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+------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Phantasie III Documentation Brought to you by: The Huntsman & The -CIA- +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ I, Kilmor, am writing this account of my last days for posterity. Months ago I led my Dwarven people in battle against the great army of the evil Nikademus with little success. In our final battle, we were defeated and I was captured and imprisoned here in the Hall of Giants, far to the south where no one would suspect. Nikademus himself then came and took me to a dark and evil place, the exact location of which I cannot guess. There, I was tortured and he attempted to brainwash me. I was told of the great power I would re- ceive if I betrayed my people and joined Nikademus. Proudly, I never gave in, so I was returned here and left to starve. +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The History of Scandor Scandor is known to be the center of the civilized world. It is also the largest known land mass. To the south of Scandor lie the much smaller islands of Gelnor and Ferronrah and the Pookney Islands. These areas are generally inhabited by the more intelligent humanoids which include Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Orcs, and to a lesser extent, Halflings, Kobold, Ogres, etc. To the north of Scandor lies the great northern continent which is generally occupied by Trolls and Giants. They have occasionaly been known to invade Scandor in crude boats or to cross ice bridges which form between the two continents during the winter. Other lands are rumored to exist but little is known about them. Though there have been small skirmishes between the different races in the Scandor area, for many thousands of years, nothing could prepare the citizens for the most terrifying period in their history which began just a few years ago and continues today. A great army of men, beasts and even undead creatures invaded the island of Gelnor. They came in thousands and thousands of ships from lands unknown and waged war upon the better trained but hopelesly outnumbered troops of the Gelnorians. Though Gelnor is said to have the most powerful mortal wizards alive, and its citizens fought heroically, the island fell. Nikademus, leader of the terrible army, then moved his troops on to the smaller island of Ferronrah. Within a matter of days Ferronrah too fell to Nikademus who cast a great curse on the entire island which prevented anyone from easily leaving. This feat established him as the greatest mortal wizard of all time. Nikademus then moved to invade Scandor. He was joined by thousands of its citizens who were tempted by bribes or were simply afraid to oppose his evil army. He has taken the north, including the mountains of the Dwarves who made a fierce charge at him led by the great Kilmor, but they made no real progress. Everyday now the evil army makes more progress and the future of Scan- dor seems more in doubt. +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Departed Souls Whenever a mortal from the Material Plane dies, his soul begins the journey to the Astral Plane for judgement. The journey can take many years and a resurrection spell cast during this time may recall the soul to the body. If the soul arrives at the Astral Plane it will be judged, and if deemed unworthy of existence, it will be destroyed. The soul may be judged as premature and be returned to its resurrected body. If the soul belonged to an outstanding being, it may be accepted into the Olympic Planes if good, or deep into the Netherworld if evil. Those souls that are left are returned to their bodies as 'undead' and left to roam the Material Plane or lower levels of the Netherworld. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ The Wand of Nikademus The origin of the infamous wand is uncertain, but it is believed to have been created by Pluto or another evil god and given to the evil Nikademus. Some say that it is the wand itself which turned Nikademus to evil by corrupting him with power. The wand is so powerful and com- pelling that no person or group of people could willingly part with it. Once Pluto had to take it from Nikademus so he would not become over- powered by it. The wand can only be used with the aid of Pluto. Thus if it did fall into the hands of good beings, it would be useless to them. Nikademus would locate the wand and eventually, a confrontation would occur. +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The Great Gnome Bowmakers It is said that many years ago the gods in Olympus looked down upon the Material Plane and saw that the Gnomes were not equal to the other humanoid races. They decided that to help the Gnomes they would send the god Aries to teach them the art of making bows. The gods will rarely interfiere in mortal affairs. Aries taught the Gnomes how to make bows with magical qualities. It takes an elder Gnome many months of work to make a good bow. It is rumored that Gnomes will give these bows to great warriors who can prove themselves. +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The Universe /---------------/ / Olympic Plane / <- level 2 /---------------/ / Olympic Plane / <- level 1 /---------/---------------/---------/ <-Astral-> / Plane / Material / Plane / Plane /of Light / Plane /of Dark / /---------/---------------/---------/ / Netherworld / <- level 1 /---------------/ / Netherworld / <- level 2 /---------------/ The universe is divided up into many planes. The Material Plane is that upon which mortal creatures dwell. Occasionally mortal creatures can leave the Prime Material Plane or other creatures can visit it. The Planes of Olympus are the homes of those gods and minor dieties who are bent towards goodness. These planes lie above the Material Plane. The exact number and extent of the planes are not known. The first plane is the closest to the Material Plane, the second is the one above that and so on. The planes of the Netherworld are the homes of the evil gods and other immortals bent toward chaos. These planes lie below the Material Plane. The river Styx is a magical river which surrounds and connects many of the planes. It was created many ages ago during the Age of Harmony, as a means of transportation between the planes. It is not accessible by mortals and does not connect with the Material Plane. Powerful magic is the only other means of transportation between planes. The Astral Plane consists of all the empty space not used by the other planes. It is filled with light from the other planes. The Plane of Light lies ad- jacent to the Material Plane. It provides light, warmth and other energy to the Material Plane. It is a place of extreme goodness. The Olympic gods select only the purest of mortals to live there and watch over it. The Plane of Darkness lies opposite to the Plane of Light and it is the antithesis of it in every way. It is inhabited by some of the most evil mortal beings. +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The Pendragon Town Archives The Town of Pendragon is known throughout Scandor for its scholars who contribute so much to the current knowledge of nature, history, etc. Most of the work of these men has been collected at the town archives which are said to be among the most extensive in the world. The organ- izer of the archives is the wise old sage Filmon. Some say he is the most learned man alive, others say he is an old fool who knows only of flowers and trees. Some areas of the archive are said to contain sacred items and are so heavily guarded, that it would take a small army to reach them. +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The Hall of Giants The Hall of Giants lies in the southern part of Scandor. The Giants who live there are said to be very unfriendly and some people even say that they have sided with Nikademus. This is probably just a rumor. It is true, however, that many of the visitors to the hall have been thrown into the dungeons and left to rot. The dungeons are not well guarded but they are solidly locked. +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The Dwarven Burial Grounds Whenever a great Dwarven leader dies, a big funeral is held at the Dwarven Burial Grounds. Such events are traditionally attended by the greatest leaders or worthy representatives of all the races in Scandor, Gelnor, and Ferronrah. Even the Elves have been known to send represent- atives in the past. Being invited to a Dwarven burial held there is con- sidered to be one of the greatest of honors and attending is a somber but unforgettable experience. +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The Gnomes of Eastern Scandor There is a large section of eastern Scandor which is covered with rock strewn hills. This is where most of the Gnomes on the continent make their home. The capital of the Gnome community is the town Rocky Hills. The Gnomes are a peaceful and jolly people. They are content and safe in the hills. They are very seldom invaded because there is a general agreement that the Gnomes have nothing of great value. The most sacred place of the Gnomes is a series of catacombs dug into the rocks thousands of years ago by the Gnomes. It is here that the most respec- ted elder Gnomes go for deep undisturbed meditation. +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The Chambers of Chronos Chronos is the keeper of all time and dimensions. He is perhaps the oldest being alive except for the gods. He keeps extensive records on the history of the entire universe. His records are kept in a large set of chambers. They are all made in magical writing which only he can read. Chronos has the ability to move the chambers around through magic to any plane. He is equally welcome in all places from the Neth- erworld to the Olympic planes. He will help those who have what he deems to be a worthy cause, but since his chambers can be anywhere, he might be difficult to find. +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The Plane of Light When the gods created the Material Plane, they also created the Plane of Light next to it. It provides light and heat for the mortal beings who live on the Material Plane. The most pure and innocent of mortals are selected by the gods to watch over the Plane of Light. The Castle of Light was placed in the Plane of Light for its occupants to stay in. The castle contains many very precious items and is watched over by the gods. In spite of this it is often invaded by evil beings. The Light Fairy, the most pure of mortal beings, watches over the cas- tle while her servants are sent out to inspect the Plane of Light. +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The Plane of Darkness When the gods created the Material Plane and the Plane of Light, they instantly saw the need for another plane to balance the other two and created the Plane of Darkness. At first, the Plane of Darkness was empty but it was soon used as a place of exile for the most evil and vile mortal creatures. After thousands of years, a community of great power grew there. The greatest wizards of the plane created a Castle of Darkness and there they created the most evil and powerful mortal imaginable, Nikademus. His power was great enough to open a portal to the Material Plane and the entire community went through, led by the evil Nikademus on a campaign for bloody vengence. +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ News About the Great War When Nikademus brought his army to Scandor he surprised everyone by landing on the northern shores. With the element of surprise behind him, he was able to take the entire northern part of the continent all the way down to the Great Forest, in a few months. Nikademus then took a break to reorganize his troops and set up military rule in his newly gained territory. When Nikademus finally began to move further south, he was disturbed to learn that Lord Wood was leading a counter attack against him on the northern shores near Lansing. This move has slowed Nikademus considerably since he has had to divert troops to the north where the fighting is still heavy to this day. +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The Fortress of Nikademus Nikademus is one of the very few mortal beings ever to achieve the power to freely teleport between any of the planes. When Nikademus first perfected this power, he frequently visited his favorite place, the Netherworld. Though most gods do not care to dwell near mortals the gods of the Netherworld found Nikademus so delightfully evil they made an exception and gave him a small plot of land on the third level of the Netherworld. He constructed a fortress there and now uses it as a conference place to meet with his highest ranking officers and dis- cuss plans of his assault on the Material Plane. Nikademus was also given undead servants and guards for his fortress. +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Hints For Solving Phantasie III +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Dungeons: When you enter a dungeon, you will start with a blank page. As you proceed through the maze of corridors, more of the map will be revealed to you. Be sure to save the dungeon map when you leave so that you may refer to it in the future. Be sure to train one of your party members in the art of picking locks and disarming traps as traps and locked doors often separate you from valuable treasure and weapons. Secret passages also exist and what seems to be a wall sometimes is not, so be sure to check every corner. Ablue diamond on the map indicates either a person or a treisure, or a trap. Encounters: When an enounter takes place, you have the option to fight or run. if you try to run, you risk losing your attack for the first round. The information to the right of the map shows party health. Be sure to move injured members to the rear rank and if they are badly hurt, set them to parry for the next combat round. If you win a battle, you will get gold, experience points and/or weapons & armor. Casting Spells: All characters have a certain amount of magical ability but monks, wizards and preists are used primarily for this purpose. Preists are an asset to a party as they can awaken the party if it is attacked while sleeping, or heal a party member during combat. Wizards can learn many powerful offensive spells and are a must for a successful campaign. A monk has spells similar to those of wizards and preists and can also use weapons fairly well. A character may only learn new spells following a training session. Once a character runs out of magic points, he cannot cast until he gets more points. Training: Once a character has aquired sufficient experience points and gold, he mat increase his level. To train you must enter a town and go to the Guild. Here you can train party members in the desired skills. If one of your members has turned undead, he may no longer gain levels. If a party member dies, discard and replace him at the guild. Regaining Hit-Points/Magic-Points: Hit points may be recovered through preist magic or by consuming a healing potion. Magic points may be restored by drinking a magic potion. Potions are available in the Armory in any town. Distributing Items: Be sure to "distribute" found items to members who can use them and sell any undesired items as there is a limit to how much the party can carry. Saving the Game: Remember to save your game every time you enter a town as you will die often and will not want to lose too much of your progress. +----------------------------GOOD-LUCK-!----------------------------------+ (c) CopyWrong 1988 -CIA- Copyright Infiltration Agency →♀
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