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DMack's Lost Classics Volume One for Numbers by Dmack

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DMACK's LOST CLASSICS, volume one  --  file listings
1000 Miglia                           c01d06   g   Simulmondo        1991
3-D Pool (Sharkey's)                  c01d09   gs  Microdeal         1990
4D Sports Boxing v.2.0                c01d06   gs  DSI               1991
4D Sports Driving                     c01d01   g   Mindscape         1990
4D Sports Tennis                      c01d12   gs  DSI               1992
688 Attack Sub                        c01d10   g   Electronic Arts   1990
A 10 Tank Killer ver. 1.5 VGA         c01d02   g   Dynamix           1991
A320 Airbus                           c01d11   g   Thalion           1992
Aargh!                                c01d06   g   Arcadia           1990
Abrams Battle Tank                    c01d09   g   Dynamix           1989
Advanced Galactic Empire (AGE)        c01d04   g   Tomahawk          1991
Altered Beast                         c01d09   g   SEGA              1990
American Gladiators                   c01d10   g   Gametek           1992
An American Tale                      c01d11   ag  Capstone          1992
Another World                         c01d10   g   Delphine          1992
Arachnophobia                         c01d01   g   Disney            1991
Are We There Yet?                     c01d05   gk  Manley            1991
Armada 2525                           c01d07   gw  Interstel         1991
Armor Alley                           c01d02   g   Three Sixty       1990
Ashes of the Empire                   c01d12   gw  Midnight          1993	            
Baby Joe                              c01d08   g   Loriciels         1991
Back to the Future 3                  c01d07   g   Probe / Image     1991
Balance of the Planet                 c01d01   g   Chris Crawford    1990
Bane of the Cosmic Forge              c01d03   g   Sir-Tech          1990
Bar Games                             c01d01   g   Accolade          1989
Barbie Design Studio                  c01d03   d   Hi Tech           1991
Bard's Tale # 3                       c01d01   ag  Electronic Arts   1990
Bard's Tale Construstion Set          c01d05   o   Interplay         1991
Barney Bear goes to school            c01d03   eg  Free Spirit       1990
Barney Bear goes to the farm          c01d09   eg  Free Spirit       1990
Battle Command                        c01d06   g   tank game 3-D     1991
Battle Isle                           c01d10   gw  Blue Byte         1992
Battlestorm                           c01d01   g   Titus             1991
Battletech Crescent Hawks             c01d03   g   Infocom           1990
Beauty & Beast Print Kit              c01d03   d   Disney            1991
Big Game Fishing                      c01d08   g   Simulmondo        1991
Big Three                             c01d12   gw  SDJ               1991
Bill and Ted's Adventure              c01d09   g   Capstone          1991
Blades of Steel                       c01d01   gs  Konami            1990
Block Out                             c01d09   g   Calif. Dreams     1989
Bloodwych                             c01d03   g   Mirrorsoft        1991
Blue Max                              c01d01   g   360 Software      1990
Bo Jackson's Baseball                 c01d05   gs  Data East         1991
Bomb Jack                             c01d01   g                     1991
Booly                                 c01d03   g   Loriciel          1991
Boston Bomb Club                      c01d03   g   Silmarils         1991
Brain Artifice                        c01d03   g   Soft Enterprices  1991
Bubble Bobble                         c01d07   g   Taito             1989
Buck Rogers 2 (matrix cubed)          c01d04   g   SSI               1992
Bumpy Arcade Fantasy                  c01d11   g   Lorelicl          1992
CD Man                                c01d09   g   Creative Dimension1989
Cadaver                               c01d03   g   Bitmap Bros.      1991
Carmen Sandiego (Amer.Past)           c01d02   ag  Broderbund        1991
Carmen Sandiego (Where in Time)       c01d09   ag  Broderbund        1990
Carrier Strike                        c01d11   g   Grigsby           1992
Castle of Dr. Brain                   c01d05   ag  Sierra            1991
Caveman Ugh-lympics                   c01d09   g   Electronic Arts   1989
Centurion                             c01d01   gw  Microsoft         1990
Chinese Chess                         c01d12   g   T-Time Tech       1992
Chips Challange                       c01d07   g   Epyx              1990
Choose An Enemy                       c01d08   g   Russion Soft      1991
Chuck Yeager's Air Combat             c01d02   g   Electronic Arts   1991
Cisco Cars                            c01d03   g   Impression        1991
Civilization Master Edition           c01d12   gw  Microprose        1992
Civilization v.1.301 upgrade          c01d10   g   Microprose        1992
Civilzation                           c01d08   gr  Microprose        1991
Clifornia Games 2                     c01d01   g   Epyx              1990
Cohort : Fighting for Rome            c01d02   gw  Impressions       1991
Color Buster                          c01d10   g   Pyramid           1992
Colorado                              c01d12   g   Silmarils         1990
Coloring Book (ninja turtles)         c01d01   ed  Brian A. Rice     1989
Conan the Cimmerian                   c01d07   g   Virgin            1991
Conflict (middle east political)      c01d01   g   Virgin Mastronics 1990
Conflict Korea                        c01d12   gw  SSI               1992
Conquest of the Longbow               c01d08   ag  Sierra            1991
Cool Crock Twins                      c01d12   g   Arcade Masters    1992
Cooperation                           c01d02   g   Core Design       1991
Countdown v.1.0                       c01d04   ag  Access Software   1990
Cover Girl Strip Poker                c01d04   g   Emotional Pictures1991
Covert Action                         c01d01   ag  Microprose        1990
Crackdown                             c01d02   g   SEGA              1990
Crash Course                          c01d12   g   Mirror Soft       1990
Crisis in the Kremlin                 c01d11   ag  Spectrum Holobyte 1992
Crown                                 c01d01   g   Starbyte          1990
Cruise for a Corpse U.S.ver.          c01d12   ag  Delphine          1992
Crusades ,the                         c01d09   g   Inland Int'l      1991
Cubulus                               c01d02   g   Software 2000     1991
Cyber Chess                           c01d09   g   Softdisk          1992
Cycles                                c01d01   g   Accolade          1989
Cypher - Operation Wildlife           c01d04   ag  Tanger            1991
Daffy Duck                            c01d01   ge  Hi Tech           1991
Dangerous Dave                        c01d01   g   Softdisk          1990
Dark Queen of Krynn                   c01d11   ar  SSI               1992
Darkspyre                             c01d07   g   Electronic Zoo    1990
Das Boot                              c01d01   g   Three-Sixty       1991
Dawgfight                             c01d09   g   Softdisk          1992
Death Knights of Krynn                c01d09   ag  SSI               1991
Deathbringer (sword of abbaddon)      c01d05   g   Empire            1991
Degeneration                          c01d05   g   Mindscape         1991
Demoniak                              c01d02   g   Place             1991
Die Hard 2                            c01d11   g   Grand Slam        1992
Dinosaur Discovery Kit v.2.1          c01d12   ek  First Byte        1990
Direct Access for windows             c01d10 * u   Fifth Generation  1992
Direct Access v. 5.1                  c01d02   u   Fifth Generation  1991
Disc                                  c01d04   g   Loriciel          1990
Doc's 1                               c01d06   t   Bunch of Doc's    1992
Doc's 2                               c01d11   t   Bunch of Doc's    1992
Donald's Alphabet Chase               c01d01   e   Disney            1990
Double Tetris                         c01d02   g   Softworld         1990
Dragons Lair 2                        c01d01   g   Ready Soft        1990
Dreadnoughts                          c01d06   g   Turcan            1992
Dream Team Challenge 3 on 3           c01d09   gs  Data East         1991
Duck Tales - quest for the gold       c01d06   g   Disney            1990
Dune                                  c01d06   ag  Virgin            1992
Dungon Master                         c01d11   g   FLT               1992
Dusk of the Gods                      c01d04   gr  Interstel         1991
Dylan Dog                             c01d10   g   Simulmondo        1992
ECO Phantoms                          c01d07   g   Electronic Zoo    1991
ECO Quest (search for cetus)          c01d09   ag  Sierra            1991
Eagle's Rider                         c01d01   g   Microids          1991
Earl Weaver Baseball 2                c01d04   gs  Mirage Graphics   1991
Electric Jigsaw # 1                   c01d04   gb  Brian A. Rice     1990
Electro Body                          c01d06   g   X-Land            1992
Elf                                   c01d12   g   Ocean             1992
Elvira                                c01d11   ag  Accolade          1990
Elvira  (the game)                    c01d09   g   Flair             1991
Elvira 2 Jaws of Cerberus             c01d03   ag  Accolade          1991
Escape from Hell                      c01d11   ag  Electronic Arts   1992
Exterminator                          c01d01   g   Audio Genic       1991
Eye of the Beholder                   c01d01   ag  SSI               1990
Eye of the Beholder 2                 c01d03   g   SSI               1991
Eye of the Beholder 2 FIX             c01d08   g   Sol on T18        1991
F-14 Tomcat                           c01d04   g   Activision        1990
F-15 Strike Eagle 2                   c01d01   g   Microprose        1991
F-15 Strike Eagle 2  (D-Storm)        c01d02   o   extra data disk   1991
F-19 Stealth                          c01d01   g   Microprose        1990
F-29 Retaliator                       c01d01   g   Ocean             1991
F117A Nighthawk v. 273.01             c01d07   g   Microprose        1991
Falcon 3.0                            c01d03   g   Spectrum Holobyte 1991
Falcon 3.0 update to 3.0D             c01d12   g   Microsoft         1992
Fascination                           c01d09   ag  Tomahawk          1991
Fatal Woman (Femme Fatale)            c01d01   g   Graphic Expression1991
Fighter Bomber                        c01d09   g   Activision        1991
Final Battle                          c01d07   g   PSS               1990
Fire power                            c01d01   g   Micro Illusions   1989
Forgotten World                       c01d02   g   Capcom / US Gold  1991
Fox, the                              c01d10   g   Titus             1992
Free DC                               c01d03   ag  Cineplay          1991
French Assistant                      c01d02   e   Micro tac         1991
Full Metal Planet                     c01d01   g   Infogrames        1990
Galleons of Glory                     c01d04   g   Broderbund        1990
Gateway by Frederik Pohl's v.1.0      c01d12   ag  Legend            1992
Gateway to the Savage Frontier        c01d07   ag  SSI               1991
Gauntlet 2                            c01d01   g   Mindscape         1989
Gazza 2                               c01d09   gs  Empire            1992
Geo. Jigsaw                           c01d04   gb  Brian A. Rice     1990
Getaway                               c01d08   g   Epyx              1991
Gin King & cribbage                   c01d02   gb  Software Toolworks1989
Global Conquest                       c01d06   gw  Microprose        1992
Goblins                               c01d08   g   CVS               1991
Gods                                  c01d08   g   Bit Map Bros.     1991
Gods (finished ver.)                  c01d04   g   Bitmap            1991
Gold Rush                             c01d04   g   Sierra            1989
Gold of the Aztecs                    c01d01   g   US Gold           1991
Golden Axe                            c01d01   g   SEGA              1990
Golden Sword,the                      c01d04   g   Topo Soft         1991
Grail Quest                           c01d05   ag  Artworx           1991
Grand Master Chess                    c01d11   gb  Capstone          1992
Grand Prix 500 II                     c01d08   g   Microids          1991
Grand Prix Unlimited                  c01d12   g   Accolade          1992
Great Courts 2                        c01d05   gs  UBI soft          1991
Gremlins 2                            c01d01   g   Elite             1990
Gremlins 2                            c01d01   g   Hi Tech           1991
Guardian the                          c01d03   g   Loriciels         1991
Gunboat                               c01d09   g   Accolade          1990
Gunship 2000 (update 469.06)          c01d09   g   Microprose        1991
Guy Spy                               c01d11   g   Reddy Soft        1992
HE 162 (data for SWOTL)               c01d10   g   Lucas             1992
Hard Ball 2                           c01d02   gs  Accolade          1988
Hard Drivin 2                         c01d01   g   Domark            1991
Hare Rasing Havoc                     c01d06   g   Blue Sky          1991
Harold Hardtand                       c01d06   g   Colgate           1992
Harpoon                               c01d02   g   Three Sixty       1989
Harpoon - data meditierian            c01d02   o   Three sixty       1991
Harpoon - data naval air command      c01d02   o   Three Sixty       1991
Harpoon Editor                        c01d04   o   Three sixty       1991
Headline Harry - Great paper race     c01d07   g   Davidson          1991
Hero Quest                            c01d10   g   Gremlin           1991
Hero's Quest (Quest for Glory 2)      c01d07   ag  Sierra            1990
Heroes of the 35th                    c01d12   g   Electronic Arts   1992
Hexsider                              c01d01   g   UBI               1990
Home Alone                            c01d06   g   Capstone          1991
Hong Kong Mahjong                     c01d07   g   Nine Dragons      1990
Hook                                  c01d12   ag  Ocean             1992
Horror Zombies from the Crypt         c01d02   g   The Crypt         1991
Hounds of Shadow                      c01d01   at  Electronic Arts   1991
Hover Force                           c01d10   g   Accolade          1991
Hoyle Book of Games 1                 c01d02   gb  Sierra            1989
Hoyle Book of Games 2                 c01d01   gb  Sierra            1989
Hoyle Book of Games 3                 c01d05   gb  Sierra            1991
Hugo 2                                c01d08   g   Silver Rock       1991
Hunt for Red October                  c01d10   ag  Grand Slam        1990
Hyperspeed                            c01d08   g   Microprose        1991
Immortal, the                         c01d12   ar  Electronic Arts   1991
Imperium                              c01d01   ag  Electronic Arts   1990
Indiana Jones - Fate of Atlantis      c01d12   ag  Lucas Arts        1992
Indiana Jones Temple of Doom          c01d02   g   Lucas Arts        1991
Infocom's (a bunch of em!)            c01d04   at  Infocoms          1991
Inspector Gadget (ele.crayon)         c01d07   de  Merit             1991
James Bond Stealth Affair VGA         c01d02   g   Inderplay         1991
Jimmy Connor's Pro Tennis Tour        c01d03   gs  UBI               1991
Jones in the Fast Lane                c01d01   ag  Sierra            1990
Jump                                  c01d11   g   Opera             1992
Kaeon                                 c01d09   g   Tron              1992
Keen Dreams                           c01d05   g   Softdisk          1991
Kick Boxer                            c01d01   gs  Panza             1991
Killer Ball                           c01d09   g   Microids          1991
Kings Bounty                          c01d01   ag  New World Computin1990
Kings Quest 5                         c01d10   ag  Sierra            1990
Kings of the Beach Volleyball         c01d02   gs  Electronic Arts   1988
Klax                                  c01d02   g   Tengen            1990
Knight of the Sky rev.2               c01d10   g   Microprose        1991
Knights of the Sky                    c01d09   g   Microprose        1990
Kwix                                  c01d11   g   Art & Fun         1992
LHX Attack Chopper                    c01d01   g   Electronic Arts   1990
Lance Stone - Trouble at woz          c01d12   ag  Xap               1992
Laser Tank                            c01d09   g   Softstar          1991
Laura Bow Dager of Amon Ra            c01d12   ag  Sierra            1992
Leather Goddess of Phobos 2           c01d06   ag  Infocom           1992
Leisure Suit Larry 1 (VGA)            c01d02   ag  Sierra            1991
Leisure Suit Larry 3                  c01d06   ag  Sierra            1989
Leisure Suit Larry 5 (VGA)            c01d11   ag  Sierra            1991
Lemmings                              c01d01   g   Psygnosis         1991
Lemmings (OH! No) data disk           c01d03   g   Psygnosis         1991
Les Manley in L.A.                    c01d08   ag  Accolade          1991
Light Corridor                        c01d01   g   Infogames         1990
Lightspeed                            c01d01   g   Microprose        1990
Links (Bay Hill GC)                   c01d01   gd  Access            1991
Links (Dorado)                        c01d05   g   Access            1991
Links (Firestone 286)                 c01d01   gd  Access            1991
Links (Pinehurst)                     c01d07   g   Access            1991
Links (Torry Pines)                   c01d07   o   Access            1990
Links (Troon NC)                      c01d06   o   Access            1992
Links 386                             c01d12   gs  Accolade          1992
Links 386 (Barton Creek)              c01d11   o   Access            1992
Loom                                  c01d12   g   Lucas Films       1990
Loopz                                 c01d09   g   Mindscape         1990
Lord of the Rings v.l.1 ver. 1.3      c01d04   ag  Interplay         1991
Lords of Doom                         c01d01   ag  Starbyte          1990
Lorna Goddess of Doom                 c01d01   g   Topsoft           1990
M.U.D.S. mean,ugly,dirty,sports       c01d01   g   Rainbow Arts      1990
Mac Arthur's War                      c01d04   gw  SSG               1991
Mad TV                                c01d03   g   Rainbow Arts      1991
Magic Candle 2                        c01d04   ar  Mindcraft         1991
Magic Pockets                         c01d12   g   Bitmap bros.      1992
Manhunter N.Y.                        c01d01   ag  Sierra            1988
Mario Andretti's Racing Challange     c01d02   g   Electronic Arts   1991
Mario Bros. VGA                       c01d01   g   PD                1990
Mario is Missing                      c01d12   g   Software Toolhouse1992
Martian Dreams (Ultiam Adv.)          c01d03   ag  Origin            1991
Martian Memorandum                    c01d07   ag  Access            1991
Medieval Warriors                     c01d02   gw  Merit             1991
Mega Man 3                            c01d12   g   Hi-Tech           1992
Mega Traveler                         c01d02   g   Paragon           1990
Mega Traveler 2                       c01d02   ga  Paragon           1991
Megafortress                          c01d12   g   Three-Sixty       1991
Megafortress Theater Up-date          c01d12   g   Three Sixty       1992
Metal Mutant                          c01d02   g   Silmarils         1989
Micro League Baseball                 c01d01   gs  Microleague       1991
Midwinter 2 - flames/freedom          c01d10   g   Doc's on T19      1992
Mig 29                                c01d01   g   Domark            1990
Mig-29 Fulcrum US ver.                c01d03   g   Accolade          1991
Might & Magic 3                       c01d06   g   New World         1991
Mike Ditka Football NFL teams         c01d08   od  Accolade          1991
Millenium (return to earth)           c01d05   g   Paragon           1991
Miniature Golf (hole in one)          c01d02   g   Digitk            1989
Mission Impossible                    c01d05   g   Konami            1991
Mixed up Fairy Tales                  c01d08   g   Sierra            1991
Moktar                                c01d08   g   Titus             1991
Monday Night Football                 c01d01   gs  Data East         1990
Monkey's Island , the secret VGA      c01d07   ag  Lucusfilms        1990
Monkey's Island 2                     c01d11   ag  Lucas Arts        1991
Moonshine Racers                      c01d07   g   Millenium         1991
Mysterious Worlds                     c01d09   g   Amiga-Fun         1991
NCAA Final 4                          c01d08   gs  Bethesda          1991
NFL Football                          c01d11   gs  Konami            1992
Nascar Challenge                      c01d04   g   Konami            1991
Navy Moves                            c01d10   g   Dinamic Software  1992
Nephi's Quest                         c01d09   g   Techno Crafts     1990
Nigel's World                         c01d06   g   Lawrence Publicati1991
Night Shift                           c01d02   g   Lucusfilms        1990
Ninja Gaiden 2                        c01d04   g   GameTek           1991
Ninja Rabbit                          c01d04   g   Microvaule        1991
No Exit                               c01d01   g   CVS               1990
No Greater Glory                      c01d05   g   SSI               1991
Nobunaga's Ambition 2                 c01d02   gr  Koei              1990
Nova 9                                c01d05   g   Dynamix           1991
Nuclear War                           c01d02   g   New World Computin1989
Obitus                                c01d04   g   Psygnosis         1991
Off Road (super/iceman)               c01d01   g   Virgin Mastronics 1989
Oil Barons                            c01d04   g   Star Soft         1992
Omar Sherif on Bridge                 c01d09   gb  Interplay         1991
Operation ComBat                      c01d01   g   Merit Software    1991
Operation Frog                        c01d06   e   Scholastic        1992
Operation Neptune                     c01d05   ek  The Learning Co.  1991
Operation Sledgehammer                c01d04   o   for Megafortress  1991
Orbits v.2.0                          c01d08   e   Winter Tech       1991
Out Numbered v. 1.02                  c01d01   eg  The Learning Co.  1990
Out of this World (us ver.)           c01d11   g   Interplay         1991
Overlord                              c01d04   g   Virgin Mastronics 1990
P-38 (data for SWOTL)                 c01d03   o   Lucas Films       1991
PT 109                                c01d07   g   Spectrum Holobyte 1991
Pacific Islands -Team Yankee2         c01d10   g   Empire            1992
Paganitzu part 2                      c01d08   g   Apogee            1991
Paper Boy 2                           c01d08   g   Mindscape         1991
Paragliding                           c01d04   g   Loriciels         1991
Penthouse Jigsaw                      c01d02   g   Polarware         1990
Pick & Pile                           c01d02   g   UBI               1990
Pit Fighter                           c01d03   g   Domark            1991
Planet's Edge                         c01d10   g   New World Computin1991
Playmaker Football                    c01d06   gs  Broderbound       1991
Police Quest 3  VGA                   c01d05   ag  Sierra            1991
Pooga Boo                             c01d09   g   Opera Soft        1991
Pools of Darkness                     c01d04   ag  SSI               1991
Power Monger                          c01d12   gw  Electronic Arts   1992
Predator 2                            c01d01   g   Mirrorsoft        1991
Prehistorik                           c01d01   g   Titus             1991
Prince of Persia                      c01d04   g   Broderbund        1990
Prince of Persia v.1.3 fixed          c01d11   g   Broderbund        1992
Prophecy (the viking child)           c01d02   g   Imagitec          1990
Puzzle Master NY Times                c01d12   gb  old               1990
Puzznic                               c01d07   g   Taito / Ocean     1990
RBI Baseball 2                        c01d02   gs  Tengen            1990
Race Drivin'                          c01d12   g   Domark            1991
Railroad Tycoon                       c01d02   gr  Microprose        1991
Rambo 3                               c01d04   g   Tatio             1989
Rampart                               c01d12   gw  Electronic Arts   1992
Red Baron                             c01d02   g   Dynamix           1990
Redbaron fix for joystick             c01d10   o   fix               1992
Renegade Legion Interceptor           c01d05   g   SSI               1990
Rescue at Sea                         c01d04   g   Topo Soft         1991
Resolution 101                        c01d02   g   Astral / Millenium1990
Resume Maker Pro                      c01d09   b   Spinnaker         1991
Riders of Rohan                       c01d05   ar  Konami            1991
Rise of the Dragon (VGA)              c01d04   ag  Dynamix           1990
Robin Hood adventures of              c01d04   g   US Gold           1991
Rock A Doodle Coloring Book           c01d06   dk  Capstone          1992
Rock Star                             c01d01   g   Wizzard Games     1990
Rock'N Roll                           c01d02   g   Rainbow Arts      1990
Rocketeer                             c01d08   g   Disney            1991
Roller Coaster Rumble                 c01d01   g   Tyne Soft         1990
Rolling Ronnie                        c01d04   g   Starbyte          1991
Romance of the 3 Kingdoms 2           c01d04   gw  Koei              1991
Rules of Engagement                   c01d07   gw  Omnitrend         1991
Rules of Engagement Update v.1.07     c01d07   g   Onnimtrend        1991
S.T.U.N. Runner                       c01d10   g   Tengen            1990
SU 25 Soviet Attack Fighter           c01d09   g   Electronic Arts   1990
SWOTL Update 2.1                      c01d11   o   Lucas             1992
Samurai - way of the warrior          c01d06   g   Impressions       1992
Sargon 4                              c01d05   gb  Sargon            1989
Sargon 5                              c01d08   gb  Activision        1991
Scrooge                               c01d08   g   Leisureland       1991
Scuba Ventrue                         c01d11   g   Softdisk          1992
Sea Rogue v.2.95                      c01d10   g   Software Sorcery  1991
Secret Agent                          c01d09   g   PD Apogee         1992
Secret Island of Dr. Quandary         c01d09   g   MECC              1992
Secret Wepons of the Luftwaffe        c01d09   g   Lucasfilm         1990
Sex Olympics                          c01d03   ag  Free Spirit       1990
Sex Vixens from Space                 c01d07   g   Free Spirit       1989
Sexxcapades                           c01d07   g   Sexxy Software    1991
Shadow Sorcerer                       c01d05   ag  SSI               1991
Shanghai 2 (Dragon's Eye)             c01d07   g   Activision        1990
Shiftrix                              c01d02   g   Software 2000     1991
Shogi Master                          c01d05   g   Ishi Press Int'l. 1991
Shufflepuck Cafe                      c01d09   g   Broderbund        1989
Shuttle                               c01d08   g   Virgin            1991
Siege                                 c01d12   gw  Mindcraft         1992
Silent Service 2                      c01d07   g   Microprose        1990
Silent Shadow                         c01d02   g   Topo Soft         1991
Sim Ant (fin.ver)                     c01d09   g   Maxis             1991
Sim City & Editor                     c01d02   ag  Infograms         1989
Sim City - Europe/moon data           c01d12 * o   ? Data for simcity1992
Sim City Graphic disk 1               c01d02   o   Infograms         1989
Sim City Graphic disk 2               c01d02   o   Infograms         1989
Sim Earth                             c01d01 * g   Maxis             1990
Simusex                               c01d06   x   PS                1992
Skidoo                                c01d04   g                     1991
Skull and Crossbones                  c01d02   g   Tengen            1991
Sliders                               c01d04   g   Microids          1991
Solitaire's Journey                   c01d12   gb  QQP               1992
Space 1889                            c01d02   g   Paragon           1990
Space Ace 2                           c01d03   g   Ready Soft        1991
Space Quest 1 VGA                     c01d07   ag  Sierra            1991
Space Quest 4  (Time Rippers)         c01d09   ag  Sierra            1991
Space Wrecked                         c01d05   g   Konami            1991
Spanish Assistaint                    c01d02   e   MicroTac          1991
Speedball 2                           c01d05   g   Bit Map Bros.     1991
Spellbound                            c01d05   eg  Learning Company  1991
Spellcasting 201                      c01d05   ag  Legend            1991
Spellcasting 201 Doc's & pics         c01d05   o   Legend            1991
Sports Adventure                      c01d08   ge  Knowledge Pro     1991
Star Blazer                           c01d04   g   Atari             1991
Star Control                          c01d01   g   Accolade          1990
Star Trek 25th  Anniversary           c01d11   g   Interplay         1992
Star Trek 25th Anniversary fix?       c01d11   g   Interplay         1992
Star Trek Judgment Rites              c01d10   g   Interplay         1993
Steel Empire - Silicon Knights        c01d10   g   Millenium         1992
Stellar 7                             c01d04   g   Dynamix           1990
Storm Lord                            c01d01   g   Hewson            1990
Storm Master                          c01d06   g   Silmarils         1992
Stratego                              c01d04   gb  Accolade          1990
Strike 2                              c01d05   g   Millenium         1991
Strip Poker 3                         c01d07   gb  Artworx           1991
Strip Poker 3 Data # 4 vga            c01d02   o   Artworx           1991
Stunts v. 1.1 Update                  c01d11   g   Broderbund        1991
Stunts with extra tracks              c01d02   g   Broderbund        1990
Supaplex                              c01d08   g   Digital Int.      1991
Super Jeopardy                        c01d05   g   Gametek           1991
Super Mario Bros. Coloring book       c01d08   e   Merit             1991
Super Mario Bros. Printworld          c01d01   d   Hi Tech           1990
Super Scrabble Deluxe                 c01d12   g   Virgin Mastronics 1990
Super Ski 2                           c01d10   g   Microids          1992
Super Space Invaders                  c01d09   g   Domark            1991
Super Spellicopter                    c01d01   e   Britannica Softwar1990
Super Tetris                          c01d08   g   Spectrum Holobyte 1991
Super Tetris (windows)                c01d10 * g   Spectrum Holobyte 1991
Super Tie Break (tennis)              c01d01   gs  Starbyte          1990
Supremaey                             c01d04   g   Probe             1991
TV Sports Basketball                  c01d03   gs  Cinemaware        1988
TV Sports Boxing                      c01d08   g   Cinemaware        1991
Taking of Beverly Hills               c01d08   g   Capstone          1991
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles           c01d08   g   Imageworks        1991
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles          c01d05   g   USI               1990
Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles 2        c01d08   g   Konami            1991
Teledisk v. 2.14                      c01d06   u   Sydex             1992
Tennis Cup 2                          c01d04   gs  Loriciel          1991
Terminator                            c01d02   g   Cinemane 84       1991
Terminator 2                          c01d05   g   Ocean             1991
Test Drive 3                          c01d02   g   Accolade          1990
Test Drive 3 extra data disk          c01d02   o   Accolade          1991
Tetris ( Clasic - Modem ver. )        c01d12   g   Spectrum Holobyte 1992
The Godfather                         c01d03   g   US Gold           1991
The Power                             c01d04   g   Deamonware        1991
The Simpsons Arcade                   c01d04   g   Konami            1991
The Simpsons Bart's House             c01d05   g   Konami            1991
Theme Park Mystery                    c01d02   ag  Konami / Mirrorsof1991
Thunderhawk                           c01d04   g   Core              1991
Tilt                                  c01d04   g   Genias            1991
Time Quest                            c01d03   g   Legend            1991
Tom and the Ghost                     c01d07   ag  UBI Soft          1990
Tongue of the Fatman                  c01d01   g   Activision        1989
Tony LaRussa's (Amer. Stadiums)       c01d07   o   SSI / Beyound     1991
Tony LaRussa's Ultimate Baseball      c01d07   gs  SSI / Beyound     1991
Tour 91                               c01d07   g   Topo Soft         1991
Tracon 2-air traffic controler v.2.01 c01d03   g   Weson Internationa1990
Tracon for windows                    c01d08 * g   Weson Internationa1991
Treasure of the savage frontier       c01d10   gr  SSI               1992
Troika                                c01d04   g   Paragon           1991
Twilight 2000                         c01d08   gw  Paragon Software  1991
USS John Young 2                      c01d06   g   Magic Bytes       1992
Ultima 7 (The Black Gate)             c01d06   ar  Origin            1992
Ultima Underworld                     c01d10   ar  Origin            1992
Uncharted Waters                      c01d03   g   Koei              1990
Unreal                                c01d11   g   UBI soft          1991
Vaxine                                c01d02   g   US Gold           1990
Vengence of Excalibur                 c01d02   ag  Virgin Mastronic  1991
Viz                                   c01d09   g   Virgin            1992
Volfied v.2.00                        c01d08   g   Empire            1991
WWF                                   c01d09   g   Ocean             1991
Warlords 2000 v. 2.10                 c01d02   gw  SSG               1990
Weird Dreams                          c01d01   g   Rainbird          1990
West Phaser                           c01d09   g   Loriciel          1991
Wheel of Fortune                      c01d08   g   Gamtek            1991
Wheel of Fortune 3rd. edition         c01d06   gb  Gametek           1991
Wide World of Sports Boxing           c01d05   gs  Data East         1991
Wild Streets v.VGA                    c01d01   g   Titus             1990
Wild West World 2.1                   c01d10   g   US Gold           1991
Wild Wheels                           c01d08   g   Ocean             1991
Willy Beamish                         c01d05   ag  Dynamix           1991
Wind Walker                           c01d03   g   Origin            1989
Window DOS 3.5                        c01d11   u                     1992
Wing Commander 1                      c01d03   g   Origin System     1990
Wing Commander 2 Sound files          c01d03   o   Origin System     1991
Wing Commander 2 Spc.Orders           c01d03   o   Origin System     1991
Wing Commander Data #1                c01d01   o   Origin System     1990
Wing Commander Data #2                c01d01   o   Origin System     1990
Wings of Fury                         c01d07   g   Broderbund        1989
Winter Challenge                      c01d05   g   Accolade          1991
Winter Supersports 1992               c01d11   gs  Flair             1992
Wolf -3D full ver.                    c01d12   g   ID                1992
Word Perfect Art & Graphics           c01d09   wp  Reasonable Sol.   1989
Wordtris                              c01d04   g   Spectrum Holobyte 1991
Worlds at War                         c01d02   g   Storm Computing   1991
Wrath of the Deamon VGA               c01d05   g   Readysoft         1991
Wreckers                              c01d05   g   Denton Designs    1991
X-Rock                                c01d07   g   Soft World        1991
Xenocide                              c01d02   g   Micro Relations   1990
Xiphos                                c01d09   g   Electronic Arts   1990
Zany Golf                             c01d02   g   Electronic Arts   1990
Ziliard                               c01d02   g   Sierra            1990
Zone 0                                c01d06   g   Topo Soft         1991

DMACK's LOST CLASSICS, volume one  --  file listings
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