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Unprotect Procedure For Defender Of The Crown. by Microcomputer Assembly Software Hackers

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              UnProtect Procedure for DEFENDER OF THE CROWN

1. Copy all the files from your DOC Master Disk to another disk, put
   the master away, and only use the copy.
2. Rename the file DOC.EXE to DOC.DBG (Debug won't write an EXE file)
3. Follow the instructions in the sample debug session below:
<CR>=Carriage Return
-S 0 FFFF B8 00 A0 50 FF 36 0A 45 <CR> ; search for beginning of routine.
206F:3BCC                              ; addresses may be different
-A3BCC <CR>                            ; assemble at first address
206F:3BCC JMP 3BF2 <CR>                ; jump to second address
206F:3BCE <CR>
-W <CR>                                ; write the edited file back to disk
Writing 11600 bytes
-Q <CR>                                ; quit, return to DOS
4. Rename DOC.DBG to DOC.EXE

If everything went ok, your DEFENDER OF THE CROWN is completely unprotected.
It can be backed up with DiskCopy, and it will also run in a subdirectory
of your hard drive.  This unprotect brought to you by:

THE DOCTOR of "M.A.S.H." (Microcomputer Assembly Software Hackers),
Fort Myers, Florida.  Remember, a good program is an unprotected program.♀→♀
DOC.UNP 80x27 Font