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Opera Password Recovery for WEB by Seek N Destroy (SND)

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  • NFO / Text   NFO scene release
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WEB  is not a release group.  WEB is  a service that packages  webgroup releases
properly to be traded on scene sites.  The release group nfo is included in this

This is not done to get 'credit'  for these releases.  All credit is  due to the
group  who cracked this.  However, warez should  be on warez sites and WEB makes
that happen.  This release is  not 'stolen' from  the release group  because WEB
does not gain anything from this release. WEB does not have or deserve affils.

These releases  are tagged as -WEB instead of  by their release group or as -iND
to make it easier for sites to recognize these releases for what they are.

If a real  scene group wants to crack and release anything released by WEB, they
should certainly do so.  WEB is not intended to take any releases away from real
groups.  If anyone releases a dupe of a WEB release, the WEB  should be nuked as