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1992 October 16

  • Text / NFO file or scene release
  • Razor Blade, writer credits
  • BS, design, art credits
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· ∙ │ · ∙ ─ ── ────────────────┼── ∙ · ▒▓████▓ ▒▓███▓▒ ▓████▓▒ ▓████▓▒ ▒▓████▓ ░▒▓ ▓███▓▒ ░▒▓ ░▒▓ │ ▓█▄▄▄██ ▓█▄▄▄█▓ ▄▄▄▄▄█▓ ██ █▓ ▓█▄▄▄██ ▓█ ██▄▄█▓ ▓█ ▓█ ∙ ▓█ ▓█▄▄ ▓█▄▄ █▓ ▓█▄▄▄▄▄ ▓█▄▄▄█▓ ▓█ ▓█▄▄ ▓█ ▄▄█▓ ▓█ ▓█ · ▒▓ ▒▓█▓ ▒▓██ █▒ ▒▓████▓ ▒▓███▓▒ ▒▓ ▒▓█▓ ▒▓ ▓█▓▒ ▒▓ ▒▓ DOCUMENTATION DIVISION -BS- ╓────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╖ ║ RAZORDOX PRESENTS: ABANDONED PLACES - COMPLETE DOCS ║ ╟───────────────────────────────────┬───┬────────────────────────────────────╢ ║ Supplied: Razor 1911 │ │ Publisher: I.C.E. ║ ║ Produced: Razor Blade │ │ Release Date: 10/16/92 ║ ╙───────────────────────────────────┴───┴────────────────────────────────────╜ Note: These are the Amiga docs for this game. The PC original comes with the Amiga manual and there is a READ.ME file on disk one containing a list of PC Difference. As for ripping the Amiga docs, well, not really .. because I released on Amiga too! Apologies for all the spaces in this file .. its was typed on a lame UNIX editor while i should have been working hehe. ABANDONED PLACES - THE 23RD CRONICLE OF KALYNTHIA ================================================= INTRODUCTION ============ Welcome to Abandoned Places - the first of a new series of Role Playing games set in the mythical land of Kalynthia. You must control the lives of the four heroes selected to fight the evil threatening Kalynthia as they emerge from the rock that has been their prison for 900 years. Your quest starts beneath the temple of Heaven's light and your first task will be to escape back to the surface of the land, hopefully arming yourself on the way. Once in the outside world the decision of where to go next is entirely yours. You have a whole world to explore including mountains, deserts, oceans and of course, cities. We suggest that the first thing you do is to take a boat to the mainland and try to find someone in the cities who can help you decide the direction your fate will take you. Abandoned Places features a variety of different graphic styles. The many dungeons (or inner world) uses a first person perspective 3D viewpoint that allows you to face up to monsters as you fight them, see your wizards cast their spells and watch the many doors, chests and traps open up before (and if youre unlucky, beneath) you. The outer world is shown from a "birds eye view" to allow you to select where and how you wish to go with ease and speed. Finally the cities and villages are depicted by individually drawn pictures and descriptions. All the action is controlled with the mouse without having to resort to any tedious typing. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS. ===================== To load Abandoned Places insert disk 1 into DF0: and turn on your Amiga. You can use up to 3 external drives. Note that you can also use the numeric keypad to move around the dungeons. COPY PROTECTION. ================ Cracked by VF and the COMPANY ....... Nuff Said. BEGINNING THE QUEST. ==================== After first loading the game you will be presented with an option screen. All menu choices in Abandoned Places are made using the LEFT mouse button. Start New Game. Continue Old Game. Format Save Disk. See Intro. Before you first play the game you may like to watch the intro for some background information. We also suggest that it is a good idea to format a number of disks ready to save your game. Disks must be formatted using this option and you may save once to each disk. Further saves will overwrite the previous position. The Continue Old Game option is used to reload a previously saved game position. Click on the option then follow the on screen instructions. Finally, to begin adventuring for the first time click on the Start New Game. CHOOSING YOUR PARTY. ==================== Before starting your quest you first have to select the party of four heroes. The party must contains two warriors, a cleric and a mage. Looking at the screen you will see twelve portraits. The top line are all warriors. The three in the bottom left are all Clerics and the rest Mages. To choose your hero first click on the window underneath the character class you wish to pick (it will depress into the screen) and then click on the portrait of the hero you require. It will now appear in their window with their name printed below (you can delete the shown name and use one of your own). If you want a different hero just click on the required portrait and it will take the place of the currently chosen hero. NOTE : you will not be allowed to choose the same hero twice or place a hero in an incorrect character class. When you are satisfied with your choice move onto to the next one and so on until all four heroes have been chosen. Each hero does have different strengths and weaknesses but these will only become apparent when playing the game. When you are happy with all your selections click on the button at the bottom right of the selection panel and prepare for battle. PLAYING THE GAME - THE INNER WORLD. =================================== At the start, and often during the game, you will hve occasions to enter one of the dungeons, towers etc.. that comprise the inner world of Abandoned Places. 3D WINDOW. ========== This is the vioew seen by your characters as they travel the inner world. It is here that you will see the attacks of fearsome monsters, the effects of your spells and any items of treasure you may find. You may manipulate the 3D window in a number of ways. Using the left button you may: * Pick up any items you see directly in front of you. * Use a selected item in a characters inventory i.e. a key on locks. * Press any buttons/levers etc.. located on doors or walls, some of these will be bovious, some less so and even some invisible. * Drop an item on the ground by positioning the item in the lower half of the 3D window and clicking to drop it. * Throw an item, same as dropping except you position the item on the top half of the window before clicking. Using the right mouse button will allow you to move your party. Place your cursor arrow on the right or left of the window to turn or the middle to continue straight ahead, but remember, some walls can be pure illusion. CHARACTER PORTRAITS. ==================== The portraits of your heroes show the general state of their health. As they take damage you will see the portrait start to show diminishing health until death. Only the front two characters can use melee weapons in combat, the back row are abl to cast spells or use missile weapons. Your warriors will attack anything facing them or on either side, whereas your specialists will only be able to attack the monster directly ahead of them. Clicking with the left mouse button will change which characters statistics are shown on screen. The right button will change your arrow to a small TO sign, clicking again on another portrait will swap the positions of those two characters in your party. This can be useful especially if one of your warriors is near death and needs to be kept from harm. At times (normally combat) a character's portrait will flash red with a number printed on it. This indicates that you have been hurt and the amount of damage taken. The left hand bar indicates the character's remaining health points. The right hand bar indicates the character's remaining spell/action points. The segmented diamond below shows the direction each character is facing. Normally this will be forward as represented by the highlighted diamond, however, you may well be attacked from more than one direction so clicking on a different diamond using the left mouse button means you can fight in more than one direction simultaneously. Make sure if you use this option that one character is not facing another so that you are fighting yourself as it leads to an early death !!! The two boxes on either side of the directional indicator show what you are holding in each hand at that moment, generally Warriors will be carrying weapons and shields, whilst the Clerics and Mages will have torches or wands ready. Use the left mouse button to take or put an object into a hand. The right mouse button will use an object in the hand ie: it will swing a sword, eat some food, climb down a rope or light a torch etc. You will find literally hundreds of items on your quest. Experimenting will allow you to discern their uses. Once you have performed an action with a hand the appropriate box will become shaded meaning an action is being carried out. Some actions take longer than others; for instance hitting with an open hand is far quicker than swinging a heavy Longsword. Whilst a box is shaded you will not be able to perform another action with that hand until it is coloured black once more. NOTE: If you are using a weapon and the box turns red it means that you have succesfully struck your foe. SPELL/ACTION BOX. ================= All selections on this menu are made with the left mouse button. The numbers (1-4) in this section refer to which characters abilities you are looking at and correspond to the location of the portraits. The UP and DOWN arrows allow you to scroll the portraits once you have gained sufficient spells. Using the right mouse buttn scrolls the menu at twice the speed. The menu itself contains the list of spells that can be cast by the selected character and also the cost in spell points. On first starting the game you will find that you have hardly any spells, don't worry, you will be given more as you gain experience. To cast a spell highlight the one you require and just click on it. If the spell is to be cast on a character a glowing hand will appear. Move the hand over the character you wish to effect and click on the portrait. This generally applies to the healing spells. Some spells you cast such as LIGHT, STRENGTH, or MAGE SHIELD last for some time, to show that they are in operation an appropriate graphic will appear in the top left panel of the screen. When it dissappears the spell has ended. Warriors also have some abilities on this menu although they are non magical but are operated in the same way. These are: Bandage : Allows the character to perform very minor healing. Useful at low level. Climb : Allows the party to climb through openings in the ceiling of dungeons. Pull : Allows the character to pull something blocking the party's progress along the dungeon floor. Push : Opposite to pull. Used spell/action points will gradually be regained with the passing of time. Sleeping will greatly accelerate this process as will progressing to the next level of experience. THE BOOK OF THE WORLD. ====================== For much of the game this panel will do nothing, however, should you manage to find the fabled Book of the World your spellcasters will find certain dungeon maps located within. If so then this area will then become a localised map of your surrounding area. MOVEMENT PAD. ============= An alternative way to move around is the use of this pad, use the left mouse button to select the required direction. The straight arrows will move your party and the curved arrows will turn them around. Movement can also be accomplished through the use of the keyboard. MESSAGE WINDOW. =============== Here you can read any descriptions of objects picked up, dungeon descriptions, spells cast and character status etc. OPTIONS. ======== Use the right mouse button on this box to cycle through the available options. The left mouse button selects your choice. Stop : Pauses the game, after a few seconds the screen will go black. Just press a key or mouse button to resume. Zzzz : The party will camp. Health and spell points will be regained but food will be depleted. You can only camp when the party is tired, also, any torches or spells you are using will probably run out. Exit : Quits the game. Disk Icon : Saves the game to yout pre-formatted disk. Music Note: Turns the music on. FX : Turns the sound effects on and the music off. Note that at times in a dungeon it can be very useful to hear the sound effects, especially of nearby doors opening or your party stepping on a concealed pressure plate. INVENTORY. ========== Each character is able to carry up to twelve items in their backpack. You can add or remove an item by pointing at the required box or item and clicking the left mouse button. CHARACTER STATISTICS. ===================== The statistics make each of your characters different and will affect their combat ability to a great extent. Name : Your character's monika. Class : Your character's class. Health : Shows maximum character's health, followed by current health. Magic : Shows maximum character's magic , followed by current magic. Armor : Your protecion level. The higher the better. Food : Length of time remaining before you begin to starve. Carry : Shows the weight of items carried. If the text is highlighted red you are carrying too much and will tire easily in combat making you character much slower. Money : The personal wealth of the character. Clicking with the left button on the statistics window will bring up another page. Level : The attained level of the character. Experience : Experience points gained. Your experience will increase as characters perform actions relating to their class. For instance, a warrior hitting a monster with his sword will gain experience for the blow, however, no-one else in the party will gain epxerience for another's actions so make sure you use each member of the party to the best of their abilities otherwise you may find that when you really need to cast Ice Strike all your mage can muster is a Light spell. Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, Intelligence, Constitution - these are all your character's natural skills. WEARING ITEMS. ============== If you wish to wear an item just place it on the area of the body it is to worn and click. You may also place an item in a hand although you cant use items from this section. Placing GOLD over the pouch and clicking with the left mouse button will drop the gold into the pouch and so increase your wealth. Clicking on the pouch with the left mouse button with no gold will allow you to take gold out again and transfer it to another character. This would normally be done if one character becomes heavily weighted down. To transfer gold enter the amount using the pouches number pad and click on OK to continue. Enter the amount of gold or silver you wish to transfer (Whole numbers represent goldm silver represents tenths). After entering the amount the gold will appear as an item which you must click on the recipient's pouch or inventory. DUNGEON NOTE. ============= You might notice that when you enter or leave a dungeon some items you are carrying dissappear from your inventory. This is because certain items notably keys, are specific to a particular dungeon or a quest has been completed. This is deliberate and will not affect the game in any way. PLAYING THE GAME - THE OUTER WORLD. =================================== Hopefully, after not too long, you will find that you have made it to the outer world of Kalynthia. It is here that your travelling will take place. One of the first things that you will notice is that the land features many different types of terrain. This will affect your speed of travel and the possibility of being attacked ie: riding on a trail is a lot quicker and safer than walking over mountains. You will also find some types of landscape eg:rivers impassable unless you are able to use a different method of travelling. The land itself is actually divided into several different states each with its own capital and leader. It is up to you to locate these leaders and if possible work with them. Who you help will dictate the course of your fate in Abandoned Places and the game will change for each. You will need to pay to enter a number of cities so guard against oeverspending or run the risk of being left wandering in the wilderness. Finally, the capital city of the world is KAL KALON and is ruled by the wise ones. Whilst you journey through th land your party is depicted by an icon of a man with a pointer. You are located exactly at the end of the pointer. All menu selection in the outer world can be made with any mouse button. A selected icon will be shaded dark to show that it has been selected. At some point you will inevitably be attacked by wandering monsters. When this happens you will fight the encounter as though you were in a dungeon. You must fight until either the party or all monsters have been slain. When this occurs the warrior icon in the bottom right of the screen will change to a laurel wreath, select it to resume your travels. THE TRAVEL ICONS. ================= MODES OF TRAVEL --------------- By Foot : The slowest means of travel available and almost the most likely to be attacked by wandering monsters. By Horse: A lot quicker than walking and can take you almost anywhere. By Ship : As you look down on Kalynthia you will see the many ships sailing from port to port. To catch a ride on one of these vssels move your party icon to where a ship docks and then select the travel icon. The ship option should now be available. Once selected just wait and the ship will set sail. You cannot control the destination of ships. By Air : If you grow powerful enough you spellcasters may learn the FLY spell. This is the fastest method of travel and cannot be attacked by wandering monsters or impeded by the terrain. However you will not be able to enter any town or city unless your feet are firmly on the ground. Once you have made your choice reselect the travel icon to continue your journey, the picture in the bottom left of the screen will change to show the current means of travel. CAMPING. ======== Camping takes place when night falls. If you are not tired you may have the option of walking on through the night although the chances of being attacked are greatly increased. Camp Fire : A cheery fire helps keep unwanted guests away. Set Guard : If your warriors are alive you may increase your protection by setting a watch. Once you have made your choice select the tent icon to pass the night. SEARCHING. ========== Scouting (Eye symbol) : This option sends one of your warriors scouting ahead and will occasionally allow you to dodge bands of wandering monsters. This option is available only when walking or riding. It does not function at night and will slow the party down. Searching (Magnifying Glass Symbol) : At some time you will need to find hidden dungeons entrances located around the land. Selecting this icon will allow you to do that however you can only search during the day and in walking mode. MOVEMENT MENU. ============== These options allow you to choose the method by which you wish to travel. Direct Route (diagonal line between two towers) - Click on the map at the location to which you wish to travel. The party will now attempt to move there directly, disregarding anything else. Wise Route (Right angled line between two towers) - Click on the map at the location you wish to travel. Your spellcasters will then move along what they consider to be the safest route. Hand route (Straight line between two towers) - In the bottom right hand corner of the screen is a compass, clicking on this will allow you to directly control the direction the party takes. This is most useful when searching. SYSTEM MENU. ============ Coffee Cup : Pauses the game. Trumpet : Sound on/off Disk : Save the game. You cannot save the game in the cities. TOWNS AND CITIES. ================= During your quest you will want to visit many different places. To enter a city simply move your icon pointer until you are in front of the city. At this point you will either enter the place if it is a village or be asked for a toll to enter a city. Once in the city there are a variety of different establishments to enter. Not all are available at every place you visit. You will also find that shops are not open all the time especially at night. When you first enter a city you will be presented with a text description and picture of the city. You will also see a new set of icons at the bottom of the screen. These are the places you can enter: Blacksmith : Here you can trade in all manner of weapons and armour. Church : Here you can heal wounded characters, even raise the dead ... for a price. Jewellers : A trader in precious stones, rings and necklaces, some with special properties. Inn : A safe place to rest the night and eat a fine meal. Apothecary : A chance to buy magical potions and other items you could find useful in the dungeons. Supplies : If you're going on a long journey and you need to stock up on provisions then this is the place to go. Sage : This icon indicates that the town is the home of a powerful leader or wise sage who could possibly help. House of Lore: When you feel you have gained enough experience to attain the next level, visits the House of Lore. If you are experienced enough you will gain a level. If not you will learn the amount of experience required. Always worth a visit and its free. TRADING. ======== When you enter a shop you will first see what it looks like before being greeted by the owner. At this point all the options take place on a conversation scroll, to choose an option highlight it with the pointer and use the left mouse button to select. The right mouse button will flip the page if more options are available. OPTIONS. ======== Buy an Item : Shows the shop's contents. Choose a character to make the purchase. The item will be placed in the characters' inventory if he has enough room and gold. If you do not wish to buy an item just click on an empty place on the scroll and you will return to the shop menu. Sell an Item : Same procedure as for buying. It's up to you if you want to accept the trader's offer. He wont Haggle. Party Options : SEE BELOW. Leave Shop : Returns you to the centre of town. PARTY OPTIONS. ============== View Party Member : Gives all statistics and items carried for the selected character. Item Options : Allows you to transfer an item between characters or throw an item away. THAT ITEM WILL BE LOST FOREVER!. Pool Money : Gives all gold to one character. Share Money : Evenly distributes gold to one party member. Exit Menu : Returns to the previous menu. When you wish to leave a city click on the picture of your mode of travel in the bottom left of the screen. You will resume your journey outside the gates of the city. CLUE BOOK. ========== A clue book will be available early in 1992 direct from Electronic Zoo. Please ring 0285 641541 for details. E N D O F D O C S ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special greets to : TRC, Sector 9, Witch King, Brynn, Hydro, Hi.T, Skol, the rest of RAZOR and all the groups that >USED TO< dominate the UK. Hey Guys, why use ad strippers all the time ? This really suxx! Dont you want to admit to the world that some faster board got it before you? It works both ways you know .. if someone downloads from you and uploads somewhere else its a free advert innit ? IF ADVERT STIPPERS ARENT USED THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -=- END OF MOAN -=- END OF FILE -=-
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