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Radium Tech FAQ version 1.04 by Radium

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      |$$T```X$f'''          Radium Tech FAQ
      |$$$  '$$$L            Oct 8, 1998
      |$$!   '9$$$i.         version 1.04
      |$$      `'$$$$>

This document will help to answer Frequently Ask Questions and give
some technical tips on Radium releases. The date listed with each
tech tip is the date that the tip was last modified. 

New or updated sections in FAQ v1.04

[Cubase VST 3.553]  (updated Oct/8/98)
Q : Sometimes the VST arpeggiator module has a noticable lag.
A : Users with an original dongle will have this problem too. However,
we've found a fix. Original users must run Cubase once without the
dongle attached to get the 'key not found' message. This fixes the lag!
Likewise, people using the crack should replace the original (uncracked)
cubase32.vxd in their windows dir and run it like this once to get the 
same message. You only ever need to do this once per VST installation.
A very odd Steinberg bug. Big thanks to Jesus for finding this.

The Main Radium tech FAQ

[TC Reverb v1.5]  (updated Oct/03/98)
Q : When i press the 'mono' button in TC Reverb 1.5, the plugin crashes.
A : The original registered TC Reverb 1.5 does this too.

[Problems caused by having an Infected machine] (updated aug/15/98)
Q : I started installing a program (Cubase, Logic, CoolEdit) and it
    installed the first part OK, but then when it tried to run the
    updater it said 'this is not a valid version of ___'
A : Chances are your files have become infected by a virus you have on
    you machine. Go to http://www.avp.com

Q : I Installed a program (Cakewalk, Logic, etc) and it asked for a
    reboot. After i rebooted my system was messed up!
A : The CIH virus can lay dormant on your system until a certain event
    like a reboot. 

    NOTE about Virii : Radium have always checked each release for
    viruses, and no original release has yet had a virus.

[Audiograbber v1.31]  (updated sept/18/98)
Q : Audiograbber doesnt refresh the cd track list
A : Edit the file c:\windows\cdplayer.ini and remove everything in the
    section [CDDB]. 

[Sound Forge 4.5a]  (updated aug/15/98)
Q : My DirectX plugins lockup, or crash in certain versions of Sound Forge.
A : This problem will happen to original users too. It should be fixed by
    refreshing your DX DirectShow install. You need to get DXmedia 5.2a at :

Q : I run SoundForge and it just exits with no error message or anything.
A : Check your system for viruses. If your SoundForge gets infected it will
    exhibit this behaviour.

[Sonic Foundry CD Architect 4.0e]  (updated aug/15/98)
Q : I run Soundforge and it says CD Architect isnt properly setup.
A : You have most likely installed the UCF CD Architect crack sometime in
    the past. If you delete the Reg keys the crack added, all will work OK.
    Remove this tree : HkCR\CLSID\{28FE9E23-96C6-11CF-B612-444553540000}
    If you arent handy with the registry, you can run the Radium SoundForge
    NoiseReduction 4.0e setup - we added an option in there to remove it.

[Saw+ 32bit v2.8]   (updated aug/15/98)
Q : I go to install setupsaw.exe and it gives an error about 'iqsetup.exe'
A : Rename setupsaw.exe to setupsaw.ZIP then unzip it & run iqssetup.exe

[Cubase VST 3.553]  (updated aug/15/98)
Q : I get a bluescreen and an error about the cubase32.vxd
A : If you installed the NON-USB crack and you get this problem, you
    probably need the USB crack. (Even if you don't have a USB port, Win98
    will still install USB drivers.)

Q : I run the 3.553 installer and it stops saying it cant find a DOC file.
A : Your probably using non-english windows. You can fix the problem by the
    following : Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > Regional Settings
    Change this to USA. It will ask for a reboot, but you dont need to.
    Now install Cubase as normal. After install, go back to the regional
    settings and return it to your preferance. Once again, no need to reboot.

Q : Is there a place for tips on cubase performance?
A : Steve Ras has made a nice website full of Cubase tips

[Freefilter]  (updated aug/15/98)
Q : I'm using FreeFilter in Wavelab and it works OK, but when I
    try and 'apply' the effect - it dosent change the wave at all.
A : If you want to use Freefilter with Wavelab, you need to make sure
    Freefilter gets installed to your wavelab plugins directory.

[GigaSampler]  (updated aug/15/98)
Q : Gigasampler asks me for a serial number
A : Enter any 26 numbers

[Rebirth 2.0]  (updated aug/15/98)
Q : Rebirth says 'cannot load rebirth.dll'
A : This is a program bug and is described on the Propellorheads webpage
    (tech section). It gives this error if 'msvcrt.dll' is missing from
    your windows system dir.

[Logic Audio platinum 3.5]  (updated aug/15/98)
Q : I run dongle.exe and i get a message 'This is not the right version'
A : This may happen on certain language versions of Windows due to the way
    they name Long Files. To check, do a 'DIR' in dos - if your program is
    NOT called 'Logica~1.exe' then you need to rename it to that. For
    instance, German windows will name this file 'logicaud.exe' and so it
    needs to be renamed.

Q : Logic Audio has problems loading or saving songs.
A : Check the file 'fsel.exe' for virii

[Wavelab v2.01] (updated aug/16/98)
Q : I'm trying to install Wavelab but i cant find the serial #
A : Run the installer and actually READ the screens this time. ;)  The
    installer gives you the serial. (btw its 'Deepz0ne-Radium-1998-QCZ')

Q : I have problems starting up Wavelab.
A : Make sure you are running the right file. The file you are supposed to
    run to start Wavelab should be only 26 kb. (26,642 bytes). If you still
    have problems make sure you have uninstalled the Xforce 1.6 version of
    Wavelab. Also, if you happen to get a blue screen on execute, make sure
    you dont have the old 'Hypermann Declicker' plugin installed.

[D-lusion Drumsation] (updated aug/17/98)
Q : Drumstation graphics get all garbled and unreadable
A : This is a problem in the original program. You can fix this by making sure
    your system is using 'small fonts' instead of large fonts. To change go :
    Start > Settings > control panel > display > settings > font size > small

[Steinberg Beatbox v1.0] (updated aug/17/98)
Q : Beatbox graphics get all garbled and unreadable
A : See the D-lusion Drumsation section - these both have the same problem.

[General Problems installing] (updated aug/17/98)
Q : I start one of the radium setups and then it hangs on me
A : Most likely reason is your soundcard drivers cannot support all sample
    rates. (Event cards - Darla, Layla, Gina are like this) You can fix this
    by running the setup with the command line 'basic' attached.  (IE : 
    'setupsf4.exe basic'). This will run the setup with no sounds playing at
    all. You could also fix this by disabling your soundcard for the duration
    of the install. 

Q : I have an old Radium program im trying to install and the installer
    buttons dont seem to work.
A : If you change your system setting to small fonts instead of large fonts,
    this will solve that problem (programs like Drumstation also have problems
    if system fonts are set to large.)  To change click on the following : 
    Start > Settings > control panel > display > settings > font size > small
    Note : this has been fixed on installers newer than July 98

[DirectX general info] (updated aug/24/98)
Q : Im confused by all the DirectX terms : Active Movie, Direct Show, DX6, etc
A : This is entirely Microsofts fault. They give things wierd names and then
    change them every month. First off, there are 2 types of direct-X.

    Direct-X (main) : current version is 6.0. This is what most non-audio people
    are referring to when they talk about DirectX. This type of DirectX has
    things like 3D graphics and video drivers.

    Direct-X streaming services : current version is 5.2a.  This is also called
    Direct Show, DX Media, and was formerly called Active Movie (damn Microsoft).
    This is what AUDIO people need to be installing to get their Direct-X audio
    plugins to work in programs like SoundForge, CoolEdit, Cakewalk, etc. You
    should get Direct Show 5.2a from ftp://sonicfoundry.com/Util/dxmedx86.exe

Q : I cant find a way to uninstall DirectX so i can go back to a ealier version.
A : Lots of Microsoft's stuff has no uninstallers (grrr!). Someone has made a 
    special utility just for uninstalling DirectX. Point your browser to:

[General audio problems] (updated aug/17/98)
Q : My audio sound distorts, stutters, pops or cuts out in any audio program.
A : When you install new hardware, windows will often keep OLD drivers around,
    even though you cant see them. The following procedure describes how to
    detect old drivers that may be conflicting with your current Sound Card.
    (Warning: Dont attempt this if you dont fully understand the instructions.) 
    1) First, boot your machine in 'safe mode'. 
    2) go to : Start > Settings > Control Panel > Device Manager
    3) Check under each heading for extra drivers installed from old hardware
       or duplicates of current drivers.
    4) If you find something that is no longer needed then remove *ALL* the
       drivers from that section (Not just the extra ones) and then reboot
       in normal mode. Windows 95/98 will then reload the drivers, but this
       time only the ones that are really needed.
    5) Repeat this until your Device Manager (under safe mode) reports no more
       dupes or extra drivers installed. Note that the extra drivers do *not*
       show up under a normal boot but only under a safe boot.

FAQ written by Sandor / Zenta / Radium
½ 1998 :)
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