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The Net Monkey Weekly Report, 37. by The Net Monkey Weekly Report (NWR)

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Couriers unite?
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Netmonkey Weekly Report
March 2nd, 1999

                                  g#S$     d.      ____      ascii by garflozzy
                     ____         $$$: -- ,$b ----- $$$  ___
                     $$$$$s    __ :$$l $',$$$$.`$$ :$$$._l$$:
           ,s#S$$$$: $$$"╚$$b.`╚$i $$$ ',$$'└$$,`$ l$$$T$$$$._
--------- l$$$$$$$$ :$$l b,`Y$$,`l l$$.d$P . └$$,` $$l" $$$▓T$S#g._ -----------
░░░░░░░░░ :$$$$$$$l l$$: $$b.`Y$$, :$$$$' d$b └$$,d$$: :$$l ,.`"▓T$S# ░░░░░░░░░
           $$$$$$$: $$$ :$$$$. Y$$.s$$$' d$$$b '$$$$l  l$$: l$'.d$$'
           $$$$$$$. $$$ l$$$$$. $$$Sl$' d$$$$$b '$$$: :$$l .'.d$$'
           $$$$$$l :$$l $$$$$$l l$$::P :$$$$$$$b.`$l  l$$:  ~~~~~~~
------------------ l$$: ------- :$$l.' ---------- `: ;$$l ---------------------
                   $$$  ░░░░░░░ .l$$ ::              ~~~~
           │ $$S#s,$$$           :::
                   `Y$  [ n ] ETMONKEY [ W ] EEKLY [ R ] EPORT

    Support NWR and CWS, and email your weektops to:
    Thank you!

    Are we on time? I don't fucking know. It's Saturday night and I'm 
    writing my intro! Clearly, we are not coded or on the web yet, sigh. 
    But we are back in action. I am back behind the lines of Biased 
    Courier Report and we have a few goodies again of people making fools 
    of themselves. 
    We also have the results of the Blackacid Voting Booth for NWR. Those 
    are to be posted in this issue. You may also have noticed that one of 
    our other more lazy sponsors, has posted their own Voting Booth. I 
    encourage everyone that enjoys NWR to go vote that you love it, 
    otherwise, I say RHQ should stop ripping off my ideas. 
    Enjoy the mag folks.

                                       -Lester [Co-Editor/Head Writer]

    Hi there. We are releasing on a tuesday night. Fuck me if you don't
    like it!  ;D

    A decent issue this time around, prozac is finally back! yay! Not only
    did we get a weekly report out of him, but we are also featuring 
    prozac's monthly biased report for the month of February.. Be sure
    to check that out, the filename is PPGR0299.TXT in the zip file.

    Lester is back on the movie scene, doing 8mm, and 200 cigs.
    Bud and ryche bust out their stuff, and i got all the rest of
    the shit going on... word.
    Our "Blast from the past" seems to be MIA for the 2nd week in a row,
    so if any oldschool ppl wanna do something along those lines, we would
    happily accept it... Or even newschool ppl who wanna try and give it
    a bit of perspective..

    *Sigh*... Well.... i guess tdpriest and jess met up and went to the
    zoo last week, and the usual wacky hijinx ensued... who can tell with
    those 2 crazy kids?  Anyways, check out jesspic9.jpg for a taste of
    what happened there.

    We also got a txt file that Lester made (i think!) called 'fuckups.txt'.
    Its actually pretty embarrassing... Check it out to see just how far
    downhill the couriering scene is THIS week.. ;p  *sigh*

    Check out: http://networksecurity.org/   heh... leet.. hax0rized..

    And finally... if it is sunday, monday, or tuesday night, and nwr
    is still not out, please don't message me about the mag... thanks.

    Enjoy, and have a safe week, kiddies..
                                     ndetroit [Co-Editor/Head Fatass]

-----------[ index ]-----------

   I.)   Intro 
               a) Lester
               b) ndetroit

   II.)  Quotes of the Week  

   III.) Stats - Ndetroit's Weekly Stats, and comments on Sites.
   IV.)  Lester's Biased Courier Report

   V.)   Articles 
               a) Prozac's Kinda Biased Games Report
               b) Bud's Biased Utils Report
               c) Lesters Moview Reviews
               d) VCD Group and Movie Reviews
               e) Survey Says! 
               f) Couriers unite?

   VI.)  Scene News - All the news thats fit to print 
   VII.)  Rumors! 

   VIII.)  Closing

---------------------[ Quotes of the Week! ]---------------------

-<MrPuMPk1N> hi kenzo
 <[Kenzo]> heya MrPuMPk1N

| 03 grad     ViCE     HIRE ME 4 HARD ROCK SHIRTS!   134  362MB 267K/s | 

-<Kokah> TiRRE is TOtALLy LAMER

-<MrPuMPkiN> lester
 <MrPuMPkiN> i know your a taken man
 <MrPuMPkiN> i wouldnt want to offend tdp

-<[sitez]> [Wetdreams] -0224- (sitez/MNM/-=* MiLLENNiUM *=-) Swedish.Recipe.

-<kl0py> [DL] -Label.Em.v1.0.Regged-iND- (k1ng/RTS) New
 <kl0py> [DL] -Label.Em.v1.0.Regged-iND- (k1ng/RTS) STH
 <kl0py> [DL] -Label.Em.v1.0.Regged-iND- (k1ng/RTS) Util
 <kl0py> [DL] -Label.Em.v1.0.Regged-iND- (k1ng/RTS) Upload
 <kl0py> [DL] -Label.Em.v1.0.Regged-iND- (k1ng/RTS) by
 <kl0py> [DL] -Label.Em.v1.0.Regged-iND- (k1ng/RTS) Label.Em.v1.0.Regged-iND

-<Alkivar> IRIS.Antivirus.Plus.v22.17-SHOCK  <--- wow DoD missed that one :P

-<Powrtool> I suck so much, I can't get into Risc

-[Lester   ] skimps..stop jerkin off to pics and give me pr0n
 [shawnkh1 ] almost done
 [shawnkh1 ] ack
 [shawnkh1 ] sticky fingers

-*** Joins: _mray (metaray@IRAQ.MIL)
 *** Joins: metaray (metaray@phear.the.metaray)
 <[STiX]> richie
 <ndetroit> whoa..
 <ndetroit> that is a cool bounce..
 <Lester> mray..make me one..:)
 <Lester> .is.the.tenth.most.hated.man.of.1998

-----------[ ndetroit's sites and stats section ]-----------

    Hello, i am having a really difficult time concentrating this week.

    Falsehood dropped SCUM, and got RiSE and OGN... Good work for OGN, its
  nice to see FH with only 1 games affil. However, the site does have about
  18 utils/cracking affils (who can tell the difference any more?), so yay
  for them, but i think that fucking sucks.. ;p
    Wacky wacky... TPC picked up a new WHQ! Its one of those sites that the
  siteop asked us not to mention, so if you really care what site is now
  TPC WHQ (for ALL THOSE TPC PRE'S), then you can check out bacid's or
  union's page who apparently have the green light in mentioning this site.
    Heh... NWR is so.... mainstream....  ;p
    PNC dropped RDX, RDX is now LND HQ... Apparently rdx's decline is going
  to come to a stop soon, as bones has now taken over control of the site 
  from hazzy, so... lets hope he cleans things up there again..
   I see there is a new site up called "KANE", "K" for short... i checked
  out the weektop, and tirre was #1 by about 350 megs.. so.. i dunno if
  that means the site sucks, and no one is interested in it, or tirre is
  just really really good... ;p
    Someone tells me that NEC is leet and phearsome and shit, so i'll
  check that out this week... Maybe it will be on list next week.
    IC got CORE as their cracking affil and now have CLS/SGE/RADIUM/CORE
  as release affils... Pretty sweet. However, support seems to be lacking
  in the past few weeks. Dev is doing their job, but everyone else seems
  to have..... lost interest? ... who knows, maybe ppl are just taking 
  a break.
    E dropped DVN, and picked up a great OGN affil, becoming OGN EHQ.. 
    Umm... i couldn't find VDR again this week, so fuck em, i'm leaving
  them off.. Thanks to tech and zeus who scrounged up wktops for me.

	Sites are rated on a 3X and 2X scale.. if you want to know why we 
 do it that way, read an old issue. Couriers get 10 points per site they get
 #1 on, 9 points for 2nd place, 8 points for 3rd, etc, etc. 
	Sites are rated by us. If you don't like the ratings, then.... 
heh... fuck off and die..

          The Top Ten sites for this week are:

           x3 FS -*- STH -*- ET -*- E -*- HOE
           x2 FH -*- DLS -*- TV -*- TOS -*- IC

	          ---=NETMONKEY COURiER REPORT=---

 trader       group   FS STH ET  E HOE FH DLS TV TOS IC   pts   pos    
 godbless     DEV      2   2  2  2   2  3   1  7   9  0   206   [1] 
 acidapple    DEV      4   8  5  0   4  5   0  0   0  0   126   [2] 
 jaydee       DEV      1   0  0  6   1  1   0  0   2  0    80   [3]  
 tc           VGN      0   1  1  1   0  0   0  3   0  0    76   [4] 
 pixel        DMS      3   0  7  0   5  4   0  0   4  0    68   [4] 
 wishmaster   DEV      6   0  0  0   0  9   0  0   0  4    63   [6] 
 tirre        AoD      7   5  0  0   7  0   5  0   0  0    54   [7]  
 mad          ???      0   3  4  0   0  0   0  0   0  0    51   [8] 
 cedric       AoD      4   9  0  0   3  6   6  5   0  0    50   [9] 
 bohnz        TFA      9   4  0  0   6  0   0  0   3  0    42  [10]  

 * = no weektop this week.

-----------[ Lester's Biased Courier Section ]-----------

Biased Courier Report

Yes friends, after 2 weeks of embarrassingly poor Biased reports from 
guest people(no offense). I am back in action. And yes I am even PAYING A
TTENTION to the shit I am talking about. For I am even trading, who knows 
how long this will last again, but fuck it right? Like you all care. 
On to the good stuff!


Dimension: Now, I know you all say I'm biased, but I'd have to be pretty 
god damn amazingly biased if I wanted to say DMS was owning right now. 
So I'll just say DMS is performing like shit. DMSISO has opened and they 
look pretty sharp, gaining all kinds of people that I'm not gonna bother 
streaming off. DMS has gained DK and placed a couple people on trial to 
attempt to rebuild it seems, and some old lamer named Lester is trading 
for some reason. So who knows what the coming weeks will show for DMS. 
But right now, not so great.

Devotion: The Pre squad is in full effect. Man they cover every site you 
could think of. Jeezus. So the Jaydee/Acidapple/Garoto/Wishy quad team 
action was owning most places, but not alot of ACTUAL trading goin on..:) 
So they'll have to work on that.

AOD: Well, I have gone a long time now without ragging on these guys, and 
it got me to thinking. I am not being fair, why should I be nice to AOD? 
You all dont want me to be biased so I must rag on them too. Only real 
thing to comment on is an event from Thursday. Bohnz traded a nice ip to 
all his sites, causing Glen to hang his head in shame and make a few 
info lines making fun of his little friend. But other than that, they 
gained a new umu.se site that just went up. And they still had 
Morbid(also becoming a prewhore) and the usual boys following his lead. 
So still performing well, but maybe accepting a few too many people.

Risc: Well, even Kruzin left Risc. Not much else to say there.:)

MNM: The dead group has regained Kruzin. Woohoo!

VGN: Jess traded this week. Oh My God! AND! NWR exclusive. She is also a 

Ahh, fuck it thats good enough!

-----------[ Articles ]-----------


-----------[ Prozac's Kinda Biased Gaming Report]-----------

Prozac's Kinda Biased Gaming Report - #7

Sorry for being gone for most of February I had some serious personal
problems arise, and they were dealt with.. kind of. Oh well, life goes on.
In February we saw PDM demolish the competition, putting out some of
the biggest games of the month (including Southpark & Hereos of Might & 
Magic 3). OGN also put out the highly awaited Resident Evil 2. Want all the 
results that happened in February? Read my monthly report, included in this 
issue and also on my website ;). Let's take a look at the last week and the 
start of what looks as if will be a busy month for games groups.. MARCH.

Except for one UK game, this group has NOT been the same since the start
of '99. Maybe on Groundhog Day, they didn't see their shadow so they
went into hibernation for 6 more weeks. Who knows, but this is not the
same group of the past. Should we hope and pray this group gets better?
I won't put my money on it. It's another look, wait & see. There is a
lot of grumbling coming out of this group, and it isn't good.

Hot Releases:
F16 Aggressor - 27 disks

WOW! This group has really gotten there shit together. I don't know if
someone took over Z's position, or someone got out a cattle prod and
zapped all the suppliers, but this group has really the ball moving.
This includes winning (but had to put out a fix) on the highly anticipated
Starsiege (Mechwarrior clone). This group has got all their ducks in a row,
and finally taking advantage of their own potential. This is now the group
to beat in '99.

Hot Releases:
Wages of Sin: Sin Mission Pack - 47 disks
Extreme Bullriding - 13 disks
Starsiege - 47 disks

I think this post I saw on TU sums it up well:

Handle: Blitzkrieg 
Tagline: Razor 1911 92-94 Origin 98-99 
Userlevel: normal 
Added on: Sun Feb 28 23:52:54 MET 1999 

Subject: Re: Post 251. 

SUN DANCER wrote in post 251:

> >You can keep trying to discredit the 'new' razor - but our releases 
   speak for itself.
> Toast, not to bust your parade or anything, but yes - you are very right.
  Your releases do speak for themselves. Let us look at 1999 so far shall we?
> US version of Tie Break Tennis (Dupe of CLS)
> BETA of Alpha Centauri (PDM released the final)
> Dune2k patch (not working)
> Caesar 3 v1.0.1.0 patch (Dupe of PDM)
> That was more or less January, do YOU think you had a better February?! :P
> /Sun Dancer / Paradigm
> Pugnemus Via Prudentia 

This is in the wrong conference, but I'll reply anyway... I feel kinda bad 
for Toast. With the Year Razor is having to date (easily their worst first 
two months ever), it would be impossible for anyone to win a battle of words.
Facts are, Razor is on the verge of dying. I'll rephrase that... Razor will
never die. It will always be there, because there will always be someone
wanting to live off the best name in software piracy history. Razor will be
reborn, but the current crop of members are obviously not worthy of the name.


Couldn't of said it better myself. :)

Hot Releases:

Team UK is getting the games from the UK stores, but not much on the other
side of the Atlantic. I'll keep ranting about this point because a while
back OGN threw it in my face they will dominate the WORLD. They obviously
must of been playing Pinky & The Brain World Conquest a little too much.
Oh well, at least this team has gotten to the point of "reliable". I
just see Hybrid rehashed in this group all over again.

Hot Releases:
Pool Shark - 14 disks
Lander - 35 disks

While Divine was great during the early part of the month, they slowed down
around the end of the month. TPC also put out a game from a company people
even recognize for once! Amazing! Could we see a pattern? Look and see ;)
We also see the wildly popular UltraVixen 2 finally hit the scene, even
after being available for months on the 'net.

Hot Releases:
UltraVixen 2 (PNS) - 13 disks
Grand Slam Turkey Hunt (TPC) - 12 disks
Play By Email Scrabble (TPC) - 2 disks
Funpack 3D (TPC) - 9 disks

Springer'ish Final Thoughts:
The backlash for honest monthly gaming reports has started. When the start 
of '99 came around, we didn't see just one monthly chart report, we saw 5
(including my own). People didn't agree with how JTF was rating, and people
wanted to chart everything in the scene. There is a buttload of reports out
nowr. We also see a Utils, VCD & my own games report (rip only) in NWR.

Just last year there wasn't even one regular scene mag. We now see an
explosion of scene coverage, on the web and in the scene. Is this a benefit
for the scene? Yes, kind of, because we let people who are active in it
know WTF is going on. We keep the people who we DON'T (SPA/Feds/RCMP)
want informed on the scene up-to-date on everything going on in the scene.

It's a double-sided sword in name of spreading the news. Am I asking that
people stop talking in the scene, and make all the channels +i? Hell no. 
It'd just be nice if we could control who reads the info and who doesn't. 
The scene is huge, and not everyone needs to know WTF is going on in the 
scene, just the people who make it running.

Perm. ad for my website, be sure to check out http://ppgr.webjump.com


-----------[ Bud's Biased Utils Section ]-----------

 Bud's Biased Utils Report #12

 La la la la la-la-la la la .... I think I'll just skip any witty opening
 lines this week after I bored half of you to death last week. 
 Disclaimer: It's BIASED moron. My opinion. So don't send me a bunch of mail
             & messages bitching about this or that. If you don't like
             it... SCREW YOU =]

 Rankings: Groups get a score out of 10. Points are given for amount of
           releases, but QUALITY titles will give a group a much higher score.
           Nukes for duping, broken releases and just plain CRAP will lower
           a groups score. However on the occasion that a title is nuked which
           I don't feel should have been, MY OWN JUDGEMENT TAKES PRECEDENCE.
           Cuz I'm writing this. Groups can also get points for any other
           reason I see fit.

 Week: Week is based from 02/21/99 to 02/27/99. I'm in the EST time zone so
       dates/times run according to it.

 Groups: (In no particular order)
 ▄ ▀▀██▄ ▄        ▄      ▄
  ▀█▄ ▀█▌▀█▄ ▐  ▄█▀  ▄▄██▌ A Group
   ▐█▌ ▐▌ ▐█ █▌▐█▌ ▄█▀  █ That Gives
  ▄██▌▄▀ ▄██▌▀██▌ ██    ▐▌ Slightly
 ▀███   ▀███  ▀█ ▐███▄▄  █ Less Than
  ▐█▌    ▐█▌   ▐▌ ▀██▀    ▀▄ A Fuck.
   ▀      ▀     ▀  ▀          -XeN



 Intergraph.MGA.Base.Mapper. [06 x 2.88MB]
 ViaDraw.2.0-PWA                            [07 x 5MB]
 Microsoft.Office.2000.RC0.Build.2605-PWA   [56 x 5MB]           
 Office_2000_RC0_CORE_OFFICE-PWA            [02 x 5MB] 
 Seagull.Bar.Tender.Pro.v5.41.Cracked-PWA   [01 x 5MB]

 Woah cool.. ViaDraw. This is definately the highlight, placed next
 to another Intergraph app and MS beta's. Nice app, well rounded,
 professional. As for Office, I'll be more impressed when I see
 -FINAL next to it... and if someone doesn't cut it down to size
 then I'll be very dissappointed... I'd rather suffer a few addons
 and have a CHOICE than be forced to download 300megs of buggy
 MS software.
 from PWA. 
 Total: 5/10

 ▄───── ▄▄▄ ────────── ▄▄█▓▄ ─── ▄ ─ ▄▓▄
 ░ ▀ ▄█████▓  ▄▄███▄ ▄▀▀████▌ ▄█████▄ ▀
    ▓███▀  ▀▄██████▄▀█▌ ▐████▐▓▀ ▀███▓
   ▓███▌   ▐▓█▀  ▀██▌▐▓ ▀ ▀▓▀▓▌   ▐███▌
  ▐█████▄▄▀ ▀█▄  ▄▓█▓ █▓▄    █▌▀▄▄████▓
   ▀██▓▀▀  ▀   ▀▀▀▀    ▀  ■▄ ▐▓  ▀▀▓█▀
 ■▄──────+ The Corporation +─ ▀▄ ─gas!─■



 Zapas.Character.Builder.And.Liquid.Characters.Bundle-CORP  [04 x 2.88MB]
 JSB.Multiview.2000.Server.Edition.v.4.1-CORP               [09 x 1.44MB]
 Energy.Conversion.A.DIZ.FIX-CORP                           [01 x 1.44MB]
 Energy.Conversion.A-CORP                                   [08 x 1.44MB]
 Microsoft.FrontPage.98.patch.b.Win9x.NT-CORP               [01 x 1.44MB]

 Uhh, FrontPage patch? No thanks... not really interested... dunno, perhaps
 someone wants it. Where'd you guys go this week? After the alliance with
 UCF, it seems CORP has taken most of the week of for organization
 or something... hope to see a much stronger week over the coming seven
 Total: 5/10

 .      )\_______)\__)\_______)\_______ .
 .   __/   __  _/  _/    ____/     ___/ .
 .   \__    / _\   \_____   \    ___/__ :
 .   :/         \   \   /    \   /     \|
 :   |\___/     /___/_____   /___      /|
 :   | \_/_____/\____ /_____/___/_____/ |



 NETSCAPE.DIRECTORY.SERVER.v4.0.FINAL-RiSE                 [19 x 1.44MB]

 Somehow NS Directory Server got nuked as free, but there actully is a 
 retail copy of the app, and it's a few thousand bucks depending on the
 user license, so I'm giving RISE credit. The rest of the apps were fine,
 nothing turned me on (but then MOST software doesn't :P). 
 Total: 06/10
    ▄██▀███▀▀  ▀             ▄█
 ┌- ▓██ ▀▀  ▀▀▀ ────-──-─-─ ▀▀▀ -──-──-──┐
 :   ▀▀▀██▄▀███▀▀▀▀▀██▄ ▄██▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀██▄ ░│
 ▀▀███▓ ███ ███ ▓██ ███ ███ ▓██ ▓██ ███ ░:
 :  ███ ███ ███ ███▀▀▀  ▓██ ███ ███▀▀▀   .
 │░ ███ ██▓ ██▓ ███ ██▓ ███ ███ ███ ▓███▀▀
 :  ▓██▄██▀▄███▄▀██▄███ ▀██▄███ ███ ███  :
 ▄ ▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄  roy███ ███ ███ ─┘
                       ▀▄   ███ ███ ██▓
                         ▀▄ ███  ▀▀▀▀▀▀


 METACREATIONS.HEADLINE.STUDIO.V1.0-SiEGE                        [03 x 1.44MB]
 Eagle.Point.Virtual.Simulator.v2.73-SiEGE                       [16 x 1.44MB]
 SMARTSPICE.V1.5.6-SiEGE                                         [04 x 1.44MB] 
 DIGIMATION.LIGHTNING.V1.1D-SiEGE                                [04 x 1.44MB]
 TANNER.MEMS.PRO.V1.50.ADDON-SiEGE                               [01 x 1.44MB]
 TANNER.MEMS.PRO.V1.5-SiEGE                                      [10 x 1.44MB]
 PTC.PRO.DESKTOP.METRIC.V4.0-SiEGE                               [13 x 1.44MB]
 PTC.PRO.DESKTOP.USA.V4.0-SiEGE                                  [13 x 1.44MB]
 TEKSOFT.PROCAM.V14.01-SiEGE                                     [18 x 2.88MB]
 TANNER.TOOLS.PRO-SiEGE                                          [09 x 1.44MB]
 EAGLEPOINT98.2ND.QUARTER.RELEASE-SiEGE                          [27 x 2.88MB]
 SUPERSCAPE.VRT.V5.6-SiEGE                                       [28 x 2.88MB]

 Yawn... another week of releases, another week of Siege owning the art
 scene. Now I'm a big fan of Metacreations products such as Kai's Power Goo
 and Soap, so I decided to give Headline Studio a go, with high expectations.
 However, even keeping in mind that I'm nowhere near a decent artist,
 Headline Studio was a letdown from the beginning. I found a total lack of
 documentation in the program, from the absence of a normal help file in the
 help menu (only the about option was available) to each individual option on
 the icon bar. Most programs these days will have simple text boxes appear
 when your cursor hovers over them, but it seems they didn't bother to even
 go that far in HS. Controls were difficult, which is a pain if you want to
 create anything decent. I realize this is supposed to be aimed at a higher
 user level than Goo, for example, but still I was very dissappointed. No
 fault of SGE though, this bitch goes to Metacreations, and good job to SGE
 for releasing this (and perhaps saving some wasted dollars in the process).
 There are some excellent releases up there however, with Eaglepoint for
 Autocad (and other CAD apps) leading the way, along with IBM's Distributed
 Storage Manager, and Adobe After Effects Production Bundle 4 at the end of
 the week. Also Procam, given it's a bit old, but SGE has been known to
 release old apps on request before.
 Total: 8/10 

 ▄██ ▄▄▄ ░  ▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄  ▄▄▄▄   ▄▄▄▄
 █▓█ █▓█ ▒ ██▀ █▓█ █ █▓█ ██ █▓█ █ ███ ██ █▓
 █▒█ █▒█   █░█ ▀▀ ▄█ █▒█ ██ █▒█ █ ▄▄▄ ██▄▄
 ▄██▀██▄ ▀ █▒█▀▀▀ ██ █░█ ██   ▄▄█ █▓█ ██ ▄▄
 █▒█ █▓█ ▓ █▓█ ░ █▓█ █░█ ██ ░ █▓█ █▒█ ██ █▓
 ███ █▒█ ▒ ███  ▬▀█████▀▄██ ▒ ▀█████▀ ▀████
 ─── ██▀ ░ ──────────────── ▓ ───── sikos ─



 Cad users will appreciate the early look at Autocad 2000 from Autodesk...
 other than that it's the usual Ultimate Toolkit for MFC, and a Linux app.
 Total: 4/10

      /\______/|                   ___/\_
    _/ ______ :|; . __/\  ____/\ __|   //
 %%%\____  \   |__:_\__ \/  ~~ :\_ | __/%%%%
 iii_/ :|  \\_    \  ;|  \_ |____/    \iiiii
 :::\__   ; _/ |  \\_ :  // |  \\_ |  \\_:::



 Undo.and.Recover.Toolbox.v2.0-SHOCK                    [01 x 1.44MB]
 T.A.G.Composer.v2.0-SHOCK                              [07 x 1.44MB]
 DBDiff.v1.0.for.Oracle-SHOCK                           [01 x 1.44MB]
 Standards.Master.v2.0-SHOCK                            [02 x 1.44MB]
 Enfish.Tracker.Pro.v1.12.303-SHOCK                     [12 x 1.44MB]
 Alarms.Plus.v1.0-SHOCK                                 [02 x 1.44MB]
 Business.DataManager.v3.5-SHOCK                        [06 x 1.44MB]
 SITEFORUM.Communications.v2.0.for.Java-SHOCK           [03 x 1.44MB]
 SITEFORUM.Communications.v2.0.for.Windows9xNT-SHOCK    [04 x 1.44MB]
 Spell.Server.v1.0.Enterprise.Edition-SHOCK             [02 x 1.44MB]
 Andromeda.Series.3.Screen.Filter.For.Photoshop-SHOCK   [01 x 1.44MB]
 Nendo.v1.1.4-SHOCK                                     [05 x 1.44MB]

 A fair amount of releases from SHOCK last week, nothing notable in
 the way of titles however. Hightlight was the recently released Siteforum
 series from SFS Software, and T.A.G. Composer from Digital Renessance.
 Total: 6/10

 .  ▄▄▄       ▄▄▄      ▄▄▄
 .▀████▀▀▀██▄ ████▀▀██▌▐██▀▀▀▀ --- .------.
 : ████   ███ ▐███     ███                .
 | ████   ▐███ ███▀    ███                :
 | ████   ███ ▐███    ▄███   ███▄     .   :
 | ████▀▀▀▀▀  ██▓█     ▀███▄▄██▓▀         .
 .▄▓███▄      ▀███▌        ▀▀    PRESENTS :
 |                                        :
 :                                 [xx/xx].
 '---.-------PENTIUM FORCE TEAM-- ---- - -'



 AR.System.Oracle.Interface.v4.0-PFT                  [26 x 2.88MB]
 Action.Request.System.v4.0-PFT                       [32 x 2.88MB]
 SmartMart.Copy.Manager.4.2.125-PFT                   [10 x 1.44MB]
 Citect.5.20-PFT                                      [14 x 2.88MB]
 Applix.TM1.v7.0.2.80-PFT                             [10 x 2.88MB]
 StarTeam.Virtual.Team.Server.3.02.SR1.CRACK.FIX-PFT  [01 x 1.44MB]
 AtGuard.3.1-PFT                                      [01 x 1.44MB]
 Installshield.Professional.5.52-PFT                  [34 x 2.88MB]
 Demoshield.6.0-PFT                                   [16 x 2.88MB]
 NTI.Backup.NOW.1.0.85-PFT                            [06 x 1.44MB]
 WinDelete.5.0.3-PFT                                  [21 x 1.44MB]
 Adaptive.Server.Anywhere.6.0.1-PFT                   [11 x 2.88MB]

 PFT was the group I had the hardest time scoring this week. They had some
 nice releases, a fix for last weeks StarTeam release, and one nuke that I
 saw. In the end I put them at a 7, they just didn't have the titles to
 justify more, although I should point out WinDelete and Demoshield 6
 as excellent releases.
 Total: 7/10
          ▄          ▄        ▄
     ▄ ▄▄▓▀▀  ▄ ▄▄█▀▀██▓▄ ▄▄▄█▀▀▓▄▄
      ▄▄▄▄▄    ▄▄▄▄▄ ▐██▓▌ ▄▄▄▄ ▐█▓█
      ▐▓██▌    ▐▓██▌  ███▓ ▓██▌  ███▓
       ▓██   ▓▄ ▓██▌  ███▓ ▓██▌  ▐██▓▌
      ▐██▓  ▐█▓▌▐██▓  ██▓▌▐███▓  ████▓
      ▀▀▀▀  ███▓ ██▓ ▐█▓█ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▄██▓▀  mg
     ▀ ▀▀▀▀████▓▌ ▀▀ ██▓▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀
 ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀   ▀▀▓▀ ▀ ▀▀   ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀
 :: <LEGENDS NEVER DiE> ::: <o4 * 2880> ::
 ▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄




 LND accused of stealing?? Who would've have guessed! Well first off...
 because Siege has been guarded of their proof, I can't say for sure that
 I know the Unigraphics crack was stolen from them. However, if I'm forced
 to take two groups at their word, I'll take just about anyone over the
 current LND. It's really sad to see the reputation of a once great group
 tarnished like this.

 After going over the replies of Grad and Nightsky, I have to say it doesn't
 look so good for LND. Their story is full of holes... "we got this new
 flexlm cracker" (ok maybe) who cracked it... "oh wait the license was given
 to us" (umm... and you didn't bother to check into from where??)... "oh but
 that license was faulty, we did crack it but left out the same options as
 the one we were given"... whatever, I don't care, and if LND releases Win2K
 final, I'll go buy a copy.
 Looking at this week, once you remove Unigraphics (crack by Siege) and
 Informix Dynamic Server (serial by Shock) we're left with a two decent
 releases. If LND had stopped there, the week would have been a lot smoother
 (but I'd have less to write about!).  
 Total: 4/10 

  .__________.                     [xx/xx/98]
   \_  ___   )  Da ToP oF Da LiNe!  .___.
 ===/   _/  /=======================/  /=====
 .:/  _____/__./(___.____/\.______./  /_____.
 :/  /__/  .  )  .  )____  )  _   )  /  __  )
 /__/  /  /  /  /  // __  /   /__/  /  /___/:
 .:/  /__/__/__/__/(______\____ /__/_____ /MO



 Ulead.Cool.360.v1.0-PNC                          [06 x 1.44MB]
 Cadence.TimeServices.v3.1-PNC                    [04 x 1.44MB]
 PragmaSys.InterAccess.Suite.v4.0-PNC             [08 x 1.44MB]
 PlanWriter.BusinessEdition.v4.02-PNC             [03 x 1.44MB]
 PlantWriter.ExpertEdition.v4.02-PNC              [03 x 1.44MB]
 PlanWriter.MarketingEdition.v3.9-PNC             [03 x 1.44MB]
 Quick.Insight.v1.22-PNC                          [02 x 1.44MB]
 Business.Insight.v5.0-PNC                        [06 x 1.44MB] 
 Oracle.RepAgent.For.OracleLite.v3.5x-PNC         [15 x 1.44MB]
 Oracle.ODBC.And.JDBC.Extensions.For.Oracle8x-PNC [03 x 1.44MB]
 Actuate.WebAgent.v3.2-PNC                        [16 x 1.44MB]
 Visto.BriefCase.Assistant.4.6-PNC                [05 x 1.44MB]
 IBM.Network.Station.Manager.v3.02-PNC            [28 x 2.88MB]

 I generally test stuff at random (or not so random, as I tend to lean
 towards top titles when they come out), as it's next to impossible to
 test everything that's released in a week. This week, I saw PNC release
 a bunch of apps that I wasn't familiar with, so I decided to try some
 out. First on my list was PlanWriter Expert Edition, a business plan
 creation package that uses a wizard interface to allow the user to
 create business plans. I can't say it did much to impress me, I found
 a real lack of professionalism, something which should not be in a
 business orientated application. 

 The second app I tried was Quick Insight, from the same developers
 (BRS Inc.), and it went along the same basic formula - and of course I
 found the same basic problems. The app lacked flexibility which is
 essential to any business user. Biz apps are a dime a dozen, and unless
 a given app offers something really unique to the field, it's dead in the
 water. As is the case with the BRS line.

 The last thing I tried was Visto BriefCase Assistant. I had no clue
 as to what this was, but the NFO mentioned something about free
 webspace from the Visto service, which I found rather odd. I decided
 to check this out, and found that Visto gives out 15 megs of free space,
 free email, and offers this app to sync between the users home PC and
 their Visto account - free of charge. Now someone at PNC really should
 have caught this... just the fact that it's an app for use with a free
 web service is bad enough, but since the app is free of charge....
 anyways I'm docking a point for that, and I hope PNC is more careful in

 On the upside this week were two apps I feel are worth mentioning, a new
 Ulead tool in the digital photo editing/enhancement area, and IBM Network
 Station Manager... they say Ulead is final despite some text saying it's
 beta... i guess wait and see... for now I'll put it on the plus side as
 no one has disputed the release.
 Total: 6/10

 ─ ▄▄ ── ▄▄▄ ─────────░──────────── ─── ── ─
 ░▀ ▀█▄ ▀▀ ▀▌ ▀ ■ ▐▄ ■ ▄ ▀  ■ ▀  ▀  ▄▄▄   ▀
  █  ▐█▌█  ▀ █▄▀▄ █▀█▄▀██  █  █▄▀▄ ▀▀ ▄▌ █▄▀▄
 ▐█▌▄█▀▐█▌  ▐█▌▄ ▐█▌▐█▌▐█▌▐█▌▐█▌▄  █ ▐▀▀▐█▌▄
 ▀▓▓   ▀▓▓  ▀▓▓ ▄▀▓▓ ▀ ▓▀ ▀▓▄▀▓█ ▄▐▓▌   ▀▓▓ ▄
 ── ▀ ─── ▀ ─ ▀▀ ── ▀ ▀ ──── ▀ ▀▀ ▄▀▀ ─░─ ▀▀



 InstallWiz.Professional.Edition.v1.13-PREMiERE  [09 x 1.44MB]
 WebTrends.for.Lotus.Domino.v2.0b-PREMiERE       [06 x 1.44MB]
 WebTrends.Enterprise.Suite.v3.0b-PREMiERE       [08 x 1.44MB]
 WebTrends.Log.Analyzer.v4.5b-PREMiERE           [05 x 1.44MB]
 Graphic.Workshop.Professional.v2.0a.P8-PREMiERE [08 x 1.44MB]
 VINTRACK.v2.11-PREMiERE                         [02 x 1.44MB] 
 BeJeanie.v2.02.REPACK-PREMiERE                  [10 x 1.44MB]
 Genitor.v4.01.23-PREMiERE                       [09 x 1.44MB]
 HotDog.Pro.Webmaster.Suite.v5.5-PREMiERE        [06 x 1.44MB]
 ICUII.v2.51-PREMiERE                            [02 x 1.44MB]
 InstallAnywhere.v2.52.Standard.Edition-PREMiERE [13 x 1.44MB]
 Resort.Kitchen.v1.420-PREMiERE                  [10 x 1.44MB]
 E-Mail.Magnet.v4.32.For.Win9X-PREMiERE          [09 x 1.44MB] 
 Faxwarehouse.v5.00.134-PREMiERE                 [08 x 1.44MB]
 Active.Office.v1.0.For.Win9xNT-PREMiERE         [01 x 1.44MB]
 DESIGN.II.v8.17-PREMiERE                        [11 x 1.44MB] 
 CDH.Image.Explorer.Pro.v3.6-PREMIERE            [07 x 1.44MB]
 Cognet.v3.1.03-PREMiERE                         [11 x 1.44MB]
 CD-Runner.SL.v3.01-PREMiERE                     [03 x 1.44MB]
 MedModel.v4.1-PREMiERE                          [13 x 1.44MB]

 A nuke for Junk Drawer (dupe) and a repack were the only blemishes in an
 otherwise fine week for PRM. They beat TRPS to FaxWarehouse (yay!).
 Minor versions of some good apps including Genitor and some WebTrends
 products, and HotDog Pro Webmaster Suite 5.5 will be popular. Overall
 a good week for PRM, I downloaded ICUII but wasn't all that impressed,
 get HotDog though if your looking for something in that vein.
 Total: 7/10

  _______________ ____________ ____________
  \_    ___      \_  ___      \   ___      \_
 _/      l/       /  l/       /    l/       /
 \______ /       /   /       /____ /       /|
 d(*)d D r i n k   O r   D i e  1 9 9 8 d(*)d
 ===================== [ DOD * xx-xxx-98 ] ==


 Releases: N/A 
 Total: N/A

 ___ _ __________ ____________ ____ _____ ___
 \__\\_\_______  \__ _ ______/___  \_ __//__/
 ;;;;;;; /   \/   \\   ____/    /   \\ mg/SAC
 -)--- _/    /      \_  \_/   -/      \_ --(-
 ;;;;; \____/_ _   _//_  /______ _   _// ;;;;
 =[X]==][= MANiFEST DESTiNY RELEASE =][==[X]=


 Releases: N/A

 All quiet on the utils front, just a few cracked apps from the
 cracking crew (Yes cracks are in the utils category, but I don't
 review them).
 Total: N/A   

  \_ _  \_ ____/_ _  \_ ____/ |_\  ___/
  /    _/  ___)/    _/  ___)  | \___  \
 /   |  \_ |  \   |  \  |  \  :  \  :  \
 \___|   /___  \____  \___  \___  \___  \



 MICROWAVE.OFFICE.V2.5-RBS           [10 x 1.44MB]
 ALL.Alesis.Quadrasynth.Editors-RBS  [02 x 1.44MB]

 Microwave Office instructions: Insert MS Office (or other buggy MS product)
 into microwave. Set timer for 5 mins and run on the highest setting. Let
 stand for several minutes. Serve with a chilled white wine. Oops, nope
 wrong product... This Microwave Office is a suite of microwave design tools
 which I have absolutly no use for but I'm sure someone will. Points to both
 apps, but a dull week in general.
 Total: 3/10

 █▄▓▄■▀░▄  Teknorage and Pirasoft Present: ▄░▀■▄░▄█
 █ ▐▄                                           ▌ █
 █▓▀cH/SAC            ▄▄▄▄      ▄▄█▄▄  [xx\xx]  ▀▓█
 ▀   ▄▄█▄▄▄▄ ▄   ▄██▌▐████▓ ▄▄█▓█████▓▀ ▄█▄▄████▄ ▀
 ▄▄████▓ ▄▄▄   ▀████▌█████▌▐████▐████▌▐████▐█████▌
 ▐██████▌▐█████▄ ▓███▀█████ ████ ▀████ ███▌▐██████
  ██████ ███████▌▐███ ▐████▌▐███▌▄████▌ ▀█▄ ▀▀▀▀▀
  ▐████▌▐███████ ████▄████▀ ▄████████▀ ▄▄ ▐█████▄
 ▄▓███▓▄▓██████▌▐████▌▀▓█▄  ▀███▓▀▀ ▄████▌▓██████▌
      ▀▀██████▀ ▀████▀   ▀▀▄  ▀█▀    ▀██▀▀██████▀
 █▄▄▄▓▄▄▄ ▀▀▀     ▀          ▀              ▀▀▀ ▄█
 ▀▀▀ ░▒▓█▄  xx/xx/98  ······  Ratzhole WHQ ▀ ▀▓▀▀▀

 Teknorage & Pirasoft:


 MediaCleaner.Pro.4.0b1-TRPS                   [06 x 1.44MB]
 SyGate.3.0.Beta.1-TRPS                        [03 x 1.44MB]
 Fax.WareHouse.v5.00.134.Regged-TRPS           [           ] 
 WinJammer.v5.06-TRPS                          [03 x 1.44MB]
 System.Information.v1.8.1-TRPS                [08 x 1.44MB]
 Wow two groups went after a class c version of Fax Warehouse... PRM
 got it first I guess, at least on my sites, TRPS got nuked.. wasn't 
 around for it and honestly.. I don't care <g>. Looking at this list
 gave me one big impression... boy TRPS sure have slowed. Now releasing
 isn't based on quantity (or shouldn't be but in reality...). Still, this
 is a group who normally thrives off the mass releasing of both small cracks
 and full quality apps. Only a couple releases from either side though. 
 Anyways, a dupe, two beta's and two regular releases.
 Total: 4/10

  _____ ____________ ____   __________
 /  __/_  ___/\_    \ ___\_/ __/\  ___\_
 \  \  /  _/    /_  /___  /  \   ___   /
  \___/\_____/___\   ____/______/_____/pn


 Extensis.Portfolio.Server.v4.02-VERSUS              [02 x 1.44MB]
 Extensis.Portfolio.v4.02-VERSUS                     [05 x 1.44MB] 
 602pro.OFFICE.SERVER.v3.32a.999.user.license-VERSUS [08 x 1.44MB]
 CuneiForm99.OCR.V5.00.REPACKED-VERSUS               [05 x 1.44MB]       
 EleetFtp.v1.1-VERSUS                                [02 x 1.44MB]
 DJ.Vuer.v1.4.Win9xNT-VERSUS                         [02 x 1.44MB]
 Emulive.Starter.Kit.v3.6-VERSUS                     [14 x 1.44MB]
 PowerBuilder.Code.Analyzer.v2.1b-VERSUS             [04 x 1.44MB]
 VideoLibrary.v2.0-VERSUS                            [03 x 1.44MB]
 PC.Lock.98.v3.10-VERSUS                             [03 x 1.44MB]

 Another decent week from a group that, while not a powerhouse by any
 measure, continually puts out some decent apps, in this case, the new
 Portfolio release from Extensis. Nothing else really stands out, but no
 problems here (cept a repack, oh well). 
 Total: 6/10

 ..._______________________.___  ____.____... 
 ::/   _______/    ____/   |   \/    |    \:: 
 _/\____    \/    /___/    |    \          \: 
 \      >    \         \         \/     \   \ 
 ::.. .:[ SCUM ]:. .:[SCUM]:. .:[SCUM]:. ..:: 


 ABS.Staff.Files.v2.0-SCuM [06 x 1.44MB]
 Solid.View.v3.2-SCuM      [06 x 1.44MB]

 The two comeback attempts from the start of '99 seem to be fading a lot
 over the past while. Scum is hanging on with a couple of decent releases
 this week, although loosing FH won't help. Meanwhile the other comeback 
 group, Sodom, seems to have faded completely. 
 Total: 4/10


 \   ____)_____  )____  \_____  )_____  \
 _\____  \  ;_/  \ ;__\  \ ;_/  \  \__;  \
 \_____   )____.__)____.  )___.__)___\_.  \
    \____/ xx/xx/99 \____/-/=SodOM=\-\____/
  Back For You in 1999 !            [XX/03]


 Releases: N/A
 Total: N/A

 Only one more byte to crack before...
 ____._____ ____ _____ _____ _ _____ __ ._____
 :::_|_   /  _  \/ _  \/ _  \__\_   \___|    /
 ::/   __/_  /  /  /  /  /  /  _    /  _    /:
 :/   /   / /  /  /  /  /  /   /   /   /   /::
 : \\\\\\\ \\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\


 Oracle.Web.Express.Server.v5.0.3.for.Windows.NT-2000AD [13 x 1.44MB]
 Focus.Nutcracker.3.2b.For.WindowsNT-2000AD             [67 x 1.44MB]
 Security.Explorer.3.09.For.WindowsNT-2000AD            [03 x 1.44MB]
 Objective.Voice.Email.6.0.For.Windows9x-NT-2000AD      [02 x 1.44MB]
 ImageCast.Server.IC3.v3.03.For.Windows9x-NT-2000AD     [10 x 1.44MB]
 JClass.LiveTable.Bytecode.v3.6j-2000AD                 [04 x 1.44MB]
 JClass.Field.Bytecode.v3.6j-2000AD                     [03 x 1.44MB]
 JClass.Chart.Bytecode.v3.6j-2000AD                     [05 x 1.44MB]
 Ztree.Win.1.46b.For.Windows9x-NT-2000AD                [01 x 1.44MB]
 TeamWARE.Knowledge.Browser.1.0.1-2000AD                [01 x 1.44MB]

 Making it's debut in the report this week is 2000AD. This crew has quite
 a history in the scene, and has been around for some time in various
 incarnations. The PC division of 2KAD has had it's ups and downs, they've
 had some good cracking work, and 97 was a very strong year for them in the
 PC scene, but in the recent past they've lacked major titles. They also have
 a tendency towards releasing beta's and minor versions, which while legit
 aren't necessarily the signs of a strong group. 

 Of late, this crew seems to be picking up some, after a generally
 unimpressive 1998. This week saw nothing major from them, but a lot of the
 releases will be familar to most of you, and they managed to avoid too many
 beta's <g>.
 Total: 7/10 

   _______________________       ____________
 __\    _______/   ______/______/__        /
 \       __/ /     /      \/      /       /
 /_______\  /______________\____ /________\
  (*) F a t i g u e - Couriers Network (*)



 Protoview_ActiveX_Component_Suite_v6.0-FCN       [03 x 1.44MB]
 SysTools_v2.02-FCN                               [02 x 1.44MB]
 TurboDXF_OCX-FCN                                 [01 x 1.44MB]
 Orpheus_v3.02-FCN                                [07 x 1.44MB]
 DXF-IN_OCX_v3.0-FCN                              [02 x 1.44MB]
 Aebacus_Popup_Controls_v1.01.194_For_ActiveX-FCN [01 x 1.44MB]
 StLib_Component_Library_v1.44-FCN                [01 x 1.44MB]

 Another new group on the list this week, by popular demand, FCN. This
 group must seem like an answered prayer to the programmers/developers
 in the scene, as they cater to this group almost exclusively. This
 week saw them release v6 extremely popular Protoview Component Suite.
 Orpheus is the only other title here familiar to me (man reviewing this
 group is gonna be a bitch), but overall, great job! 
 Total: 7/10

 New this week: 2000AD, FCN.

 Idle this week: DOD, MFD, SDM.

 Quote(s) of the Week: 

 <tree-> grad is going thru personal problems.... its called his life

 <TraderX> "Intel Corp. today outlined its vision of a billion
            Internet-connected PCs and millions of servers generating one
            trillion dollars of annual e-commerce revenues within the next
            few years."
 <Bud-> "Bud Corp. today outlined its vision of Bud beating the SHIT out of
         Intel executives until they give him a new P3 system free of charge
         within the next few days."

 You know it's a slow week for quotes when I have to quote myself. 

 Give the week to SGE, and what the fuck is LND doing? (I find myself asking
 this a lot). After doing some great titles on their own, they go right back
 to their usual shady tactics. I've given up on them as a group, they've lost
 all my respect (I'm sure they don't care), but I'll continue to review them,
 since they are part of the utils scene. 

 FCN and 2KAD are added this week, due to popular demand. I'm not sure how
 well FCN will fit into my formula, but they certainly deserve mention. I've
 said for a while that both FCN and Radium would be added, but Radium didn't
 release this week so I figured I'd wait, no point in reviewing nothing. I
 was probably a bit easy on both of them this week (I just read what I wrote
 back there), but hey it's their first week here.

 Ok, that's it, thanks to Grind of 2KAD and Delphic of FCN for sending me
 their DIZ's as I was too damn lagged and lazy to log into a site and get
 them myself.

                                                                       - Bud 


=---------[ Lester's Movie Reviews ]----------=

   Sure he's a prominent scene member, leader of the #1 courier 
   group, and former "Miss Scene 1995".. But did you also know that 
   in real life, Lester's real name is "Roger", and he hosts a popular 
   syndicated television show, where he plays a big fatass who has 
   nothing better to do with his time than go to every single movie 
   ever released?  Well.. now you know.. 

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Joaquin Phoenix
Rating: 2 1/2 Stars

Running Time: 2 Hours, 20 minutes

I had some seriously high expectations going into this film. The 
screenwriter is Andrew Kevin Walker, known for his work on films like 
The Game and Seven. I went in hoping for another Seven style movie. 
Some highly fucked up shit going on, but I got just a little bit of 
mild fuckedupness. In the 90's, hearing about beastiality and simulated 
rape and shit just isn't very shocking unless your in your 50's.  The 
story is good enough, and Cage plays his character well, with Phoenix 
playing a nice sidekick for some humor. The film centers around Cage 
as a Private Investigator who is hired to find out whether a Snuff 
film is real or not. Snuff film being a film where a person is actually 
murdered for real(for the ppl living in boxes). As he explores this 
film and tries to find the people who made it, he is led into the depths 
of pervertedness and scum. I'd suggest the film to people, but for 
myself, I was disappointed and it is definately too long, I caught 
myself checking the watch more than once.


200 Cigarettes

Starring: Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, Courteney Love, Christina Ricci, 
          lots of other people.
MTV Films
Rating: 3 Stars

This is a film about 1981 new years eve, and everyone trying to hook up 
for some quick new years sex. And for anyone who doesn't know, if you 
need to get a little action, new years eve is the time. Women can be 
really desperate. Anyways, the movie is about all the different people 
trying to get to this one New Year's Eve party and what happens along 
the way. It's a pretty funny movie with some good lines in it. "Do you 
guys like Devo? and no I'm not gay, I get that alot, no I'm not gay" 
Hehehhehehehehe Anyhow!
Check it out


=---------[ VCD Group and Movie Reviews ]----------=

VCD Group and Movie Review

We would like to begin by explaining some of the common terms used in VCD 
releasing. These formats are:

Telesync/TS: Telesync is a procam on a tripod in an empty theater with a 
separate audio source. If there's an audience, you hear people coughing, 
camera is shaky, etc. It's a CAM.    CAM = banned. If you want a movie 
extremely early, Telesync is the way it will be.

Workprint: Workprint is a pre-release copy of a movie, stolen copy, etc. 
that usually has the film running time on the screen.

Screener: Screener is usually the BEST quality, an actual vcd of the movie, 
made from a reviewers copy, etc. Screener's are generally released after 
movies have left the theaters.

Special Thanks to Ryche of EViLiSO for the education in VCD terms, and to 
come.to/vcddupe for keeping us up to date on the new titles.


Ryche's Really Biased VCD Group Report #5

Yes, it was a shitty week for VCD. But oh well.. I gotta do what I gotta do. 
2 movies you've heard of, the rest well umm.. err.. 

Releases For The Week of 2/21/99 to 2/27/99

022399 The Theory of Flight - 70MM - PMTVCD 
022499 Pleasantville - Screener - EViLISO 
[NUKED] The Arrival Agenda - Screener - VCD EUROPA 
022599 Running Red - Screener - MrCRAPPY 
022699 I Still Know What You Did Last Summer - Screener - VCD-EUROPE 
022799 Playing by Heart - Telesync - PMTVCD 


First of all. There's no such thing as a 70MM Film Transfer. Theory of 
Flight looks like a screener in widescreen (letterbox) format. Why they 
called it a 70MM I have no fucking clue. 
Its about a retarded girl in a wheelchair who wants to lose her virginity. 
Sounds like a winner to me! :D The other movie is a romance flick with alot 
of big name or semi-big name actors in it.

Total: 3 Points


Pleasantville was one of the best movies of the year and I think it got 
nominated for an academy award or two. There was no telesync of the movie 
and we were glad to get it on the net finally. Good Job.

Total: 4 Points 

- VCD-Europe -

I Still Know What You Released The Last Time. This movie has been done 
about 3 times in different formats. One from VCD-Europe themselves, titled 
Better Quality Than The Last Time We Released It or some shit. This one 
is screener, so hopefully they're out of ways to release it. 

Total:  2 Points

- FiZ -

No, they didnt release shit but I got a few words about them anyway. Last 
week I gave them the group of the week award because they released a 
screener of HurlyBurly which was a critically acclaimed movie with some 
wonderful acting in it. Well I downloaded it, and it looked like SHIT. 
It wasnt formatted for 4:3 ratio (normal TV, fills the whole screen.. 
and scan) so it was in widescreen format. That doesnt bother me tho, what 
pissed me off was that it was BLURRY! Bright lights blurred into dark 
parts of the film, and throughout the entire movie the picture was NOT 
sharp the way a screener should be. FiZ, dumbfucks that they are, didnt 
have the decency to call it a 35MM or a TS or ANYTHING so that a good 
screener could be released. Thanks guys! For that, your being stripped of 
your group of the week award and now.. YOU OWE ME 3 FUCKING POINTS! Last 
weeks award goes to umm.. which ever group fucked up the least.

Total: -3 Points (You gotta rls something good to get a 0)

Now we get the section of bullshit groups/individuals who like to fuck up 
the VCD scene with crap..

-VCD-Europa (I heard it's Centropy) with thier comedy nfo's that contain 
no movie information except a url and some comments about VCD-Europe 
released The Arrival Agenda which was promptly nuked for being a cable 
tv movie or some such.

-MrCrappy who says in they're .nfo they are a new group/person who 
promises to only release second rate movies we've never heard of or 
direct-to-video crap.

These groups get 0 points for not taking the scene seriously and for 
wasting our time.

A shitty week all around with 2 screeners (although 1 was rlsd 2 other 
times) and one TS that I would recommend because of the actors but I 
havent seen the quality yet. Group of the week goes to EViLISO for their 
standout screener in a terrible week for VCD. 

                                                  Will trade for distros..


VCD review - Lester

Pleasantville - EViLiSO - 2 Discs - Screener

Video/Audio: It's a screener, not much to say, few pops and hisses towards 
the end, but other than that, great job.

Rating: 4

Movie Quality: Well I picked this for my top 10 films of 1998, and I stand 
to it, this is a great film and you all should check it out



=---------[ Survey Says! ]----------=

Well.. a lot of people participated in blackacid's page, so it would
only be fair to publish all the results here, with a little commentary,
even if we did loose.... <g>

Anyways, before everyone starts freaking out about why or why not group
X wasn't included let us say that bacid did the survey for us, and he did
his best to come up with the groups and the questions, and so... thanks
bacid!!  ;D

What's Your Favorite EMAG of Alltime? - RCN - 205 Votes
-close race there, with NWR right behind.. ;) thats cool tho, there
 is no shame in loosing to RCN... well.... not much, anyway... ;p
What's Your Favorite Scene News WebPage? - TCA - 302 Votes
-TCA edged out union's page by just a few votes.
What's Your Favorite Group WebPage? - http://www.razor1911.com - 297 Votes
-I have always like dod's with the leeto 1995 mod that plays in the
 background.. ;p
What's Your Favorite Site? - TV - 131 Votes
-I guess this is the site that most of the survey participants were on,
 tho it *is* a scene favorite for its great staff...........
Which Site Has Your Favorite Siteops/Staff ? - TV - 152 Votes
-*cough*          ;)
What's Your Favorite Courier Group? - RISC - 275 Votes
-there were a lot of people that said we rigged this contest so that risc
 would win.. wtf?? come on, people... why would we rig it so that R I S C
 would win? bahahahaha
What's Your Favorite Utils Group? - CORP - 185 Votes
-uhhh... ok...
What's Your Favorite Cracking Group? - PC - 902 Votes
-heh... 902 votes?... wow..
What's Your Favorite Games Group? - RZR - 345 Votes
-the blade wins on name-strength alone.. Currently the longest running games
 group, rzr hasn't put out a decent title yet in '99... ;p
Do You Think That ISO's will Replace Warez by the Millennium? - 
YES = 428 Votes , NO = 693 Votes
-all of you that voted yes will be shot later in the week.


-----------[Couriers Unite?]-----------

Now, you all have read this Courier's Unite stuff that Dolt wrote, and NWR 
is including it and also Quyetone's addition to it. I will say a few words 
regarding this. Now I will agree that the scene is getting fucked up and 
out of hand, and that too much lame shit is released. But the reason for it 
is the couriers, not neccesarily the groups. 

The groups are beginning to be run by couriers, and they want pre's. So 
people release whatever the fuck they want to get those pre's. Now you guys 
say, why should couriers have to worry about what will get nuked and what 
wont? The answer is simple. THAT IS PART OF THE JOB. If you can't tell that 
by trading Garotos.Gay.New.Dir.V1. beta 3 release candidate 4, 
then you shouldn't be trading. And why should all sites have the same rules? 
It's THEIR site. They should be allowed to keep anything that they choose to.

Now I've been on all sides of this. I  release, I help run sites, I courier. 
I feel most siteops agree to a certain spectrum of rules that are virtually 
the same on all sites. The minor update/beta rules are becoming more and more 
popular. As they should be, only certain major programs need to be released 
in beta format. I don't need Hayne's T-shirt maker beta, nor does anyone. 
But 3dsmax beta or even a FEW windows builds, are useful. As for EVERY beta 
and windows build being put out, it's fucking stupid. But, this is not the 
point of my article. Couriers are meant simply to distribute the files, and 
it is part of their job to know what NOT to distribute. If  there was no 
need to filter out the shit by couriers, then why have them at all? Some 
would ask why have them at all as it is, but I won't go that far. The people 
in these other two articles state that there are just too many sites to keep 
track of the rules. I traded to 10 sites when I traded, and I knew  the 
rules of all of those sites, they are NOT that different or hard to remember. 

They also mention that why don't couriers get to contribute in the release 
size and nuke rules? The reason? Couriers contribute nothing to the actual 
RELEASING. Couriers are just what the word says: Couriers, movers of file 
from origin to destination. I may be rambling here, but I felt I should say 
a few words in response to this. I am not berating couriers or anything like 
that, I run a courier group for christ sakes. But couriers have to understand 
how things work. 
It is your responsibility to learn and grow as a trader. If you simply move 
everything then your not a very good trader, part of the job is to be 

[Rise - DMS - Eviliso - NWR - DMSISO]


-----------[The Scene News]-----------

All the news thats fit to print... 
and then some...

-OMFG... Kruzin left RiSC.... I don't know who this makes look good...
 Kruzin for dropping a lifeboat, and leaving the titanic, or RiSC, who
 no longer can lay claim to one of the scene's biggest cheaters.. And yet,
 I have full confidence in Eternal's ability as a leader to breed a whole
 new generation of cheaters for the mighty risc army... ;p
 *cough*... *cough*..

-anyone who has ever seen kenzo/risc talk in a channel please raise your
 hand... (quick! someone from risc come online as kenzo and talk! make it 
 look realistic guys!)... heh... wouldn't that be cool.. ;p

-well.. it looks like acidapple has passed his trial at HOE... BAHAHAHA
 omg.. BAHAHAHA... it was so nice to see
 "new upload: (acidapple / trial)" on the bot... hehehehe... ;)

-TPC released something... more on that later.. ;p

-riches/metaray/tmm was acused of narking af1 this week... Now, just cause
 AF1 sucks someone's ass, doesn't mean that he can get off narking it..
 However, it turns out that riches didn't threaten to nark the site after
 all.. he threatened to syn it into oblivion... 
 I'd have to say that this was a threat that he didn't carry out, because
 i am fairly certain that if riches meant to flood, af1 would be looking for
 a new link atm... ;p

-I saw on bacid's website that PL might be coming back soon, and they are
 claiming that PL is the "3rd oldest site in the scene"... *cough*.. the
 site has been down for like a year, guys... its like.. the 200th oldest
 site in the scene now.. sorry... time to reset your counter.. ;p

-crystal died, and then came back to life, and picked up APOC as a site.

-group moves: kruzin leaves risc for mnm, cablegod trials at DMS, 
 nitro leaves fln, nutcase in eql, garflozzy joins crystal, koka
 to dng, bizzybone to crystal, dk and webmasta to DMS, pluto to OGN, 
 lester left APC for RNS, ben(dth) and fire both joined the curry group
 iCT, and according to grad, manioc was kicked
 outta LND/LNDiSO!

-Big contraversy over the whole DOD/RZR whoring their names in undernet
 channels thing... Fuck, people.. That is just lame.. *cough* *cough*..
 S  E  L  L  O  U  T  S ......   ;p

-hrmm... Karl, you'd better start phearing nigga... I heard that riches
 was gonna bust out some phat hosts and hax0r your home computer, and
 steal all the kiddie pr0n that you made that time your sister and you
 got together... 
 heh.. silly me... what am i saying, "that time"?... i meant, "that 6 
 month period before your parents caught you".... you sick fuck.

-I was going through FS archives the other day, and found this leet dir:
 Heh... 2 scoops of raisins to the curry that came up with that one.. ;)

-Nutcase isn't VGN after all.. In the end, he didn't want to be responsible
 for the break up of EQL, (/me would have shed a fucking tear), so he is 
 staying with them for now..

-nitro resigned from fallen leadership for undisclosed reasons. Word is
 that fln is looking for a decent site with respectable archives. While
 we are on the subject, ucf is looking for a new

-And finally: Play.By.Email.Scrabble-TPC -by [grind/MNM/-=*MiLLENNiUM*=-]
 Oh my god... what a leet release... i will definately stop ragging on
 TPC now.. the big 4 can move over, there is a new kid in town, and it
 goes by the name of TPC... ;p

					             -sky masterson

--------[Stories from the Watercooler]----------

Ahh yes, rumors, we all love them even though we love to say how much we 
hate them when they are about us. And these are some of the better ones
circulating around this week. Email us or find us on irc if you have a 
good rumor you'd like entered, your name will not be included, but we
do not add rumors like that say "Tdpriest is having anal sex with Fusion"
because we know that Fusion is only having sex with Xtremist and therefore
there is no hard evidence of that rumor, so if you have real rumors, let us
know. Let's begin!

-Rumor has it that tc is close to quitting vgn.. The only reason why he
 remains there is because of jess' excellent oral sex0ring..

-Rumor has it that nwr actually will be coded soon.... really... ;p

-Rumor has it that mgd *is* plotting to take over the scene.. or rather,
 he is set to create a NEW one.. not ISO, not 0day, not mp3... no... he
 is going to create WHOLE NEW scene... stay tuned for details..

-Rumor has it that NWR is gonna be coded soon... REALLY!


Well friends.. Thats about it. If you've read this far, we sincerly thank you.
We like to know this thing gets read, so if you get the time, drop one of us
a quick msg, and tell us what you think, give us suggestions, tell us it sucks,
or just say "hi" to us!....

Greets fly out to: jaydee, mgd, stix, tdp, hr, eci, jamili, raptor, skill,
mandrake, zeus, speedy, subzero, superfly@okcomputer, wu-dave, dee, sj, bud,
prozac, bernis, paledeth, duranged, tech+his crew, Kusa, ssava, CRC 97, 
acidapple, and all the rest of you that we love...

Find us on IRC in #nwr, (channel commands: !nwr, !nwr 23 or whatever issue 
you want. We can't afford email, so we just steal CWS's... ;)

    Support NWR and CWS, and email your weektops to:
    Thank you!

take care..


                                       -ndetroit + lester.

NWR 3/2/98
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