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Quality Control Reviews, Super Dune 2: The Destructions. by Quality Control Reviews


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                        Quality Control Reviews


                     Super Dune 2: The Destructions
                              Info Pack

                      typed by: Court Jester [QC]

────════· Introductory Notes ·═════────────────────────────────────────────────

I don't suppose you see my name popping up in too many Quality Control reviews
because I'm  mainly responsible for putting out PCBoard BBS add-ons.  However, 
I felt compelled to publish a comprehensive information package on the latest
chapter of the Dune saga:  Super Dune 2: The Destructions.  Being a huge fan
of the original Dune 2, I found it irresistible to check out this latest

I wish to stress here a few points before we begin.  Super Dune 2 is by no
means an "official" release.  It is, however, a patch on the old version that
enables a host of new features, which will be described below.  I will include
the authors readme file in this pack so that you can get the full picture.  I
will also include some personal tips on installation, execution and game play.

Also included in this pack is a short review of the game by yours truly.  Along
with what you've come to expect from a Quality Control review, I have also
included a few screen shots of the game.  On top of all that, I wish to
re-distribute in this pack what I believe has been the best Dune 2 trainer.
It was coded by one of the premier trainers of the scene, Network.  I hope he
consents to my including his excellent trainer in this package.  Please see
TRDUNE2.NFO for more details on installing the trainer.

I will begin here with the author's manifest.  It contains all of the
information on Super Dune 2 and it's enhacements from the original piece.


────════· Author's NFO ·═════──────────────────────────────────────────────────

                       SUPER DUNE 2: The Destruction

  Release Date: June 1994

  Brought To You By: Power C and Shadow Knight

  * Warning: SUPER DUNE 2 Is NOT Recommended For Beginners. If You Never
             Played Dune 2, Play The Orginal One First. SUPER DUNE 2 Is For
             Experience Players Who Want The Full Effect OF DUNE 2.

  Now You can use the Sardaukar, Fremen, and the undiscovered Mercenary
  to battle on Dune!!!!!!

  Original      Changed to         Specialty                    Color
  ---------     ----------         ---------                    -----
  Atreides      Mercenary   -----  Invisible to Radar           Yellow
  Harkonnen     Sardaukar   -----  Elite forces of the Emperor  Purple
  Ordos         Fremen      -----  Natives of Arrakis           Orange

  Mercenary: Savage hunters of Arrakis

  Good- The evil Mercenary have the ability to blend in with the sand and
        become practically invisible to radar. Able to ambush enemies with
        ease. Weren't in the original version because undetectable.
  Bad - Tends to lose track of where all the soldiers and vehicles are.
        Must build buildings, concrete blocks, and concrete walls next to
        a building. Therefore the 4 block concrete is practically useless
        and everything cost more since you have to repair.

  Sardaukar: Elite forces of the Emperor. Plans to take control over
             all the Houses.

  Good- Sardaukar uses the best scientists of the galaxy to increase their
        offensive capabilities as well as defenses. They are better armored
        and carry firepowers beyond other houses. Sardaukar Troopers has
        the firepower of that of a tank. Practically unstoppable.
  Bad - Although they can build practically any vehicle, they can't construct
        Ordos' deviator nor raider trike. They can only build concrete blocks
        around they buildings like the Mercenary.

  Fremen: Keeps peace and harmony with House Atreides. Learned to adapt
          and live in the deep Seitches of DUNE. Knows where to find the
          best Spice Melange.

  Good- Having lived on DUNE for many years, they made friends with the most
        powerful and fearful species on DUNE, THE SAND WORMS. Able to use
        the Sand Worm to their desire, Fremen can easily destroy their
        enemies with ease.
  Bad - When on guard, Sand Worm will eat any moving object, even Fremens.
        Sand Worms can not be constructed so they are the most prized weapon.
        Not ALL of the Sand Worms can be controlled.

  The old Houses were not erased. They will continue to show up to fight
  you with their new counterparts. Also, the STARPORT does not operate with
  SUPER DUNE 2, but one is needed in order to build a House Of IX.

  The LAST battle of each houses will be a gigantic ALL-OUT WAR. YOU against
  FIVE other houses. Unless you're the Fremen, it will be against 4 since
  the Atreides and Fremen are Allies and will refuse to fight each other.

  I have added BAT files for  you to run so you are able to choose between
  playing DUNE 2 or SUPER DUNE 2. It's like having two different games in one.
  The commands are "D2" and "SD2".


────════· Installation Notes ·═════────────────────────────────────────────────

The files you should be looking for in order to obtain this release are:
SUPDN2-*.ZIP.  Unfortunately, the release is not complete in the fact that
it lacks proper information for installation.  I'll bring you step by step
through the whole process.

First of all, you should go and obtain the files noted above.  They should be
adequatley spread by now.  Second of all, line up four disks (preferably
1.44Ms) and erase their contents.  Also, your going to have to clear around
nine and a half megs of space on your HD for the game itself.

Here we go.  Unzip each of the four files to a blank diskette.  You should 
have no problem fitting them on to 1.44M disks.  Properly mark your disks
so you know which is which.  After having completed this, your going to have
to label the disks using DOS's LABEL command.  Here is what your going to 
have to type (for each disk):

LABEL D: PKBACK# 00? (carriage return)

where D: is the floppy drive in which the disk is in and ? is the number of
the disk (1 through 4).  Your four disks should now have the labels:

        Disk 1:  PKBACK# 001
        Disk 2:  PKBACK# 002
        Disk 3:  PKBACK# 003
        Disk 4:  PKBACK# 004

The releasers of the game unfortunately forgot to include this information
in their release.

If you do not have PKUNZIP.EXE v2.04g, go and get it right now.  Look for the
self-extracting PKZ204G.EXE on your favourite board.  The reason we need this
file is because we have to use PKWare's backup routine to extract the game.

Now insert DISK 4 in the floppy drive and type:

where S: is the source drive (floppy drive on which the SPDUNE2.ZIP is 
located) and T:\DIRECTORY is the target directory (where you wish to install
Super Dune 2).  There is no need to create this directory in advance, the
-D switch will take care of it for you.  Now, follow the directions from
PKUNZIP and insert the disks in the order in which it specifies.  Everything
will now take care of itself.

Example of command-line:


The game is now installed.


────════· Execution Notes & Review of the game ·═════──────────────────────────

Once installed, running Super Dune 2 becomes a task in itself.  The author
was kind enough to allow switching between Dune 2 and Super Dune 2 with a 
couple of batch files.  I found that these files didn't allow for trainers
so I wrote my own.  It is completely compatible with the old ones in the 
fact that you could use either ones.  Instead of enabling Super Dune 2 and
running the game right away, my batch file simply switches between the two 
and terminates.  At this point, you could run a trainer (like the one 
included in my pack), or simply run the game typing DUNE2.EXE.  Simply copy
the included SD2.BAT to the directory and type SD2 for help on using it.

Once in the game, everything looks exaclty the same as Dune 2.  Don't be
alarmed, just pick a one of the houses on the screen.  Atreides is now
Mercernary, Ordos becomes Fremen and Harkonnen Sardaukar.  The Mercenaries
have the option of being undetectable to radar (which doesn't really help
unless you are playing against them).  The Fremen have the option of
controlling the Sandworms on Dune (which is really useful).  The Sardaukar
have stronger firepower and defenses than the other two houses.

A couple of errors popped up during the game.  Nothing serious though.
When picking the Mercenaries, the Mentat screen can be extemely discoloured
at times.  The other houses' Mentat screens contain severed heads floating
at the top left hand side of the screen.  The Mercenaries can only put
down foundations adjacent to buildings.  I found this to be a real bitch,
but I believe this could have been done on purpose rather than a flaw in 
the game itself.  Also, you do not have the faculty of a spaceport in the
game, but you have to install one anyway to be able to build some of the
powerful structures (such as an Ix or a Heavy Vehicle Factory).

All in all, it's an interesting twist to the original game, but it's nothing
you would want to write home about.  It's mainly for die-hard Dune 2 fans
who want to add more depth to the game they have already played.  Other
than a handful of new features, it is basically the same thing as the


────════· The Bottom Line ·═════───────────────────────────────────────────────

This game is an interesting one.  Although if you had not played the original,
all of what I said means nothing to you.  As for Super Dune 2, it's quite a
takeoff on the original, but the new features are few and far between.  For
die-hard fans only.

IS THIS GAME WORTH DOWNLOADING?  Your choice.        Signed, Quality Control.

───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────  QC '94!