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Here are two different Print Shop unprotect schemes by Independent (IND)

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Here are two different PRINTSHOP unprotect schemes that I found on local
BBS's.  The second version worked for me.


Unprotect The Print Shop by Broderbund

The Print Shop employs two sections of code to copy protect itself.

The first is embedded in PS.EXE and is exercised when the program is run
from a floppy.

The second is embedded in PSINIT.OVR and is employed when the program is
run from a hard or ram disk.

Once activated, both seek out a specially formatted track on the A: drive
and terminate the program if not found.

Both sections of code will be un-hooked here so that the program will run
from either a floppy or a hard disk.

As always, make a copy of the program code to work on so as to protect your
original. We will use the DOS supplemental program DEBUG to patch the code
so as to remove the copy protection.

DEBUG PS.ZAP                                    Start DEBUG

S0 9000 CD 13                                   Search for Disk interrupt 13

XXXX:3AC6                                       You should find these two:

U 3AC6                                          Unassemble the code to make sure
                                                  you're in the right place :

XXXX:3AC6       INT     13                      A test for any disk in A:
XXXX:3AC8       MOV     BYTE PTR [0A91],02
XXXX:3ACD       DEC     BYTE PTR [0A91]
XXXX:3AD1       JZ      3AE6
XXXX:3AD3       MOV     DH,00                   \
XXXX:3AD5       MOV     DL,00                    | This sets up a look for the
XXXX:3AD7       MOV     CH,09                    |  special track
XXXX:3AD9       MOV     CL,0A                    |
XXXX:3ADB       MOV     AL,01                    |
XXXX:3ADD       MOV     AH,04                    |
XXXX:3AE1       CMP     AH,00                   If not there ... Loop then
XXXX:3AE4       JNZ     3ACD                       Zonk ! Terminate Program...

A 3AC6                                          Get rid of 1 st diskette look

XXXX:3AC6       NOP                             Remove the INT 13
XXXX:3AC7       NOP

A 3ADD                                          Get rid of the real test :

XXXX:3ADD       MOV     AH,00                   Give it what it wants in AH
XXXX:3ADF       NOP                             Remove the INT 13
XXXX:3AE0       NOP

W                                               Write out the changed code

Q                                               Quit DEBUG

(The program will now run from floppy disks without further changes)

Now for the second portion of the copy protection :

DEBUG PSINIT.OVR                                Start DEBUG (using a copy !)

S0 2000 CD 13                                   Look for disk interrupt 13

XXXX:0479                                       You should find these three:

U 0479

XXXX:0479       INT     13                      A test for any disk in A:
XXXX:047B       MOV     BYTE PTR [CD57],02
XXXX:0480       DEC     BYTE PTR [CD57]
XXXX:0484       JZ      04DB
XXXX:0486       MOV     CL,11                   \
XXXX:0488       MOV     AH,04                    |
XXXX:048C       MOV     CH,09                    | This sets up a look for the
XXXX:048E       MOV     DL,00                    |   special track
XXXX:0490       MOV     AL,01                    |
XXXX:0492       INT     13                      /
XXXX:0494       CMP     AH,00                   If not there ... Loop then
XXXX:0497       JNZ     0480                       Zonk ! Terminate Program...

                                                (Look familiar ?)

U 04BD

XXXX:04BD       INT     13                      This one's a read (same idea)
XXXX:04BF       CMP     AH,00
XXXX:04C2       JNZ     04A5
XXXX:04C4       ADD     BX,018B
XXXX:04C8       MOV     CL,05
XXXX:04CA       ES:
XXXX:04CB       MOV     AL,[BX]
XXXX:04CD       CMP     AL,41
XXXX:04CF       JNZ     04DB
XXXX:04D1       INC     BX
XXXX:04D4       JNZ     04CA
XXXX:04D6       MOV     AX,0000                 This is the success exit !
XXXX:04D9       JMP     04DE

A 0479

XXXX:0479       NOP                             Remove INT 13
XXXX:047A       NOP

A 0490

XXXX:0490       MOV     AH,00                   Give it what it wants in AH
XXXX:0492       NOP                             Remove INT 13
XXXX:0493       NOP

A 04BD

XXXX:04BD       JMP     04D6                    Jump to success exit code
W                                               Write out the changed code

Q                                               Quit DEBUG

The program may now be run from a hard disk or floppy as desired. The hard
disk set up will ask for the master diskette to be inserted but won't do
any checking or diskette access at all.

This technique is published for the benefit of legitmate purchasers of the
product who deplore copy-protected software and wish to protect themselves
against disk failure. Undoubtably there are those who will abuse this
knowledge to trade unauthorized copies. They must live with the knowledge
that they are stealing and answer in the court of their own conscience.

                                                The Swamp Fox


        Print Shop unprotect procedures

        The  Print  Shop uses an installation process which  records  the 
        physical  location  of the program in an  overlay  file.   During 
        program  initialization, a check is made to see if  the  location 
        has changed.  If it has, due to a restore, a disk reorganization, 
        a  disk  optimization, or anything, the program refuses  to  run.  
        The  code  to do the checking is actually stored in  the  overlay 
        file.    These  procedures  force  the  result  to  be   accepted 
        regardless of whether the check is correct or not.

        1)  Install  the program in the usual way, using the  Print  Shop 
        install programs.

        2)  Copy the files to another directory.

        3)  Uninstall the programs, again using the Print Shop programs.

        4)  Now CD to the directory which has the copied files.

        5)  Use DEBUG to make the following changes:

             -S0 FFF 59 3B C8 75 1E        This is a version check.
             xxxx:024A                     If you don't get this number,
                                                STOP NOW.  Wrong version!
             -e24d 90 90                   NOP out an instruction
             -s0 fff 30 e8 13 df 85 co 74 29
             xxxx:0265                     If you don't get this number,
                                                STOP NOW.  Wrong version!
             -e26b eb                      Change a conditional jump to
             -w                            Write the file back
             -q                            Quit DEBUG

        The  Print  Shop program will now run from any directory  on  any 
80x191 Font