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  • Last modified May 11, 1990 8:13:02 PM
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1990 May 12

Incorrect game time.
  • Text / NFO file or scene release
  • Bad Brains, writer credits
[+] Configuration Copy text
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Time Stamp : 05/11/90 Program : Sid Meyer's Railroad Tycoon from Microprose [new release] Cracked by : Bad Brains Supplied by : Trump Jr Wow, this game came out of the blue; no one was expecting it so soon. Suprisingly enough, it didn't have any of the famous Microprose low-interrupt protection that's such a bitch to work around. A very straightforward crack with simple doc protection -- no disk protection [a first for Microprose!] VGA and Adlib support.. Nice game. Thanks to Trump Jr for supplying this one. If you haven't done so already, pick up PSI's crack of Dragon Strike. It's the only version out there that actually works! Also grab Rescue Raider's Dragon Strike cheat for unlimited strength and the ability to play any of the scenarios without having to play them all. The loader, as usual, is from Alan Flynn. More new stuff coming soon from PSI. Oh yeah, call Trump Towers at (206)471-xxxx [leave mail to Trump Jr on Fungus Land or Edge of Sanity for the number/access] See ya, -=Bad Brains=- Greets to all who are cool: Ras, Trump Jr, Bhubha, PSI guys, NYC, THG, FiRM %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
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