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An American Trail Notes by International Network of Crackers (INC)

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Jake's Crack Notes For An American Tail The protection in this one is a doc check which is still visible in the installation program. Pressing enter will let you continue your installation of An American Tail. I played the game for about 30 minutes and found no other protection, but if you should find anything else please contact myself or The Cracksmith and we will take care of it for you. Read the source code for information pertaining to the byte changes made. As always, you needn't run INCPATCH as I've already taken care of that for you. Just sit back and enjoy the game. J.P. 6.27.92 Source Notes: I sincerely apologize for the sloppy source code included with this. I am in the process of completely rewriting the GPM program, but it is only 90% complete right now. The new GPM will eliminate the need to include a full source code with each crack. Instead, a small data file containing all relevant information will be all that is needed. Look for it coming soon.
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