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Phreakers Watch Your Ass! by Razor 1911 (RZR)

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			     P H R E A K E R S  

			W A T C H  Y O U R  A S S !

		There is a fellow in Virgina who has been turning in your
	friends here in CALIFORNIA !!!  He is the lowest type of person in
	the world. He is a two faced mother fucker who has laughed to me
	about it for almost  6 months. He was a former UNC and PE member, 
	who was kicked out for infecting a SYSOP's board who stopped paying
	for their service. You see, he is a member of NuKE (virus group) and
	thinks he is above the law. He runs a board in Virgina called
	Chiba City, but you would never get on. So instead, you can call him
	at work at (1-804-747-1011) between 5am-3pm Pacfic standard time. He 
	went to the FEDS and turned in my cousin GENE PARIS for phreaking. He
	is now serving 3 years in prison.  /

		This is NO SHIT !!!@  Those East Coast ASSHOLES think that
	we're all FAGS and can be pushed around. FUCK THEM !!!

		ASK FOR TRIPP LEWIS @ (1-804-747-1011)

		And when you get tired of him, FUCK WITH HIS BOSS !!

		I want him fired !!!

			HOPPERMAINA [RaZOR 1911] !!!!

		BTW;  ALSO CALL MAX HARPER AT 533-3892 (714). When he
		answers security, You will know ! He is Tripps OC 
		FED connection !!!  He also runs a virus board.

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