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Hopefully Kimble's last try, he will try to bust the whole Amiga scene by Independent (IND)

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Kimble today is known as Kim Dotcom. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Dotcom.
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========================================== >>>>>>>>>>>>>>HOPEFULLY KIMBLES' LAST TRY! HE WILL TRY TO BUST THE WHOLE AMIGA SCENE! DONT LAUGH BUT BETTER READ THIS DAMN FAST! READ THIS AND GET THE INFORMATIONS YERSELF ========================================== >>>>>>> BUSTS WILL FOLLOW <<<<<<<<< READ THIS! TWO MESSAGES FROM KIMBLES BOARD HOUSE OF COOLNESS: Date : Fri Nov 19 21:52:16 1993 Number: 3106 To : Cxnsorxd (ALL) Recv'd: No From : BITBUG Status: Public Message Subject: NUPS AND NUMBERS! hello, i need the newuserpasswords and numbers of following boards, every working number and pw will be homored with a working cc..... the ghetto nirvana house of pain danse macabre pirate haven skull buggery the edge end of the world sanctuary mirage gates of assgard sanctuary lithium ice station road to nowhere the first who gives me working nup and number will be honored!!! it must look like this: THE GHETTO...........510-682-2342......NUP: ????? and make 100% sure that the stuff you post me works, otherwise forget it! Msg. Options: A,D,R,Q,?,<CR> ( 3106 ) >: Date : Sat Nov 20 13:21:02 1993 Number: 3140 To : Cxnsorxd (ALL) Recv'd: No From : BITBUG Status: Public Message Subject: the megaoffer!! i am in a big need of all kinds of accounts in the usa!!! if you have an account on any usa bbs that is still working but you never use it ,then give it to me....for every valid account you get 3 virgin at&t make accounts, get me accounts, accounts accounts accounts...... write the accounts like this: BBSNAME..........NUMBER............ACCOUNT........PASSWORD not important how good the bbs is, gimme your accounts for valid cards! Msg. Options: A,D,R,Q,?,<CR> ( 3140 ) >: !IMPORTANT! READ THIS! KIMBLE (ALIAS TOAYAX/BITBUG/ETC.) IS WORKING ON A BIG THING WITH SOME DUDES FROM THE GRAVENREUTH TEAM AND SOME SOFTWAREFIRMS.. (AND ALSO THE POLICE I THINK) I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT THIS BUT I KNOW THAT THEY WILL TRY TO BUST THE WHOLE PIRATE SCENE IN A BIG MOVE! THEY WANT TO CLOSE ALL BOADS WHICH THEY CAN GET! THEY ARE TIRED OF JUST GETTING ONE BOARD OF HUNDRETS TO BUST.. >>>>>THEY WANT THE WHOLE AMIGA PIRATE SCENE DOWN! AS YOU READ ABOVE KIMBLE (KIM SCHMITZ) IS SEARCHIN' FOR ACCOUNTS ON PIRATE BBS TO GET ALL INFORMATIONS OUT OF THAT BBS AND TO HAVE THE POSSIBILITIES TO CLOSE IT THEN!!!! .... I CAN JUST WARN YOU ALL OUT THERE! BE SURE THAT YOU DONT LET EVERYONE ON YER BBS WHO CLAIMS TO BE SOMEONE HE ISNT.. AND BETTER C-H-A-N-G-E THE NUPS NOW OR EVEN DONT LET ANY NEW USERS ON.. AND CHECK THE OLD ONES! AND AS YOU HAVE A BRAIN YOURSELF MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION FOR YOU! I AM NOT THE ONE TO DO THIS FOR YOU.. .....JUST HERE FOR A BETTER FUTURE...... AMIGA #1 --- PIRATES NEVER GIVE UP ---
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