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I am kicking back at my terminal, chatting with the Critical Interrupt, about this new game Impossible Mission ][ that he just cracked. We decided to upload it around the place, and get it to you, the pirate. Here is some things about the game you might want to know. ====================== IMPOSSIBLE MISSION ][ DOCUMANTATION =================== Controls: Joystick Keyboard Keypad Arrow Keys I 8 J L 4 6 K 5or2 Fire Button Space Bar Pgup/Home Additional Keys you might want to know about: * 1 or 3 on the keypad to move a sliding platform Left or Right * Press <ESC> to pause, any key to resume * Press <CTRL> S to toggle Sound On/Off * Press <ALT> S to save the game * Press <ALT> <F1> for suicide * Press <ALT> Q to end the game and return to DOS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >> OBJECTIVE << ( This gets real deep, so hold onto your comic books.. ) To prevent the world from being destroyed you must succeed at the following.. You have 8 hours... FIRST! Assemble the three digit security combo for each tower. Second: Locate and ope enemy Elvin's safes and recover the musical sequences locked inside. There are six unique music pieces, and two duplicates. Third: Edit the pieces together to a full melody that will open the express elevator to Elvin's central tower control tower. Fourth: Find the correct computer terminal in Elvin's control room that will disarm the missile lunch sequence. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To get Criticals' crack to work, un-arc the file, and then make the subirectories that are in the arc files. (IE:if there is an arc called rooms.arc make a subdirectory called rooms, and put that arc in it. You can run off a hard drive, floppy or whatever turns you on. =============================================================================== This file typed up by The Dark Tangent This game distributed by The Washington State Network The Dark Tangent * Critical Interrupt * Confused Bastard * Mr. Mafia This wonderful FRESH crack brought to you by Critical Interrupt The Dark Tangent System, home of the Net >> 2064543552 Enjoy..
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