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Unprotect for Sons of Liberty by Independent (IND)

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           Deprotect for SONS OF LIBERTY by Strategic Simulations 1988
             Surely, this must be the most redundant passive protection 
        scheme seen so far.  This game is of such massive complexity that 
        it boggles the mind!  It is absolutely impossible to play the 
        game without the documentation -- well 'nigh impossible for some 
        of us to do well at it even with the docs!  Then to have a pas-
        sive protection system that tests us to make sure we have a 
        legitimate instruction manual is adding insult to injury!
             Actually this was one of the first passive protection 
        schemes I had the misfortune to come across about a year ago.  At 
        the time I solved it out of curiousity and thought, "Wow, this 
        stupid system will never catch on, it's too easy!"  Sigh!  
             Anyway the first thing I found was that (using PCtools EDIT) 
        all the (21) paragraphs used for questions were stored in plain 
        ASCII in the 1st half of Relative Sector 165 of the file 
        START.EXE.  Well, I figured maybe the corresponding Data Table 
        wasn't too far away either and sure enough there it was on the 
        second half of Relative sector 166 (beginning right after the 
        ASCII word "ABORT".  The 21 words were encrypted -- I think they 
        were ANDed with 64h -- but I may have forgotten exactly.  Anyhow 
        they can be recognized by their irregular length (from "the" to 
        "recconnaisance") and using "00" or "00 00" separators. If you 
        have your manual handy and a table of normal ASCII characters it 
        should be an interesting exercise to decode the 21 codewords 
             Remember to make a diskcopy version of the game to perform 
        the following patches on -- JUST IN CASE! 
             Your task is to block out the entire test word area with 
        "00"s. In Relative Sector 166 of Start.EXE from Displacement 0095 
        to Displacement 01D9. Or for you folks reading the right hand 
        side of the screen from just after the word "ABORT" to just 
        before the ASCII letters: " A) B)".
             Write it back to the disk and you're done.
             Now when you run START.EXE it will prompt you for a para-
        graph as it did before.  Just hit return.  It will repeat the 
        request three times.  Hit return each time and then you go on 
        into the program. 
                                --- The Reno Cracker    Apr 89
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