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Bad Mojo by Prutsers

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Prutsers are back in town! Here's something for all you crazy kids!

                   Bad Mojo (c) Got Game

Is this an awesome game? Dunno, don't care. You decide!
This could be considered a dupe. There's some updated things, but
a game is a game and a game is to be released.



Originally released in 1996, Bad Mojo has evolved into 
an unqualified cult classic, lauded by critics and fans 
alike. A testament to its originality, the game is 
still being reviewed by the gaming press. In this truly 
unique tale, "mad scientist" entomologist Roger Samms 
has been temporarily turned into a cockroach, leading 
to gritty discovery and exploration that sucks you in 
with great visuals, and keeps you playing with a 
poignant story. Clever obstacles bar your progress in 
the dark and intricate world of a dilapidated San 
Francisco building.


* Totally original premise 

* Great graphics and design 

* Terrific exploration and discovery with organic 

* Updated FMV 

* BONUS! Behind the scenes making of the game 

* BONUS! Interview with the developers

       Doing it, prutser style. Keep it real kids!
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