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Unprotect Enable Vers 1.00. by Independent (IND)

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This is the procedure to unprotect the intregrated software package
called ENABLE , Vers 1.00

If you have a hard disk or want to create a backup copy that is not
tied to the original ENABLE system disk, this will remove the copy
protection completly.

This procedure is to be used by legitimate owners of ENABLE only,
as you are entitled to make a back up for archive purposes only.
You are bound by your licence agreement.

Format a blank disk using DOS 2 or 2.1 (Do not use the /s option.)

Label it the same as the original ENABLE system disk.

Copy the files from the original ENABLE system to the formatted
blank disk using  *.*   .

Place DOS system disk containing DEBUG in drive A:

Place the new copy of ENABLE in drive B:


S CS:0 L EFFF B8 01 04

(You should see)
XXXX:XXXX   < this one doest matter!

(If you dont - type q and enter - you have a different version!)

(If you do)

E 069C      (enter)

B8.EB 01.2D 04.90     (enter)



Now all the copy protection has been removed, and you may copy the
files as required.

All checks for specially formatted tracks has been removed.

Disk needs no longer to be in the A drive on start up.