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An interview with Hardcore done sometime after 1993 by The Dream Team (TDT)

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 Interview with HARD CORE/TDT

N: When did u start on the scene and where are u from? 

H: I started in 1988/1989 don't remember, im from sweden

N: oki.. can u tell us about how the scene was when u started..

H: when i started there was thg and inc raging at each other,
H: good old days with line-noise, cool hand, candyman, pieman and slave lord

N: where u on amiga when u started on the scene?..
N: or was it PC at the first moment?..

H: thg had the best suppliers and the largest releases, when i started,
   i decided that TDT one day would become where THG was when i started
H: i played games on the VIC 20, and C64, i knew people from DEFJAM
   C64/AMIGA (locals where i lived) but i never released or coded anything on
   the amiga

N: oki.. what kind of PC did u got? :)

H: my first pc was a 286 12mhz, with ega graphics, 20mb hd and 360 floppy,
   imported from taiwan ;)
H: got it from my dad when i was 15 (its 10 years from now....)
H: i started out making demos on 360 floppies and mail swapping
   them with people, that was before my first modem

N: oki.. when did u get ur first modem?

H: i brought my first us robotics 14.4 from a defjam amiga member in
   gothenbourgh which also introduced me to cc's, that was like 89/90 i think

N: oki.. 14.4 in 89/90. oh shit.. 14.4 costed alot at that time!..

H: jup, it was like 800$ i think
H: no lamers

N: can u tell us about the first years on the scene.. what happends..

H: people with 14.4's and cc's where the only elite calling from europe to
   the states
H: there was big games from sierra and origin coming out in the states, and
   small nice action games from europe from companies like ubi soft, titus, us
   gold, team 17 etc...
H: thg was ruling and running it all professionally, i met IRATA/TRSI on a THG
   bbs in the states
H: he was offered a position in THG and i was offered a position in INC, but
   we both felt there was a need for a european force
H: we contacted TOUCH TONE who was running one of the largest bbs's
   (10-12nodes) in NY and he became the TDT/TRSI (COOP) WHQ, motherboard ONE...

N: Where was IRATA from?

H: IRATA was from southern germany, a guy who liked beer...

N: in what year was this happening

H: late 89, beginning of 90

N: oki.. then u started TDT/TRSI can u tell us something about the start..

H: there were also no intros in the releases from us groups, thg introduced
   nfo's, but we were the first with intros
H: it was me and irata who were running the group, we got some fine suppliers
   from france and uk (main supplying countries) and we decided on naming all
   games with coopXXXX.zip
H: it was also built on a lot of friendship, everyone in the group were VERY
   good friends
H: we also got AKIRA (DEVIOUSE DOOZE) from canada, was the best bbs in nothern
   america, but it was so long time ago that i dont remember everything, i do
   remeber i had a lot of fun with VENOM/TURKIE and CON ARTIST/WASHINGTON DC
   doing social engineering in 301 area code ;)))
H: It was also a time where we had AT&T conferences that could last for like 3
   days, people were taking over the operator role as other went to sleep, but
   it got my both phone numbers black listed by at&t hehe

N: What was the first game TDT released?

H: the first tdt release was a shitty game supplied byt TDB a guy from Holland

N: ok. what boards did u got at that time.. 

H: HARD CORE CITY, MOTHERBOARD ONE, i don't remember them, but it was like
   5 - 10 boards, one rule we had in TDT/TRSI was to keep the member number
   down so that we were few, but effective, true ELITE...
H: oh i remember we also had a BBS in kuwait called FREE KUWAIT
H: went down when saddam was raging down there...hehe, it never went up again,
   saddam's soliders stole his computer

N: hhe.. can u tell us about ur bbs HARD CITY.. did u get any big suport?

H: we hated the way inc became 40 bbs's and member count close to 50, i
   know at the end they didnt knew who brought in who in the group
H: hard city was the fastest bbs in europe for a while, it had like 200+ calls
   a day on 1 single node, i think it was like 99% busy....so it was well
   supported , but opping didnt intrest me, i prefered others running boards
   for the group, thats why we brought in DIRTY BUSH in sthlm to run the board
   for us in sweden

N: oki.. didnt Opus and B.B king ran boards for TDT/TRSI in sweden. and
   Les Manley - Mr Thompson

H: well, opus was in TDT before hard city, and before tdt really became top #1,
   it was like a starting point, les manley were in the group when dirty bush
   got busted for selling tons of stoled hardware, i remember he one once when
   the cops came to his flat he had 2gb disk from floor to roof filled in his
   kitchen, and 30.000$ cash, it was crazy, i remember mr. thmopson, but he was
   mainly spreader for the group, les manley joined very late, and was a soc
H: i never liked les manley, he was really a fart, and pissed off a lot people
H: the true elite guys in the group were action man in uk, our best supplier
   in the early days
H: he supplied most of the memorable games, also angel face from paris, who we
   stole from thg was very good
H: in the states we had fallen angel in toronto canada, he pulled some really
   kick ass games
H: and ofcourse drunken rom, irata's buddies in german had some nice titles
   from interplay
H: one old and early member of tdt was yip yip in australia, the guy was always
   on drugs but very funny to have in the group
N: Heard some rumours about u selling tons of CC's on Unlawful Entry..
H: Never sold any CC's
H: the guy selling cards when unlawul entry joined were the notso humble babe
   and phonestud

N: oki false rumours.. 

H: phonestud had a guy working at at&t and bringing lists of like 2000-5000
   cards, they were even selling to the mafia
H: another cool guy in the group were maximilien (paradox on the amiga)
   from paris, he was doing a lot for TDT, but at the end he was selling
   consoles and at&t's and once he went to the states, FBI took him, he even
   were on first page in new york times, called me from jail once ;)
H: we shouldn't also forget the renegade chemist, he was busted big time for
   carding by FBI, when he got out, he joined TDT and brought the group to #1
H: but there were alot of struggle as he tried to take over the group, and
   even kicked major theft/unlawful out, so i had to get rid of him too
H: TRG was a weird fuck, he always stayed home himself and drunk with himself,
   called me many times drunk

N: kinda alcoholic? :)

H: well, there was a lot of strange people around at the time

N: hmm.. what was the best board in the TDT history..

H: one reason why THG went down was CANDYMAN got busted in a car with PIEMAN
   for cocaine obsession, he left US to MEXICO , and there the best THG
   supplier went away
H: the best TDT board's in history were: MOTHER BOARD ONE - UNLAWFUL ENTRY -

N: was there any big group fights between TDT and any other group?..

H: oh yeah. there were always group fights. and there was a time when TDT was
   on top, that everyone HATED us
H: but it really started after the coop with trsi broke up
H: everyone greeted everyone exept TDT, hehe, but we didn't care,

N: did u get any competition from Pentagram/Razor1911/FLT/Nexus?..

H: the biggest competition was first by inc & thg, then by USA/FLT , and at the
   end by razor and nexus

N: oki.. did u have an eficient courier team in TDT?

H: nope, we never liked the courier idea, we did spreading ourselves

N: oki.

N: who was the best spreader in TDT..

H: firehead i think from luxembourgh

N: how many releases did u upped to the boards..

H: 200 i think

N: was there any board that u liked very much :)..

H: i loved motherboard one and unlawful entry, also iwas VERY good friend with
   PIEMAN and was calling  his board PIE IN THE SKY. (P.I.T.S)
H: he wanted me to join THG many times

N: why did TDT died?

H: becoz i decided one day: 1) i want to start to have a life, get a good job,
   make something in real life, i was famous, but when i walked on the street
   no one knew me, also TDT had been #1 , so there was no further things to

N: did u met all the TDT guys?..

H: no but i met: The Ghost Wind, Touch Tone, Devious Dooze, a guy in
   sacramento, i even met RADAR, the '"k„nd' disqusting guy in LA, he was
   SOOO FAT and ugly, 

N: was there any persons who helped u back in the old days. and any persons who
   fucked with u?

H: well, hoson and patrick a guy from lux helped me alot, there was also irata
   in the coop that helped, oh shouldnt forget deviuouse dooze (met him once
   in toronto, we got drunk and he was smoking pot)
H: well, the guy that got most on my nerves was the renegede chemist from razor
H: he was a real fuck up

N: oki.. before we quit this interivew.. is there anything u want to tell the

H: it was better back then, if u were not around, u really missed something.
   If i missed someone, sorry...

N: Then we thnx HARD CORE/TDT for this interview.. .
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