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Sodom? hehehe, my scene life. by Sodom (SDM)

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                                          <T0k> Sodom? hehehe, my scene life
                                                --, Saint Tok. 1995-1998. 

 I am not so good in English as IPggi or Katz, I will always dream 
 to learn English like they know it. 

 I was here with you all for a while, not for a long time, but for a while,
 hehehe, honestly I miss my old days, when no one know me, and it was
 easy as fuck to join #sexxxx channels (it's supposed to be joke). 
 I know a lot of scene guys, to be correct shitloads of them. I saw
 how peoples grow up on the scene, how they live, how they breathing here. 
 It was always fun to talk with people who are from different groups. 
 I want to apologise (I still wonder how to write this word correct, too
 lazy to check in vocabulary) for all my mistakes, and words I said
 when I was drunk or doped. I know some time I was really bad to some 
 people, I am sorry. ;( 

 Some day, you are so happy, you want to scream and you feel great, 
 everything seems to be fine in your life, but.. you coming to the net, 
 and somebody will say that your group sucks, and you are moron because 
 you are Sodom leader. 

 Another day, you are sad in real life, but when after chatting with close
 friends (not an cybersex) you feel better and better. 

 That's why I stay here for so long time. It used to be nice to mix your 
 net life and real life. I tried to be honest all the net life, do not
 lie about my self, and keep vision of me correct. 

 The only one thing I fucked up hard was "promise". I did not handle 
 my promises some times, because my real life is much more important
 for me than net, and because of that I was in the 'bad' light some times. 

 I was political, I thought about Group 1st, and after that about my 
 person. Maybe I should not keep this way, who knows. But I was nice
 with a lot of people who do not deserve it. I cant just say 
 fuck off to leaders of some groups, just because I think, they SUCK
 and they group can go to hell. I was nice with everyone, at least
 I tried. In early 1997, I become as home-person. i.e. no fights,
 no anything like that. We bring strong internal organisation in the 
 group, and group got more respect, and more popular.
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