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1994 August 25

  • Text / Community drama
  • Bob Newhart, writer credits
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Title: GRaDx Addressed to: Everyone Author: Bob Newhart on 08/25/94 at 9:02 am ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── 1: You probably all heard it by now, but just in case I'll post it all here 2: as well... 3: 4: GradX is now pretty much blacklisted on every BBS, IRC channel, and is a 5: menace to both of those as well as all the ftp sites around the world. 6: LameX has decided to call the administrators at a couple of the 7: larger/fastest ftp sites in the nation (one of them being a rather good 8: RiSC site) and he let them know that there were pirated files being 9: transfered on them. Luckily we were informed before the administrators 10: were able to confiscate/inspect the computer equipment and all evidence 11: was destroyed. However, people are still getting harassed by GradX 12: and his master the LA Times reporter (aka Reporter on IRC -- how 13: clever). 14: 15: For those of you who have been living under a rock and have no idea what 16: is going on, here is a very quick summary of what is happening. GradX 17: tried to join RiSC, he wasn't allowed in because just about everybody 18: thought he was a geek. Then he gets pissed off and starts up TiDT...no 19: big deal. Then he starts blabbering to a reporter (I can't remember his 20: name offhand) to the LA Times who is doing a report about pirating on 21: the internet and normal BBSs as well. GradX gave the reporter handles, 22: some real names (that he knew), board names, group names, group member 23: names, etc etc. He's been doing this for a while now and for the life 24: of me I don't know why the very few boards that let him stay on in the 25: nation allowed him to stay on. Luckily he's been blacklisted (as well 26: as everybody in his group) on every decent board on the planet. After 27: today, he'll probably be blacklisted everywhere. 28: 29: Anyway, on to the new stuff. He told the reporter guy about Mirage and 30: Unlawful Entry and guess what? Apparently the police know about said 31: boards. Mirage apparently went down a few hours ago today and although 32: Unlawful Entry is up, word spread quickly that nobody should call it due 33: to fears that the lines might be monitored. After viewing LameX actions 34: in the past, this scenerio could very well be true. 35: 36: Giving away board names wasn't good enough for Mr. Schitzo himself, so 37: he decided to tell the reporter just about everything he possable could 38: so I'm sure by now the reporter guy knows all the major players handles 39: at least. Joy oh joy. Also, this bit is NOT confirmed but I have a 40: STRONG belief that GradX gave the reporter guy a copy of the latest 41: anonymous FTP list. If you are on any of those sites, be careful. 42: 43: So, what does this all mean to you, the average user? Well, just about 44: all file trading on the internet has stopped. If you don't have an 45: internet account this will still affect you as the quick influx of files 46: to 713 will wither since the floodgates of files have been closed. You 47: can thank GradX (who resides in New Orleans) for that. Another thing 48: many users can look forward to is massivly increased security on the 49: remaining boards (I'm sure a few will close it's doors since GradX gave 50: the reporter and others the list of boards, sites, handles, 51: names, admins, etc.) as well as many boards no longer accepting new 52: users. That policy goes in effect for this board today. We will no 53: longer be accepting new users at all for awhile. 54: 55: Another thing you can look forward to is that since this is an election 56: year and there are a few in the senate who want stricter computer laws 57: (like the ass munch Jessy Helms), there might be a push for some in the 58: electorate to push for stricter said laws. This might not be a very 59: likly scenerio but it is one that could happen. 60: 61: More than likely this will all blow over in a month or so but for the 62: immediate future everybody around the globe will suffer thanks to GradX 63: and his whiny little ways. 64: 65: And this bit should go without saying...make damn sure anything you send 66: here doesn't have any TiDT shit in it. If it does, I will personally 67: nuke the credit away. I'm already having a shitty week with this and I 68: don't want to see any TiDT lame-o crap online...especially here. 69: 70: That's it...everybody use the alt-o option and continue the conversation 71: like mad. I'm off to go delete a few users (don't worry, it's because 72: of inactivity). BTW: GradX is also known as Retro in New Orleans and other places, and Xer, Xert, GradX, or Grad on IRC. **** Quoted from Surfin Cow on Transendental Regurgatation.****
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