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Unprotect for Accolade's Rack'Em. by Independent (IND)

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                           Unprotect for Accolades "RACK'EM
             First off. I received the <CRACKED> version of Rack'em  from 
        a  friend of mine. So I wondered how they did it. I dug  out  the 
        PcTools and did a file compare. After I found what they changed I 
        compared  the location in Norton Utilities which most people  are 
        more versed in using.
             Rack'em  from the factory will look in the A: drive for  the 
        key disk. Well, that just won't do at all. So let's get to it. 
             First,  bring  up NU (Norton Utilities) from  the  directory 
        that  Pool.exe is in. Choose that file for a search.  When  asked 
        for  the "Text to search for" hit the <TAB> key to toggle to  the 
        HEX SEARCH mode. Then type in " 57 9A 1B " without the quotes  of 
        course. Hit enter. When it finds it, edit the sector by  changing 
        those  characters  from  "57 9A 1B" to "57 EB 0C"  without  the 
        quotes.  Then hit enter twice and ESC out of Norton's.  Now  your 
        all set to play Pool without the Key disk.
             Please, if your not acquainted with Norton's this way,  have 
        someone that can do it confidently. 
             I give FULL Credit to the PTL CLUB for Cracking this game. I 
        wanted to have a text file to show how to do it. It's easier than 
        transferring the game all over.
             Have fun.
	     Dr. Debug!
RACKEM.UNP 127x34 Font