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Major League Baseball 2. by The Firm

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Major League Baseball II - Osgood Slaughter                     8/3/89

        A quick note about this game.  It's by no means a COMPLETE
crack!  It is beyond me to finish the fix for this game.  Some things
I did do was to convert the majority of disk #1 to files and add a loader
to handle the INT 13's.  This will only work on a Hard Drive!  There are
2 other disks out that allows you to manage the teams or something (I don't
really know) but they are not supported here.  However this release will
let you pick teams, and play the game normal.  You will NOT be allowed
to save games!  The problem here is though a few executable files were
present the game still uses the INT 13 to read in absolute sectors on
the Master Disk (not crc checks but data!).  Basically for the game to
run 'correctly' I would have needed to rewritten the entire executable file!
If you're really a Major League Baseball fanatic then grab the snatch files
that are floating around, they work fine!  I suppose this crack was just
for those who wanted something quick and dirty!  I can't say the game
was too impressive (CGA and No Adlib Support!) but whatever....

                                                Osgood Slaughter

PS.  Greetings to the other cracking clubs, and all-around-slap-arounds
     to those boys in TEXAS!
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