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The Grim Reaper does an interview with Adrenalin just before he leaves The Dream Team.
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Interview with The Grim Reaper -=TDT=- Member / ViSiON-X Affiliate Conducted by: Ricochet [O2/93] RIC: Hello Mike. How have you been doing lately? TGR: Pretty good... RIC: What other hobbies do you have outside of computer BBSing? TGR: For now, College and my Business... RIC: How long have you been into the computer BBS scene? TGR: Hmmm... The IBM scene, about 2 years... A long time ago, back in '85, I was involved in the Apple scene but quit using computers for about 5 years after I got my driver's license... RIC: Do you think it has gotten better, same, or worse from when you first started? Why? TGR: Better and Worse... Better, because all of the Warez are getting out so fast nowadays, and everything Released ends up on the Major boards within 2 Days whether it needed to be cracked or not... We also are getting alot of the English (and some groups Release the Non-English stuff, Grrr...) Releases out of Europe now, that otherwise would never have been seen in the U.S., or we are getting them in Europe way before the U.S. Release of the title, which can be as much as 6 Months later at times... The scene has had it's ups and downs in the last 2 Years... Right now, the ANSi and VGA Groups seem to have been putting out some unbeleivable stuff lately..., and the Quality has just gotten better and better... In the last 3-4 Months, -[iCE]- has come from being a bit behind <ACiD> to easily taking the #1 spot... A new group called Legacy is vying with <ACiD> for 2nd place, and seems to be gaining ground... But I hear both of the latter groups are having problems, with some Members leaving and whatnot... But this is just my opinion... We are totally lacking a High Quality VGA Mag that comes out regularly every month... Hopefully Adrenalin, Lancelot-2, or PAW will keep improving and have stable enuff Members to put one out every Month. As far as the scene getting Worse, some groups are putting out non-working early versions of Betas, just to get a release out... Other groups are releasing games from Europe in French or German or whatever... Totally Lame... It wastes up to 10+ Megs of people's DL time... Low Quality groups, and low quality Members have come and gone... That's the nature of the scene... But the number of Lamers, some a result of cheap 14.4k V.32bis's is unbelievable... The number of people who have no clue, and believe any rumour they hear floating around is hilarious... It's gotten to be like the Gossip Mags... It's sickening at times to see the lamers in the scene that sit around and gossip like a bunch of old women or something... RIC: What were some of the first boards you started calling? TGR: Hmmm... Alot of boards have come and gone... BBS-A-Holic was my all time favorite... He had heavy ANSi support, and kept High Quality Users on his board... It went down when USA died, and Genesis dropped the scene... RIC: Which boards do you believe are the best around today? TGR: Unlawful Entry, Elusive Dreams... RIC: What groups were the best back then? TGR: Hmmm... When I came into the scene it was INC, right after The FiRM had died... THG was already getting anemic even as far back as 2 years ago... RIC: What BBS Softwares do you think provides the most competition with ViSiON-X? TGR: Up to a point, Oblivion/2... But I truely think their Programming Team is fairly weak in their skills... They are the next best Forum hack to ViSiON-X in my opinion. There are bits and pieces of things in Obv/2 that they are ahead in, that we have noted. But overall I'd say V-X is still in the lead. Celerity seems to have fallen off a cliff as far as Quality or a Net goes... Obv/2 deserves credit for taking the #2 spot since Celerity has been stagnating so bad... I do not believe Celerity 2.0 will amount to much... It is just a marketing scheme to hit all of those PD'ers up for more money... RIC: How did you get involved with ViSiON-X? TGR: About 2 years ago when Crimson Blade ran into legal problems, ViSiON 0.83 was abandoned... At the time I was running Telegard, and was truley sick of it... I loved the look of the software, and hated to think it was dying after only being around for 3-4 Months... I liked it more than LSD, becuz LSD was so limited in colors... I found Warlord locally to take over programming, and keep ViSiON alive as ViSiON-X... We also kept FelonyNET alive, which to this day requires a Major Group Affil for you even to be considered joining the Net... At a later date, V-X was passed over to Ryec, who is an unbelievable Programmer... Better than any BBS Author I have known, including Slavelord and The Byter, both of whom know how to program quite well... Ryec is on his 2nd or 3rd year of a Computer Science Degree... RIC: What electronic magazines have you seen lately that have impressed you? Why? TGR: Lancelot-2 gets better every Issue... PAW (Pirates Analyze Warez) has been getting pretty good... I wish PAW would get better sources as far as releases go (They seem to miss alot of the Warez, or give credit to the wrong groups), and that they'd fix their Mouse support heheh, but overall their Mag has become quite good... They need to get an account on Elusive... RIC: What electronic magazines do you feel are the 'all-time-greatest'? Why? TGR: iNSANITY was my all-time favorite, but it only made about 3 Issues before Black Spyrit abandoned it... It had an unbelievable interface, few bugs, and at the time a year ago, support by all the Major ANSi and VGA Artists, as well as interviews from the Most important people in the scene... It was also a very non-biased Mag, which is very important if you want to run a good mag... It had alot of little cool things, like Top 10 Boards, etc... RIC: Which current art groups do you think are the best in ANSi/VGA? Do you really care too much about the artwork in the scene? TGR: -[iCE]- seems to have really taken over the lead as far as Quality and Quantity goes.... I think the ANSi/VGA Groups are one of the most important parts of the scene... Without ANSi's, I don't think boards would be worth calling at all... They bring alot of life to the scene... RIC: Which current cracking groups do you feel are doing the best? TGR: I think the releases speak for themselves... For now, TDT and RAZOR. As I'm leaving TDT, it remains to see what happens to TDT. Watch for a new group soon. I do believe Razor has alot of problems as far as Backstabbing Members within their own group, not to mention money problems, and too many Members... We like to keep the group very small, and Sites to a minimum... RIC: What cracking group(s) do you believe will ALWAYS in your mind be the all-time greatest group(s) that ever existed, if any? TGR: All time greats as far as Releases go... FiRM THG INC with all of the above being dead, now it's between -=TDT=- and Razor and the new group we are now forming... RIC: How do you feel about all those rumors regarding TDT busting boards and the incident with Pepsi Man? TGR: It's simple enuff... Contact Jormungand from Infinite Ragnarok, and he'll clear it up fast... None of it was true, which people should be getting used to by now... He didn't deal well with getting kicked out of the group, especially seeing that noone else liked him in the scene... RIC: So what exactly is the status of Pepsi Man? Many people including myself have seen several NFO files floating around regarding it.. can you provide us with the exact incident? TGR: He wasn't doing anything for the group, was lazy, and was mouthing off to both myself and Hard Core, so he was removed... Not really a big deal... You shouldn't believe most of the textfiles floating around... Especially ones that are so blatantly fabricated... RIC: What is your side of the rumors floating around regarding you 'borrowing' approx. $2000 and not paying it back and also selling a faulty 1.2 gig optical drive [that you supposedly got for free] to Blade Runner? Is there any truth to this? Why do you think FLT is accusing you of such acts? TGR: I spent over $5000 of my own money on that group. As far as the 1.2 Gig Optical went, we weren't sure if it worked or not, and I agreed to have it repaired for free if he had any problems... In any case, the check he paid for it with bounced... After the shit hit the fan in FLT, it got blown out of proportion... So in the end Blade Runner ended up with a Free Drive, but a dead group... RIC: What do you have to say to all those people that still stubbornly believe you are a NARC? TGR: Believe what you want, but use your brain... It's unbelievable how many people out there don't have one tho... RIC: Any greets you personally wish to say what's up or fuck you to? Go ahead.. TGR: Greets to: Hard Core, White Rose, Soultaker, Jormungand, Sharp, Vertigo, Devestator, Dr. Q2, Sparkling Flash, Maximilian, Aftermath, S.S., Redskin, and everyone else... Everyone gets what they deserve in the end... RIC: Thanks for your time Mike. Good luck in the future..
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