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The Net Monkey Weekly Report, 41 by The Net Monkey Weekly Report (NWR)

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Netmonkey Weekly Report Issue XLI March 30th, 1999 g#S$ d. ____ ascii by garflozzy ____ $$$: -- ,$b ----- $$$ ___ $$$$$s __ :$$l $',$$$$.`$$ :$$$._l$$: ,s#S$$$$: $$$"╚$$b.`╚$i $$$ ',$$'└$$,`$ l$$$T$$$$._ --------- l$$$$$$$$ :$$l b,`Y$$,`l l$$.d$P . └$$,` $$l" $$$▓T$S#g._ ----------- ░░░░░░░░░ :$$$$$$$l l$$: $$b.`Y$$, :$$$$' d$b └$$,d$$: :$$l ,.`"▓T$S# ░░░░░░░░░ $$$$$$$: $$$ :$$$$. Y$$.s$$$' d$$$b '$$$$l l$$: l$'.d$$' $$$$$$$. $$$ l$$$$$. $$$Sl$' d$$$$$b '$$$: :$$l .'.d$$' $$$$$$l :$$l $$$$$$l l$$::P :$$$$$$$b.`$l l$$: ~~~~~~~ ------------------ l$$: ------- :$$l.' ---------- `: ;$$l --------------------- $$$ ░░░░░░░ .l$$ :: ~~~~ │ $$S#s,$$$ ::: ``^"▓Y$$$ `Y$ [ n ] ETMONKEY [ W ] EEKLY [ R ] EPORT [email protected]# We are on time this week. And you all didn't think it could be done. Well, it wouldn't be done if I waited for our webpage, but that's not the point! It is still done and we have all kinds of cool shit. Check out Ryche's interview with the leader of Pornolation! As well as our Risc internal meeting log donated to us by an anonymous Risc person! -Lester [Co-Editor/Head Writer] Hi! This is an awesome issue, we got going on this week.. about bloody time! Bud, prozac, lester, sky, and me all got our shit going on, but you gotta check out ryche's interview with egde- of the pr0n scene.. Its some nice work... We have a wacky log that nwr managed to scoop from the risc channel, detailing how the militant RiSC council really operates... man, eternal isn't really all that nice to his guys, is he? ;p But eagle_1 might be coming back, so at least things might be interesting again.. We also have a crazy interview with blitz, one of the leaders of OGN.. He was pretty diplomatic in his answers, but lester managed to squeeze a few semi-contraversial bits out of him.. ;) Thanks to all the ppl who find lester and i on IRC and say hi, or thanks for nwr.. it means a lot, and motivates us to do different things with it This is one of the best issues we've had in a while, and we got some pretty out-of-control stuff coming in the weeks ahead, so... enjoy! Have a good week, everyone.. ndetroit [Co-Editor/Head Fatass] -----------[ index ]----------- I.) Intro a) Lester b) ndetroit II.) Quotes of the Week III.) Stats - Ndetroit's Weekly Stats, and comments on Sites. IV.) Lester's Biased Courier Report V.) Articles a) Prozac's Kinda Biased Games Report b) Bud's Biased Utils Report c) Lesters Moview Reviews d) VCD Group and Movie Reviews e) Interview with shwanzkrieg of OGN f) Tdpriest Journal Entry #1 VI.) Scene News - All the news that's fit to print VII.) Rumors! VIII.) Closing ---------------------[ Quotes of the Week! ]--------------------- -<Kruzin-> Ive never cheated -<[STiX]> hi glen, hows life in the gay lane? <glen> speedy and thanks for asking! -<X-Frog> risc will be like IND now without Eternal :( -<duranged> i joined risc today <duranged> im president -<Kruzin> if bizzy had time <Kruzin> he coudl be a good leader -<bougz> <FLUBAR> [Fubar] -Games- (lester/DMS/Look mom Im on fubar) Absolute.Protect. Standard.v2.32.WIN9X.Incl.Keymaker-CORE <bougz> =P <Lester> erm..:P <bougz> nice to see your human =) -200- | 01 godbless TROOPS OF DOOM! 579 badfiles/restarts | 200- | 01 godbless DEV/SiEGE/RAZOR/MFD 587 badfiles/restarts | 200- | 01 godbless TROOPS OF DOOM 155 badfiles/restarts | 200- | 02 acidapple :~ 376 badfiles/restarts | Looks like Godbless is #1 in more than one way! -<PreHOre> New [04:44:29] - FS: 3D_FrogMan-IND Made by: WishMaster <PreHOre> New [04:44:30] - FS: 3D_FrogMan-IND Made by: WishMaster <PreHOre> New [04:44:34] - FS: 3D_FrogMan-IND Made by: WishMaster <PrehOre> New [04:44:35] - FS: 3D_FrogMan-IND Made by: WishMaster -200-| 03 cedric you are all fat 437,883,904 | 200-| 04 Pre-CORE CORE 413,978,624 | 200-| 06 grad HYBRiD 20 GIG AND COUNTING 219MB | 200-| 07 jeeps I LOVE MOMMY 221 | 200-| 08 mrpumpki DMS winding down 170MB | 200-| 09 redman what happened to us mrp 335,920,128 | -----------[ ndetroit's sites and stats section ]----------- Hello pr0nstars! Slooow week for sites, but at least we got the stats... DF3 is making some big news over on the US side. After being dropped by SiEGE, they picked up a PRM affil. They are also ECLiPSE WHQ now, too. DF3 apparently has a pretty decent connect. MDK is in need of a link, according to duranged (who would like the scene to know that he is excessively sexy).. The site is ready to go with the former userbase, new HW, and same wacky daemon, mdkftpd. DLD (OGN UKHQ) is down forever. TMS is still down for upgrades but will be back soon, contact a siteop for details. Glens site, PWP (PreWhorePalace) may be coming up sooner than anyone thinks.. Its a .nl, running ftp4all... good luck! I wasn't all that clued in last week (drunk... again.... sorry..), so i accidently made some disparaging remarks about FMUD... Well, flash rocks me kiddies.. i love that site.. ;)... anyways... i think its phx now, but you can contact a siteop for the full details... Good work to them! Its been a while since we've had enough weektops to do the stats, but we got em this week! Thanks to glen, lester, and sj.. New to the list is CAT, bones' RDX comeback site. Also new on the list is KANE... i hear its fast. FH is promoted to the top, now that HOE is dead and buried.. I would have put VDR or something on the list, but i didn't get a weektop from it.. Siteops! give your weektops to me or lester! thx.. =--------------------------------------------------------------------------= Sites are rated on a 3X and 2X scale.. if you want to know why we do it that way, read an old issue. Couriers get 10 points per site they get #1 on, 9 points for 2nd place, 8 points for 3rd, etc, etc. Sites are rated by us. If you don't like the ratings, then.... heh... fuck off and die.. =--------------------------------------------------------------------------= The Top Ten sites for this week are: x3 FS -*- STH -*- ET -*- FH -*- E x2 DLS -*- CAT -*- K -*- TOS -*- IC ---=NETMONKEY COURiER REPORT=--- trader group FS STH ET FH E DLS CAT K TOS *IC pts pos --------------------------------------------------------------------- godbless DEV 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 0 218 [1] cedric AoD 8 5 3 10 3 5 0 2 0 0 106 [2] garoto DEV 3 3 4 8 0 0 8 0 5 0 96 [3] kruzin DMS 0 0 5 0 2 4 3 7 0 0 83 [4] tc VGN 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 78 [5] mrsandman DEV 4 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 60 [6] jaydee DEV 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 60 [6] morbid AoD 5 0 0 3 0 0 0 5 0 0 54 [8] tirre AoD 9 9 0 7 8 0 10 3 0 0 51 [9] glen AoD 10 10 0 0 10 0 6 4 0 0 39 [10] * = no weektop this week. =--------------------------------=--------------------------------------= -----------[ Lester's Biased Courier Section ]----------- Biased Courier Report Well, I traded pretty heavily the last two days of the week, but other than that it was not a super eventful week. Let's do the dance. Dimension: Strong on the smaller sites and own sites, not as much of a presence on FS/FH as there used to be. Small contraversy when Kruzin was removed from FF/MS for supposedly using slowup. An examination of shell and processes proved this to be false. DMS is still not where it once was, but showing signs of returning there. Devotion: Well, after my little ranting about Garoto's fake dirs last week, and the adding of a new rule on E which states you can't make fake dirs or be suspended for 3 days. Garoto got suspended and has since stopped making the dirs. Praise me. Make checks payable to Lester for your gratitude. Other than that, Godbless was out and about owning as usual. Though I noticed one peculiar thing, that boy restarts an awful lot..:) AOD: Cedric..going strong as always, but AOD overall did not have a spectacular week. They placed second most places to Devotion but it just didn't seem like the usual effort we've expected from them. Glen was upset I dedicated last week's section of AOD to him being an asshole, so this week I will just say Hi to glen! VGN: Gaining CAT has really done nothing for this group, just adding another good site that they can't support. Sad thing is that when Weeze quit for DMS, They had him removed from STH and DLS. Pathetic huh? MNM: When will it finally end? Risc: Eternal stepped down from leadership which has got to give them a positive boost, but rag on him all I want, he still had some things going for him. Risc promotes Bigjilm(siteop of Fubar), who has 0 council experience, no offense bigjilmy you know I love ya, and Bandido, the man many say is responsible for Vice's demise and DOD's current lackluster performance. So, things are truly not looking too bright. Johnny and Jughead retired from Risc and there are stirrings of more people bailing out too. Check out the snippets of Risc's internal meeting we snagged. :) Insanity: Vampire is trading hard, and last week I called Sasin a pftp'er and so Lord showed me his processes and guess what? He doesn't pftp, he's just really stupid and pastes the wrong things. :) Equality: I wouldn't even include these guys but I have to make a comment about something they did. A few weeks ago Zeus21 quit EQL for DMS and then returned back to EQL a couple days later. EQL deleted him from their sites and so he had to go back, no big deal there, but when some DMS members heckled EQl about their actions, the siteops of ROC proceeded to remove ALL DMS people from the site simply because. This is the equivalent of lameness. First of all, as if ROC is even a good site right? But to delete an entire group because, uh I dunno, they feel that it hurts DMS not to be on ROC? I mean come on grow up you little babies. In conclusion, the entire trading scene sucks! =----------------------------------=--------------------------------------= -----------[ Articles ]----------- =----------------------------------=--------------------------------------= -----------[ Prozac's Kinda Biased Gaming Report]----------- Prozac's Kinda Biased Gaming Report - #10 Wow what a busy week this week has been. Every major group this week has put out at least 2 games, all coming from major companies. Just about every game put out, another group lost by minutes, even seconds. And a lot of mud was thrown around at other groups, making accusations, and some crying wolf. This is also my 10th issue that I've written. It might seem insignificant, but it's nice to see something regular in the scene. Let's move on to the groups for the very active last week of march: Class- Out of no where this group has become active in the scene, and some are saying its in part thanks to the competition. I already knew the team was there. The people just weren't having good luck, and just some bad things were happening. While everything is not hunky-dory just yet, people are saying this is like CLS '97. This isn't exactly a compliment. I do have one thing to say, before crying foul, watch out what your own group does in the background. Some special notes about Corsairs. The game is in french stores, and the game has 4 french words in the game, making it 99.41% english. Yet OGN seems to think this should be nuked. Okay, then lets nuked every <insert forgien language> to english game, because noone can do a perfect translation of a game. Watch your back, crying foul on one thing will always bite you back in the ass. Hot Releases: Warzone 2100 - 37 disks Corsairs - 16 disks Settlers 3 Mission Addon - 35 disks Civilization: A Call To Power - 42 disks Paradigm- Ah yes, the germans are active. A game just about every group deemed unrippable was put out by PDM. I do recommend playing Silver (a rare game recommendation), but the rip + addons is almost a gig! They also win the cracking race on Toca 2. A lot of other euro supplies came from PDM, but the US side is kind of quiet. I'm not going to jinx them by saying anything, because it always seems to bite me back. Hot Releases: Hardball 6 2000 - 25 disks Populus 3: Undiscovered Worlds - 37 disks Silver - 50 disks Toca 2 - 18 disks Rupanai - 5 disks Razor- Okay, I want to know when RZR became ISO Rippers? The ISO for classic card games was out for a while before a fellow RZR member (he told me he did rip it) downloaded and put out the ripped version. Oh joy. The next day they get the board game version. Ironic, to say the least. When CLS was doing this, what group was crying foul? Razor. RZR also won the race on UEFA, yet another game being raced by all the major groups. I still don't think this group is back completely, but they are racing to get at least #3 this month. They still have a chance. Hot Releases: UEFA Leage Championship - 15 disks Parker Brothers Classic Card Games - 11 disks Milton Bradly Classic Board Games - 11 disks Origin- Man was this group steamed. Other fellow UK (and french) people were beating the impeckable UK Store team, and barely losing (I'm told by 10 seconds) to the Settlers 3 Addon. OUCH! When they lost also to a frog on UEFA, this group went balastic.. well internal. At least they've learned to not scream bloody murder in the public channels. They did manage to get a couple games, and showed a good following. But they still sit in front of the fireplace, dreaming of a magical Drizzzzzz. If you don't get it, you're not into the gaming scene enough ;) Hot Releases: Viva Football - 18 disks Commandos: Beyond The Call of Duty - 30 disks Other- It's been pretty quiet. TPC has said that there biggest goal is to due recognition. Unforunately, when a supplier or crackers gets decent in the group, they are snatched by the big groups. I guess loyality isn't a very high priority. Hot Releases: Nothing worth mentioning. Springer'ish Final Thoughts: Being two-faced in the scene is actually quite common, and it was previlant this week. PDM cried rape on Warzone 2100, then in turn put out a game with only 30% of the sound and graphics downsized in Silver. Groups should watch what they say, because they might do what they said they wouldn't do. It always happens, and every group has done it at least once. With everyone keeping logs, they can easily show the proof that a person was two-faced. Just watch what you say to one person, and then say to another, it always seems to haunt them in the future. Perm. ad for my website, be sure to check out http://ppgr.webjump.com =----------------------------------=--------------------------------------= -----------[ Bud's Biased Utils Section ]----------- Bud's Biased Utils Report #15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gah no interview again this week, but I promise one next week. I've been pretty busy, so I hope everything in here this week is accurate. Disclaimer: It's BIASED moron. My opinion. So don't send me a bunch of mail & messages bitching about this or that. If you don't like it... SCREW YOU =] Rankings: Groups get a score out of 10. Points are given for amount of releases, but QUALITY titles will give a group a much higher score. Nukes for duping, broken releases and just plain CRAP will lower a groups score. However on the occasion that a title is nuked which I don't feel should have been, MY OWN JUDGEMENT TAKES PRECEDENCE. Cuz I'm writing this. Groups can also get points for any other reason I see fit. Week: Week is based from 03/21/99 to 03/27/99. I'm in the EST time zone so dates/times run according to it. Groups: (In no particular order) ▄ ▀▀██▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▀█▄ ▀█▌▀█▄ ▐ ▄█▀ ▄▄██▌ A Group ▐█▌ ▐▌ ▐█ █▌▐█▌ ▄█▀ █ That Gives ▄██▌▄▀ ▄██▌▀██▌ ██ ▐▌ Slightly ▀███ ▀███ ▀█ ▐███▄▄ █ Less Than ▐█▌ ▐█▌ ▐▌ ▀██▀ ▀▄ A Fuck. ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ -XeN PIRATES WITH ATTITUDE: Releases: Microsoft_Office_2000_Premier_REAL_FINAL-PWA TCE_FixFinder_v1.0.32-PWA Corel.Draw.9.Beta.4-PWA STI_Understand_for_C_plus_plus-PWA Well, minor changes or not, final is final. It's what goes retail that counts. CORE did a good job getting a "Final" of Office 2000 out, however, the version they released was recalled at the last minute for a bug fix, and the final goes to PWA, once again owning Bill Gates' ass. This is one of the most highly anticipated titles in a while. My only complaint is the size, but not much to be done there. Congrats to PWA for this killer title. Rest of the week was ok, another huge Corel Draw beta, a few other titles... lets face it, Office 2000 is the hightlight of the week. Total: 8/10 ▄───── ▄▄▄ ────────── ▄▄█▓▄ ─── ▄ ─ ▄▓▄ ░ ▀ ▄█████▓ ▄▄███▄ ▄▀▀████▌ ▄█████▄ ▀ ▓███▀ ▀▄██████▄▀█▌ ▐████▐▓▀ ▀███▓ ▓███▌ ▐▓█▀ ▀██▌▐▓ ▀ ▀▓▀▓▌ ▐███▌ ▐█████▄▄▀ ▀█▄ ▄▓█▓ █▓▄ █▌▀▄▄████▓ ▀██▓▀▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀ ▀ ■▄ ▐▓ ▀▀▓█▀ ■▄──────+ The Corporation +─ ▀▄ ─gas!─■ THE CORPORATION: Releases: GUI.400.RTS.Pro.V4.0-CORP InterNETACTIVE-CORP Aspect.Explore.v4.3.0.2-CORP SION.COPYIST.v5.0F-CORP MAIN.LINK.V4.0-CORP SHOPFACTORY.WIZARD.2D.3D.PRO-CORP RealServer.G2.Patches.v3b-CORP Pathway.Healthcare.Scheduling.Workstation.V1.00-CORP Well, nothing really spectacular here... Shop Factory and InterNETACTIVE have been hanging around the online stores for some time. Copyist is pretty cheesy, but I've only used an older version so perhaps there's been some improvements. Then again, maybe it's just the fact that my musical skills suck... but anyways I prefer real instruments to any computer composing. The RealServer patches got nuked before I even had a chance to look at them so I have no idea what they do. Pathway Healthcare is ok but a real niche tool, which leaves us with Main Link 4 and a few others as the standouts... but even they aren't great. Hope to see more from Corp next week. Total: 6/10 . )\_______)\__)\_______)\_______ . . __/ __ _/ _/ ____/ ___/ . . \__ / _\ \_____ \ ___/__ : . :/ \ \ / \ / \| : |\___/ /___/_____ /___ /| : | \_/_____/\____ /_____/___/_____/ | :...`---\_____\/----/_flr_/---/_p^D_/--' RISE: Releases: ADAMS.DYNAMIC.DESIGNER.v2.0.FOR.SOLIDWORKS98.FINAL-RiSE VINTRA.SYSTEMS.MAIL.SERVER.PRO.v2.51.WINNT-RiSE RIPPLETECH.LOG.CASTER.v2.0.FINAL.WINNT-RiSE DATA.PRO.INFINITY.POWER.v4.5-RiSE ACTUATE.DEVELOPER.DESKTOP.v3.2-RiSE Much improved from last week, this is the RiSE I like to see. Every release here is quality, and in any week not featuring an anticipated MS final, RiSE would have a good shot at taking the week. Total: 7/10 ▄██▀███▀▀ ▀ ▄█ ┌- ▓██ ▀▀ ▀▀▀ ────-──-─-─ ▀▀▀ -──-──-──┐ : ▀▀▀██▄▀███▀▀▀▀▀██▄ ▄██▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀██▄ ░│ ▀▀███▓ ███ ███ ▓██ ███ ███ ▓██ ▓██ ███ ░: : ███ ███ ███ ███▀▀▀ ▓██ ███ ███▀▀▀ . │░ ███ ██▓ ██▓ ███ ██▓ ███ ███ ███ ▓███▀▀ : ▓██▄██▀▄███▄▀██▄███ ▀██▄███ ███ ███ : ▄ ▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ roy███ ███ ███ ─┘ ▀▄ ███ ███ ██▓ ▀▄ ███ ▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀██▓ ▀█ SIEGE: Releases: EXTENSIS.PHOTOTOOLS.V3.03.FOR.PHOTOSHOP-SiEGE PANOPTICUM.FIRE.V1.2.FOR.PREMIERE-SiEGE TRUFLITE.V5.5-SiEGE IES.VISUAL.ANALYSIS.V3.50-SiEGE WEB.XTRA.V2.0.1.FOR.DIRECTOR-SiEGE AUDIO.XTRA.V3.1.2.FOR.DIRECTOR-SiEGE HTML.XTRA.V2.0.2.FOR.DIRECTOR-SiEGE WINGROUP.XTRA.V1.0.FOR.DIRECTOR-SiEGE MPEG.XTRA.V3.1.FOR.DIRECTOR-SiEGE DRAW.XTRA.V1.5.FOR.DIRECTOR-SiEGE POPUP.XTRA.V3.1.3.FOR.DIRECTOR-SiEGE INDEX.XTRA.V2.0.1.FOR.DIRECTOR-SiEGE DIRECTMEDIA.XTRA.V1.4.FOR.DIRECTOR-SiEGE BORDER.XTRA.V2.0.FOR.DIRECTOR-SiEGE ATTRIB.XTRA.V1.0.FOR.DIRECTOR-SiEGE LOTUS.ENTERPRISE.INTEGRATOR.V3.0-SiEGE SGE had a good start to the week with Lotus Enterprise Integrator, then followed it with a ton of Director plugins. Unfortunately I delted my copy of Director recently so can't test all those addons. What really catches my eye is the new PhotoTools from Extensis, one of the most popular Photoshop plugin packages out there. On top of that, Truflite 5.5, which is an excellent Landscape rendering program. Total: 7/10 ──────────────────────────────────[XX/XX]─ ▄██ ▄▄▄ ░ ▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ █▓█ █▓█ ▒ ██▀ █▓█ █ █▓█ ██ █▓█ █ ███ ██ █▓ █▒█ █▒█ █░█ ▀▀ ▄█ █▒█ ██ █▒█ █ ▄▄▄ ██▄▄ ▄██▀██▄ ▀ █▒█▀▀▀ ██ █░█ ██ ▄▄█ █▓█ ██ ▄▄ █▒█ █▓█ ▓ █▓█ ░ █▓█ █░█ ██ ░ █▓█ █▒█ ██ █▓ ███ █▒█ ▒ ███ ▬▀█████▀▄██ ▒ ▀█████▀ ▀████ ─── ██▀ ░ ──────────────── ▓ ───── sikos ─ X-FORCE: Releases: ALIAS_WAVEFRONT_ALIAS_V8.5_BETA3_FOR_NT-XFORCE MOTIF_V2.1.10_FOR_RED_HAT_LINUX-XFORCE ACCELERATEDX_V5.0_LINUX-XFORCE ALIAS_WAVEFRONT_MAYA_V1.0.1_FOR_NT-XFORCE INDEX_MANAGER_V4.0.27_CRACKED-XFORCE DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER_V4.0.24_CRACKED-XFORCE Again we see XF making an attempt at activity... two linux titles and a beta leave only three apps able to recieve full points though, with Maya being the best of the three. Half points to the beta, and none to the Linux. Total: 5/10 /\______/| ___/\_ _/ ______ :|; . __/\ ____/\ __| // %%%\____ \ |__:_\__ \/ ~~ :\_ | __/%%%% iii_/ :| \\_ \ ;| \_ |____/ \iiiii :::\__ ; _/ | \\_ : // | \\_ | \\_::: \____/---|____/____/_______/-|____/kaz SHOCK: Releases: WebPosition.Gold.PRO.v1.00.3-SHOCK Sierra_3D_Deck_v3.1-SHOCK Hanes_T-ShirtMaker_Deluxe_v2.0-SHOCK Baby_Album_Deluxe-SHOCK Sierra_Personal_Garden_Planner-SHOCK Sierra_Complete_LandDesigner_3D_V5.0-SHOCK Sierra_Photo_LandDesigner_V2.0-SHOCK Call.Attendant.v1.5.2-SHOCK QTools-AX.v1.0.01-SHOCK RealPlayer.Plus.G2.v6.0.5.27-SHOCK CU-SeeMe.Pro.v4.0.FINAL-SHOCK VenusPro.v4.1a.for.Delphi.and.CPPBuilder-SHOCK QUERYer.v4.00.0102.Win9xNT-SHOCK IRIS.Antivirus.Plus.v22.18-SHOCK DataMagiX.Professional.Data.Class.Builder.v1.10-SHOCK PhotoActive.FX.for.PowerPoint-SHOCK A suprising amount of store titles from SHOCK this week, and some nice releases at that. Ok Baby Album won't ever come close to making the top 10 utils list (or even the top million probably), but Tshirt maker I've actually used and had some fun with. Much nicer are some finals from the Sierra Landscaping series, notably Photo LandDesigner, which allows you to scan in photos of your own home, and work on landscaping around it, and Complete LandDesigner, which starts you off from scratch. Also standing out is CU-SeeMe 4 final, with earlier versions being a hit and CU-SeeMe being one of the most popular online conferencing tools of all time, it's definately a nice release. Total: 7/10 . ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄ .▀████▀▀▀██▄ ████▀▀██▌▐██▀▀▀▀ --- .------. : ████ ███ ▐███ ███ . | ████ ▐███ ███▀ ███ : | ████ ███ ▐███ ▄███ ███▄ . : | ████▀▀▀▀▀ ██▓█ ▀███▄▄██▓▀ . .▄▓███▄ ▀███▌ ▀▀ PRESENTS : | : : [xx/xx]. '---.-------PENTIUM FORCE TEAM-- ---- - -' PENTIUM FORCE TEAM: Releases: Seagate.Backup.Exec.For.Netware.8.0.Release.T251-PFT Tun.PLUS.10.0-PFT Internet.Scanner.5.6.2-PFT BEA.TUXEDO.System.6.4-PFT Microsoft.Publisher.2000-PFT JClass.PageLayout.1.1.0-PFT Net.Tools.Event.Orchestrator.1.02-PFT Queue.Server.1.23-PFT ProVision.Network.Monitor.Version.5.0.0.WinNT-PFT PlotPro.2.0-PFT Internet.Printing.System.4.0-PFT HitList.Professional.4.0170-PFT Olectra.Chart.6.0.1-PFT JClass.Enterprise.Suite.3.6.1-PFT HitList.Enterprise.4.0.0068.WinNT-PFT IPnetWATCHER.Java.Edition.v1.2.2.for.NT-PFT HitList.Live.4.0170-PFT HitList.Commerce.4.0170-PFT HitList.Enterprise.4.0.0068.Administrator-PFT Cisco.WebConnect.Pro.3.5.1-PFT Cisco.OpenVista.v1.8.3-PFT Aviva.For.Java.2.0-PFT After several weeks at a virtual stand-still, PFT exploed back to life on the 23rd, with 17 releases on that day alone. Gotta wonder how many couriers orgasmed at that sight. But nevermind the mass releasing, the Standout here is Microsoft Publisher 2000. The big question that lay before me was how to score it in comparison to Office... well it was difficult, and in the end I feel Office is the better app. But with the amount of other quality apps up there, Cisco titles and some products from the KL Group, I feel PFT had a better week overall than PWA, which gives them the higher score. So congrats to them. Total: 9/10 ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄▄▓▀▀ ▄ ▄▄█▀▀██▓▄ ▄▄▄█▀▀▓▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄ ▐██▓▌ ▄▄▄▄ ▐█▓█ ▐▓██▌ ▐▓██▌ ███▓ ▓██▌ ███▓ ▓██ ▓▄ ▓██▌ ███▓ ▓██▌ ▐██▓▌ ▐██▓ ▐█▓▌▐██▓ ██▓▌▐███▓ ████▓ ▀▀▀▀ ███▓ ██▓ ▐█▓█ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▄██▓▀ mg ▀ ▀▀▀▀████▓▌ ▀▀ ██▓▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▓▀ ▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ :: <LEGENDS NEVER DiE> ::: <o4 * 2880> :: ▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄ LEGENDS NEVER DIE: Releases: ANSOFT.MAXWELL.SPICELINK.V3.5-LND BOBCAD_RELEASE_17-LND ESRD_STRESSCHECK_V4.0.143-LND FEMAP_PROFESSIONAL_RELEASE_6-LND MICROGRAFX_IGRAFX_BUSINESS_V1.0-LND VISICAM_WIRE_5_RELEASE_3.1-LND VISICAD_SOLID_MANUFACTURING_RELEASE_6-LND TEKSOFT.CAMWORKS.98.PLUS-LND Again, a selection of releases that in a lesser week would have looked much better. LND is controling the CAD/CAM area almost completely, which leaves me to wonder who, if anyone, will step up to give them a run for their money. Total: 7/10 .__________. [xx/xx/98] \_ ___ ) Da ToP oF Da LiNe! .___. ===/ _/ /=======================/ /===== .:/ _____/__./(___.____/\.______./ /_____. :/ /__/ . ) . )____ ) _ ) / __ ) /__/ / / / / // __ / /__/ / /___/: .:/ /__/__/__/__/(______\____ /__/_____ /MO =/__/========================\/========\/=== = THE PINNACLES OF RELEASING (C) PNC 95-98 = PINNACLE: Releases: Pervasive.SQL.Workstation.v7.112-PNC Only one release from PNC... I hate to say it, because PNC have been around for a long time, and I've used many of their apps... but with Kirk Hammit gone to RiSE, it looks like they're really fucked. Kirk was what really made the PNC resurgance this year, so without him.... it isn't looking so good. Only one release, and SQL Workstation 7.112 is actually 7.0 Build 112... I don't mind builds but I won't be giving this full pionts as other groups have already released a few builds of this. Total: 1/10 ─ ▄▄ ── ▄▄▄ ─────────░──────────── ─── ── ─ ░▀ ▀█▄ ▀▀ ▀▌ ▀ ■ ▐▄ ■ ▄ ▀ ■ ▀ ▀ ▄▄▄ ▀ █ ▐█▌█ ▀ █▄▀▄ █▀█▄▀██ █ █▄▀▄ ▀▀ ▄▌ █▄▀▄ ▐█▌▄█▀▐█▌ ▐█▌▄ ▐█▌▐█▌▐█▌▐█▌▐█▌▄ █ ▐▀▀▐█▌▄ ▀▓▓ ▀▓▓ ▀▓▓ ▄▀▓▓ ▀ ▓▀ ▀▓▄▀▓█ ▄▐▓▌ ▀▓▓ ▄ ── ▀ ─── ▀ ─ ▀▀ ── ▀ ▀ ──── ▀ ▀▀ ▄▀▀ ─░─ ▀▀ PREMiERE 1998 RELEASES WITH STYLE [xx/xx/98] ──────────────────────────────────────────── PREMIERE: Releases: Interscan.AppletTrap.v1.0-PREMiERE Schedule.v3.0.7c-PREMiERE VVSPlayer.Revolution.v1.52-PREMiERE NetBeans.DeveloperX2.v2.1-PREMiERE NetBeans.Developer.v2.1-PREMiERE Purchase.Portfolio.v1.00.04-PREMiERE EForm.v3.4-PREMiERE ZetaFax.Client.Server.v6.0-PREMiERE Pluckit3.v3.0-PREMiERE LingoMAIL.v1.0.20-PREMiERE E-mail.Magnet.v4.41.For.Win9x-PREMiERE PolarRAS.v2.15.3.Ras.and.Routing.for.WinNT-PREMiERE PolarRAS.v2.1.Regular.for.WinNT-PREMiERE A good selection of middle of the road apps gave PRM a decent week. Tools like NetBeans Developer and DeveloperX, as well as ZetaFax Client/Server 6, are the highlights... well there really isn't a whole lot to go on about here as I don't use most of this stuff... but a good week for PRM and I'll leave it at that. Total: 7/10 _______________ ____________ ____________ \_ ___ \_ ___ \ ___ \_ _/ l/ / l/ / l/ / \______ / / / /____ / /| ======\________/\__________/[om]\________/== d(*)d D r i n k O r D i e 1 9 9 8 d(*)d ===================== [ DOD * xx-xxx-98 ] == DRINK OR DIE: Releases: Hardinfo_pro_v1.0-DOD Back to idleness for DOD this week... one release only... what scares me is that DOD was more active amount-wise in 95. ;) But I don't think we need to worry, I'm sure they be back with some excellent titles soon. Total: 2/10 ___ _ __________ ____________ ____ _____ ___ \__\\_\_______ \__ _ ______/___ \_ __//__/ ;;;;;;; / \/ \\ ____/ / \\ mg/SAC -)--- _/ / \_ \_/ -/ \_ --(- ;;;;; \____/_ _ _//_ /______ _ _// ;;;; [xx/xx/98]/________/==\/====/________//[MfD] =[X]==][= MANiFEST DESTiNY RELEASE =][==[X]= MANIFEST DESTINY: Releases: NetCracker.Pro.v2.0-MANiFEST InfoPower.Professional.v4.03e-MANiFEST WorkGroup.Mail.v4.0-MANiFEST ULead.WebRazor.Pro.v1.0a-MANiFEST Caere.OmniForm.v4.0-MANiFEST QACP.v1.0.8-MANiFEST Fix-It.Utilities.99-MANiFEST Wow... it's the first time in a while either FCN or SHOCK haven't done the latest InfoPower Pro release done... so good work by MFD being quick on that one. Ulead WebRazor Pro 1.0a is nice if minor. Rest of the stuff here is decent. Total: 6/10 _______________________________[xx/xx] \_ _ \_ ____/_ _ \_ ____/ |_\ ___/ / _/ ___)/ _/ ___) | \___ \ / | \_ | \ | \ | \ : \ : \ \___| /___ \____ \___ \___ \___ \ ====|__/===\__/===\__/==\__/==\__/==\__/ REBELS: WE MAKE ALL DAYS PARTY DAYS >> RELEASING WITHOUT PERMISSION << REBELS: Releases: WOW_Horoscope_Interpreter_2.21_Registered-RBS Altera.Max.and.Plus.II.V9.21.cracked-RBS Ummm... Horoscope Interpreter??? Well since my own group released a baby album, I cna't complain too much... but really... bah I'll shut up and give RBS congrats to the good release they did, Altera Max. :) Total: 3/10 █▄▓▄■▀░▄ Teknorage and Pirasoft Present: ▄░▀■▄░▄█ █ ▐▄ ▌ █ █▓▀cH/SAC ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄█▄▄ [xx\xx] ▀▓█ ▀ ▄▄█▄▄▄▄ ▄ ▄██▌▐████▓ ▄▄█▓█████▓▀ ▄█▄▄████▄ ▀ ▄▄████▓ ▄▄▄ ▀████▌█████▌▐████▐████▌▐████▐█████▌ ▐██████▌▐█████▄ ▓███▀█████ ████ ▀████ ███▌▐██████ ██████ ███████▌▐███ ▐████▌▐███▌▄████▌ ▀█▄ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▐████▌▐███████ ████▄████▀ ▄████████▀ ▄▄ ▐█████▄ ▄▓███▓▄▓██████▌▐████▌▀▓█▄ ▀███▓▀▀ ▄████▌▓██████▌ ▀▀██████▀ ▀████▀ ▀▀▄ ▀█▀ ▀██▀▀██████▀ █▄▄▄▓▄▄▄ ▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀ ▄█ ▀▀▀ ░▒▓█▄ xx/xx/98 ······ Ratzhole WHQ ▀ ▀▓▀▀▀ Teknorage & Pirasoft: Releases: MediaWare.MyFlix.v1.5.2-TRPS [02 x 1.44MB] MediaWare.WebFlix.Pro.v1.5.2-TRPS [02 x 1.44MB] Ummm... ok those aren't bad apps. But TRPS is definately having its problems. Seems with Napalm gone, they're really hurting. For those of you not familar with the Webflix series check out www.visiblelight.com since I'm getting lazy here. Total: 2/10 _____ ____________ ____ __________ / __/_ ___/\_ \ ___\_/ __/\ ___\_ \ \ / _/ /_ /___ / \ ___ / \___/\_____/___\ ____/______/_____/pn \_/ VERSUS: Releases: Intel.IPEAK.IPMAT.v1.3-VERSUS [03 x 1.44MB] Intel.IPEAK.IOMon.v1.1-VERSUS [02 x 1.44MB] Intel.IPEAK.IBASES.v1.8-VERSUS [07 x 1.44MB] Intel.IPEAK.GPT.v2.0-VERSUS [07 x 1.44MB] Intel.IPEAK.1394.Toolkit.v1.1-VERSUS [02 x 1.44MB] Intel.IPEAK.DQUIK.v1.1-VERSUS [07 x 1.44MB] Video.Savant.v3.0-VERSUS [04 x 1.44MB] Extensis.Portfolio.Web.Edition.v4.0.b2-VERSUS [02 x 1.44MB] After some internal restructuring, VRS comes back with a strong week highlighted with a bunch of Intel releases, Extensis' Portfolio Web Edition beta, and a program called Video Savant which I've never used but which seems decent enough. So I guess that internal restructuring worked. Total: 7/10 ..._______________________.___ ____.____... ::/ _______/ ____/ | \/ | \:: _/\____ \/ /___/ | \ \: \ > \ \ \/ \ \ :\__________/\________/_________/|_____|___/ ::.. .:[ SCUM ]:. .:[SCUM]:. .:[SCUM]:. ..:: ```````````````````````````````````````````` SCUM: Releases: Hyperion.WIRED.For.OLAP.v4.0-SCuM [35 x 1.44MB] CyberGuard.Firewall.v4.1.WinNT-SCuM [04 x 1.44MB] Two decent releases, and it's nice to see SCUM putting in the effort despite having a slow period, they managed to avoid dupes and crap, and more importantly, I haven't come across anything but kind words for them, sime hopefully they can keep it together. As for the releases, those of you running firewalls should definately make Cyberguard Firewall a consideration, it's not one of my strong areas, but I've heard good things from those running it. Total: 4/10 [========================================] [========================================] ______)\______)\_____)\______)\______)\ \ ____)_____ )____ \_____ )_____ \ _\____ \ ;_/ \ ;__\ \ ;_/ \ \__; \ \_____ )____.__)____. )___.__)___\_. \ \____/ xx/xx/99 \____/-/=SodOM=\-\____/ [========================================] Back For You in 1999 ! [XX/03] [========================================] SODOM Releases: N/A Total: N/A Only one more byte to crack before... ____._____ ____ _____ _____ _ _____ __ ._____ :::_|_ / _ \/ _ \/ _ \__\_ \___| / ::/ __/_ / / / / / / _ / _ /: :/ / / / / / / / / / / / /:: :\_______\___/\____/\____/\______/________\:: : \\\\\\\ \\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\ -----------------------------------------wk!- 2000AD Releases: IPSentry.v4.0.216-2000AD IPSentry is a good release, nice app, although this 2kad offering is somewhat minor... Total: 1/10 _______________________ ____________ __\ _______/ ______/______/__ / \ __/ / / \/ / / /_______\ /______________\____ /________\ -------------------------------\/----------- (*) F a t i g u e - Couriers Network (*) ___________________________________________. ________________________________________wK!. FATIGUED COURIERS NETWORK: Releases: WISE_INSTALLMANAGER_v7.02-FCN WISE_INSTALLMASTER_v7.03_FINAL-FCN VideoSoft_VSVIEW_v6.0-FCN CELL_v3.17-FCN MULTILIZER_WFC_Edition_v1.0.1_Whoopsie_Fix-FCN SolarWinds_Network_Management_Tools_Suite-FCN Aebacus_Popup_Controls_v1.02.0207_ActiveX-FCN Rubicon_v2.03_For_Delphi-FCN MULTILIZER_VCL_Edition_v4.1.3_For_Delphi_v4-FCN This week saw FCN get the new versions of Wise Solution's Install Master and Install Manager... yes these are different programs, and not a standard/Pro... Install Builder/Maker are the lesser versions of Master, and Install Manager is on its on... looks as if the Wise for Windows Installer for Win2k will be a little delayed however... now back to FCN. I was informed by Delphic that some fuckwit has been going around making fake FCN releases by repacking and renaming some of their titles... well if anyone needs on weektops that badly... just fucking quit. You suck. Period. Anyways good work to FCN this week, and I hope I didn't include any of those fake releases in the list, because I honestly didn't have time to check. Total: 7/10 _____nnn_____ <$$$$$$$$$$$$$b »»»»»»»»»»»)$$ |$$$$$$$$$$$$$' |$$T```X$f''' |$$$ '$$$L |$$! '9$$$i. |$$ `'$$$$> r a d i u m »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» RADIUM Releases: Steinberg.Quadrafuzz.v1.0-Radium DSP-FX.v5.510.fixed-Radium Emmm.. a fixed release and a regular app... RDM owns audio... since I'm rushing this, lets end this painlessly and end it at thaty. Total: 3/10 New this week: None Idle this week: SDM. Quote(s) of the Week: "We're attacking the Serbs in order to make them understand that they need to agree to peace" <--- and all the similar lines... uh-huh... that the "Do as I say not as I do" attitude? Oh well... no real good quotes this week... <Bud-> say something stupid i need a quote <Lester> Grad is my hero <Bud-> bah you suck <Bud-> good enough In parting: PFT takes the week on the strength of their titles and some mass releasing.... PWA owns and owns Bill Gates and M$... they do the best title of the week with Office2k, too bad it's so big! I would have tied them with PFT but it came down to the non-MS titles, and in that PFT blew them away... I didn't have time for disk sizes this week, not that it matters much. Sodom is starting to make DOD look active... if they don't pick up I'm gonna knock em out of the review, as they're just taking up space at the moment. Ok I'm done, see ya next week! - Bud =----------------------------------=-------------------------------------= =---------[ Lester's Movie Reviews ]----------= Sure he's a prominent scene member, leader of the #1 courier group, and former "Miss Scene 1995".. But did you also know that in real life, Lester's real name is "Roger", and he hosts a popular syndicated television show, where he plays a big fatass who has nothing better to do with his time than go to every single movie ever released? Well.. now you know.. 20 Dates Myles Berkowitz Rating: 3 Stars This is a documentary about poor little Myles Berkowitz trying to find love in LA. He has to go on 20 dates and try to find true love in those 20 dates. The movie is as simple as that, but it's pretty damn funny overall. He goes on some dates that truly do not go well and his producer is threatening to break his legs. I recommend everyone get out there to see this, but it's not gonna be in theaters much longer. ---------- The Mod Squad Starring: Claire Danes, Giovanni Ribisi, Omar Epps Rating: 2 1/2 Stars Well, I saw the USA Today review of this film claiming it to be along the lines of The Avengers, which as you all know I consider third worst film ever made. Now I had seen the previews and already knew it wouldn't be THAT bad. But it actually turned out to be a decent film. There are some sappy stupid parts that do not flow in the movie well at all, but the overall film is decent. Ribisi is great as he always is and Danes/Epps are both people I like in films, so for me there was alot to like about the movie. It's just a remake of the old Mod Squad tv show and if you don't know what it's about, then ask your mom. =----------------------------------=-------------------------------------= =---------[ VCD Group and Movie Reviews ]----------= VCD Group and Movie Review We would like to begin by explaining some of the common terms used in VCD releasing. These formats are: Telesync/TS: Telesync is a procam on a tripod in an empty theater with a separate audio source. If there's an audience, you hear people coughing, camera is shaky, etc. It's a CAM. CAM = banned. If you want a movie extremely early, Telesync is the way it will be. Workprint: Workprint is a pre-release copy of a movie, stolen copy, etc. that usually has the film running time on the screen. Screener: Screener is usually the BEST quality, an actual vcd of the movie, made from a reviewers copy, etc. Screener's are generally released after movies have left the theaters. Special Thanks to Ryche of EViLiSO for the education in VCD terms, and to come.to/vcddupe for keeping us up to date on the new titles. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ryche's Really Biased VCD Group Report #9 Oh what a week.. races, dupes, nukes and groups arguing left and right. I love it. This week besides my usual slander and witty anecdotes about the VCD scene, Ive included an interview with edge-, from PORNOLATiON, about the porn scene and its growing (hair on your palms) popularity. Was gonna do an interview with someone from PORNORDER, but the one person who I did get ahold of didn't know what NWR was. ([email protected]!$) So for being clueless and competely out of touch with reality, they weren't included. Some sites in the US that accept VCD have started to adopt a new rule that you should be aware of. If a release is WHITHIN a week or two (rules are blurry) of Video release they say they will nuke it. If these sites follow through on thier promies, Centropy and VCD-Europe releases could soon be collectors items in America. <g> Enough of the bullshit.. lets get to the bashing.. Releases from 03/23/99 to 03/29/99 032399 - Jawbreaker - Telesync - VHS 032499 - American History X - Screener - CENTROPY 032499 - A Night at the Roxbury - Screener - SERENiTY 032499 - The Rage: Carrie 2 - Telesync - EViLISO 032599 - A Civil Action - Screener - HIGHSPEED 032799 - You've Got Mail - Screener - CENTROPY 032799 - Striking Poses - Screener - VCDRS 032799 - Wing Commander - Telesync - VHS 032899 - Holy Man - Screener - CENTROPY 032999 - The Siege - Screener - CENTROPY 032999 - Affliction - Screener - CENTROPY [NUKED] - Jawbreaker - Telesync - PMTVCD [NUKED] - A Night at the Roxbury - Screener - HIGHSPEED [NUKED] - The Siege - Screener - VCD-EUROPE - VHS - Ahh.. TFAiSO. This week they did better than thier usual fare by releasing two telesyncs of recent movies. The Jawbreaker telesync was notable because they were racing PMTVCD on the release and won on alot of sites but not without claims of cheating, file deletion, etc. etc. Seems that anything associated with TFA has these claims made about them. Truth? Dunno.. you decide. Thier other release is Wing Commander, the preppies in space movie that got horrible reviews. Total - 2 Points - EViLISO - These guys rocked this week with.. err wait, no they didnt. They sucked this week with only one TS with bad sound. Bah. Total - 1 Point - VCDRS - Seems VCDRS is attempting a comeback. Well, sorta. They released one screener starring Shannen Daugherty that no one knows anything about, including imdb.com. So, like kudos for releasing, but bah to you for not putting in the nfo what the fuck the movie is about. Try watching it first next time.. Total - 1 Point - VCD-EUROPE - The boys from across the pond this week put out The Siege Screener first, but they took over 2 days to release a fixed, working CD1 and eventually it was found that it was missing 4 minutes between the 2 CD's and was nukaged. Total - 0 Points - PMTVCD - Well after impressing me last time, I have to laugh at them this week. Thier only release for the reporting period was also the Jawbreaker Telesync. Too bad for PMTVCD but they got beat on alot of sites, INCLUDING THIER OWN, and were nuked. How do you lose a race on your own sites?! sheeesh.. One redeeming quality of this though is that I hear if you extract the .dat with VCDGear from PMTVCD's it works fine, but from TFAiSO's copy it won't. Could be bullshit, but it wouldn't surprise me. Total - 0 Points - HighSpeed - They're back. After a small haitus of no releases for a week or two, they popped up with A Night at the Roxburry and Civil Action screeners. Thier night at gayberry was nuked because of some bullshit with SERENiTY that one copy had a running time, and one was a true screener so alot of sites decided to keep SERENiTY's and not HighSpeeds. Here is thier reply from a recent .nfo: A note to Serenity: Guys at Serenity your last action just proved just how Lame u guys are, Telling lies just to get your own Release out, how lame can you get. But fortunalty for Highspeed You guys got nuked through actions from some friends off Highspeed.. i hope u get banned on all sites.. Fucking lamers HP Nuked by friends of HighSpeed? Hate to tell ya this HP but yours was nuked on alot of sites especially since you cant seem to be able to actually complete a release on a site in one day. SERENiTY is just as bad, taking 2 days to release the same thing. So I guess I won't call this a race, but more like a marathon walk. Other than that, the Civil Action screener is good, in widescreen, if you like that sort of thing. Total - 1 Point - SERENiTY - Umm.. I just mentioned you in the HighSpeed review, but I think I'll repeat the fact that you suck for taking 2 days to upload a release completely on any one site. Total 1 Point - CENTROPY - I saved the best for last (NOT). Centropy had a real good week this week, releasing only screeners of movies that are known. You will notice if you live in America though, that all of their releases this week (except one) are slated for video release in April. If your in europe, you love em. If your in America, your thinking of nuking everything they put out. They also re-released The Siege to make VCD-Europe look bad, and they did quite a nice job of that if I do say so myself. Probably the highlight of this week would be Affliction which won James Coburn an Academy Award for his role in this movie. Overall though, I must say it was a good week with good quality movies even thought I hate this group with every bone in my body :P Group of the week is CENTROPY for all screener quality and for good movies. The other groups sucked completely except for a couple of new movies in Telesync. I would suggest to the questionable groups that they quit taking 2 days to release. Its gay. Its lame. Stop it. Melissa is my girlfriend's name.. (Coincidence? I think not) Ryche ------------------------------ PORNOLATiON Interview ------------------------------ You know you wanted this. I've been barraged with messages about Porn VCD's since I started doing this report months ago. Well, I finally got to hunt down one of the top guys in PORNOLATiON for an interview. Here it is, in all it's filthy uncensored glory. <NWR> Start by telling us a little about yourself, your group and how PORNOLATiON started? <edge-> well, it all started in january 1999 for real <edge-> a few of the isolation people had been requesting xxx-vcds <edge-> and i thought, since i could rip, why not? <edge-> but it turned out, a lot of people leeched them from the sites <edge-> not just those who requested them <edge-> so me and SDC decided to start up pornolation <NWR> Are you associated with ISOLATiON? <edge-> well, the people who requested these (independent) xxx vcds were isolation guys <edge-> and i, although not isolation, hung out in their channel quite a lot <edge-> and knew a lot of them very well <edge-> so it just came natural that some of the isolation people joined <NWR> but its not an affiliate group in any way? <edge-> but we're not affiliated, strictly speaking, no <edge-> we just chose the name 'coz it sounded good :) <NWR> ok, what about you yourself? are you in any other vcd/iso groups? <edge-> nope <edge-> i wasn't into the scene, really <edge-> i stopped moving 0day and isos before vcds became popular <edge-> and nowadays, i'm spending more time coding than moving <edge-> but pornolation was a fun thing :) <NWR> Is the porn vcd scene as competitive as the other scenes? <edge-> well <edge-> not really, but it's getting there <NWR> how so? <edge-> with DTD, and dISOrder forming pORNorder, we're seeing some heat <NWR> Are there such things as dupes or races in the vcd scene? With so much porn I wouldnt think there would be. <edge-> well <edge-> yes, there are, actually <edge-> as far as i know, only one, so far <edge-> hawaiian ecstasy was released by us <edge-> and a week later independent.. without .nfo or any other details <edge-> that's the only dupe i've heard of, though <NWR> do you think someone ripped off your copy? <edge-> i know they didn't :) <edge-> i downloaded it and checked <NWR> Are you just a buncha pervs? <edge-> hehehe <edge-> you would think so :) <edge-> but <edge-> well, let me put it this way <edge-> you can only rip so much porn and not tire of it :P <edge-> since i'm currently the only ripper in PL <NWR> You have a huge porn collection dont you? <edge-> not really <edge-> i have a good supplier :) <edge-> but i never buy any porn <NWR> Who's your biggest competition? <edge-> right now, pORNorder, i'd say <NWR> Do you guys run porn sites, click my banner, get the password type shit? <edge-> no, never ever <edge-> we do this to get the stuff out to the people <edge-> pornolation works like a "regular" VCD group <NWR> Thats a cool attitude <edge-> supplying, ripping, packaging and preing/releasing <edge-> not for profit <NWR> What do you think of the other porn groups? <edge-> well, pORNorder are cool :) <edge-> cool for being competition, hehe <edge-> and i've talked a little with the DTD guys <edge-> they seem ok.. <NWR> what about TOK? edge-> haven't talked to them.. <edge-> but <edge-> i get the feeling a lot of the other xxxvcd releases, independent or not, are just straight copies of bought VCDs <edge-> not ripped off VHS/whatever <NWR> is that a bad thing? <edge-> not necessarily, but i feel that they don't pay as much attention to what they're doing <edge-> they bin/cue a bought CD and just release <edge-> when we choose releases, we only do new films <edge-> like, only late 98/early 99 <edge-> and only good movies <edge-> i might get 20 movies from my supplier and rip one <NWR> I thought you said you didnt have a big porn collection :D <NWR> 20 pornos seems like a lot to me <edge-> i don't get to *keep em* :) <NWR> Do you masturbate alot? *silence* <edge-> haha <edge-> define "a lot" :) <NWR> You have a girlfriend or a wife? <edge-> well <edge-> i'm seeing someone, we've only been going out for a few weeks <edge-> so it's not written in stone :) <NWR> Does she know about your umm.. hobby? <edge-> but we like each other's company, i guess that's good <edge-> yeah <edge-> she watches them with me sometimes <edge-> me being in front of the computer too much bugs her more than me watching porn, i think <NWR> Ever make your own movie with her? <NWR> and would you rls it if you did? <edge-> hahaha <edge-> certainly not! :) <edge-> to the 2nd question <edge-> the 1st question i'll leave up to the readers' dirty minds :) <NWR> What would you say is your best release? <edge-> well <edge-> hard to say, i actually don't get a buzz out of porn any longer <edge-> not like when i was, say, 15 :) <edge-> but if i had to pick a favourite release, i'd pick Vengeance *Note To Staff* Get for Ryche <edge-> however, i know that a lot of people like Silvia Saint, she's been in quite a few of our releases <NWR> what made that one stand out? <edge-> well, i liked the quality <edge-> it was better than your average porn productions <edge-> ie, real music and such <edge-> and i like jessica darling, the leading lady :) <edge-> she seems to actually enjoy what she does <NWR> What was your most popular release? <edge-> i'd say, our swedish debutantes <edge-> at least the scandinavian guys really liked it :) <edge-> there's something special about watching a porn where the girls groan in your own language (or so they tell me) <NWR> Are you fat, greasy and have hairy palms? <edge-> hahaha, no :) <NWR> Who's your favorite porn star? <edge-> has to be Draghixa <edge-> she's retired now <edge-> but a few years ago, i met her on a plane from france to england <edge-> and we talked all throughout the flight <edge-> she was real nice and sweet <NWR> talked?! wtf <edge-> we had a good time <NWR> Do you think children should be exposed to so much porn on the internet? <edge-> i can't see how it's really harmful <edge-> with all the wars going on and stuff <edge-> what's a little sex to hurt anyone :P <edge-> all that bs about the porn business being misogynistic in its core <edge-> that's crap <edge-> i know some ppl in the porn industry, both "actresses" and producers and distributors <edge-> ok, the actual shootings might not be for everyone <edge-> but basically, they're normal, healthy people <edge-> they don't use drugs more than your average hollywood guy, men don't hate women, etc. <NWR> so basically they just like to fuck? <edge-> well <edge-> i guess "like" isn't the best description <edge-> i met a guy in the business <edge-> he said he never believed a man could get so detached from his "organ" as he was now <edge-> and the girls, i mean, it's just acting <edge-> but that doesn't mean they *dislike* it... not as far as i've noticed, anyways <edge-> shit, this sounds like i'm the porn-king or something :) <edge-> i've just talked shit with a few ppl in the business over a beer or a coffee :) <NWR> "detatched" from his organ.. you were talking to John Bobbit? <edge-> hahaha, no <edge-> mentally detached, i think he meant :) <NWR> Is there anyone or any groups you want to say hi or fuck you to in print before we go? <edge-> not really :) i just hope people appreciate what <edge-> we're doing <edge-> man, i'm gonna get swamped with "i wanna become a porn star, please help me"-msgs <edge-> :) <edge-> also <edge-> for the more literate crowd out there <edge-> i recommend reading "Pornocopia" by Laurence O'Toole <edge-> Serpent's Tail, NY-publishers <edge-> ISBN 1-85242-395-1 <edge-> really, really good book about the porn industry <edge-> and a funny read :) <edge-> also, a book you wouldn't be embarassed to buy in a bookstore, hehe <edge-> :P <NWR> now you DO sound like the porn king :D --------------------- VCD review - Lester Pleasantville - EViLiSO - 2 Discs - Screener Video/Audio: It's a screener, not much to say, few pops and hisses towards the end, but other than that, great job. Rating: 4 Movie Quality: Well I picked this for my top 10 films of 1998, and I stand to it, this is a great film and you all should check it out =----------------------------------=-------------------------------------= =---------[ Interview with shwanzkrieg of OGN ]----------= (note: bonus points next week to anyone who can successfully translate "shwanzkrieg") [NWR] For those of our readers who don't know who you are, please state your full nick and current and past affils? [Blitz ] Blitzkrieg Razor 1911 1992-94, Risc 1994, Origin 1998-99, DMS '99, DVNISO. [NWR] Well as we all know, games are your area of interest. So let's begin by discussing how Origin came about originally? [Blitz ] Frankly, I don't know the whole history of Origin... I got back into the scene after cable came into my area. I ran into butcher who I knew from Razor, and we talked about me joining DVNISO. I really didn't have much interest in origin until The Renegade Chemist joined. Once TRC joined Origin, I decided it was time to come back to the scene and see if we could have a little fun [NWR] Origin has had it's ups and downs, and more recently has become recognized as a competing force in today's gaming scene, where do you see Origin going in the coming months? [Blitz ] Origin still has weaknesses in several areas, but the core team is strong. We obvoiusly have two very strong primary suppliers, but our supplying from other regions can and must improve for us to take it to the next level. [NWR] With some of the more prominent names in Origin being former Razor members, and you yourself being a Razor alumnus, what are your thoughts on the current state of Razor? [Blitz ] Okay, Razor... well Razor today is not the Razor I remember, it's been a long time. People come and go, and as RZR leadership like to say, most of the scene has passed through their ranks at one time or another. the last couple of months have been pretty dreary for them, but they have shown a few signs of life lately, and I don't have any hard feelings towards the group as a whole. [NWR] Being involved in the games scene, what are your thoughts on the PDM/CLS bet that is going on between Sun D and Chinablue? [Blitz ] I think it's stupid [NWR] OGN announced a new WHQ yesterday, 120 gigs and in the US. What are the other affils of the site and what made you decide to make it OGN WHQ? [Blitz ] Origin has always wanted a WHQ in the United States, but only one current site met the high standard set by our last WHQ. Unfortunately that site was already in a group, and therefore unavailable, Since there were no other sites in the USA with the bandwidth and storage space we require from our flagship site, the only option was to build a site from the ground up. [NWR] You listed that you are in DMS, and you trade only to US sites, are you trying to bring back the former US site glory or just doing it for fun? [Blitz ] I am incapable of reviving the USA scene by myself, but apart from leeching from European sites, I don't trade there. I don't really consider myself a courier. I don't have the patience for it, so I do it for fun when the mood suits me. It was my start in the scene way back, however and I think I can still do it pretty well when it strikes my fancy. [NWR] Now that you have been trading a little more regularly, what are your thoughts on the current trading scene and the way some couriers behave in todays' scene? [Blitz ] I don't like how some couriers try to dictate to their release groups how to operate. It seems that more and more the releases today are geared towards couriers and not end users. The first to do this was probably the Grand Bitch of Warez, Killerette. She used to run High Voltage, and she was notorious for releasing huge piles of dung for the sole purpose of boosting her uploads on Unlawful and Mirage. In a sense, she was the first prewhore. The name suits her. I don't tolerate couriers who treat Origin as a source of pre's. All my guys are team-oriented. Unfortunately that is not the same in all groups, more on the utils side of course. I don't see it changing though, so all I can do is keep it out of Origin. [NWR] Origin's site list consists more of large disk space sites and archiving/iso sites rather than big name super fast 0day sites, what motivates you to pick the sites that you do and what is the requirement to be an Origin site? [Blitz ] I see no use for race sites in a release group. The only reason Origin has sites is to leech. That is their sole purpose. If we didn't need leech we wouldn't have sites. In the old days a WHQ was where the group communicated through message bases. These days, sites are totally file-oriented. We have one site that was taken into the group soley on the basis of it's speed and that is Falsehood. That is our courier HQ, and it was brought in for the couriers. The couriers wanted a fast site, so they got one. The other members of the group couldn't care less how fast the site is, they just want their leech. As for joining origin, there is only one sure way to get a site, and that is to be a participating member of the group. [NWR] You mentioned Killerette as the grand bitch of warez, and I vaguely remember her, but many of our readers would say that Chinablue is today's grand bitch in warez, what are your thoughts on Chinablue and her methods, if any? [Blitz ] I don't know China Blue very well. Her methods seem to motivate. As for her motivation in giving away that kind of hardware, I can only guess. She does not seem like the kind of person I would want to get to know better, but I have no ill will towards her other than her choice of group. [NWR] Since the china/sund bet came about, Class and PDM have really become active, but they seem to be dropping their quality and care in releasing. Alot of fixes, the CIH in Blood 2, etc. How do you feel about this lack of care just to gain quantity? [Blitz ] I feel it's contagious. I know in Origin we have lost on releases because we were taking more time to test the game and ensure it was working properly. I'm sure other groups have encountered the same thing, and I imagine that quality control has dropped. We have had far too many fixes lately, and obviously the other groups have as well. Until the leaders of the scene step forward and start punishing games with fixes more severely, this trend will continue. At some point we will hit rock bottom and we will be forced to do something about it. As for when this time will come, I can only guess. [NWR] You mentioned the only bad thing about china was her choice of group, are you not a big fan of Class? [Blitz ] I don't like Class. I like some of their members like Prozac, but as a whole I don't like the institution. Things like the Corsairs release where they blatantly were caught cheating... Refusing to fix their own releases, like Blood 2 and Warzone. These things point to a lack of ethics about the scene and a complete disregard for the end user. Attitudes like that point to a group of people not in it for fun, but for other motivations. [NWR] What of the big man? Skill? Any feelings on him? There's been rumors of his underhanded methods. [Blitz ] I've only spoken to Skill on one occasion and he was civil to me. Any other comments I would have would be speculation. [NWR] A week or so ago, Glen was caught stealing the OGN pre out of the TT pre dir, and what followed was TT being removed from OGN and then coming back, what was the whole story there and how do you feel about Glen? [Blitz ] Well... Glen. What is there to say? He stole from us, and he cheated the couriers. As for titty Twister, their actions were swift and appropriate. They banned glen from the site, and that was sufficient for me to see that they were serious about an Origin affiliation. Titty Twister had approached me on NUMEROUS occasions in the past and had been turned down before. Their persistence and openess to our concepts were the reason they were brought in, and I saw no reason to take that away because Glen is a cheater and thief. The issue is dead as far as I'm concerned. [NWR] ok, well I'd like to thank you for taking the time to talk to us and I know you have that big date over at Celebrities, grin, so would you like to say any final thoughts or toss out some greets? [Blitz ] Just a few greets Greets go out to - ][ce, cypher, The Renegade Chemist, butcher, drizzt, prozac, toast, Fertile, Mrpumpkin, wishmaster, and Xtase And the biggest one of all to Big Boss, who sysoped the best site in the history of the scene, Mirage =----------------------------------=-------------------------------------= =---------[ tdpriest Goes Undercover! - Journal Entry #1 ]----------= After seeing all the great photos that Tdpriest continued to bring us since we hired him, I realized that we should put his photography to better use and send him to investigate the famous Risc Courier Training Center known as Risc Main. His mission was to bring back as many incriminating photos as possible. You can find the photos here and only here! Read on to see his account of the journey. - Editors I got the call from Lester friday evening and got packed up to go first thing Saturday morning. I packed up all my photo gear and a glock pistol as well as a butterfly knife and a sawed off shotgun. All of which had been given to me before by Lester in case I ever got into a jam. I put in some spare clothes and the spending cash they had given me and hopped a flight down to Arizona. I wasn't even sure how I was going to get into Risc Main, they don't exactly have a visitor's tour. Well, one thing at a time as I first needed to snag a ride into town, but as I began to hail a cab I noticed that Lester had made other arrangements and had a nice 1999 jet black Corvette convertible waiting for me on the curb. I began to think that this story was a little more important to Lester than he had originally made out. I popped the trunk to stow my gear and my suspiscions were proved correct as a whole arsenal was laid out for me with a note saying, "Just in case." I didn't know exactly what the case would be where I would require these kind of weapons but you can never be too careful I suppose. Sliding smoothly behind the wheel of this fine automobile I decided to take a drive over to Risc main which is located just outside of Wickenburg, AZ. Wickenburg is not too exciting of a town, it's basically dirt and cactus. But there is a fine little hamburger joint appropriately titled Wickenburger. Very original indeed. The gates to the ranches around Wickenburg are closed up and you're generally not supposed to go in, but I have a hunting license and I damn sure have some guns to hunt with, though I do believe I'm a little overarmed for rabbit hunting. With that in mind I opened up the gate that I had been told would lead me in the general area of Risc's homebase structure. As soon as I surveyed the landscape I became aware that a brand new Corvette Convertible was clearly not the choice vehicle here. Swinging a u-turn I headed back to Wickenburger to make a call into Lester to see about some further transportation. "Hey uh Lester, this car is phat and all, but I really don't think I should be going offroad and through mud bogs and all in it. What can we do for some off road wheels? Or you just want me to hike it?" "Yah I thought of that after I had sent the Vette down to you, swing on back down to Tucson and I'll get a Suburban or something down to you, just cruise the bars and try to get some information or some good pictures. Start fresh tomorrow in the new ride." "Your the boss, I'll be in touch." "Ya, be careful down there, dont go anywhere without at least that glock on ya. I'll see you soon." And with that Lester hung up, before I could ask him how dangerous some Arizonian drunks could be. But I grabbed myself another "famous" wickenburger and got back on the road for Tucson. I must comment that these Wickenburger's are pretty damn good and if your ever around there stop in and get one. Anyways, back to the important stuff. I arrived in Tucson around dusk and figured I should have a place to stay, and as I was getting ready to pull into a motel I noticed an envelope on the passenger seat. Ripping it open was as I should have expected a key to the big brand new Embassy Suites in Tucson, Lester truly was planning ahead for every contingency on this trip. So I figured I should check in and get cleaned up for the night and made for the hotel. I was already impressed just that Lester had hooked up a room in a nice hotel, but I was more impressed that he had hooked up THE room, the penthouse for me I was told as I arrived. The bellboys quickly took my bags and escorted me up, asking if I wanted any food or anything at all. I felt like a mob boss or at least a hollywood actor. Again I began to wonder how exactly Lester was bankrolling this trip. But, no reason to question a good thing. Taking a glance around the room I saw that Lester had setup shop for me, on the table was a ton of maps of the area and photographs of all the prominent Risc members that I should be on the lookout for, more spending cash and in the closet was suits of all kinds and any outfit that I might need for any occassion. I thought I should be asking for a dry martini, shaken not stirred pretty soon. In the hutch was another arsenal of guns that even Batman would be happy to have. Picking a glock from the shelf and a spare clip I picked out my outfit for the evening, no reason I couldn't pick up a few phone numbers while I was out on business. At about 8pm I was looking rather dapper and deemed it was time to hit the scene. I hopped in the 'vette which had been cleaned and waxed as I had requested, and headed for the bars. Now, Tucson is not exactly Las Vegas, nor even like Phoenix, so the action was not exactly up to par, and I began to feel slightly overdressed for the environment. But, I hit up the first bar I came to, "Titty Twister", which was a topless night club and bar. Nice name too. The bar was not exactly where I would be going to pick up women but there looked to be some might drunken losers I might be able to get some info out of. The dancers were pretty good looking though so I grabbed a chair at the bar and asked the bartender for a jack and coke. I slipped him a fifty for the drink and he gave me a cocked eye to say you sure about this? I nodded and pulled him closer and whispered, "I'm looking for a little information about this Risc base that is supposedly out near Wickenburg, any chance you might point me in the right direction?" His friendly manner darkened momentarily but then he seemed to shrug it off and said, "Well, I might know a thing or two, why don't you order another one of those drinks." Which of course meant, order something so you can give me 50 bux for it, and so I asked for another jack and coke and slipped him another 50. This bartender was not as stupid as I had hoped, but I guess that meant he knew something worthwhile to me. I, unlike Lester, am not prone to violence and if I have to give this guy 100 bux for the info, well it doesn't seem like Lester is filing for Chapter 11 anytime soon. "Alright well I don't know too much, I'm just a bartender and all, but there's been some strange shit going down out there, homeless people disappearing and the rabbit population is deteriorating out that way too, hunting is way down. You see that guy over there who's all but drooling on my stage?" I glanced over at the stage and saw a slightly overweight man maybe 30 years of age who appeared to be in the grips of some serious sexual repression. He was probably 5'10 and 190 pounds, black hair and a definate sweat problem. He didn't appear to be much of a ladies man to me. Anyways, turning my attention back to the bartender.. "That guy is known as Scan, he's one of the Risc higherups out there at the base, I don't know what he does there, because he spends almost every minute that we are open in here ogling my girls and throwing money at them. I swear he must drop a couple hundred a day in here, he's a total loser but with all the money he puts down I don't toss him out and he never tries anything with the girls. That's about all I can tell you really, maybe you can get something out of that guy. Let me know if you want another drink." Finishing off my drink I asked for two beers and headed over to the table that Scan was at. I hadn't gotten any background information on this guy from Lester so I didn't really know what to expect of him. But it seemed fairly obvious naked women were a good thing so I followed that line to get the conversation going. "Hey mind if I sit down? You look like you could go for a beer man, here." I handed him the beer and plopped down in the seat next to him. "Just in town on some business myself, thought I'd have a drink. This is a nice place and man that girl is hot isn't she? I'd like to get some of that, how about you man?" He hadn't really paid attention to me but now he turned towards me and said very sternly, "I don't know who you are, but if you touch her or any of these girls I'll beat you into dirt, you understand me?" "Woah buddy, lighten up. I was just talkin, trying to make conversation. Drink your beer and let's start over. Folks usually call me The Priest, what about you?" "Scan.." he mumbled and popped the beer. "So, what do you do when your not defending stripper's honor?" "I work over at the Risc base, very strenous work and so I come here to blow off steam." I thought to myself that he does a little more than blow off steam here but I didn't think our conversation would continue if I said that. He didn't appear to have much of a sense of humor. "Ahh, ya I heard they do some cool stuff out there, anything I would have heard about?" "You ask alot of questions bud." "Just trying to be friendly, I'm a curious guy." "You know what they say, curiousity killed the fucking cat" "Yep, they do say that don't they? Well I don't own a cat so I guess that puts me in the clear now doesn't it? Well I'll leave you alone now, back to your intense girl watching." He gave a low growl and turned back to the girls. I rose up and headed over to the bar where the last girl who Scan had so vehemently defended was picking up tips for her performance. I walked over to her and had a few words with her. I asked when she would be getting out of here and if she wanted to go for a ride in my new 'vette and she said sure. I gave her my coat and we headed out, driving around town for a few hours and then heading back to my penthouse. I knew that Scan had seen us leave and so when I went back tomorrow I might be able to get some more info after I pounded him to shit, but for now I was gonna pound something else... End part 1 Be Sure to Tune in Next week for the Tdpriest's Second Update..... =----------------------------------=-------------------------------------= -----------[The Scene News]----------- All the news thats fit to print... and then some... -Hello my little apple dumplings.... be in my gang. What a fucking week, eh? -Well.. I gotta say i'm fucking disappointed. After it looked like a sure thing that CLASS was going to LOOSE the big contest, they came out of nowhere, and released what is certainly one of the top5 releases of the year, with CIV: CTP. It still remains to be seen if it needs a fix, or whatever, and i haven't even played it yet, but ...... F!(*&$$(K!... i don't wanna see sundancer naked.. ;( ... yuck!... of course.. i dunno if wanted to see cb naked either, so... blah! -Ding dong, the bitch is dead! Fatboy Lester must be Fucking in Heaven... Thats right, kiddies, eternal RETIRED from risc leadership... read the big log we got here for full details.. i don't know wtf else to say about it. Good riddance? -Apparently the gftpd daemon didn't handle the summer changeover so good in europe, and fh and ss had a few problems with their weektops and userbase.. Fucking time, it always changing.. ;/ -Some milestones in the scene this week... TC broke the alltime wkup record on STH... I gotta say: VGN is FUCKING LUCKY to have that whore... jess had better suck a little harder if she wants to keep him tho, because from what i hear the winter of tc's discontent is starting again... ;p -DEV broke the alltime gpwk record on FS this week as well... That is some nice work. Not since the days of the DMS Rap Squid have we seen such domination. In similar news, Jaydee the prewhore broke the wkup record on FS and FH.... well done, my son. -group moves: biggy back to dev, insanity to dev(!), johhny and jughead retire from risc, eternal retires from risc, superchic is a guy, D-DAWG to risc, like, sixty people or something kicked from rise (WTF?), inphi quits risc, luvie back to OGN, and powertool from ogn to pdm. -Well, well, well... If i do recall, last week, i said that OFFICE 2000 by CORE would not be final, and in fact PWA would come up with the final.... Boys and girls, trust me, if PWA hasn't released it, Bill Gates calls the factory, pulls the fucking gold master, and releases a new RC..... PWA's insider is one fat mofo. -SOMEONE CARD ME A NUTTY INDUSTRIES WARMTH SHEATH!!! .... www.yellow5.com/pokey. send them some money if you are rich... -ummm... so, remember when NWR came out with that big "glftpd has a backdoor" thing, and you bitches decided to just fucking ignore us, cause we are big fat liars, and have nothing better to do than waste your time by making you switch daemons? well, DF3's daemon (glftpd 1.15.8) got hax0red... (that news from bacid's page)... So... color yourselves owned. -And finally... Sweet.Little.Piano.v1.6-MFD ...... ... heh.... leet! -sky masterson =----------------------------------=----------------------------------------= --------[Stories from the Watercooler]---------- Ahh yes, rumors, we all love them even though we love to say how much we hate them when they are about us. And these are some of the better ones circulating around this week. Email us or find us on irc if you have a good rumor you'd like entered, your name will not be included, but we do not add rumors like that say "Tdpriest is having anal sex with Fusion" because we know that Fusion is only having sex with Xtremist and therefore there is no hard evidence of that rumor, so if you have real rumors, let us know. Let's begin! -Rumor has it that one major games group pays as much as $1,000 for every major release it gets its hands on. -Rumor has it that if kruzin doesn't stop using slowup, he'll be banned from even MORE sites forever... what sites are LEFT? -Rumor has it that turk.fi might start charging for bandwidth... this k-lines 2 sites, and at least 3 shellboxes that i can think of... -Rumor has it some of the scene's current top GAMES suppliers are selling their supplies to foreigners with BIG POCKETS, instead of the scene... And we ain't talking about canadians here, folks... bootleg city, i guess.. ;/ =-------------------------------------=--------------------------------------= Well friends.. Thats about it. If you've read this far, we sincerly thank you. We like to know this thing gets read, so if you get the time, drop one of us a quick msg, and tell us what you think, give us suggestions, tell us it sucks, or just say "hi" to us!.... Greets fly out to: jaydee, mgd, stix, tdp, hr, eci, jamili, raptor, skill, mandrake, zeus, speedy, subzero, [email protected], wu-dave, dee, sj, bud, prozac, bernis, paledeth, duranged, tech+his crew, Kusa, ssava, CRC 97, acidapple, and all the rest of you that we love... Find us on IRC in #nwr, (channel commands: !nwr, !nwr 23 or whatever issue you want. We can't afford email, so we just steal CWS's... ;) Support NWR and CWS, and email your weektops to: [email protected] Thank you! take care.. peace. -ndetroit + lester. NWR 3/2/98
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