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Date: 08-09-94 (22:34)              Number: 604 of 613 (Refer# NONE)
  To: ALL
Subj: 1965 Fender Jazz Bass
Read: (N/A)                         Status: PUBLIC MESSAGE
Conf: Buy N Sell (2)             Read Type: GENERAL (+)

For sale: 1965 Fender Jazz Bass. Burst, all orig. Orig black case. Dot neck w/
binding, reverse tuners. Transistion logo. Velvetine rabbit!
2000 U.S.

Leave mail on hood to Night stalker!

For those who saw my (night stalker) Add fer the 58 strat at 5000 U.S., I got
5500 U.S. and now, 3 weeks later it's going for 6000.
get in while you can!

(249 min left), (H)elp, End of Message Command?

Date   : 08-31-94 09:29:25                Number: 10299
To     : vivid                            Recv'd: No
From   : HERO                             Status: Public Message

I put this PUBLIC just to tell you what I think of you Jordan Geller of
2 Silverwood Ave.
Does it feel feel good to have 4 boyz to hide behind (BTW whose Psyco never
heard of him) just let me know in advance when and most IMPORTANTLY how
many of you so I'll have a similar number waiting for you "at my door" so
c'mon to Montreal and we'll have a party but I guarantee this you'll wind
up in the hospital for sure unless you make it to your school first in
which case I hear they are VERY MANY PERSONS waiting to get you bahahaha
Or better yet why don't you show up "yourself" and we can settle this for
once and for all but we all know a loser coward like you would NEVER show
up alone so keep hiding and remember if their are any more "surprise
visits" I have something waiting for all of you "if I happen to be around
that is" and Exile the one who is doing the calling for you since YOU DON'T
CALL OUT FOR ONE MONTH! can have this account to leech 11 megs a day till
it runs dry.
Tell Andre to get an "imagination" scratching Berzerker on my door was his
key is so lame, oh well I'll be there to get him the next time.
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