. I have been in several groups, from
          ETA to MTY, to AMN, to EMP etc. but my main concern has always
          been Razor.

DEFACTO2: Please, tell us a little story on why you became the Razor
          leader. Why where you chosen?  

TPUNISHR: Can't truly say to be honest, I have done a fair share in the
          group over the 1 to 1 1/2 years in the group, started off as a
          courier, got into supplying some titles and me and TSR became good
          friends and things just kind of happened from there.  I'm sure
          there are others that can do it, and there might be others that
          can do it better...you never know, but I'm doing the best I can
          and will continue to.

DEFACTO2: What is your views about this group Razor 1991, legend of the scene.
          How long are you planing to stick with it? 

TPUNISHR: Welp, Razor has been the longest lasting group to ever hit the
          scene. It's had its share of leaders and members come and go, but
          still continued to release high-quality titles time and time
          again.  I think the "legend" is a achieved status, something that
          people in the scene will never forget no matter what certain
          people say or do. I will stick to this group till I can't do it

DEFACTO2: How do you explain Razor being "kinda down", Razor has gotten it's
          self a bad reputation in 1996 'beta' releases, and a lot of people
          leaving Razor for other groups. What is your comments about that?  

TPUNISHR: Welp, the fact that Razor was down all depends on how you look at
          it.  Razor has slammed some GREAT titles in 96.  Matter of fact I
          was looking through a CGW top 100 games of the year and Razor had
          most of the titles in the top 10.  The group has never believed in
          releasing anything and everything despite what some people try to
          portray to the scene.  Razor did release some beta's due to a
          supplier who would package them as finals and hex edit etc.. I
          don't think I need to name names.  The group has had it's hard
          times, but we just released Red Alert not too long ago, and have
          had some nice titles in between there, NBA Jam extreme, Tunnel B1,
          and so forth. The group is on a nice roll right now.

DEFACTO2: Was 1996 a good or bad year for Razor 1911? What are your good and
          bad memories for 1996?

TPUNISHR: I've had some bad memories in 96, the beta's, the group fights,
          the bullshit politics of it all to be honest.  I myself have done
          some bad things in 96 and don't expect Santa to come, but we all
          make mistakes and we learn from them.  That's part of real life as
          It's been a decent year for Razor 1911, we have some things to
          work on and some things to learn from, 97 will be a promising

DEFACTO2: What about good memories?

TPUNISHR: My absolute best memory would probably be us slamming Red
          Alert and TSR's retirement, we had me, Zeus, TSR, Thirdson,
          Pharaoh, SMaster, Vitas, Pitbull, Sir_Alf, all just hanging out on
          the net and on a voice conference wishing TSR farewell and having
          a good time, hell SMaster was even given OP's in #razor that
          night. To be honest, there are a ton of memories but it's really
          too difficult to just pick one or two or even three.

DEFACTO2: When you say 'the group fights' do you mean the Razor-Prestige war
          or do you mean something else? 

TPUNISHR: That particularly, but it's really no bother anymore.  Prestige
          has a well-trained set of people to run to the store, therefore
          they win on title's that hit the store.  Granted there have been
          some big titles to hit store and PSG has won on them, however it's
          a fact that most of the blockbuster titles get nailed inside or by
          other means of supplying.  Which is where Razor tends to excel. 
          The fight between PSG and Razor is one that started from friendly
          competition and turned over time into all out war. It's settled
          down a bit. Hell, I got a call from cybphreak, Skill and Blue Adept
          for Christmas.

DEFACTO2:  What do you think is better: Strike on time in month with ultra 
           quality release like Quake, Red Alert, etc., or release 20-30 
           games per month of not too high quality, since there's ton's of 
           games out every month. 

TPUNISHR: Welp, for me personally if I can supply or see 4 kick ass titles
          under the Razor flag, or see 20 to 30 titles that I don't even
          want to remember none the less play I would choose the 4 hands
          down every time. But that's just me, PSG says they do the scene a
          favor by giving them everything, good for them.

DEFACTO2: Okay, I got your point of view. Tell us your top three games
          groups right now.

TPUNISHR: Welp not in any particular order because everyone has an opinion.
          Razor 1911, Hybrid, Prestige are the only 3 groups that I think
          can constantly supply title after title. Reflux is showing some
          promise but it remains to be seen if they can stay consistent.

DEFCATO2: Do you want to greet someone or have any last words?

TPUNISHR: My heart filled greets go to: Vitas (slap that woman around a
          little), Pitbull (you've slapped your's too much), TSR (blood in
          blood out), ZEUS (get a fucking day job :D), Thirdson, Pharaoh,
          Manhunter, SMaster, Chairman, Dong Silver, Wedge, Dark Rebellion,
          Madturnip, Jimmy Jamez, Holybeast, Beowulf, Kali, Chinablue, and
          EVERYONE else in the PC scene.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New

      _____            __                           ______
     _\____|________ _|  |_  _________________ _____\____|______ ___   __
    |      |        |     _|   _____|  ____/  |   |      |   ___|   |_|  |
    |      |    |   |    |___   __|_     |    |   |      |   __|_   | |  |
    |____  |___ |___|__  |  /____   |____|___     |____  |____   |___|   |
       \___/ \__|     \____/   |____/       \____/   \___/  |____/   |___/

Interview with: Saint Tok (Sodom)
Conducted by: IPggi
Subject: Sodom in 1996.

DEFACTO2: Please tell the readers a bit about yourself Saint Tok. Don't forget
          to mention you past and present affiliations as well.

SAINTTOK: Hehhe, well what I need to tell about my self. Well, I'm from Russia
          my nick name was Tok, and I have added Saint into it. So, I'm Saint
          Tok now. I'm leader of Sodom, was in: Motiv8, Amnesia, Prestige
          Razor 1191, ROR.

DEFACTO2: Saint Tok, why did you feel the need to add the "Saint" in front of
          your nick, don't you think this is a bit egotistical?

SAINTTOK: Well, I can explain, no, I did not think about ego's when I was
          added it, I just did it because of one big reason: people don't know
          what TOK mean. so, when I was added Saint, there is no need to
          explain what my nick means... it's easy now... just Saint Tok, btw.
          TOK means in Russian: HIGH VOLTAGE, for example...220/110 v =>

DEFACTO2: But why did you choose "Saint" ? Surely another word could have been

SAINTTOK: Well... I did not know... just add Saint... well, maybe because I'm
          living in Saint Petersburg... but can't tell you for sure. =>

DEFACTO2: You have been in a few groups in the past year, especially a lot of
          game groups. Are you a group jumper?

SAINTTOK: No, I was site-op of site called: PROGRESSIVE.. so, I just come into
          Prestige, as member site, after that, in Prestige was conflict
          between me and Zeus, so, I was decide to leave PSG and Razor invited
          me as EHQ. I was in Razor as EHQ for a few weeks before site owner
          was busted. Sodom was brother group with ROR., so I was in ROR, and
          supplied games to them. That's it., I'm pretty loyal, and hate group

DEFACTO2: Are you the original founder of Sodom, and how was Sodom started?

SAINTTOK: Well, yes... I was founder.. Sodom was started in 1995 summer, with 
          NetRunner, (NetRunner from Russia, not from DOD).

DEFACTO2: How has Sodom progressed since that first summer of 95?

SAINTTOK: Well, it depends.... hard to say actually, but when we was started
          there' was only 10 people, and main goal was "bring out quality
          releases from Russia, in English". Now we work with 56 people in
          Sodom, I mean, Sodom now has 50+ members world wide. We are
          respected, good group, and we have good reputation. We have anything
          we want, people in Sodom are happy. We have brilliant organization,
          and we bring out quality and useful releases. 

DEFACTO2: So why isn't Sodom Number 1, or even in the top 5 ?

SAINTTOK: Sorry? You don't think Sodom is not in top5?
DEFACTO2: Well the top 5 is highly debatable.

SAINTTOK: Well, okay, I don't think I need answer your question then.

DEFACTO2: I would say the top 3 include DOD, LND, PWA. But after that it's
          hard to say. Why are you not in established position like those

SAINTTOK: Well, it's because of age.. we are only 1.5 years. here, so, and
          I'm really not sure. that LND is in top 3 groups over here, but
          it's just my opinion.

DEFACTO2: Yes true, opinions vary. Okay, Sodom has been in the scene for over
          2 years now, how would you say the scene has changed since Sodom
          first started?

SAINTTOK: Hmm... hard question... times fly.. but I was on the scene before
          Sodom start.. so I can say how it's changed from 1992 or whatever.
          Well, the main reason why it's changed a lot, are kids, and a lot,
          shit loads of people who can get access to Internet for free, or
          for little money., there's are a lot of people and kids who did not
          know shit, I mean, who think that they are gods, and can talk about
          anything. Ego shit, disloyalty was brought to the scene by kids as
          well. But Internet is improving from day to day, link's better and
          better from month to month as well, but it's really bad, that every
          kid want to start he's own group, and that's what going on now days.
          Groups born and die, every month. And I did not know, why they do it
          probably they want to be popular, or something, I saw a lot of guys
          in RCN, which where trying to be popular, but everything is okay,
          and we can live here in peace.

DEFACTO2: How would you rate Sodom's performance in 1996?

SAINTTOK: From 1 to 10?

DEFACTO2: No I mean in words.

SAINTTOK: It's depends, about what part of 1996 we talking about. But, in 
          general, I'm glad about that, and there' was up and down times, so
          in general I'm happy, and what the hell, we are alive, and I can
          tell u that only few groups which was started in 1995 still alive
          now.. so, that's it.

DEFACTO2: What are your future plans for Sodom?

SAINTTOK: Well, work, work, work, release, release, release, fun, fun, fun,
          and lot's of other things, we will show what we can do in 1997, and
          I know for sure, you won't be disappointed.

DEFACTO2: Any greets or final words before we go?
SAINTTOK: Greeting fly out to: Prestige, Razor, Hybrid, Risc, Devotion
          Empire, Rapier, Motiv8, PWA, DOD, Rebels, XForce, LND, Masque, and
          everyone from SODOM!


  Well that was our first issue for you. Any questions, comments, etc please
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