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Date   : Sat May 15 08:46:25 1993         Number: 1497
To     : ALL                              Recv'd: N/A
From   : Battlehawk                       Status: Public Message
Subject: Hmm..

        I heard from a source inside the SPA that they are going to have
another crackdown in June......  They are mostly going after APOC, Elusive
Dreams, Fast Trax, and Unlawful Entry......  I heard from my friend's
father (a SPA guy) said that they already have fake accounts on those BBS
......   SO watch out....
        Hey What is the difference between a Outpost and a dist. site?

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Bone Crusher enters chat room.

Bone Crusher> yes sir

Janno> hhe, hi eddy .. how are ya doing ? .. i saw you uploaded the new RzoR
release to Mad bombers board ...

Bone Crusher> ya..  grabbed it this afternoon and sent it there anyways..

Janno> cool, i guess .. well, i was kinda busy today .. so i started my trade
activity about 4 hours ago ..

Bone Crusher> did ya have the whole Lost in Time yet/

Janno> no .. hm ... dunno, it's playable but french .... you need it ?

Bone Crusher> well, just want to try it out..

Janno> yep .. thast understanadble

Bone Crusher> ya.. hmm.. so did you talk to CHAOS/TSL lately?

Janno> nope .. didn't hear from him in a long time ...

Bone Crusher> ok..  no problem..  anyways, I better get going... so I will
talk to ya later then

Janno> uyp .. bye Ed ...

Bone Crusher> l8r

Bone Crusher> x

Date   : Sun May 16 08:01:09 1993         Number: 1511
To     : Cybernetic Samurai               Recv'd: No
From   : GINNIE                           Status: Public Message
Subject: ..

Even f i hate the Kiw Killer, im really really so sad about it..
Guys, it could be a bad moment, but nothing can stop us..
I hope they could come to my house.. they won't get out of it.. ill draw my
gun, and fire to them...
Nobody seems to know that we don't wanna hurt people, at all..
But life is a bitch.. and we cant do too much about it.. this at least
prepares u for what real liife could be...
 ----( Randall Flagg )------------------------------------------------

Fuck, the Norwegian Cops are acting as if its some big crime ring and we
are all raking in mega-bucks. If I DID get busted I'd be richer in the long
run .. costs a fortune this hobby!
 ----( RAZOR BLADE )--------------------------------------------------

  No kiddin'.  The point is that we don't go out and rape or kill (at least
not as part of this hobby).  But there are people who do, and they walk,
while the fact that the law is so fuzzy makes it simple for a good
attourney to rip off a computer freak's nuts in court.
  Doing it isn't the crime...getting caught is,
  Friggin screwed up world,
 ----( Cybernetic Samurai )-------------------------------------------

 Well look at it this way. We are screwing up quite a few companies real
bad.. Sure in some cases like at&t its only a small fish out of their big
pond, but some of the pbx's have cost businesses a shit load of money
(remember that new york pbx a while back that ended up costing a small
publishing company close to 1 million bucks - and they were forced to pay
for it), not to mention all the software companies (yes we decrease their
sales at least by 70-80% every year!). Sure lots of rapists go free and
their crimes are muchg worse morally, but a much larger percentage of
computer freaks walk free then rapists.

 But hell if it was legal we wouldnt get the kick out of it we do. Everyone
admit it, you all love the feeling of going to sleep at night and thinking
'shit we ripped soem company off a few thousand dollars today - wasnt it
fun! We brougt some pirated software into our country today 2 months before
release date - every bastard will have it soon and whos gonna be stupid
enough to go and buy teh original now... '.

 In many years to cxome when we reach butchers age (ehehe) we will prolyl
fell pretty goddam guilty about what we have done. Because when it comes
down to it we are doing some pretty heavy shit and costing people a shit
load of money. Just dont make the mistake of thinking 'Ill never get
caught, i dont deserve to have anything done to me'. Last week down here in
Aussieland a company put up a $2500 reward to anyone giving information
leading to the arrest of software pirates. There is due to be some heavy
busts going on soon. I wonder who goes down, could be me next..

 nuff said.. go kill a kiwi.. [GINNIE]
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