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Are The 'Elite' Real Pirates? by Independent (IND)

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                      ARE THE "ELITE" REAL PIRATES?

       It's time to take a look at the current pirate situation.
     Right now the so called "Elite" pirate groups dominate the
     scene.Those groups claim to be pirate but if you have been
     around a long time like i have you know that these groups
     are not real pirates.They break all of the traditional rules
     of piracy.They force people to PAY to get access on their 
     boards.They want people to kiss their asses and worship them
     as if they are some sort of gods.It's a peice of shit.These 
     groups take advantage of people just as the software 
     companies do if not worse.This has got to stop now!The most
     offending group is "The Humble Guys".

        One of  "THG's" member boards is a local call for me.The
     Sysop (Mr. Plato) is the biggest assholes ever.Even people who
     do stoop to kiss his ass to get access hate his guts.But they
     don't have a choice since there is a monopoly of warez by  groups
     like THG.This is the case all over the U.S.It's time to put piracy 
     back to real pirates who share freely without any of the stupid
     shit.These groups make slaves of the people who want the latest
     stuff (Even THG calles them slaves!!).It's time to emancipate the
     true pirates.

        I call on current members of these groups to share their warez,
     knowledge and reputations to bring down this monopoly.I also call    
     on the people who just go with the flow to get active on your local
     free pirate boards and contribute all you have to end this blastphem
     of true piracy.
        I'm not agenst all groups just ones like the current generation
     of them that have become oppressive and are takeing advantge of
     their position.

        If you want to get more info or comment on this file you can
     contact me on the following boards.

      The Outhouse BBS  (618)-398-0335


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