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bandido mrpumpkin gal.chat part 1 by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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  • Text   Community drama
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<MrPuMPkiN> you have wasted so many peoples time bandido
<GaL> Bandi. didnt you tell nutcase you WILL not come on IRC till Nos bot is out
of #topsites
<GaL> didnt you demand nutcase to remove it several times??
<GaL> i even seen you personally remove it
<teepee_1> this not to be discussed here........it is cleat that dido demanded
<teepee_1> he demanded it from me to
<GaL> teepee. this is what its all about. not just him quitting vice
<GaL> this is why I will not work with him
<MrPuMPkiN> BanDiDo^> listen
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> I am gonna take all fast bots OUT of topsites
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> we make a new channel with OUR rules ok
<GaL> he cannot control the scene.... thats that
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> topsites is there, only wont have fos etc
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> simple
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> & Gal should keep her nose outta what don't concern her
<MrPuMPkiN> <MrPuMPkiN> why might you quit razor?
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> they are disorganised etc
<MrPuMPkiN> <MrPuMPkiN> how so?
<MrPuMPkiN> <MrPuMPkiN> thats hardly a reason to leave
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> Why should I waste time when I can do more for vice/dod
<MrPuMPkiN> i could paste all day
<MrPuMPkiN> fact of the matter is dido your a lier
<MrPuMPkiN> and you have some hidden agenda
<MrPuMPkiN> i dont want any part of it
<GaL> it does concern me very much when one person tried to dictate the scene
<MrPuMPkiN> <MrPuMPkiN> what are we going to do with the topsites saga... i got
() to add the E bot in there
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> I do get informed ya know :)
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> DONT
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> DONT
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> Topsites is gonna be fucked
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> take it out
<MrPuMPkiN> <MrPuMPkiN> i did that days ago
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> put it in cherry99
<MrPuMPkiN> <MrPuMPkiN> why all the bots are in there... lame ones have been
kicked out
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> topsites is FUCKED
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> we do not control it
<BanDiDo> desist in pasting crap please
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> it will die
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> we do not control it
<GaL> you reading Teepeeeeeee
<BanDiDo> it is very gay
<GaL> ya understanding
<GaL> ????
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> if fucking nos is in #topsites tommorrow, I am gonna
seriously fuck ppl up :)
<BanDiDo> Perhaps I should past logs? no I am not that silly
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> i ain't gonna tolerate topsites shit: it is now war
<MrPuMPkiN> <MrPuMPkiN> im staying out of it
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo^> the fuckers broke the RULES
<MrPuMPkiN> lalalala
<GaL> ohhhh be our guest
<BanDiDo> I have 900Mb of mirc logs, yet I do not paste
<GaL> dcc works fine
<MrPuMPkiN> doesnt bother me paste away
<MrPuMPkiN> i have nothing to hide
<MrPuMPkiN> i dont go around abusing people
<MrPuMPkiN> running out on committments
<BanDiDo> I do not engage in such sillyness
<GaL> you will never see in a log where I or MrPumpkin has ever tried to hurt
someone or even threaten to do that
<MrPuMPkiN> putting people thru such shit
<MrPuMPkiN> and this tp is the kinda guy u would rather have than gal etc on nos
<MrPuMPkiN> heh
<GaL> you only engage in somethiung you can control
<teepee_1> well, listen....
<GaL> Bandi..... try being in the scene with truth.. friendship.. and hard
work.. not bullshit... lies and Hard WARE
<teepee_1> I thought we would be here to try and figure out things.....but this
seems more like an execution or something.....
<GaL> Teepee its time its out in the open
<MrPuMPkiN> bandido: last few weeks you did fuck all for vice - too busy getting
in fights and making enemies with bs politics
<teepee_1> I know and think that some things dido did were wrong, but that won't
keep me from working together with dido
<GaL> I didnt bad mouth Bandi one time since the day he said I was a stupid
woman.. but he sure is slinging the shit
<MrPuMPkiN> u think you can manipulate everyone to suit you, well i wont have a
part of it
<MrPuMPkiN> i cant believe how bandido treated a lot of ppl of late
<MrPuMPkiN> the people that have helped him immensly over the years
<GaL> I'm told he's after my blood... is that nice to hear??
<BanDiDo> You are a bit silly to listen to hearsay no?
<GaL> Bandi. lemme ask you this
<MrPuMPkiN> comeon
<MrPuMPkiN> get real
<BanDiDo> 3rd party dribble is never reliable
<MrPuMPkiN> i have logs
<BanDiDo> Like this NARC stuff
<MrPuMPkiN> everyone has logs of your crap
<BanDiDo> Pumpkin I care nothing for logs
<GaL> what did I do but get the bots back to #topsites.... why did you have to
loose your marbles over that?
<BanDiDo> not in the slightest
<GaL> you went on a rampage after that day
<GaL> explaiin that to me
<BanDiDo> I am trying to do some work here, I did explain, and I am rather tired
of it
<GaL> i know for sure you depend on 3rd party dribble for sure
<BanDiDo> really? Well I don't make such presumptions of others
<GaL> your explanation to kill a channel cause you dont have full control does
not cut it
<MrPuMPkiN> the shit with topsites is only the tip of the iceburg
<MrPuMPkiN> u still havent told us why u have walked back to vice
<GaL> very small tip of things going on
<MrPuMPkiN> are u at least going to give me decency of an answer?
<BanDiDo> This is not the place for ViCE matters
<GaL> yeah. why do you want back in Vice now..... ya dumped on um.... ya dropped
it in MrP's hands like a hot potato. now you say your back?
<GaL> what is this place?
<MrPuMPkiN> tp is vice
<GaL> I can leave
<MrPuMPkiN> gal has been a long time contributor towards vice
<MrPuMPkiN> no stay
<MrPuMPkiN> give us some answers
<MrPuMPkiN> bandido
<GaL> I just care bout all the people that been hurt.... thats all my interest
is in this
<MrPuMPkiN> so tell us
<MrPuMPkiN> why did u come back to vice
<BanDiDo> Pumpkin you just scurried away not 30mins ago......
<BanDiDo> most ViCE knew I was not really going anywhere..... and they knew I
would step in instantly there were probs
<BanDiDo> there were
<MrPuMPkiN> BS
<MrPuMPkiN> absolute fucken bs
<MrPuMPkiN> u fucken play games with me
<BanDiDo> ask machv, mia etc
<MrPuMPkiN> i dont have time to waste with you and your shit
<MrPuMPkiN> now your talking crap
<BanDiDo> and desist from childish prattle please
<MrPuMPkiN> because we have seniors meetings
<BanDiDo> Yes you did
<BanDiDo> and well conducted ones too
<GaL> Vice has no problems  you can go back home
<MrPuMPkiN> oh i see so this was just all in aid to waste my time and fuck me
<MrPuMPkiN> i had to spend numerous hours at my pc
<MrPuMPkiN> organising
<MrPuMPkiN> and trading
<MrPuMPkiN> just to fill your gaps
<BanDiDo> I am sad to see you react the way you are.....  you are clearly
exactly what I hoped you were
<MrPuMPkiN> as well as getting vice respect on weektops
<MrPuMPkiN> this just shows what a wanker you are
<MrPuMPkiN> no wonder u have millions of enemies
<MrPuMPkiN> u dont show any respect for those that help you
<BanDiDo> That is a little hard to sustain.....
<MrPuMPkiN> you just keep talking down on everyone
<MrPuMPkiN> like your god
<MrPuMPkiN> like gal i never showed any disrespect for you until u stuck the
knife in
<MrPuMPkiN> i mean i dont really care about me from here on in.... ill be fine,
but what about the other guys in vice
<GaL> huh
<MrPuMPkiN> are u going to fuck with them as well?
<BanDiDo> You don't seem very logical pumpkin
<GaL> he seems very logical here
<GaL> you dont seem to have proper ans.s for him tho
<MrPuMPkiN> your the illogical one..... walking out, dumping me with shit then
just walking back in
<MrPuMPkiN> for no appearant reason
<MrPuMPkiN> u havent answered my question yet
<BanDiDo> and I don't see a reason to either anymore
<MrPuMPkiN> well then tp... i hope that further illustrates who you are having
on nos staff
<MrPuMPkiN> if vice guys message me to know whats going on, then i will tell
them the truth
<BanDiDo> Pumpkin: TP knows me very well
<MrPuMPkiN> they dont deserve you and your manipulative bs
<BanDiDo> And so do ViCE......
<MrPuMPkiN> hahahah
<GaL> I don't think they know the real you..... I sure didnt
<MrPuMPkiN> yeah ok whatever, now your just talking shit
<GaL> I was so blind.. for the longest time. People would tell me Bandi is
hurting QC. get rid of him    but I didnt listen till I seen the words OBEY
<GaL> tell us bout the REAL you once
<GaL> the kind person that isnt out to gain something only for power
<GaL> splain to me the friendly side of Bandido I seem to miss here
<BanDiDo> This is so silly Gal it doesn't bear responding to
<GaL> show me the person that doesn't want to control
<GaL> cause you know your not that kind of person
<BanDiDo> I do not know who started this 'ego trip' thing..... but I find it
humerous only
<GaL> you lost that power.... got so pissed and out of your mind that you
threatened to hurt many in the scene cause of it
<GaL> you are the one being laughed at Bandido
<BanDiDo> and I see no need to defend myself since it is patently silly
<MrPuMPkiN> <BanDiDo> I do not know who started this 'ego trip' thing.....
<MrPuMPkiN> hjahaha
<GaL> boy if you only knew. how childish you ended up to look
<MrPuMPkiN> well all i can say tp is that your blind if u cant see what bandido
is really like
<GaL> if anyone needs to defend themeselves its you.... you sure need to go
round explaining lots to many people that dislike you so much...... you find
that a real friend never has to do t hat
<GaL> i feel that Bandi will never see himself as wrong. and all of the scene
is..... I see he could never apologize but only try to make us look stupid or
wrong. and that my friends is the exact person I dont want to be working with.
<GaL> now I need to eat..... this is a waste of my time
<MrPuMPkiN> k gal thanks for your time
<GaL> MrP.... you got my support 1000000%     you have never done the scene
wrong and I know never will
<GaL> byeeeeeeeeee guyz
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