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upload rules by Mirage BBS

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Msg. Options: A,D,R,Q,?,<CR> ( 1263+1322 )>: Date : Sat Sep 04 07:38:59 1993 Number: 1263 To : RAZOR BLADE Recv'd: Sat Sep 04 09:07:39 1993 From : HOPPERMANiA Status: Public Message Subject: upload rules We are again going to allow the Foreign wares after english release. I didn't realize there were so many of you out there that wanted it. You all should have voted and would have avoided this whole mess! Anyways, that's that for a while.. They are allowed. ----( BIG BOSS )----------------------------------------------------- YOU GUYS CHANGE THE BBS RULES AS PEOPLE CHANGE UNDERWEAR ----( HARD CORE )---------------------------------------------------- hahahaha yes..just like TDT chanhe there own rulez..(no forreign games, no window games......etc..) ----( HOPPERMANiA )-------------------------------------------------- bingo ----( HARD CORE )---------------------------------------------------- I am gonna capture this message and treasure it forever. In years to come it will be worth a fortune as one of the most rare items on the planet. HARD CORE FOUND HIS CAPS LOCK KEY!! Congratulation man, now stage II: If you look about 7 or 8 keys to the right and up a little you will find this strange symbol 'U' .. it will be easily recognised as the cleanest key on your computer .. now you got the Caps Lock mastered why not have a play with that one. You never know, it might do something interesting. ----( RAZOR BLADE )-------------------------------------------------- hahahahahahah damn your funny today ... esp. "the cleanest key on your computer" hahahahah Msg. Options: A,D,R,Q,?,<CR> ( 1264+1322 )>:
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