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The Net Monkey Weekly Report, 51. by The Net Monkey Weekly Report (NWR)

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Netmonkey Weekly Report
Issue LI
June 26th, 1999

                                  g#S$     d.      ____      ascii by garflozzy
                     ____         $$$: -- ,$b ----- $$$  ___
                     $$$$$s    __ :$$l $',$$$$.`$$ :$$$._l$$:
           ,s#S$$$$: $$$"╚$$b.`╚$i $$$ ',$$'└$$,`$ l$$$T$$$$._
--------- l$$$$$$$$ :$$l b,`Y$$,`l l$$.d$P . └$$,` $$l" $$$▓T$S#g._ -----------
░░░░░░░░░ :$$$$$$$l l$$: $$b.`Y$$, :$$$$' d$b └$$,d$$: :$$l ,.`"▓T$S# ░░░░░░░░░
           $$$$$$$: $$$ :$$$$. Y$$.s$$$' d$$$b '$$$$l  l$$: l$'.d$$'
           $$$$$$$. $$$ l$$$$$. $$$Sl$' d$$$$$b '$$$: :$$l .'.d$$'
           $$$$$$l :$$l $$$$$$l l$$::P :$$$$$$$b.`$l  l$$:  ~~~~~~~
------------------ l$$: ------- :$$l.' ---------- `: ;$$l ---------------------
                   $$$  ░░░░░░░ .l$$ ::              ~~~~
           │ $$S#s,$$$           :::
                   `Y$  [ n ] ETMONKEY [ W ] EEKLY [ R ] EPORT

    Wow, this may be the latest we have ever been. You know what though?
    I don't rightly give a fuck, we deserved a little break. This is issue #51,
    one more and we can officially say it's been a year. Though we all know it's
    been over a year since we never stick to our weekly releasing policy. Lot's of 
    cool stuff in this issue though and some more TDP journal, and by Issue 52 or 53
    we should have a nice conclusion. Also around 55 or so I will chronicle the events
    of ndetroit's trip to california! Enjoy!

                                       -Lester [Co-Editor/Head Writer]

    yeah, yeah, yeah... i know... whatever..

    Ok.. we are finally out.... and its a good issue.. we got blitz's stuff,
    (check out his pics of the rzr vs everyone release of TA:K), 2 weeks of
    bud madness, and a nice graphic that sancti did of fmud..
    My shit is here, and lester returns to the courier thing, for a while, anyway..
    I am heading to california for a week after this, so next nwr will also be a week
    late... sorry... i'm sure we'll come up with something to make it up to people.. ;p


    While in cali, i'll prob hook up with lester and any other scener's interested..
    we'll see what happens.. just so that you all know.. if nwr is late next week,
    its cause lester turned out to be a nark, and i am busted, rotting in some cali
    jail... ;p

    We got a great pic of mrpumpkin this week called "pumpkin3.jpg"... i always knew it!

    Check out everything else, and.. sorry if i forgot anything.. and sorry it was so

    Have a great weekend everyone... i know i will!   ;D

                                     ndetroit [Co-Editor/Head Fatass]

-----------[ index ]-----------

   I.)   Intro 
               a) Lester
               b) ndetroit

   II.)  Quotes of the Week  

   III.) Stats - Ndetroit's Weekly Stats, and comments on Sites.
   IV.)  Lester's Biased Courier Report

   V.)   Articles 
               a) Blitz's Slightly Biased Games Report
               b) Bud's Biased Utils Report
               c) Lesters Moview Reviews
               d) VCD Group and Movie Reviews
               e) Tdpriest's journal: continued

   VI.)  Scene News - All the news that's fit to print 
   VII.)  Rumors! 

   VIII.)  Closing

---------------------[ Quotes of the Week! ]---------------------

-"Only someone who is very secure with a good dose of self-esteem can stand 
  up to the cries of fag and girlie-man. More likely you will find warez d00dz 
  with handles like: Doctor Death, Deranged Lunatic, Hellraiser, Mad Prince, 
  Dreamdevil, The Unknown, Renegade Chemist, Terminator, and Twin Turbo"
                             -gamespot.com 'expose' on the warez scene..

-"More likely, if you were given a sample of 100 people, the person whose handle 
  is Hellraiser is the last person you'd associate with the name."

-<bizzybone> don't take in guys, just for the sake of taking in guys
 <Fain> hrm
 <Lestah> I like to take on guys
 <Lestah> er nm..:P

 <||Fire||> myolp@apollo.rsn.hk-r.se
 <gee_money> hahahahaha
 <gee_money> HAHAHA
 <gee_money> Means like
 <||Fire||> WHAT HE SAY ? :D
 <gee_money> I'am going to put you in my kne and give you some hot spank if you dont 
             stop to mass message ppl

-PS: Bud consider yourself lucky I am retired from mainstream scene, in the "old" days 
 I would have removed you from 20 sites. I did not earn my bitch title unjustly but 
 then again you do not earn your stuipidty title unjustly either.
                                             -maggie (tca board)

-<SunDancer> Just like your sexlife Ice.. Single player..

-<DDemon> Does Class have a public channel?
 <CYPHER^PI> wel its called #fairlight

-acidapple -> acidapple -> acidapple
 and finally acidapple which i like best.

 -acidapple (DEV/BLZ/PRM)
  (tca board)

-<SiNs> if he wants to be like that
 <Fain> well
 <SiNs> he can suck my crotch
 <SiNs> i'm going to eat diner

-----------[ ndetroit's sites and stats section ]-----------

    Ok... what's going on out there?
    TOS = back up... see a siteop for the new IP
    EB = back up, and bigger.. talk to a siteop..

    VDRLake went to RiSC this week, with its staff now all becoming members
  in the group.. Maybe risc will want to support the site a bit better than
  dms did...  VDRLame is also the new WPN WHQ... thats terrific news.. i'll
  bet there are a lot of traders out there that can't wait to get their hands
  on some sweet.. .... ... .. WPN  pre's... uhhh... yeah.

    AF1 got UCF and FCN this week, to go with their SHOCK affil... man.. i
  remember when that site used to kick ass... old ViCE site..
    Blitz has a new canadian site up called "BMX" (binary matrix... hmmm..
  aren't all matrices... ... .. never mind..) It is apparently kicking a lot
  of ass already, and has picked up a few sweet affils, including SHOCK and

    CrC (Corruptions Crew) has apparently "accidently" let one of their site
  lists leak out.. Basically every good site that had a CrC trader on it was
  listed in their text file, and it somehow made it very public.. Not good,
  NOT good.. come on guys... think a little.. 

    Some more sad news in the scene: Flash (FMUD) has been narked, and is gone
  for good.. It will be sorely missed in the US scene, and was one of the more
  "original" sites out there.. 

    thats about all for now.. more next week...

    Siteops!! send your weektops to: nwr@netmonkey.org, or give them to
  _tech_... Thanks to all those that support us every week... ;)

	Sites are rated on a 3X and 2X scale.. if you want to know why we 
 do it that way, read an old issue. Couriers get 10 points per site they get
 #1 on, 9 points for 2nd place, 8 points for 3rd, etc, etc. 
	Sites are rated by us. If you don't like the ratings, then.... 
heh... fuck off and die..

          The Top Ten sites for this week are:

           x2.5  FS -*- STH -*- FH 
           x2.0  ET -*- CAT -*- DLS
           x1.5  HOG -*- EB -*- TWH -*-


    trader       group   FS STH FH  ET CAT DLS HOG TOS TWH  K    pts    p
    tc           DEV      3   1  6   2   1   1   -   1   1  -    145.5
    godbless     DEV      4   3  5   3   2   3   -   4   2  1    141.5
    Garoto       DEV      2   2  2   1   4   -   -   2   -  -    111
    cedric       AOD      5   6  3   4   5   4   -   -   -  3    103
    darkwolf     AOD      6   8  10  5   3   7   -   -   -  -    63
    jaydee       DEV      1   -  1   -   -   -   -   -   -  -    50
    Psychic_A    AV       -   7  8   6   8   -   -   -   -  4    45.5
    mrpumpkin    DMS      8   9  7   8   7   8   -   -   -  -    42.5
    sketch       THD      -   -  4   -   -   -   2   -   7  -    37
    zarkof       AOD      7   -  -   -   9   6   -   -   -  5    33

-----------[ Lester's Biased Courier Section ]-----------

Biased Courier Report

Well guys, I know I said final last time, and you were all so happy to see I 
would be gone, but like the people who submitted ones weren't that good so 
I am doing another one! So if you wanna get rid of me, then find a good person 
to do this shit. Also, NWR owns WER god damnit novo:)

AOD: The #1 courier group this past week. Lots of contributions from 
Zarkof/Cedric/Darkwolf and some others, with Tirre coming back towards the end 
of the week. Zarkof was busted early this week and that will hurt them, but 
Titus and Bohnz and some others seem to be picking up the slack, as long as 
Devotion isn't pre'ing PFT all week long, AOD can take #1 pretty much every week.

Devotion: Not alot of pre's last week and not much output from some of the older 
guys, so far this week PFT is back in force to retake the prevotion title again. 
Will the demise of SGE leave some pre's off of Dev's totals? Maybe, but I'm sure 
they will just take up Paragon's pre'ing services and PFT will keep releasing 
things like Disability Guidelines(ya that wasn't for credits<g>) Jaydee keeps 
making friends and Insanity is now the box whore for dev with Norse on a little 
break. Dev is still going strong as long as the pre's hold up though.

Vice: Mrpumpkin went buckwild on the sites last week, with Blitz owning the US, 
but other than that Vice has not had alot of output from all the other traders, 
rumors of disorganization and shell problems make it seem like Vice is not the 
paradise that was promised. Yet this week they are picking up a little bit with 
Moonsabre and a few others showing up on weektops.

Amnesia: Well this is the first week that Amnesia made any real showing on sites, 
with Fain, Sins and Psychic_A putting up some pretty big numbers, but they still 
aren't producing on the level to rival AOD/DEV's output. They keep gaining alot 
of members though so hopefully we will see more of those people showing up on 

EQL: Blinkity Blink is all that EQL has going for them, he weektopped something 
like 20 sites this week according to another emag. That is up there with some 
Prozac like numbers, but I doubt he was #1 on all of them like Proz used to 
be<g> EQL needs to find someone to help Blink out before he explodes.

AV: Aint shit happening in this camp.

MNM: The MNM boys may have found themselves a trader? Ydevil was popping up on 
alot of weektops this past week, we'll see if it was a fluke or a sign of life 
from them.

Risc: With Brain trading hard, Risc is actually making a showing, a few other 
Risc guys sporadically made weektops but Brain is the only real force they have 
going for them right now.

Rage: Glen was like 14th on FS..uhm..not bad? :)

Ok guys, that'll do it for this week. Enjoy the mag


-----------[ Articles ]-----------


-----------[ Blitz's Slightly Biased Gaming Report]-----------

THE BLITZ REPORT FOR THE WEEK OF 06/06/99 - 06/13/99

 The Summer slowdown has begun, and once again the week had far too few quality games for 
release. The long-maligned Origin USA team comes back with a big fuck you for their 
naysayers (myself included). We see two very big titles this week, but only one makes 
the charts. Read on for the lowdown on this week's action in the game scene.

/\______  /\______  ____/\______     __
\____   \/  \__   \/  _ \____   \ __/  \____
 / _/  _/    \/   /   /  / _/  _// / / / / /
/  \   \  /\ /   /\  /  /  \   \/ /\  / / /
\__/\   \/  \______\___/\__/\   \/ / /_/_/

 Razor has emerged from their hype from last month when they landed the most major titles 
we've seen this year from a single group. This month has been less spectacular, but the 
return to idleness predicted by so many has not happened either. Razor looks to be back 
in the swing of things, and can be counted on to compete if not win on most games. This 
week we see another mediocre wargame from SSI in Fighting Steel. This one is for die-hards 
only. MrMaxon has the starsiege patch lineup wired, he comes out with the latest (and 
possibly final) update for this popular multiplayer game. Two versions were released, but 
only one recieves points. A fairly major patch for a not-so-major game (Panzer Commander) 
rounds out the week. 

Points Release Title
~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 3.0   Fighting.Steel-RAZOR (119.7M)
 0.5   STARSIEGE_TRIBES_v1.0_to_v1.5_PATCH-RAZOR (0.9M)
 0.0   STARSIEGE_TRIBES_v1.41_to_v1.5_PATCH-RAZOR (0.6M)

_ ______ ______  ____ _____  ____ _____
\//  _   \  _   \_\__/  _   \_\__/_\_   \
 /   /   /  /   /.  /   /   /   /   /   /
 \______/   \____|_/\___   /___/___/   /

 Yet another big title for Origin, following Aliens vs Predator and Expendable. Descent 3 
is the long awaited sequal, and definately one of the biggest titles of the year. The USA 
supply side for this group has really picked up of late, with AvP, and now this. There was 
a minor problem with the crack. Seems the game did not work outside the USA due to some 
kind of region check. Origin says they tested it on 3 computers before releasing, but all 
were in the USA. An unlikely scenario, but let's give them the benefit of the doubt. The 
fix is minor enough (and completely understandable), so no points deduction. Unfortunately,
multiplayer is also non working in this game, and that is definately not a minor problem. 
The official fix repairs both problems, so kudos to them for fixing their mistake so quickly. 
Hats off my my old friend Genesis P'Orridge for his first HUGE crack. Read more about this 
talented cracker in this month's interview. However, the game as it is now is an over-the-limit 
game needing a fix. In fact, had they taken the time to check RAR compression instead of ACE, 
they would have found that the game fit nicely under the disk limit. Unfortunately for Origin, 
this adds up to a dissapointing point total for such a major game.

Points Release Title
~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 5.0   Descent.3-ORIGIN (146.7M)
 1.0   Descent.3.Speech.Addon-ORIGIN (13.1M)
-2.5   Descent.3-FIX-ORIGIN (1.3M)

 ▄██▀██▄                 ▐█▄ █▄
▐██▌ ▐██▌ ▀   ▀▀  ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▐█▓▌▓█▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀  ▀
▐██▌ ▐██▌██▄▀█▀██▄▀██▄▐█▀▐█▓▌▄ ▐█▀██▄▀▄██▄
▐██▌▄██▀ ▐▓█▌▌ ██▓ ▐██▌▌ ▐██▌██ ▌ ▐██▌█ ██▌
▐██▌ ▄██▀▄██▌▌ ▄▄▄▀▄██▌  ▐██▌██▌  ▐██▌█ ▐██
▐██▌▐██▌ ▐█▓▌▌▐██▌ ▐█▓▌▌ ▐█▓▌█▓▌▌ ▐█▓▌█ ▐█▓
▐██▌ ▀██▄█▀█▌█▄▀██▄█▀█▌█▄██▀▄██▌█▄▐█▓▌▀ ██▓

 This one is bound to cause some controversy. The Might and Magic rip is a wonderful 
display of ripping talent. An argument could be made that this one rivals even Silver 
in magnitude. However, this is not a ripping competition. The game is far too damaged 
in the ripping process to be considered a quality release. One of the most respected 
crackers in the scene who I asked about this said he would never consider releasing (or 
playing) the game in the condition it was in. His sentiments were echoed by other senior 
members of the cracking scene I asked about this title. I hate for the good work of 
Hankman and Yazz to go for nothing, but there has to be a line, and this time it was 
crossed. The game is fine with the software addon I suppose, but without it, the flat 
world leaves the game a mere shell of the original. Therefore, this game cannot be 
considered anything more than an exhibition of the ripping talent that lies in PDM. 
 Other than that, PDM didn't manage to land either Descent 3 or Fighting Steel, which 
leaves no other games to be released. There were a handful of patches put out, as well 
as a fix for a previous patch. The fix won't be penalized, and the rest of the patches 
recieved a half point apiece.

Points Release Title
~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 0.0   MiGHT_AND_MAGiC_7-PARADiGM (136.0M)

 0.0   Powerslide.v.104.Update.Fix-PARADiGM (0.4M)
 0.5   PGA_Championship_Golf_99_Tournament_Fix-PARADiGM (0.0Mh)
 0.5   High_Heat_Baseball_2000_v1.1_Cracked-PARADiGM (2.2M)
 0.5   Starsiege_Update_v1.003-PARADiGM (1.2M)
 0.5   Fighter_Squadron_Update_v1.5-PARADiGM (0.7M)

   ______  /|  ___   /\______ /\______
  /      \/ | / _ \ /   _____/   _____>
 /    |_ /  |/  |  \\____  \ \____  \
<     | <   /   |   /   |   \/   |   \
 \  _____\_<____|___\_____  /\_____  /

 Yes, Man of War 2 was from last week, but I forgot it, so we'll throw it in with this 
week's games. I didn't much care for the game myself, Corsairs far better. Pick that one 
up instead. This week we saw a few patches from the CLS team, but nothing in the way of 
games. The Might and Magic 7 trainer is of course null and void due to PDM's version 
being in the condition it was released. Class can hardly argue, they nuked M&M7 themselves...

Points Release Title
~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(3.0)  Man_of_War_2-CLS (54.3M)

 0.5   Trophy_Buck_v1.07_Update_Cracked-CLS (1.2M)
 0.0   Might_and_Magic_7_Plus_5_Trainer-CLS (0.0M)
 0.5   Steel_Panthers_World_War_2_v2.0_Patched-CLS (0.5M)


 The interview section is back this week, and my interview subject is one of the newer 
lights on the game cracking scene, Genesis P'Orridge. Although his name might not be 
as familiar as some of the other crackers around, this guy has talent. Expect to hear 
more from him in the future.

<NWR> Hello Genesis, thank you for agreeing to do an NWR interview this week. Let's 
start off by stating your full nick and your current and past affils.

<genesis^p> Genesis P'Orridge or Origin/TFA and misc util grps .. Prev. of Warrior, Liquid
 Gravity and far too many web cracking groups

<NWR> Let's start with your nick... it's fairly unusual to say the least. How did you come 
to be known by that handle?

<genesis^p> heh, I get that from alot of people, a few people recognize it as the name used 
by a guy from Psychic TV/Throbbing Gristle .. I actually adopted the name years back on my 
BBS when the name Hilter got continually mistaken for Hitler, which was annoying. So, while 
drunk one night doing a user purge and listening to Pigface, I 'adopted' the name.

<NWR> I can see how being mistaken for Hitler might not be so desirable. 

<NWR> In recent weeks, Origin has taken some real strides by putting out a couple of really 
major USA games. This is something we haven't seen from Origin since SimCity. Is this the 
same team that couldn't get it done before getting their shit together? Or are there new 
members contributing that perhaps we don't know about?

<genesis^p> Im not really 100% sure on that, its basically the same 4 crackers that have 
been in since I've joined with either ][ce, Cypher or Butcher kinda keeping us together 
while we do our respecive jobs. I actually find it a big help to have some 'direct' the 
process, otherwise my attention wanes at times .. Tho the 3am 'WAKE UP!!' phone calls 
have got to stop =)

<NWR> How did you come to join Origin? Most people know that you were in Warrior for a 
time. What did Origin see from you there that allowed you to make the jump?

<genesis^p> I met ][ce one day in #warrior, basically I was pretty pissed about something 
a razor member said to me, and I was just venting .. so, there's ][ce sitting in the channel, 
who was in rzr at the time, and he was like 'wtf?!' and we went at it. After some talking 
and such, he invited me to #razor, and I kinda hung around there. A while after, Cypher, 
Dajackal and ][ce we're in ogn fulltime, and since ][ce was really the only guy in #razor 
I knew, I kinda moved myself into #origin. Not being the outgoing type kinda limits me to 
packs/small groups of ppl.
So, a little while after, while still on a 28.8, and wanting to be in a group, and pretty 
much getting lauched out of their respecive channels due to my 28.8, ][ce gave me a shot 
at trainers and patches, and we went from there .. 

<Blitz> I remember we worked together on the BFRIS fighter game, and that's where you proved 
yourself to myself and The Renegade Chemist, but this week you put out Descent 3 for Origin.
Normally we would have seen DaJackal working on a game of that magnitude, but you were the 
one who cracked it. From what I understand it wasn't easy, with a lot of reindexing to be 
done. How did you come to get that assignment?

<genesis^p> hehe, BFRIS, I think, was my first REAL game I did for origin, was pretty 
nervous over that, wanted to get a good crack in that, fortunatly TRC tested the hell out 
of that one, and it was all good. DaJackal and Zip really do a great job, I too was 
surprised when [D3] was dropped in my lap ..  Its really a combination of me being here 
at the time we got it, and being here for the group/earning the trust of the senior 
members and doing the best I can. On D3 tho, Dj was a BIG help, might not have gotten 
done with out the guy. The reindexing was a pain, so he lent a hand. [It] was a big job 
tho, the nfo was hastily done 'cause I was dead tired, he should have gotten more credit 
I think.

<NWR> Reindexing is something I don't understand at all, and I'm sure a lot of our 
readers don't have a clue what it involves. Is there any way to explain this process 
so that a layman might understand what exactly is required?

<genesis^p> Basically, a lot of games you see have these huge ass files, in them you 
got all kinds of stuff, whatever the developer puts in, from .wav's to .bmp's to movies 
and music at the top of these files theres a 'header' where it tells a little about the 
contents and their locations, so the trick is, to code a util that will read the header, 
and create the files .. not unlike unzipping something you could say. So, you end up with 
a bunch of files, you do your ripping, and repack them into a new archive, slap that in 
the game, and when it looks for say "600mb music.wav", it finds the file, but insted of 
600 megs, we've cut it to a 0.00 second .wav,  but the game dont know that. Basically 
thats it. For those interested Beowulf of RAZOR has put out many utils that do just that.
Fallout 2 Unpacker, Lucas Arts Lab utils, etc .. good stuff =)

<NWR> Do you and other crackers use Beo's stuff sometimes? And if so, would you give 
him credit in the nfo files?

<genesis^p> when we were looking at XWing Alliance (I think that was the game) I did 
turn to his LAB utils =p .. And yeah, they're good utils, he deserves credit for their 
use.. Personally I'd LOVE to see more game utils  from the guy, from unpackers to editors 
.. their cool little things Im sure MANY ppl (not for use in warzing) love .. its kinda 
cool, say mak a Fallout2 Theme with material right out of the game or little things like 
that ..  I'd rls my stuff, but its kinda sloppy, im still in the learning stages for 
unpackers and other utils.

<Blitz> You mention you are currently a member of The Flame Arrows. I think that's a unique 
position for a cracker to be in, an active member of a courier group. Do you actually trade 
still, or do you just idle?

<genesis^p> Im pretty idle since ive been cracking, hell when TFA de-merged from Liquid 
Gravity, I went with them becase thats where the majority of the friends i made went, so 
that was really just a thing of chance .. TFA tho is a really cool group, built on supporting 
eachother before status, definitly some of the coolest ppl ive met are from TFA .. they all 
know that Im there for them when needed tho, so its all good =p

<NWR> Thanks a lot for speaking to NWR today Genesis. Any last words or greets?

<genesis^p> you might remember the last pack I did .. the one that got me the "Never allowed 
to pack again" status =)

<NWR> Yes, I will be remembered for it forever =)
<genesis^p> guess thats about it.

<NWR> no greets?

<genesis^p> well, TFA, ORIGIN, daJackal, zip, beowulf, you ..theres alot of ppl that deserve it.

 Seems I had a lot of spare time this week, so I decided to get some opinions on a couple of 
issues that seem to be controversial in the game scene today. I asked these two questions 
of several prominent people. The answers as you can see ran the spectrum.

1) Should the disk limit be raised? 
2) Should games with 3DFX ripped be considered legitimate releases?

<CYPHER> 3dfx must stay in the main release
<CYPHER> and that includes sounds as well as .exes and dlls
<CYPHER> disc limit should be raised to 60 discs
<CYPHER> ORIGINs official reply :)

<Goaman> a) no b) was always like that

<Sun Dancer> Limit raised - yes 3DFX rip allowed - yes

<DaJackal> well for starters i dont think 3dfx should be ripped from games
<DaJackal> and as for the disk limit, i think it should only be raised when more than 20% of 
releases cannot be ripped due to size

<toast-> Considering most games can easily fit under 50, No. (Descent 3 SHOULD have been 
under 50 but some group managed to severly rush their title). As per faction rules there is 
nothing stating that ripping 3d is a bad thing, although personally i feel it takes too much 
away from the gamer. 3d is hard to live without.

<Thor> I couldn't care less.. The rip scene should just disband already

<markgoh> well most people have 3DFX these days...
<markgoh> as for disk limit maybe a little... not too much...

<Prozac-> No on the limit, and 3dfx only if there's no way around it.

<_Beowulf_> 1. No
<_Beowulf_> 2. Only if the 3D(FX) portion is completely seperate from the rest (not just a
 different set of EXEs), and most importantly that is does not take away from the intended 
 feel of the game.

<Horde> disk limit perhaps to 60
<Horde> which would allow 3dfx to not be ripped

<MrPuppy3D> i think there should be no disk limit
<MrPuppy3D> it warrants a rape
<MrPuppy3D> and i think 3dfx should never be ripped
<MrPuppy3D> get with the program to any group who thinks that 3dfx should be ripped
<MrPuppy3D> because anyone who plays games seriously has one
<MrPuppy3D> and more people play games in 3dfx now than software render

<Devestator> Disk limit maybe to 55 or 60 disks (if people want 3dfx in and stuff) and I think 
 that 3dfx being ripped is fine
<Devestato> if the majority of the ppl want 3dfx, then raise the limit
<Devestato> although 3dfx won't be as standard
<Devestato> if anything
<Devestato> D3D should be left in
<Devestato> 3dfx should just be an addon imo

<z1p> 1) No, the disk limit doesn't need to be raised, the quality of scene crackers needs to 
be improved if the disk limit is a problem.  You should be able to rip apart a huge file and 
take out music/movies.  If you can't get some skillz :) If it just isn't doable under/near 50 
then just ISO it.
<z1p> 2) Seeing as only 3/10 people have 3dfx I say make ripping it a standard, just like ripping 
intro movies :) (greets to grudge for this idea :) [Editor's note: This is sarcasm apparently, 
and no I didn't get it either]

<[BeeP]> no and no

<Lechucky> disk limit nah 
<Lechucky> 3DFX ripped yeah, as long as the game is fully working

<OFD-> raising the disc limit 
<OFD-> no way dude
<OFD-> 50 disks is already 144Mb PACKED That's often 300 mb unpacked
<OFD-> plus add on and stuff
<OFD-> certains rips will always be questionnable

<][cE> i aint taking part in nwr
<][cE> it black mouths me
<][cE> ogn
<][cE> and dvniso

 Well that was the second week of June. The blockbuster titles have started to come out, 
but fewer and fewer of them are being ripped well. This could be the beginning of the end 
of the rip scene (or at least the 50 x 2.88 limit). Ripping of 3DFX has in effect raised 
the disk limit anyhow, so perhaps it is time to make the change. A disk limit of 60 x 2.88 
prohibiting the ripping of 3DFX would go a long way towards eliminating the "cheating" of 
the disk limit that we are seeing now. The games with graphic drivers ripped are going to 
be more and more prevelant as time goes on. Perhaps a new meeting of the Faction counsul 
is in order. Origin should be brought into that body this time around anyway. Their constant 
use of their non-membership to circumvent the rules of common sense has become an annoyance. 
Surely their leaders can respect the idea that even an essentially illegal hobby such as ours 
needs some guidelines to ensure fair play. Origin's use of the faction rules to denounce 
other group's releases, and their use of their own non-membership to shield themselves from 
criticism should not be allowed to continue. 
 In less important news, I've made a small change to the formula for the point scores. In 
future, only trainers for games which ranked above average (4.0 - 5.0) will recieve an award. 
There has been less and less of an emphesis on trainers for sub-standard games recently, and 
this review will reflect that change. Also, I'd like to respond to everyone who has asked 
for ISO reviews to be included in this report. Frankly I do not have the time to burn every 
game that comes out. Testing all the weeks rips is in itself a huge task, and takes up far 
too much time as it is. Therefore, there will not be any rip reviews done by myself. The 
ISO scene has their own charts anyhow, and in any event an ISO review section would only 
be a review of the game itself, as there are no rip decisions to be made. Until next week... 
keep leeching. 


-----------[ Bud's Biased Utils Section ]-----------

 Bud's Biased Utils Report #24

 I almost got lazy and idled this week... still listening to the new Tea Party
 disc... but wtf, might as well do make use of my time. That and I don't
 feel like doing any serious work. So here we go, with another lively week
 in utils having passed. We have all the usual schlock, plus a little bit
 of extra meat regarding VGC. 
 Disclaimer: It's BIASED moron. My opinion. So don't send me a bunch of mail
             & messages bitching about this or that. If you don't like
             it... SCREW YOU =]

 Rankings: Groups get a score out of 10. Points are given for amount of
           releases, but QUALITY titles will give a group a much higher score.
           Nukes for duping, broken releases and just plain CRAP will lower
           a groups score. However on the occasion that a title is nuked which
           I don't feel should have been, MY OWN JUDGEMENT TAKES PRECEDENCE.
           Cuz I'm writing this. Groups can also get points for any other
           reason I see fit.

 Week: Week is based from 06/08/99 to 06/14/99. I'm in the EST time zone so
       dates/times run according to it.

 Groups: (In no particular order)
 ▄ ▀▀██▄ ▄        ▄      ▄
  ▀█▄ ▀█▌▀█▄ ▐  ▄█▀  ▄▄██▌ A Group
   ▐█▌ ▐▌ ▐█ █▌▐█▌ ▄█▀  █ That Gives
  ▄██▌▄▀ ▄██▌▀██▌ ██    ▐▌ Slightly
 ▀███   ▀███  ▀█ ▐███▄▄  █ Less Than
  ▐█▌    ▐█▌   ▐▌ ▀██▀    ▀▄ A Fuck.
   ▀      ▀     ▀  ▀          -XeN




 PWA really, truly lost the race on the REAL pcANYWHERE 9 final
 to DOD, leaving them with SmartSketch 3, one of the better Intergraph
 titles released of late, and a bunch of titles released later in the
 week. A hard loss on the Symantec title however, considering the history
 of releases that one app has created. Organic Art is well... I won't
 say it. Platinum SQL Compass is a much better title, and the 10,000
 user of Shockwave Server is a welcome edition... the earlier PNC
 release's license only allowed up to 50 users.
 Total: 6/10

 ▄───── ▄▄▄ ────────── ▄▄█▓▄ ─── ▄ ─ ▄▓▄
 ░ ▀ ▄█████▓  ▄▄███▄ ▄▀▀████▌ ▄█████▄ ▀
    ▓███▀  ▀▄██████▄▀█▌ ▐████▐▓▀ ▀███▓
   ▓███▌   ▐▓█▀  ▀██▌▐▓ ▀ ▀▓▀▓▌   ▐███▌
  ▐█████▄▄▀ ▀█▄  ▄▓█▓ █▓▄    █▌▀▄▄████▓
   ▀██▓▀▀  ▀   ▀▀▀▀    ▀  ■▄ ▐▓  ▀▀▓█▀
 ■▄──────+ The Corporation +─ ▀▄ ─gas!─■




 Gah what a mess... most sites were up in the air as to whether or not
 to keep Corp's recent MS releases. I'll stick to the affirmative only
 because I know there are plenty of people out there who will eagerly
 download anything made by MS. In related news, my frivilous lawsuit
 against M$ will soon be heading to court, I'm claiming mental anguish
 induced by poorly coded, buggy software. 

 Aside from the MS rel, Corp put out a few utils worth mentioning:

 Norton AV Corporate 6 - A quick rip of the ISO... I haven't heard
                         a whole lot about the new version of the
                         client/server protection app out of the
                         symantec camp.

 ARCserve IT 6.61 - Corp was quick on ripping this ISO, as with the
                    AV release. Some questions as to the quality of
                    the rip, a WORKING-IND copy was later released
                    but quickly nuked.

 Page Charmer Pro is alright, as is JSentry Proxy Server... a decent
 mix of CD rips and net apps, but with a few of those CD rips coming
 from ISO releases, you have to wonder why the Corp store team wasn't
 more active, as plenty of titles are out there.
 Total: 8/10

 .      )\_______)\__)\_______)\_______ .
 .   __/   __  _/  _/    ____/     ___/ .
 .   \__    / _\   \_____   \    ___/__ :
 .   :/         \   \   /    \   /     \|
 :   |\___/     /___/_____   /___      /|
 :   | \_/_____/\____ /_____/___/_____/ |


 Releases: N/A 
 Total: N/A
    ▄██▀███▀▀  ▀             ▄█
 ┌- ▓██ ▀▀  ▀▀▀ ────-──-─-─ ▀▀▀ -──-──-──┐
 :   ▀▀▀██▄▀███▀▀▀▀▀██▄ ▄██▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀██▄ ░│
 ▀▀███▓ ███ ███ ▓██ ███ ███ ▓██ ▓██ ███ ░:
 :  ███ ███ ███ ███▀▀▀  ▓██ ███ ███▀▀▀   .
 │░ ███ ██▓ ██▓ ███ ██▓ ███ ███ ███ ▓███▀▀
 :  ▓██▄██▀▄███▄▀██▄███ ▀██▄███ ███ ███  :
 ▄ ▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄  roy███ ███ ███ ─┘
                       ▀▄   ███ ███ ██▓
                         ▀▄ ███  ▀▀▀▀▀▀



 Not exactly the busiest week SGE has ever had. There best release
 was Nichimen (not Nimichen) Graphic's Mirai 1.0 final, a professional
 real-time computer graphics/animation suite. Unfortunately it was just
 a "tad" large at 62 x 2.88MB, and is probably best left as an ISO - so 
 grab the TFL release if you want this one. Aside from that, some art textures
 stuff, yawn.  
 Total: 4/10

 ▄██ ▄▄▄ ░  ▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄  ▄▄▄▄   ▄▄▄▄
 █▓█ █▓█ ▒ ██▀ █▓█ █ █▓█ ██ █▓█ █ ███ ██ █▓
 █▒█ █▒█   █░█ ▀▀ ▄█ █▒█ ██ █▒█ █ ▄▄▄ ██▄▄
 ▄██▀██▄ ▀ █▒█▀▀▀ ██ █░█ ██   ▄▄█ █▓█ ██ ▄▄
 █▒█ █▓█ ▓ █▓█ ░ █▓█ █░█ ██ ░ █▓█ █▒█ ██ █▓
 ███ █▒█ ▒ ███  ▬▀█████▀▄██ ▒ ▀█████▀ ▀████
 ─── ██▀ ░ ──────────────── ▓ ───── sikos ─




 XF followed up their excellent release of JBuilder Pro 3 from last
 week with... Ultimate Toolbox for MFC. Yay. (Sorry if I'm offending
 any actual users of the program, but seeing it go out twice monthly
 gets annoying after a while - and I need something to poke fun at,
 damnit!). They also released Nuance 6.2 at 58 x 2.88MB ... not as
 bad as Mirai, although Mirai is the better app in my eyes.
 Total: 3/10

      /\______/|                   ___/\_
    _/ ______ :|; . __/\  ____/\ __|   //
 %%%\____  \   |__:_\__ \/  ~~ :\_ | __/%%%%
 iii_/ :|  \\_    \  ;|  \_ |____/    \iiiii
 :::\__   ; _/ |  \\_ :  // |  \\_ |  \\_:::




 Continuing with some decent store titles this week, they
 take the desktop publishing app PrintMaster 8, which is
 aimed at the lower price tier of the market, and is basically a
 cheaper alternative to say, MS Publisher and similar tools. We also
 see Autodesk's Planix Landscape Deluxe, which is not up to par with
 some of Autodesk's other tools - Sierra's landscaping titles are a better
 bet if you're looking for this type of app. Still, good enough. When paired
 with IBM's Online Companion for ViaVoice, which allows ViaVoice98 users
 work directly in internet chat clients, web browsers, and other online
 connectivity applications (Yes, it supports AOL!), you get a solid week.
 SHK took a page out of the PFT manual and released about 400 megs worth of
 apps in one night.
 Total: 7/10

 .  ▄▄▄       ▄▄▄      ▄▄▄
 .▀████▀▀▀██▄ ████▀▀██▌▐██▀▀▀▀ --- .------.
 : ████   ███ ▐███     ███                .
 | ████   ▐███ ███▀    ███                :
 | ████   ███ ▐███    ▄███   ███▄     .   :
 | ████▀▀▀▀▀  ██▓█     ▀███▄▄██▓▀         .
 .▄▓███▄      ▀███▌        ▀▀    PRESENTS :
 |                                        :
 :                                 [xx/xx].
 '---.-------PENTIUM FORCE TEAM-- ---- - -'



 Shock took their place in releasing sprees this week, and PFT
 was basically nowhere to be found.
 Total: N/A
          ▄          ▄        ▄
     ▄ ▄▄▓▀▀  ▄ ▄▄█▀▀██▓▄ ▄▄▄█▀▀▓▄▄
      ▄▄▄▄▄    ▄▄▄▄▄ ▐██▓▌ ▄▄▄▄ ▐█▓█
      ▐▓██▌    ▐▓██▌  ███▓ ▓██▌  ███▓
       ▓██   ▓▄ ▓██▌  ███▓ ▓██▌  ▐██▓▌
      ▐██▓  ▐█▓▌▐██▓  ██▓▌▐███▓  ████▓
      ▀▀▀▀  ███▓ ██▓ ▐█▓█ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▄██▓▀  mg
     ▀ ▀▀▀▀████▓▌ ▀▀ ██▓▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀
 ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀   ▀▀▓▀ ▀ ▀▀   ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀
 :: <LEGENDS NEVER DiE> ::: <o4 * 2880> ::
 ▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄




 Just one app from LND over the past week, but a killer from the CAM
 field, PathTrace's EdgeCAM, complete with the Mechanical Desktop
 Interface... good work there in the CAD/CAM etc field as usual.
 Total: 4/10

  .__________.                     [xx/xx/98]
   \_  ___   )  Da ToP oF Da LiNe!  .___.
 ===/   _/  /=======================/  /=====
 .:/  _____/__./(___.____/\.______./  /_____.
 :/  /__/  .  )  .  )____  )  _   )  /  __  )
 /__/  /  /  /  /  // __  /   /__/  /  /___/:
 .:/  /__/__/__/__/(______\____ /__/_____ /MO




 An alright week in releasing for PNC... they at least got a few
 titles out, although none of them are really notable. They got
 out a working version of Persuader, which something called Creative
 fucked up.
 Total: 5/10

 ─ ▄▄ ── ▄▄▄ ─────────░──────────── ─── ── ─
 ░▀ ▀█▄ ▀▀ ▀▌ ▀ ■ ▐▄ ■ ▄ ▀  ■ ▀  ▀  ▄▄▄   ▀
  █  ▐█▌█  ▀ █▄▀▄ █▀█▄▀██  █  █▄▀▄ ▀▀ ▄▌ █▄▀▄
 ▐█▌▄█▀▐█▌  ▐█▌▄ ▐█▌▐█▌▐█▌▐█▌▐█▌▄  █ ▐▀▀▐█▌▄
 ▀▓▓   ▀▓▓  ▀▓▓ ▄▀▓▓ ▀ ▓▀ ▀▓▄▀▓█ ▄▐▓▌   ▀▓▓ ▄
 ── ▀ ─── ▀ ─ ▀▀ ── ▀ ▀ ──── ▀ ▀▀ ▄▀▀ ─░─ ▀▀




 PRM did something. Not much else to say. It seems that
 if they don't already have a working serial for it in their
 portfolio, they aren't able to release it - not a good sign.
 Total: 2/10

  _______________ ____________ ____________
  \_    ___      \_  ___      \   ___      \_
 _/      l/       /  l/       /    l/       /
 \______ /       /   /       /____ /       /|
 d(*)d D r i n k   O r   D i e  1 9 9 8 d(*)d
 ===================== [ DOD * xx-xxx-98 ] ==




 Yet another really real final of pcANYWHERE 9, this one really is
 final, really. Honestly. Blah... Becre8tiv did a really excellent
 job of explaining all the different pcANYWHERE 9 releases over
 on BA's message board at TCA, so I suggest you check that out if
 you want to know whats up. As for this, assuming it IS the final
 (and this time it seems so), I'll carry over DOD's points from
 last week - meaning they don't gain any new points, since their
 last release was mislabeled - but they still deserve credit.
 Total: 2/10 + 2 (carried over from last week)

  \_ _  \_ ____/_ _  \_ ____/ |_\  ___/
  /    _/  ___)/    _/  ___)  | \___  \
 /   |  \_ |  \   |  \  |  \  :  \  :  \
 \___|   /___  \____  \___  \___  \___  \




 Busy, busy, busy... I haven't seen RBS this active in a LONG time,
 and while there's a real lack of mainstream apps from Rebels these days,
 titles from Arcplan never hurt, and getting out a good copy of OnTime Enterprise
 is an added bonus. We also see plenty of cracking skill from the RBS team...
 store side definately needs to beef up though.
 Total: 7/10

 █▄▓▄■▀░▄  Teknorage and Pirasoft Present: ▄░▀■▄░▄█
 █ ▐▄                                           ▌ █
 █▓▀cH/SAC            ▄▄▄▄      ▄▄█▄▄  [xx\xx]  ▀▓█
 ▀   ▄▄█▄▄▄▄ ▄   ▄██▌▐████▓ ▄▄█▓█████▓▀ ▄█▄▄████▄ ▀
 ▄▄████▓ ▄▄▄   ▀████▌█████▌▐████▐████▌▐████▐█████▌
 ▐██████▌▐█████▄ ▓███▀█████ ████ ▀████ ███▌▐██████
  ██████ ███████▌▐███ ▐████▌▐███▌▄████▌ ▀█▄ ▀▀▀▀▀
  ▐████▌▐███████ ████▄████▀ ▄████████▀ ▄▄ ▐█████▄
 ▄▓███▓▄▓██████▌▐████▌▀▓█▄  ▀███▓▀▀ ▄████▌▓██████▌
      ▀▀██████▀ ▀████▀   ▀▀▄  ▀█▀    ▀██▀▀██████▀
 █▄▄▄▓▄▄▄ ▀▀▀     ▀          ▀              ▀▀▀ ▄█
 ▀▀▀ ░▒▓█▄  xx/xx/98  ······  Ratzhole WHQ ▀ ▀▓▀▀▀

 Teknorage & Pirasoft:



 Well lets hope Surf Control works this time round... rest of this
 is minor, the JetUnACE/UnRAR for Delphi is prolly the best once
 you consider Surf Control is minor as well, with 2.51a coming 
 just the week before 2.51b...
 Total: 4/10

  _____ ____________ ____   __________
 /  __/_  ___/\_    \ ___\_/ __/\  ___\_
 \  \  /  _/    /_  /___  /  \   ___   /
  \___/\_____/___\   ____/______/_____/pn

 Releases: N/A
 Total: N/A

 ..._______________________.___  ____.____... 
 ::/   _______/    ____/   |   \/    |    \:: 
 _/\____    \/    /___/    |    \          \: 
 \      >    \         \         \/     \   \ 
 ::.. .:[ SCUM ]:. .:[SCUM]:. .:[SCUM]:. ..:: 



 One rel this week, the client for an app they released earlier.
 Total: 2/10

 Only one more byte to crack before...
 ____._____ ____ _____ _____ _ _____ __ ._____
 :::_|_   /  _  \/ _  \/ _  \__\_   \___|    /
 ::/   __/_  /  /  /  /  /  /  _    /  _    /:
 :/   /   / /  /  /  /  /  /   /   /   /   /::
 : \\\\\\\ \\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\



 Two beats, a minor, and a terminal emulator... sorry guys but all i can
 say is "blah" :P
 Total: 3/10

   _______________________       ____________
 __\    _______/   ______/______/__        /
 \       __/ /     /      \/      /       /
 /_______\  /______________\____ /________\
  (*) F a t i g u e - Couriers Network (*)




 Beyond Press 4.01 turned out to be identical to PWA's 4.0 release from a while
 back, either because PWA mislabled their release (this coming from a group 
 who usually has no qualms about releasing App v2., Extensis
 fucked up, or Delphic is a gimp. Since I know I'll be hearing about that
 last quip, I'll end off by saying on top of the Extensis mishap, FCN
 had a good week with some nice components, and a beta plugin for 3DSMAX.

 About the Ensemble Rose titles. A few sites nuked them, as minor builds.
 FCN wasn't too happy, and rightfully so - the program has never been released
 before, so it's not to be considered a minor update, since it's the first
 version users can get (well, unless they pay for it of course). Secondly,
 v3.2.990528 - 990528 is the date of the build, and not some really lame
 version number - it reads to 05/28/99 for any gimps who missed that.
 Same shit, different date for the other Rose titles.
 Total: 6/10

 |$$$  '$$$L
 |$$!   '9$$$i.
 |$$      `'$$$$>
 r  a  d  i  u  m



 Two apps from the Sonic Foundry line... pretty quiet from this camp
 of late.
 Total: 2/10

 |                                |  
 |   ▄█        [xx/xx]    ▄█      |  
 ` ▄███ --------------- ▄███ -----'  
  ▀██▓█    ▄ ▀▀██▀▀████▀████▀▀████▄  
   ██▓█    ███▄▄▄   █▓█ █▓██   ████  
   ██▓█   ▐████▀  ░ █▓█ █▓██ ░ ▀▀▀▀  
   ██▓█   ███▀ ▄█ ░ █▓█ █▓██ ░ ████  
 s ██▓█  ▐█▀ ▄███   █▓█ █▓██   ████  
 q ████▀▀▀   ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀███ ▀▀▀▀▀██████  
 z▄▄▄▄▄▄█▀▀▀ ████ ░ ███ ▀▀▀█▄▄▄▄▄▄▄  
             ████ ░ ███  
             ████   ███  




 Reel trouble from the VGC camp. With the split of DMS, and MrPumpkin
 taking part of that group to form Vice, it was a safe bet he was no longer
 welcome in VGC, and soon found himself booted from the group. With Evel
 also heading to the Vice faction, it seems that the well of titles
 originating from MFD members has dried up, and Evel and Baseclaw are
 both gone from VGC, as is leftist. All these moves help to explain
 the lack of activity from VGC this week... all this on top of TK4's
 earlier departure... could the group that looked like the dream team
 be in danger of blowing it all?
 Total: 2/10

 New this week: N/A

 Idle this week: RiSE, VRS.

 Quote(s) of the Week: "He's the Diet Coke of evil!"

 <ndetroit> wtf? FSecure.Antivirus?... man.. i can't believe someone beat DOD on an
            AV release... ;p

 "now chthonic life has set its sights on making me a slave to its ways"

 <Detoch--> xavier is made of iron
 <Ir0nY> no, but of latex

 TCA Forum:
 Topic: "Oh great now we have two lame groups"      -Grad 
 Topic: "Oh great we still have a lame utils group" -cablegod       

 <Johhny> anyone of you all know how to train games?
 <NytShadow> i just slap em around till they work right myself 
 Assuming Lester and NDTrout get off their respective asses (or out of each others),
 you may actually be reading this on time. I think we at least came close last week.

 Corp sort of won this week by default... I would have given Shock higher except
 for a missing RAR that had to be released seperately in Planix Landscape...
 LND put out a great title but that was it, kudos to Hirop/Denada for that however. 
 Rebels also had a decent week but lacked any major apps. PWA would have had a shot
 if not for loosing on pcANYWHERE.

 In the past week, we said goodbye to the group Demon. I thought I'd make note of
 their passing, as Demon was probably one of the most under-rated groups in the
 scene. In their two year history they put out some decent apps, existed pretty
 much without contreversy - quite a feat - and went out without a fuss. Check
 out http://www.dmn.org for a farewell note, and best of luck to these guys.

 That's all for now... see ya!

                                                                    - Bud

 Bud's Biased Utils Report #25

 ARGH! Just when I thougt I was out, they pull me back in!!! Well, so much
 for taking a week off like I had planned. Certain people had to go and make
 what started out to be a DULL week for utils one of the most interesting
 we've seen in months. I'll skip the rest of my planned intro banter and
 get to work.
 Disclaimer: It's BIASED moron. My opinion. So don't send me a bunch of mail
             & messages bitching about this or that. If you don't like
             it... SCREW YOU =]

 Rankings: Groups get a score out of 10. Points are given for amount of
           releases, but QUALITY titles will give a group a much higher score.
           Nukes for duping, broken releases and just plain CRAP will lower
           a groups score. However on the occasion that a title is nuked which
           I don't feel should have been, MY OWN JUDGEMENT TAKES PRECEDENCE.
           Cuz I'm writing this. Groups can also get points for any other
           reason I see fit.

 Week: Week is based from 06/15/99 to 06/21/99. I'm in the EST time zone so
       dates/times run according to it.

 Groups: (In no particular order)
 ▄ ▀▀██▄ ▄        ▄      ▄
  ▀█▄ ▀█▌▀█▄ ▐  ▄█▀  ▄▄██▌ A Group
   ▐█▌ ▐▌ ▐█ █▌▐█▌ ▄█▀  █ That Gives
  ▄██▌▄▀ ▄██▌▀██▌ ██    ▐▌ Slightly
 ▀███   ▀███  ▀█ ▐███▄▄  █ Less Than
  ▐█▌    ▐█▌   ▐▌ ▀██▀    ▀▄ A Fuck.
   ▀      ▀     ▀  ▀          -XeN




 Someone complained on the TCA forum this week about PWA's tendency
 to use 10MB and 15MB disks when releasing large rips. It was Cablegod
 I believe. Well of course he was cut to shreds with flames from PWA
 members and supporters, who point out that PWA is one of the greatest
 utils groups of all time. And you'll see no arguement from me about that.
 However, Cablegod did make a good point... packagers, don't be lazy,
 use standard disk sizes. Even 5MB isn't bad. But when you switch to 10
 or 15MB, you fuck over analog users, who make up a large portion of the
 end user population. Large disks make sense for the ISO scene, where most
 users are on cable or better connections. But in the rip scene, it's not
 needed... it's a pain to have to restart disks if your download gets
 killed, and an even bigger pain to discover restarting corrupted the disk.

 So that's my bitch for the week... well my first one anyways. PWA showed
 one of their best weeks of late, things continue to pick up for them.
 Excellent work on the tough crack for SPSS 9, as well as SPSS Data Entry.
 Some other decent releases here, good job all around.
 Total: 8/10

 ▄───── ▄▄▄ ────────── ▄▄█▓▄ ─── ▄ ─ ▄▓▄
 ░ ▀ ▄█████▓  ▄▄███▄ ▄▀▀████▌ ▄█████▄ ▀
    ▓███▀  ▀▄██████▄▀█▌ ▐████▐▓▀ ▀███▓
   ▓███▌   ▐▓█▀  ▀██▌▐▓ ▀ ▀▓▀▓▌   ▐███▌
  ▐█████▄▄▀ ▀█▄  ▄▓█▓ █▓▄    █▌▀▄▄████▓
   ▀██▓▀▀  ▀   ▀▀▀▀    ▀  ■▄ ▐▓  ▀▀▓█▀
 ■▄──────+ The Corporation +─ ▀▄ ─gas!─■




 So there was a bit of a MUTINY in the scene this week, in regards to
 two groups... Machv (SHK) and Twizted (CORP leader) leave their respective
 groups to form a new utils group, Mutiny. I'll get more into that later...
 for now, lets just say Twizted was a large part of Corp, and I'm sure he
 will be missed, but one man (errr sorry, person, must be politaclly correct)
 doesn't make a group.

 In the releases, we don't see much of note, an M$ title, which I could
 care less about (I shudder at the sight of MS these days), a so-so store
 title on Cosmi Print Perfect (ripped down from a rather large original
 package, haven't tried it however so I'm not sure what remains), and a
 handful of other titles. A slow week, and next week will be an important one,
 I'm sure Corp will want the scene to know they're still a strong group. 
 Total: 6/10

 .      )\_______)\__)\_______)\_______ .
 .   __/   __  _/  _/    ____/     ___/ .
 .   \__    / _\   \_____   \    ___/__ :
 .   :/         \   \   /    \   /     \|
 :   |\___/     /___/_____   /___      /|
 :   | \_/_____/\____ /_____/___/_____/ |




 Someone claimed Oracle Designer 2000 to be freeware.... no names, they know
 who they are... and well, someone's on crack. Perhaps I should give a lesson
 in the difference between programs the have trial versions available, and
 programs that are FREE (hence the term "Freeware"). Perhaps not... I don't
 wanna waste my time. Anyways, it's not free, it's a decent app, and RiSE
 isn't going down without a fight... lets hope they hang in there.
 Total: 4/10
    ▄██▀███▀▀  ▀             ▄█
 ┌- ▓██ ▀▀  ▀▀▀ ────-──-─-─ ▀▀▀ -──-──-──┐
 :   ▀▀▀██▄▀███▀▀▀▀▀██▄ ▄██▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀██▄ ░│
 ▀▀███▓ ███ ███ ▓██ ███ ███ ▓██ ▓██ ███ ░:
 :  ███ ███ ███ ███▀▀▀  ▓██ ███ ███▀▀▀   .
 │░ ███ ██▓ ██▓ ███ ██▓ ███ ███ ███ ▓███▀▀
 :  ▓██▄██▀▄███▄▀██▄███ ▀██▄███ ███ ███  :
 ▄ ▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄  roy███ ███ ███ ─┘
                       ▀▄   ███ ███ ██▓
                         ▀▄ ███  ▀▀▀▀▀▀



 The biggest news this week, without a doubt, came from Siege. As of June 
 19th, 1999, Siege has officially disbanded, retiring their name, and leaving
 the scene as the top utils group around. They also leave a gaping hole in
 the area of art/graphics design tools. I remember the early days of Siege,
 and I got to watch them go through the growing process, and develop into the
 dominate group they went out as, so I feel pretty lucky in that regard.
 Still, I can't really describe it... they were never my favorite group, nor
 do I regard them as the best ever... but they dominate the art scene,
 overcoming groups such as ClipForce... err XForce, LND, DOD, etc, as well
 as many smaller challengers. That's enough of me blabbing... here's the text
 from the Final SGE farewell release to the scene:

 This is indeed one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but it is in
 the best interests of many.  Our NFO Group News always read:

    "SiEGE is dedicated to bringing you the best in PC utilities and     
     applications, while building upon the foundations of comradery and  
     good sportsmanship that our predecessors have laid down."            
 This is something that we have been very proud of since 1995, when the group
 was founded by my mentor, the famous Hemp Hoodlum.  The time has come, where
 we feel we have reached our peak, and have provided you with a great service
 for quite some time now. It is time for us to call it a career, while still
 on top (in most peoples' minds and ours).  Rather than lingering around like
 so many other groups have in the past and continue to do, failing to produce
 much at all, we have decided to retire the Siege name.  It has indeed been a
 great run, and many many people have had a helping hand in this run.  It
 would not really be fair to mention only a few names here, so I would just
 like to thank each and every Siege member, past and present.  Without you,
 we would never have the recognition and status that we hold today.
 Thank you.

 Sincerely yours,

 David & Goliath
 (Honorary SiEGE BoSS!)"


 Kudos to all of Siege for making it a great run.

 My quick blurb on releases, well they finished up on releases, wonder
 who was responsible for those <g>.

 Total: 6/10 - for the week in releases
 Total: 9/10 - my overall for their career (hey - I never give 10/10 anyways <g>).

 They also go out with the best overall average on the report.

 ▄██ ▄▄▄ ░  ▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄  ▄▄▄▄   ▄▄▄▄
 █▓█ █▓█ ▒ ██▀ █▓█ █ █▓█ ██ █▓█ █ ███ ██ █▓
 █▒█ █▒█   █░█ ▀▀ ▄█ █▒█ ██ █▒█ █ ▄▄▄ ██▄▄
 ▄██▀██▄ ▀ █▒█▀▀▀ ██ █░█ ██   ▄▄█ █▓█ ██ ▄▄
 █▒█ █▓█ ▓ █▓█ ░ █▓█ █░█ ██ ░ █▓█ █▒█ ██ █▓
 ███ █▒█ ▒ ███  ▬▀█████▀▄██ ▒ ▀█████▀ ▀████
 ─── ██▀ ░ ──────────────── ▓ ───── sikos ─




 A group that probably should have retired a while back... but I still
 love 'em. Honestly, I do like XF as a group... they're just sometimes an
 easy target =)

 This week they do JBuilder 3 Enterprise from InPrise, just a few weeks after
 the Pro... InPrise has a habit of seperating the release dates for the
 different levels in a given product family, which is probably why you didn't see this
 earlier. Good work with that, as well as Real Time Studio Pro, some LightWave
 plugins mixed in, bake for 5 minutes, let cool and serve... oh wait that's
 my recipe for homemade apple pie.
 Total: 6/10

      /\______/|                   ___/\_
    _/ ______ :|; . __/\  ____/\ __|   //
 %%%\____  \   |__:_\__ \/  ~~ :\_ | __/%%%%
 iii_/ :|  \\_    \  ;|  \_ |____/    \iiiii
 :::\__   ; _/ |  \\_ :  // |  \\_ |  \\_:::




 The second group involved in the MUTINY this week... Machv
 leaves Shock to form Mutiny with Twizted. A fair blow to Shock
 as Machv was fairly active, but don't expect the store titles
 to dry up. As for the week, Shock had a well balanced diet, with
 some nice apps from Scansoft (Pagis Pro 3), and Ulead (Face Factory
 1), as well as the newest release of the Informed series from Shana
 and a few things from CrystalGraphics.
 Total: 7/10

 .  ▄▄▄       ▄▄▄      ▄▄▄
 .▀████▀▀▀██▄ ████▀▀██▌▐██▀▀▀▀ --- .------.
 : ████   ███ ▐███     ███                .
 | ████   ▐███ ███▀    ███                :
 | ████   ███ ▐███    ▄███   ███▄     .   :
 | ████▀▀▀▀▀  ██▓█     ▀███▄▄██▓▀         .
 .▄▓███▄      ▀███▌        ▀▀    PRESENTS :
 |                                        :
 :                                 [xx/xx].
 '---.-------PENTIUM FORCE TEAM-- ---- - -'




 PFT came back pretty strong this week after last week's absence,
 releasing some decent titles in the process. Highlights are WordFlow
 Pro 2, OMNIS Studio 2.1, and Ascent Storage 4.11 - look for PFT to
 do fairly well next week as well (clairvoyance... of sorts - one of
 the benefits of writing this late <g>).
 Total: 7/10
          ▄          ▄        ▄
     ▄ ▄▄▓▀▀  ▄ ▄▄█▀▀██▓▄ ▄▄▄█▀▀▓▄▄
      ▄▄▄▄▄    ▄▄▄▄▄ ▐██▓▌ ▄▄▄▄ ▐█▓█
      ▐▓██▌    ▐▓██▌  ███▓ ▓██▌  ███▓
       ▓██   ▓▄ ▓██▌  ███▓ ▓██▌  ▐██▓▌
      ▐██▓  ▐█▓▌▐██▓  ██▓▌▐███▓  ████▓
      ▀▀▀▀  ███▓ ██▓ ▐█▓█ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▄██▓▀  mg
     ▀ ▀▀▀▀████▓▌ ▀▀ ██▓▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀
 ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀   ▀▀▓▀ ▀ ▀▀   ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀
 :: <LEGENDS NEVER DiE> ::: <o4 * 2880> ::
 ▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄




 What would a week be without Grad inflating his ego (and
 attempting to bat people around with it...)? With the retirement
 of SGE, Grad pops up to claim he has succeeded in bringing
 the group down... but I doubt he's even fooling himself with
 that one. 
 Pathetic tabloid headline grabber or not, Grad and the LND crew
 had a good week, with Surfacer 9 leading the pack. Still no challenge
 to their niche market dominace in the CAD/CAM and related areas.
 Is their room for another group in the field? Will anyone try?
 Have I bored you yet?
 Total: 7/10

  .__________.                     [xx/xx/98]
   \_  ___   )  Da ToP oF Da LiNe!  .___.
 ===/   _/  /=======================/  /=====
 .:/  _____/__./(___.____/\.______./  /_____.
 :/  /__/  .  )  .  )____  )  _   )  /  __  )
 /__/  /  /  /  /  // __  /   /__/  /  /___/:
 .:/  /__/__/__/__/(______\____ /__/_____ /MO




 COAST Webmaster Pro is a decent tool... rest of this I'm not really
 into... a kind of ho-hum week, better than some, worse than others.
 Total: 5/10

 ─ ▄▄ ── ▄▄▄ ─────────░──────────── ─── ── ─
 ░▀ ▀█▄ ▀▀ ▀▌ ▀ ■ ▐▄ ■ ▄ ▀  ■ ▀  ▀  ▄▄▄   ▀
  █  ▐█▌█  ▀ █▄▀▄ █▀█▄▀██  █  █▄▀▄ ▀▀ ▄▌ █▄▀▄
 ▐█▌▄█▀▐█▌  ▐█▌▄ ▐█▌▐█▌▐█▌▐█▌▐█▌▄  █ ▐▀▀▐█▌▄
 ▀▓▓   ▀▓▓  ▀▓▓ ▄▀▓▓ ▀ ▓▀ ▀▓▄▀▓█ ▄▐▓▌   ▀▓▓ ▄
 ── ▀ ─── ▀ ─ ▀▀ ── ▀ ▀ ──── ▀ ▀▀ ▄▀▀ ─░─ ▀▀




 Wow... PRM is still alive. Kicking out a few web apps, PRM cheats
 death for another week... but things are certainly not well with the
 once mighty group. InstallAnywhere is the best tool here (at least
 for those requiring a setup/installation routine for your app),
 otherwise... ummm... the best would be... fuck you choose.
 Total: 5/10

  _______________ ____________ ____________
  \_    ___      \_  ___      \   ___      \_
 _/      l/       /  l/       /    l/       /
 \______ /       /   /       /____ /       /|
 d(*)d D r i n k   O r   D i e  1 9 9 8 d(*)d
 ===================== [ DOD * xx-xxx-98 ] ==




 Another Symantec final sticks out as the best of the week for DOD.
 If it weren't for their Symantec hookups they'd be in real hot water,
 if they aren't already. When you think of DOD you think of past
 glory - maybe they can build the dynasty again, but right now
 there's a long road to travel. Not much else coming from this
 Total: 5/10

  \_ _  \_ ____/_ _  \_ ____/ |_\  ___/
  /    _/  ___)/    _/  ___)  | \___  \
 /   |  \_ |  \   |  \  |  \  :  \  :  \
 \___|   /___  \____  \___  \___  \___  \




 Yeesh Pic-C's been around forever... I remember using that years ago...
 anyways releases from all ends of the spectrum as per usual for RBS, with
 some nice apps like Specctra, a service pack for Protel 99, and
 Telecom Switch... some lower end titles like Thumb Print Pro... good work
 Total: 7/10

 █▄▓▄■▀░▄  Teknorage and Pirasoft Present: ▄░▀■▄░▄█
 █ ▐▄                                           ▌ █
 █▓▀cH/SAC            ▄▄▄▄      ▄▄█▄▄  [xx\xx]  ▀▓█
 ▀   ▄▄█▄▄▄▄ ▄   ▄██▌▐████▓ ▄▄█▓█████▓▀ ▄█▄▄████▄ ▀
 ▄▄████▓ ▄▄▄   ▀████▌█████▌▐████▐████▌▐████▐█████▌
 ▐██████▌▐█████▄ ▓███▀█████ ████ ▀████ ███▌▐██████
  ██████ ███████▌▐███ ▐████▌▐███▌▄████▌ ▀█▄ ▀▀▀▀▀
  ▐████▌▐███████ ████▄████▀ ▄████████▀ ▄▄ ▐█████▄
 ▄▓███▓▄▓██████▌▐████▌▀▓█▄  ▀███▓▀▀ ▄████▌▓██████▌
      ▀▀██████▀ ▀████▀   ▀▀▄  ▀█▀    ▀██▀▀██████▀
 █▄▄▄▓▄▄▄ ▀▀▀     ▀          ▀              ▀▀▀ ▄█
 ▀▀▀ ░▒▓█▄  xx/xx/98  ······  Ratzhole WHQ ▀ ▀▓▀▀▀

 Teknorage & Pirasoft:



 A delphi tool... how'd FCN miss that one? :) They fix up DNG's
 Xara3D release... Mr. Photo... I've been over that one before
 in past issues, same shit, different version. Not a whole lot
 happening here. 
 Total: 5/10

  _____ ____________ ____   __________
 /  __/_  ___/\_    \ ___\_/ __/\  ___\_
 \  \  /  _/    /_  /___  /  \   ___   /
  \___/\_____/___\   ____/______/_____/pn



 Yay... VRS is back! They rip PeopleTools from the newly troubled
 Peoplesoft... the "warm, friendly" software developer is downsizing
 considerably... also Disk Clean Delxue... only three titles, but
 decent, and they're active again.
 Total: 5/10

 ..._______________________.___  ____.____... 
 ::/   _______/    ____/   |   \/    |    \:: 
 _/\____    \/    /___/    |    \          \: 
 \      >    \         \         \/     \   \ 
 ::.. .:[ SCUM ]:. .:[SCUM]:. .:[SCUM]:. ..:: 

 Releases: N/A
 Total: N/A

 Only one more byte to crack before...
 ____._____ ____ _____ _____ _ _____ __ ._____
 :::_|_   /  _  \/ _  \/ _  \__\_   \___|    /
 ::/   __/_  /  /  /  /  /  /  _    /  _    /:
 :/   /   / /  /  /  /  /  /   /   /   /   /::
 : \\\\\\\ \\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\



 A lot of betas, a lot of minor versions... nothing impressive, and
 was a Deluxe AND a Basic edition of a beta3 necessary??? I don't
 agree with nuking betas, but just the Deluxe would have been fine.
 Total: 5/10

   _______________________       ____________
 __\    _______/   ______/______/__        /
 \       __/ /     /      \/      /       /
 /_______\  /______________\____ /________\
  (*) F a t i g u e - Couriers Network (*)




 FCN went beyond their niche market this week, again showing
 they can release a wide variety of apps, but choose to do so
 only if the title is right. They put out Calgari's (SP?) TrueSpace
 4.2, working properly... I believe past editions were just 4.0
 with the upgrade patch, which is tiresome... so thanks to FCN
 for the rel. They also jumped on LeadTools Imaging Pro 11 moments 
 after it was announced... by the time I got my email from Leadtools
 regarding the new version, the FCN release was already cooling.
 Through in the popular Creature Creator plugin for a selection
 of ani/graphics tools and the usual host of Delphi components
 and you get a nice rounded week.
 Total: 7/10

 |$$$  '$$$L
 |$$!   '9$$$i.
 |$$      `'$$$$>
 r  a  d  i  u  m


 A slew of tools in just one day, including a bunch of plugins for SAW...
 they're promising a lot of MP3 tools in the coming while so keep an
 eye open.
 Total: 5/10

 |                                |  
 |   ▄█        [xx/xx]    ▄█      |  
 ` ▄███ --------------- ▄███ -----'  
  ▀██▓█    ▄ ▀▀██▀▀████▀████▀▀████▄  
   ██▓█    ███▄▄▄   █▓█ █▓██   ████  
   ██▓█   ▐████▀  ░ █▓█ █▓██ ░ ▀▀▀▀  
   ██▓█   ███▀ ▄█ ░ █▓█ █▓██ ░ ████  
 s ██▓█  ▐█▀ ▄███   █▓█ █▓██   ████  
 q ████▀▀▀   ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀███ ▀▀▀▀▀██████  
 z▄▄▄▄▄▄█▀▀▀ ████ ░ ███ ▀▀▀█▄▄▄▄▄▄▄  
             ████ ░ ███  
             ████   ███  




 Not much of a showing, still not showing many signs of life... groups
 is in need of some active crackers, or so I hear. Two for the title minus
 one for the fix.
 Total: 1/10

 │░  ░       ▀▄ ███████ ▄▀      ░  ░▒│
 │▒░           ▐█·███·█▌          ░▒▓│
 │░       M U T ██▌▌███ i N Y      ░▒│
 │▒░           ▄▐█████▌▄            ░│
 │█▓▒░ ░     ▄▀  █▄▄▄█  ▀▄      ░░▒▓█│




 And now we hit the newest group... Mutiny. Formed by Twizted and Machv
 (ex-Corp and Shock), it has some promise. Both played large roles in their
 former groups, and with their resources, plus that of PHXiSO, which they
 lead, they could become a real challenger. The Mutiny moniker has been
 done before however, in several incarnations. So aside from a ghetto .DIZ,
 where does that leave us?

 Already there are some signs of group trouble... Mutiny may not get the
 full support of PHXiSO behind it, and it seems several people have taken
 a dislike to the group... at press time #mutiny was taken over. It's
 releases so far have been of mixed quality, with the kiddie Tarzan Print
 Studio not recieved very well (Disney games are one thing, Disney apps...
 ummm, no). Paradox 9 was a dupe, included in another release of CD (by PWA
 if I remember). Which leaves three middle of the road apps. Not bad...
 if they can overcome some early problems they have some potential, but be
 vary of the quality control issue.
 Total: 5/10

 New this week: Mutiny

 Idle this week: Scum

 Quote(s) of the Week: <htw-> i'm a porn star just like elocin:)

 <bizzybone> Garoto will retire on NWR-80.TXT "Garoto has died... R.I.P.
             in the old folks home... according to police officials, the
             last thing they saw on his computer screen were the words
             'pftp suckas!!!!!!'"

 With SGE gone, there's a whole lot of free agents on the market. And given
 the rewards they recieved from Siege, expect a high asking price. Already,
 many core members have formed a new group, Paragon, be on the lookout for
 them. Expect to see them reviewed here next week given they begin releasing.

 In regards to this week, I gave it to PWA, more for SPSS 9 than anything
 else, they did a good job there... honerable mention to LND for its niche
 work as well as FCN for stepping out of its niche for a while.

 A few promises for next week:

 An interview - not sure with who yet ;)
 An in-depth review of some audio tools - simply because I all to often
 skim over Radium's apps, as I don't use many audio tools. This one
 will depend on what comes out in the coming seven days.

 Well that's it for a busy week... if they were all like this the scene
 would be a lot more interesting... or I'd go insane... or both!

                                                                    - Bud

=---------[ Lester's Movie Reviews ]----------=

   Sure he's a prominent scene member, leader of the #1 courier 
   group, and former "Miss Scene 1995".. But did you also know that 
   in real life, Lester's real name is "Roger", and he hosts a popular 
   syndicated television show, where he plays a big fatass who has 
   nothing better to do with his time than go to every single movie 
   ever released?  Well.. now you know.. 

Movie Reviews

Austin Powers 2 : The Spy Who Shagged Me
Starring: Michael Myers, Heather Graham
Rating: 4 Stars out of 4

The second most anticipated movie of this year, and much like that other film 
everyone wanted to see, it does not disappoint. Actually, this sequel almost 
surpasses the original in comedy, but not quite. There isn't much to say, if 
you didn't get to this movie by now then something is wrong with you. Michael 
Myers is the top comic in the business right now. And Heather Graham, my god 
is she ever hot. Mini-Me is also the shit, there's just nothing bad about this 
movie. I will take a moment to do the vcd review too. VCD-Europe released a TS 
of the movie 1 week after release, so mad props for that. BUT, though the picture 
quality is quite good, the sound is terrible, alot of hissing and pops and cracks. 
It's really bad at times. So I'd wait and beg for a better version


=---------[ VCD Group and Movie Reviews ]----------=

VCD Group and Movie Review

We would like to begin by explaining some of the common terms used in VCD 
releasing. These formats are:

CAM - A cam is usually a handheld camera snuck into a full theatre. The base 
is shaky, the audio is poor, you can hear people laughing and talking. A cam 
is distinguishable  by usually  having a combination of all three or more of 
these flaws. Most sites nuke cams for their general poor quality.

Workprint - An early release of a movie.  These are usually stolen  or leaked 
copies of movies that have made their way onto  VCD from VHS or a  variety of 
other sources. These will usually contain running time codes as well as other 
identifying  marks used in  movie production.  The quality on  these can vary 
from bad to very good depending on the quality of the source material used to 
encode the VCD.  Note: This category is  also used for very  bad screeners or 
copies of movies that just didn't fit into any of the other categories due to
defects or problems with the quality of the VCD's audio/video image.

Telesync - Basically a very good Cam. A steady base such as a  tripod is used, 
the  theatre is empty or  very close to empty, and the audio and video are up 
to par. Although, you can usually detect some  flaw with a TS.  You may see a 
random head pop up, the screen edges are noticable, or the audio isn't always 
crystal clear. While not perfect, the quality in general of a telesync ranges 
from good to  very good and is  usually the first  type of VCD  made of a new 

Screeners - These are the top quality VCDs. They can be in  either widescreen 
(letterbox) or in full-screen (pan and scan) with excellent audio  and video. 
These are made from video distributors demo tapes,  reviewers copies, insider 
copies of the film or from any number of sources. Most screeners will contain 
"1-800-NO-COPIES" or "Property of.." messages somewhere in the film, but it's 
not a  requirement  to fit  into the  screener  category.  These most closely 
resemble a VHS or LaserDisc copy of the movie. They're easily identifiable by 
their top quality.

Ryche's Really Biased VCD Group Report #17

<tommy_> will VCD's play in my car cd player?

Hi kids, do you like violence? Well I do and I wanna rip off nd's head and 
shit down his neck for making us wait for NWR. I trashed last weeks report 
and just did the past weeks releases because I was so mad (Ok, Im lying, 
I didnt write one last week). VCD scene has picked up a bit lately, and Im 
here to ring your bell with the skinny, the lowdown, the 411, the straight 
dope about who's hot, who's not, and who I like to make fun of. So, 
without further ado.. 

Releases for the week of June 15th, 1999 to June 21st, 1999

06161999 The Other Sister - Screener - VCD-Europe
06171999 Payback - Screener - VCD-Europe
06171999 Election - Telesync - EViLISO
06171999 Austin Powers 2 The Spy Who Shagged Me - Telesync - VCD-Europe
[NUKED] Analyze This - Screener - VCD-Europe
[NUKED] 8MM Pan and Scan - Screener - PMTVCD


Kinda quiet from the usually loud mouths over at PMTVCD. They did manage to 
release another screener of 8MM, this time in pan and scan instead of 
widescreen. Most sites nuked it for dupe. We dont need widescreen and 
fullscreen screener versions on sites, takes up too much space. Guess 
they forgot that.

Total - 0 Points


Kinda quiet from these guys over the summer too. Only release was an 
Election telesync, which at least is watchable which is more than I can say 
for the workprint I saw of it a few weeks back. 

Total - 2 Points

- VCD-Europe -

Did excellent this week, too bad they released a few fuckups along the way. 
Lets begin with an indepth analysis of Analyze This Screener, which I 
personally was looking forward to. Good picture, good sound, good chinese 
words across the bottom.. WTF?! Subtitles?! Umm no eurolamers, we dont 
accept those. No sites outside of China do. Stop. Cease and Desist.
The Other Sister is the retard chick falls in love story, is it just me 
or is the color washed out on this one? Another fuckup or just bad judgement? 
Austin Powers 2 was good, cept for the sound distorts, watchable though. 
Payback Screener has a timecode on it, kind of annoying but a killer movie.

Total - 3 Points

Ahh yes, another wonderful week of VCD's and screw ups to report on. Even 
though theyre our group of the week, VCD-Europe really helped us out. 
We wouldnt have anything to report on if they hadn't fucked up a few. 
Thanks guys.. Love ya..

                                                  Lambs To The Slaughter..
                                                        - Ryche -


----------------[Tdp Journal: Continuation]-------------------

Editors note: Here is the 2nd part of the famous tdp journal.. its been a long
time coming, so you may want to go back and read the previous installment!

Tdpriest's Journal Part 2

Well last night was quite interesting, I can see why Scan was so into that girl. Too bad he 
is home jerkin his gherkin to the thought of bangin her when I actually was. But hey that's 
his problem, the girl was also quite chatty about the Risc boys and where they usually hang 
out. Though she was a nice girl, I wasn't looking for a steady relationship out here in god 
damn Arizona, so I got my shit together and headed out early before she woke up.

When I got downstairs my new '99 Suburban was waiting for me. Inside was amazingly MORE weapons 
and a little note that said. "Things could be getting a little hotter for you than you might 
like." Now, I'm not a suspicious person, but there was definately a little something more than 
a photo shoot going on around here. I don't care how ugly the model is, I do not need the 
National Guard's weapon arsenal to handle it. But the car was pretty fucking cool so I jumped 
in and headed back out to good old Wickenburg. And since no trip to Wickenburg is complete 
without a Wickenburger, I pulled in to pick up some munchies for the trip. While sippin my 
soda and wondering how it was possible for one place to be so fucking hot, a group of thugs 
walked up behind me and tapped my shoulder.

"So we hear you been askin' questions about Risc. You ought not stick your nose where it 
don't belong boy."

Well clearly from the way they articulated, I knew it was a Risc crew sent to direct me back 
to good old Tucson. But what is the fun in that?

"Well who might you fine young folks be? I'm just out doing a nature shoot for my boss. You 
guys are interesting looking, lemme get my camera from the truck."

Figuring I should grab some weapons I headed to the truck to get my camera. I also picked up 
a glock and  a  9MM that I stuffed in my jacket. (Yes a jacket in this heat.)

"So, what are you guys names and are you all from Risc?" I asked while snapping a few pictures 
to keep up the charade.

The apparant leader of this little ragtag mob was called Coolio, and his 3 stooges went by 
the names of Brain, Bandido, and Dual. Coolio was a guy in his mid 20's, he did not seem to 
fit the role of thug leader, but the other 3 clearly weren't the type either. Looking at 
this crew of thugs, I am reminded of the horrors of inbreeding and drug abuse during pregnancy. 
Though I pretended they were great for the photos to keep their interest up and their fists 
away from my face. Coolio did the introductions and I could see the idea of being in some 
magazine was appealing and they actually believed they might meet Rebecca Romijn if they kept 
this up. Well of course these photos were either going into a medical journal or the trashcan, 
but I am a good actor and they didn't suspect shit. I kept prodding for information and got a 
little. Some pretty decent directions of where RM was and the general layout of the place. I 
had exhausted 3 rolls of film and these gimps though and felt it was time to pack up shop.
Now, I had assumed they would just be glad if I gave them my card and said we'd be in touch, 
but these boys weren't having it. Brain, the stumpy dwarf of the group with something of a 
third eye in his forehead, grabbed my jacket and spun me back and said "Hey boy, you aint 
goin nowhere, we want to be modelin some more damnit. How about some nude shots? Get us in 
that there Playgirl mag."

Now, as I said a while back, I'm not a violent person, and I didn't intend to do things 
the Lester way, but the mental picture of these four mutant freaks naked in seductive poses, 
was just not something I could handle. I wrenched my jacket loose of Brain's arm, reached 
into my jacked and drew the 9MM silencer. With a quick spin I shot Coolio and Dual through 
the eyes. Bandido screamed like a woman and was on his way into the desert, so I decided 
I could catch up with him later and needed to deal with the little dwarf boy who was 
chewing on my leg like a rabid dog. I grabbed him by the hair and lifted him up to eye 
level, putting the muzzle against his third eye and said, "Here, free plastic surgery 
bud, I'll get rid of that birth defect real quick", and with that I shot the back of 
his head off, which I must say was not the wisest thing considering i was holding him 
by the hair, which left me with the top and back portion of his head still in my hand 
while his body slumped to the ground. Now you talk about appetite killers, I had to 
throw away the rest of my WickenBurger, and if you have heard me talking, you know 
this was no easy task!

Deciding that the poor Wickenburg locals had experienced quite enough fun and excitement 
for one day, I decided I better track down old Bandido before it was too late and the 
alarm had been spread. I hopped into the Suburban and headed in the direction he had gone. 
Before long I came upon him sitting on the edge of the road crying and sweating like 
crazy. I pulled over and got out, taking the 9MM with me, but holding it down, since it 
appeared I might be able to get some use out of this one. When I came around the side of 
the car and got a better look at old Bandido, I realized why he had screamed like a woman, 
to all outside appearances, he was a woman, and yet with a clearly present adam's apple 
and a deep voice to rival James Earl Jones, he had to be a man baby! I looked at shim 
with pity and mild disgust, and yet one part of me was thinking, "If I had let them do 
their nude shoot, what exactly would I have seen down there?", quickly flushing this 
thought I shot shim through the head and got back into the car feeling a little dirty. 
I put the car in gear and turned down the access road that was supposed to take me to 
RiscMain. After about an hour of rough driving I came across a structure, much like a 
large aircraft hangar. It did not appear to be in use, and yet there were fresh tracks 
leading in and out of the place, suggesting that the run down exterior was just a 
security measure, and yet they think nothing of clearing away the dirt that exposes 
hundreds of tracks belying any amount of camoflouge they lay. Yes, this is an operation 
with a true genius behind it.

Heading back to the car I decided to bulk up on my weapons arsenal since I was no longer 
doubting the need for more firepower, popping the hatchback and opening the two suitcases 
I had a large amount of weaponry to choose from. I selected what would give me light 
weight and easy action. I put on a dual shoulder holster with two glocks, a belt of 
magazines for the glocks. Adding a 9mm with silencer attachment to an ankle holster. I 
picked up two semi-automatic uzis with extended carbines, these I clipped around the 
back of the jacket(think Matrix when Keanu Reeves pulls those uzi's out of his ass.)
I grabbed a dual action 12 guage pump shotgun for those hard to reach places, stocked up 
on extra shells and a gnarly ass hunting knife(Like Rambo only cooler). There were alot 
of other goodies and I snagged some grenades, a few of those tiny throwing knives and 
then of course my camera and some extra lenses.
Now that I had fully digressed into Lester, I wondered why the fuck he didn't just go on 
his own and ask to borrow my fucking camera? This is just not my style. Really fat and 
ugly chicks getting banged by large black studs, that I can handle. There has got to be a 
clause in my contract that forbids the use of deadly force to get a shot. But then again, 
these weapons are really fucking cool and I can go kill a bunch of people and not worry 
about repercussions. What would you do? You play all those video games, who wouldn't want 
to go kill everyone in some underground structure for the good of humanity? Hell it's my 
civic duty god damnit.

Well after another 15 minutes of convincing myself that I was the only man for the job 
and by god my country needed me to go down there and whoop some ass. I closed the truck 
up and headed for the warehouse.

Walking in, it looks like a normal abandoned warehouse, and yet behind some brush and 
trash piled up, is a shiny ass silver door that says No Admittance. Now again, I may 
not be an evil genius, but what the fuck? Let's go for a little secrecy here boys. Take 
over the world for beginners 101. Don't advertise the hideout! 

I walked up to the door and realized that no matter how stupid these people are, I clearly 
could not just walk in through the front door unnoticed right? I mean nobody would believe 
that. Well, I regret that I cannot give a more stirring story of how I broke into the super 
security of this place other than I pushed on the door and it opened into a corridor that 
was mildly lighted, with no security cameras or men guarding the door. Either this is one 
clever scheme and I am walking into a massive trap or by god these fuckers are stupid. 
Anyways, I headed down the corridor in search of some good stuff to shoot(I mean with the 
camera. Really I do) and then get the hell out.

.... ..... to be concluded!


-----------[The Scene News]-----------

All the news thats fit to print... 
and then some...

-News, news, news.... straight from the mouth of the horse..

-Siege is dead.. i know you have all heard it, and i wanna step up and acknowledge
 the fact that *i* personally don't give an ass-fuck what everyone else things of
 the politics behind the group, they put out some DAMN GOOD shit.. Now.. i don't
 know shit-all about high-end graphics, but fuck man... i am gonna miss that group.
 The rest of you that are gonna try and pick up the slack: you dumb shits better not
 fuck that shit up, or i'm gonna be pissed!   

-A lot of the old siegers went to PWA, including hemp hoodlum, and D&G (no... not the 
 italian designer.. die!) among others... Chinablu and SJ might be on the way, tho
 both have been heavily recruited (believe it.... ... or not!) by most of the major
 utils players in the scene... KFlex is now a senior there.. 

-*yawn*... big fucking pseudo-war over box's between amn and dev and vice and aod and
 whoever else... blah... whatever... Yeah.. cause dev has NEVER EVER stolen any boxes..
 heh.. of course, i'm sure some of the amn peeps have done their share too..
 And ViCE... well.. vice doesn't have any boxes anyway, so the only way for them to go
 is up, i guess... heh... *cough*
 Of course, between thedealer and x-frog, aod has a recruiting team the likes of which
 has not been seen since a young norseman recruited his first 2 dozen boxes......
 ahhh.... ..... those were the days.........

-kruzin has been picked up by yet ANOTHER group, going to RTS... blah.. 

-Some sites you can check out: 
 ppgr.webjump.com    : Prozac's page!!!! a lot of good gear... many of today's
                       popular reports, and an NWR archive that is practically
                       0 second.. ;)
 tca.phatchicks.com  : Thank god he finally updated his page, so i have some-
                       where to steal news from... ;p
 union.jaded.net     : unions's goddamn page.. used to be good.. now it sucks,
                       never fucking updated..
 www.defacto2.net    : fucking AMAZING archives maintained by the founders of
                       the old defacto mags.. an *almost* perfect archive..
                       almost, i said... you know what they're missing.. ;p
 www.socalsys.com    : need shells, bounces, vhosts, web space?... these dudes
                       are scene-friendly, and got some decent deals... only
                       reason why i mention is cause the dude was fat enough
                       to hook up nd up with some action... *cough*... HAHAHAH!
 www.isonews.com     : wtf do i know about ISO's?... this guy has a nice page
                       with a decent layout... check that shit out...
 www.xxxparadiso.com : uhh.... heh...heh... uhh... heh... free porn... mgd and
                       tc run the site.... heh... free porn... i like to look
                       at naked girls.. they have nice boobies.

-group moves: dthangel to dev, everyone leaves siege, kruzin to rts, aenima to amn,
 ndetroit to amn, psychic_a to amn, penstar to amn, aslan to amn, genesis^p to rzr, 
 sins + klu + aeiou (i'd like to buy a ... consonent?) all go to amn, kflex+hh+d&g
 all to pwa, mrskill retires from cls (!), zeus21 joins cls, 

-Well... i don't know who is correct, but according to my sources, aslan *IS* a member
 of amn, contrary to the reports on bacid's page stating otherwise.. some kind of mix
 up there. i guess someone is losing their memory... ;p

-ok... glen has... or has not... started a new group up called "RAGE"... who the fuck
 knows any more... betcha kruzin joins eventually tho... ;p\

-machv has mananaged to stab yet ANOTHER group in the back, when he quit corp, stole a 
 few releases, and then deleted their entire dump! heh... corp should have changed the
 dump pw when he quit, i guess.. ;/   very classy guy... very classy..

-man... rzr1911 has been kicking some ass... wtf is going on over there? they are my group
 of the month.. nice work to them..

-This week the French scene was busted by the "sefti", basically France's internet crime
 police.. Cocksucking frog police busted a shitload of guys, including zarkof, and a lot
 of the members of DS.. Check out bacid's web board for the full details.. 
 But perhaps the most interesting thing about the whole affair was the first text that floated
 around immediately after the busts.. it is translated on bacid's web board, and even with
 my weak french skillz, its still pretty fucking fishy to me..

 Something just doesn't jibe with it... check out the post "BUST" on tca.phatchicks.com...
 Now... if *you* were in the "sefti", and were about to bust a bunch of ppl, wouldn't this
 be the type of letter that you would write, to try and convince the ppl out there to spill
 the beans when you bust them? Its sure as hell what i would do...

 I would release that letter... wait a few hours.. let all the frenchies read it, get scared
 all to fuck, and THEN go bust them.. by the time i got there, they'd be BEGGING to tell 
 everything they know..

 Maybe thats just a conspiracy theory... who knows... fuck it... ... fight on, french
 brothers... viva la france!!

-ndetroit is going to disneyland... heh... about time.. ;p


 sooooo leet!!!

 					             -sky masterson

--------[Stories from the Watercooler]----------

Ahh yes, rumors. We all love them, even though we love to say how much we 
hate them when they are about us- and these are some of the better ones
circulating around this week. Email us or find us on irc if you have a 
good rumor you'd like entered, (your name will not be included), and we
do not add rumors like "Tdpriest is having anal sex with Fusion" because 
we know that Fusion is only having sex with Xtremist and therefore there 
is no hard evidence of that rumor. So, if you have real rumors, let us
know. Let's begin!

-Rumor has it that siege is dead, and class is soon to follow... where does
 this leave the mighty DEV/CLS/SiEGE triumvirate?

-Rumor has it that clubber has a team of half a dozen coders working a secret
 new daemon called "thread lightly"... No word on when his site is coming back
 yet, but beta versions of the daemon have already proved to be unlike anything
 ever seen......

-Rumor has it that ndetroit and lester are gonna have a little scene conn
 this week.. for the first time ever, nwr will be a real-life collaboration..
 heh... i'll bet its late again... <g>


Well friends.. Thats about it. If you've read this far, we sincerly thank you.
We like to know this thing gets read, so if you get the time, drop one of us
a quick msg, and tell us what you think, give us suggestions, tell us it sucks,
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NWR 6/26/99