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Panic by Future Crew (FC)

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Emulating PANIC.EXE in DOSee.

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DOSee pronounced dos/see, is our emulator used to run MS-DOS based software in your web browser.

MS-DOS (Microsoft DOS) was the primary operating system used by PCs during the 1980s to the early 1990s and is the precursor to Microsoft Windows.

DOSee is a slimmed down, modified port of The Emularity.

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DOSee, built on The Emularity, EM-DOSBox and DOSBox. Capture screenshot and save function built on canvas-toBlob.js.

[+] Configuration Copy text
≡P≡ ≡A≡ ≡N≡ ≡I≡ ≡C≡ ◄► I M P O R T A N T I N F O R M A T I O N ◄► Written by GORE 01........About this demo 03........The credits 04........Our future games Controls: 05........Our disk magazine 06........Our other products PageUp 08........Scream Tracker 3.0 09........The Party'92 report and 12........The greetings 14........Info on ASSEMBLY'93 PageDn 15........Creativity Demo Net 16........Our commercial demos 17........Looking for movies 18........Before you contact us 19........How to get demos 20........Our contact information 01 ABOUT THIS DEMO This demo requires a fast 386/486 computer, about 600 kb of conventional memory and a fast VGA adapter. Sound Blaster or Sound Blaster Pro and 1 MB of EMS is needed to hear the music. With a 16-25 MHz 386SX/DX, choose 8 KHz for the mixing rate. With a 33-40 MHz 386, choose 12-16 KHz and 20 KHz with a 486. This demo might not work properly under LAN network. This demo was originally meant to be released at THE PARTY 1992 in Danmark, but since the demo still contained some major bugs, (like hanging completely on slower machines than 33 MHz 486) it had to be debugged until it would work on most fast 386 and 486 computers. I truly hope we have acheived that goal now. But in case this demo still does not work properly on your computer, you should try the following: - Choose a lower mixing rate or NO SOUND (none) - If the demo still doesn't work as it should, go to a friend who has a faster computer 02 ... ABOUT THIS DEMO This demonstration is not a demonstration of some other program we might have in development. This is simply a demo of itself. This demonstration is freeware. It means that you can spread and copy this as much as you want. In fact, we would like it very much if you did spread this, but only in its complete original condition. Here is the list of all the files which came with this demo: PANIC.EXE 1693874 The demo itself GENERAL.CDN 5028 The info on CDN VOTING.FRM 3158 The voting form FILE_ID.DIZ 495 File description PANIC.NFO 21248 This textfile You are not allowed to change the contents of this demonstration nor to use the material contained in this demonstration in your own programs (demos, games or other type of software). -- 03 THE CREDITS This demo was mainly coded by our newest member, Wildfire. The music player and the fractal routines were coded by PSI. The greetings scroller was coded by Trug. The 16 channel techno song was composed by Purple Motion. All logos and other bitmap graphics were drawn by Pixel. 3D object design by Abyss. The members of the Future Crew are: 1 GORE Samuli Syvahuoko Organizing/PR 2 Psi Sami Tammilehto Coding/music system 3 Trug Mika Tuomi Coding 4 Wildfire Arto Vuori Coding 5 Purple Motion Jonne Valtonen Music 6 Pixel Mikko Iho Graphics 7 Skaven Peter Hajba Music/graphics 8 Abyss Jussi Laakkonen BBS/object design -- 04 OUR FUTURE GAMES Just like all the other famous demo groups, we are also going to make a few games in the future. Currently we have three games in development which will all include the type of things you have become familiar with when experiencing our demos. These things include, for example: - Full 256 color VGA graphics - 4-16 channel SB, SB Pro and GUS music - Use of up to 4 megabytes of extra memory - Fast 3D graphics routines, etc. If you want to know more about our forthcoming games and/or want to get into the mailing list, send a postcard with your name, address and telephone number to: Epic MegaGames 10406 Holbrook Drive Potomac, MD 20854 USA -- 05 OUR DISK MAGAZINE We are thinking of starting to release a disk magazine on the PC demo scene in the near future. We would like to include a hall of fame section in the mag and therefore we would like you to FILL OUT THE VOTING FORM and send it to us ASAP. We also need articles to fill the mag with. If you think you have a good and interesting subject that has something to do with the demo scene, send it to us and we will decide if the article is suitable for publishing. Other demo groups can also send BBS advertisements in LBM (320x200x256) format to be published. I would also like to say that we are open for all kinds of suggestions concerning our disk magazine. And just to remind you; if we do not get enough votes and articles, we will NOT release one single issue of our disk magazine. So, this time it is completely up to YOU! -- 06 OUR OTHER PRODUCTS Most of the people who write to us, want to know more about our other products, so, here is the complete list of all our demos and intros we have released and also a list of the things we might do in the future if we have enough time. Name: Size: Year: Description: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Yo! 0,06 Mb '89 A VGA / PC speaker intro GR8 0,06 Mb '89 A EGA / No Sound sinusscroller Slideshow I 0,39 Mb '90 A VGA / SB picture slideshow Mental Surgery 0,34 Mb '91 A VGA / SB one part demo Fishtro 0,53 Mb '92 A VGA / SB two part intro Unreal 2,30 Mb '92 A VGA / SB megademo The Party'92 intro 0,25 Mb '92 A VGA / SB one part intro Panic 1,70 Mb '93 A VGA / SB trackdemo You can download these products from our BBS or from another well equipped BBS for free. They are all freeware. 07 OUR OTHER PRODUCTS We also have a number of other projects in mind currently. For example, we are thinking of releasing a so called "music disk", which is much like a simple demo, but with lots of music made by our two musicians - Purple Motion and Skaven. This music disk would also contain a few demo effects and naturally some beautiful graphics. We have no idea when this thing could be in releasing condition. Our other big project is our Assembly'93 party demo. The name of the demo might be UNREAL 2, for it might include lots of vector based graphics. We do not want to reveal anything else about this project at this time. If you want to be one of the first ones to see it, be sure to attend Assembly'93, which you will be able to read more about when we release our Assembly'93 invitation intro. -- 08 SCREAM TRACKER 3.0 Since the shareware release of Scream Tracker 2.3, people have been asking when the version 3.0 will be available. Due to other programming projects, ST 3.0 is still in the middle of development, but it is looking fairly good now, although we can not say when and how it will be available. For those people who do not know what Scream Tracker is, here is some information in a nutshell: Scream Tracker is a multi channel Sound Blaster music editor made by Sami Tammilehto, who is our main coder and also the founder of the Future Crew. The version 2.3 supports only 4 channels while the version 3.0 can handle up to 16 digital sample channels and all the 9 AdLib channels. ST 3.0 will also support EMS, Sound Blaster Pro, Gravis Ultrasound, other music file formats and much more. -- 09 THE PARTY 1992 REPORT THE PARTY 1992, which was held on 27.-29. of December 1992 in Aars in Danmark, was undoubtly the biggest and the best demoparty ever held anywhere in the world. Almost all the major groups attended this party. There were about 2300 people at this party of which 250 were PC demo freaks. For comparing purposes, at Assembly'92 there were about 150 PC attenders. The PC demo competition was organized by us and a danish group called the Danish Elite. 15 groups attended the competition. The complete list of the groups and demos is on page 10 (in random order). You can download these demos, for example, from our BBS. Although the party was great, there was one negative thing I would like people to know about, namely the mixup in the voting system. Let me keep this short; there was no voting at all. 10 ... THE PARTY 1992 REPORT On the last day of the party, when all the votes were being counted, the PC votesystem failed (for reasons unknown). We and the Danish Elite had already left the party when this thing came up. "Luckily" one member of the Danish Elite was still at the partyplace and the Amiga organizers asked him his opinion of the TOP 3 demos. He said: 1 Witan with Facts of Life 2 Future Crew with Panic 3 Sonic PC with Delusion After he had said this, the Amiga organizers said to him that this was going to be the final result of the PC demo compo! After I had got home and heard about this big mixup, I called the Danish Elite member who had given the final result and I asked him if he thinks the result is still the same and it was not. I will not tell what he said but I will let YOU decide. Fill out the VOTING FORM and send it to us for our DISK MAG. 11 ... THE PARTY 1992 REPORT Name of the group: Released: Name of the demo: 1 Future Crew yes Panic 2 Witan yes Facts of Life 3 Sonic PC yes Delusion 4 The Hygge Gruppe no Hygge forever 5 Silents no Chain 4 6 Razor 1911 yes X-Mas'92 7 Surprise! Productions yes Copper 8 TTD no X-Mas'92 9 Fraggelberry yes X-Mas'92 Joke 10 The Phoney Coders yes X-Mas'92 11 Warlock yes X-Mas'92 12 Irresistible Works yes Introduces itself 13 Public NMI yes Jump 14 Flash Productions yes Monstra 15 Access Denied yes Starbase intro -- 12 THE GREETINGS PAGE 1 The Future Crew would like to greet the following groups: Triton, Sonic PC, Cascada, DCE, SKULL, Silents, Renaissance, Surprise! Productions, Dance Nation & Frantic, Rebels, Witan, Epical, Stone, The Code Blasters, The Space Pigs, Hysteria, The Phoney Coders, The Twilight Zone, Imphobia Diskmag Crew, Access Denied, Ultraforce, Paranoids, Electromotive Force, Corp, Triad PC, The Raiders Brothers, Legend Design, The Loom Syndicate, Flash Productions, Irresistible Works, Public NMI, Warlock, The Toxic Dream, The Hygge Gruppe and Razor 1911. We would also like to greet the following companies: Screen Artists Limited and Skyvision. 13 ... THE GREETINGS PAGE 2 GORE sends personal greetings to: Phil Shatz, Erik Stridell, Jake, Jani Suominen, Arjan Brussee, Ulrik Henriksen, Jeff Glaze, Mark Rein, MeeGosh, Lord Cyrix / Access Denied, Felix Nielsen, Mikael Balle, Dave Cooper, Janne Pellinen, Wiperson / Corp and last but not least, Sami Sjoberg. Pixel greets: Riku Rokkanen, Toffe Laustiola, Janne Pellinen and Teppo Oranne for his hardware support. Abyss greets: FTJ / Sonic PC, Eija, Embo, Jussi Johansson, Michael Hoess, Arjan Pool, Captain, Arssi, Sparr / Corp, McGarrett and Max / Chronicle. Purple Motion greets: Mosaic & CC Catch / Renaissance, Ville Leino, Mikko Kodisoja, Druid / EMF, Max / Chronicle and everyone I met at THE PARTY'92. -- 14 INFO ON ASSEMBLY'93 Since Assembly'92 was so popular last year, there is going to be Assembly'93 too. At least, this is what I have heard so far. As soon as the partyplace and the time are settled, we will release the INVITATION INTRO through which all the information will be available for everybody. We truly wish for more people to come there than last year. There is no doubt that this party will be the biggest summerparty ever held, just like The Party'92 was the biggest X-Mas party. The party is being organized by the legendary Amiga group ACCESSION. At this time there is no info on other groups who might be organizing this party too, except that we will naturally organize the PC side of this party. And just like last year, there will be competitions for the C-64, Amiga and PC. The rumour has it that this year there might also be a few competitions for the Atari ST. -- 15 CREATIVITY DEMO NET If you are the sysop of a demo group's BBS and if you are interested in becoming part of the Creativity Demo Network (CDN), read the GENERAL.CDN textfile which came with this demo. Just for curiositys sake, there are about 40 BBS's from 9 different countries in the CDN currently and the number is growing all the time. There are CDN boards even in the USA. The CDN is the best information forum of the whole PC demo scene. It also has public areas for other than members of demo groups to use and to obtain the latest info from. So, if your group's BBS still is not a member of CDN, join now! -- 16 OUR COMMERCIAL DEMOS Like many other demo groups, we are also willing to make demos for commercial purposes. If you or your company are interested in an audiovisual demonstration highlighting different aspects about your company, your products or anything else you desire, just contact us and explain the size of your need after which we will be able to measure the amount of work required and to make you a fair offer. The best way for companies to contact us is by sending a fax. It is the fastest and clearest way to handle things like this. Our fax number: +358-(9)0-420 8620 (To:Future Crew Productions) Please allow 2 days for an answer. -- 17 LOOKING FOR MOVIES We are looking for people all over the globe who would like to help us in acquiring original VHS movies on video cassette or laserdisc. All video systems are accepted (NTSC/PAL/SECAM/etc). So, if you live in a place where all the good movies are being sold in the stores for cheap prices (?) and would like to help us, send us your list of the original movies you would be able to get and we will come back to you as soon as we can. There is at least three reasons why we are doing this. - We get movies about six months later than the people in America (mainly the USA) - Some of the very best movies never get pass the movie censoring (horror/splatter/violent movies) - The ones who pass have been cut to pieces -- 18 BEFORE YOU CONTACT US As you might realize, we are getting huge amounts of mail, and since I (GORE) am busy with many other things too, there just is not a possibility for me to answer EVERY letter we receive. Therefore, if you want me to answer back, include an unused enve- lope with your address on it with your letter. And if you are contacting us via fax and wish us to answer back, do not forget to mention your own fax number clearly enough. I have had many kinds of interesting experiences with things like these after we released Unreal, so, I know what I am talking about. I would also like to say I am very sorry to those people who have not received an answer from us yet. Anyhow, we love getting mail and if you have something interesting to tell us, do not hesitate to contact us. -- 19 HOW TO GET DEMOS Since this demo is going to be spread wider than any other demo we (or any other demo group) have ever made and therefore it is going to enter areas where this type of demos have never been seen before, it would be a wise idea to include a few tips how to get the other demos that have been made by us and the many other demo groups all around the globe. There are at least three ways to get the demos. 1) Call our BBS and download them from our vast collection. 2) Call another well-equipped BBS and download them from there. 3) Get them via Internet from anonymous ftp sites. For example, a good demo site is: ftp.uwp.edu And the directory there: /pub/msdos/demos -- 20 CONTACT INFORMATION There are three ways to contact us. The list goes as follows: Mailing address: GORE / Future Crew Hiiralantie 27 A 02160 ESPOO FINLAND Fax: GORE / Future Crew +358-(9)0-420 8620 BBS: Starport - FC WHQ +358-(9)0-804 4626 (1200-14400 bps) Sysop: Abyss / FC And if you want to get the latest FC news via Internet, finger [email protected] - END - á á á →►88>◘‼☻[email protected]♠‚
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