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Unprotect for Chuck Yeager's Adanced Flight Simulator V1.0. by Independent (IND)

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                               U N P R O T E C T


                                Chuck Yeager's
                           Advanced Flight Simulator


          If  you  are  anything like I am then you scorn the use of copy
      protection methods implemented by some commercial  software  compa-
      nies.   They  are  inconvenient  for hard disk users because either
      they force you to have a "key" diskette in drive A: or they clutter
      up  your hard disk with hidden subdirectories and files.  They also
      can slow the loading and operation of the program.

          I do not condone software piracy at  any  level.   I  do  feel,
      however,  that  legitimate  software  owners have the right to make
      executable backup copies and are entitle  to  "hassle  free"  oper-
      ation.  The laws pertaining to this topic vary from state to state.
      I suggest you look into this BEFORE using the information contained
      in this text file.


          Now since that is out of the way, we can get down to  business.
      This  patch  was  developed  for the version 1.0 of "Chuck Yeager's
      Advanced Flight Simulator" distributed by Electronic Arts.

                             FLOPPY BASED SYSTEMS

          If you are using a floppy-based system, format a new 360K  dis-
      kette.  Then, copy all of the files from the A:\AFS subdirectory of
      your original distribution diskette to the root  directory  of  the
      newly formatted floppy.

          You  may now put your original diskette in a safe place because
      you will no longer need it.

                               HARD DISK SYSTEMS

          Log into the subdirectory containing the AFS files.

      patch for AFS  V1.0                                    Page 1

                                 BOTH SYSTEMS

          Now, be sure that a copy of DEBUG is in the  current  directory
      or is in the PATH.

          1.  REN AFS.EXE AFS <ENTER>
          2.  DEBUG AFS
          3.  At the DEBUG "-" prompt, type

              U 0DB4 <ENTER>

          Several  lines with be displayed on the screen.  You are inter-
      ested in the first two.  The should look EXACTLY like this:

              xxxx:0DB4  E90CA7         JMP   B4C3
              xxxx:0DB7  C3             RET

          The "xxxx" represents any four  hexadecimal  numbers.   If  you
      have  a  match,  on to the next step.  If not, then skip on down to
      the section called "Didn't Work."

          4.  At the "-" prompt again, type

              U OE31 <RETURN>

          Several lines of code will again be displayed  on  the  screen.
      Look  at the first two following the "U 0E31" command.  They should
      also match exactly with the following:

              xxxx:0E31  880E5005       MOV  [0550],CL
              xxxx:0E35  8A0E4D05       MOV  CL,[054d]

          If you have a match here, then you  should  have  a  compatible
      version of the AFS program.  If you did not get an EXACT match then
      skip down to "Didn't Work."

          5.  At the "-" prompt, type the following:

              E 0DB4 90 90 90 <ENTER>
              E 0E31 C3 90 90 90 <ENTER>
              W <ENTER>
              Q <ENTER>

          You should now be back in DOS.  Only one more step left.

          6.  REN AFS AFS.EXE <ENTER>

          That's it!  You now have an unprotected copy of  AFS.   If  you
      copied  DEBUG  into  your current directory, it is no longer needed
      here and may be deleted.

      UNPROTECT for AFS  V1.0                                     Page 2

                                  DIDN'T WORK

          If the code shown on your screen did not match the code in  the
      text file, then the chances are you have a different version of the
      AFS program.  In that case, type "Q <ENTER>" and, back in DOS, type
      "REN AFS AFS.EXE" and all should be back to normal.

          If  you have any questions or comments concerning this patch, I
      may be contacted via Compuserve (ID: 71370,2676)  or  through  just
      about any of that Atlanta area PC Boards.

                                 Tony Elliott
                              2007 Manassas Drive
                              Woodstock, GA 30188

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