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King of Sports Horse Racing. by National Elite Underground Alliance (NEUA)

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****      King OF Sports Horse Racing
****      From Virgin
****      2/27/91

Crack* Simple Doc Check - Popped out by Massive Ego
Packaged by FiRe
Graphics: C/EGA
Controls: Keybd

Sound: Hooter

NEUA Quips:

   This seems to be a newer version of an old relase of Sports Time
   Horse Racing. Everyone else is releasing shit ....we may as well
   hop on the camel. Someone might Like it.

Greets go out to : THG,INC and the rest except TWA.

NEUA is Massive Ego, FiRe, Crzy Joe, Midnight Modifier, THe Necromancer,
        Cazzaza, Nightstick, Pizza Bob, The Fileman, The Fender, Southern,
        Gun Runner (hope you are not too mad), and after this realese we
        will see who is left.


Game Stuff: Cheesy but what else is out there.

NEUA Boards:

InFIniTy I   - NEUA World Headquarters     - 914-229-8483
InFiniTy II  - NEUA Eastern Flagship       - 914-883-9054
InFiniTy III - NEUA Vault                  - 914-266-4706
InFiniTy IV  - NEUA Distro Site            - 914-471-2728
The Rush     - NEUA Mid Western Flagship   - 313-348-6057
Welfare Dept - NEUA Western Flagship       - 919-729-2112