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Reviewing Console BBS, Sysops and Users all across the World.
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                       (B)BS (A)nd (U)ser's (D)igest
     "Reviewing Console BBS', Sysops and Users all across the World"

                             JULY 1, 1995
Premiere edition

// Editors note://                                                      

     Oh NO! Not another CHART?  Well no! It's  Dedicated to the rest of The
Scene which seems to be Extinct. The BBS's , The SYSOP's, The USERS and the
other parts that make up the scene. Back in 1987-88 There was a c64 txt
magazine called INFLUX that was run by Candyman ( The Humble Guys, FBR,
Epic ) and a few other guys like Jazzy ( ATC, Epic, PE, Badboys and more ).
for those who don't know it Jazzy is now r/\\/e. and 10 years in the scene
has taught me alot. Since my first bbs  THE CURE to my Current system.
I have been a dedicated member of the pirating scene. And hope to be here
till its all gone. ( which looks possible any day now). BAUD will pick up
where INFLUX left off.

     BAUD is not a "point scoring" but a real txt magazine with articles
interviews , and reviews and EVERYONE is being asked to be a part of BAUD.
Once a month we'll select a board to review and compile the best articles 
that have been written for that month. We'll try to talk to atleast one 
SYSOP and one NON sysop. As well as featuring articles written by  guys IN
THE SCENE. We want to keep it as interesting as possible by allowing 
different people to share their opinions and ideas

     With the lack of calling options This might be a good way to stay 
intouch with what everyone else is up to, and possibly spark new interest
into our dying console scene. The main focus, is The CONSOLE SCENE , but
that doesn't mean that we wont cover the INTERNET or any other existing
scene. Especially if its something worth talking about. We would like to
hear from the people who are  COMMITTED to the scene and not just the
games fans.

     I thought it was a good idea that we allow some of the sysops to speak
since a Sysop's perspective of the scene is abit different than that of a User.
The same is true for a User. His view of the scene is important, so its a good
way to get some cool info from both sides of the field. Althought this first
Issue was mostly written by me I would like to do less writing, and have people 
in the scene voice their own opinions. I am inviting YOU to express yourself. If
We like your article we will definitely use it.

r/\\/e - Editor of B.A.U.D!


                      T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

                      I.   [BULLETIN BOARD REPORT]
                           * A Visit to Germany
                               written by: r/\\/e

                      II.  [SYSTEM OPERATOR REPORT]
                           - íííííííííííííííííííííí

                           * The direction of The Scene
                              written by: BREAKDOWN

                     III.  [DETAILS - SCENE NEWS & ARTICLES]

                           * IRC and the Internet

                           * Bye Bye Ghetto

                           * Paying your way-Phreaking!

                           * SWAT - Here to stay?
                           * BBS Ads - Give it a rest!

                           * Cleaning up the Crap!
                              written by : NIGHT ASSASSIN


                       IV. [GREETINGS AND FINAL COMMENTS]

//+   I. Bulletin Board Report + // This month BAUD reviews: SYNERGY  ATX-GHQ

               ___________    __________________________________?
     _._      /.  ___/.  /___/.___  \.     \. ___  \. _____/.  /___ _._
     \O/    __\__   \_  /   /    /  /  /___/   _/ _/  \_  \_  /   / \O/
      :     \   /    /     /    /  /  __/__   /   \_   /   /     /   :
      .      \______/___  /____/__/_____  /__/\____/______/___  /    .
           - - - - -  /  /- - - - - - /  /- - - - - - - - - /  /-ra!


|Sysop:| Sigma - Seven
|Location:| Germany
|Group affiliation:| Anthrox, S!X Support HQ
|Years online:| 4 years (off and on)
|Software supported:| Console, Amiga , Pc, PD files, S!X & utils♪+-------------------+
|Lines/Modem speed:| 4 nodes / 14.4 21.6 64.0(2-ISDN)
|BBS Software:| S!X - Sigma-Seven Express
|Hardare:| Amiga 2000/030 28mhz, 7meg Ram, Multiface II, ISDN Master II
+--------+ NEC 3X cd rom, 1Gig HD. USR 14.4/21.6 modems


    SYNERGY is not only the GHQ of Anthrox but also the Home Base of S!X,
one of the most widely used programs for bulletin board systems. Its sysop
is none other than Sigma-Seven who is credited with this awesome piece of
programming. What originally started out as a modified Ami-Express bbs, has
become the choice program of many of todays existing Console, Amiga and
Multi Support boards. Replacing Ami-Express as the LOW COST ALTERNATIVE. I
call Synergy "The Workshop" of the Console scene. Sigma Has been around for
ages and although Synergy went down , due to a blown Amiga 4000, it has
been up and running with few flaws since its return some time ago. Recently
it has been named  as the NEW ANTHROX German HQ.

     If you are a programmer there really is alot of reason to call here.
Seems that while the rest of us are transferring files, chatting about
Groups, releases or other things. The guys who spend their time making
S!X utilities are trading ideas and routines for that next S!X door or
utility. If you ever had a question about the software, here is the place
to get answers. Probrably more answers than you ever imagined. The board
itself isn't a flashy ansi artist palace, but its cool looking in its own
way. There's always the latest and greatest utilities online that makes
the rest of us S!X sysops drool, but there's also some good Console scene
activity happening. Sigma has always been known to help out anyone he can
and I have to admit that I have been the recipient of his patient helpful
ways.  Many of us can give credit to him for getting us set up and
running with S!X and the best doors/utilities. And alot of us drove him
crazy too :) Just ask Wing leader of HALL OF FAME! heheh :)

     Since calling overseas is so expensive I suggest calling late at
night if you are in the states or Canada and are a PAYING customer.
Change your service to the one with the best discounts ( but they all
suck if you ask me. what ever happened to the good old days with 1033's)
Not that you dudes are idiots but I just got my last phone bill.and it
made me realize that I cant go calling overseas whenever I want to. Some
of you lucky guys don't have to worry about this bit of info, I guess.
I'm not too sure how European callers call out to this board. The file
directory is always up to date and speed with the latest warez, so a
disabled ratio account is a neccessity to grab all your goodies. ( I
wonder if there's anyone left in the scene on a ratio?) Once upon a time
Synergy was the European Home of PREMIERE and it still manages to retain
the "feel" that it had as a PR - EHQ. The message bases are steady and if
you want to brush up on your german, this might be the best place to go.
Sysops using S!X will be happy to see a fresh batch of utilities online,
and more than enough help to set them up.

     As a Console bbs Synergy can hold its own. A laid back sysop, Sigma
seems to concentrate on the entire scene, including the Internet, PD files
as well as gameboy/gamegear , PC , and Amiga Interest. I always talk about
a bbs having a "FEEL" or "Atmosphere" and its true. As soon as you log onto
a board and fool around, you get a sense of how the board is. Synergy has
it.  I suggest to all sysops who run S!X to call it atleast once. You will
quickly find out what it takes to run a good bbs in addition to a support
bbs for software.  What's important to mention is the fact that, with all
the things he's into, Sigma still finds times ( and ways ) to call around.
So not only is he a sysop he is a user and thats a tough thing to be these
days but somehow he does it. The fact that SYNERGY is an ANTHROX HQ adds
alittle twist to whats already a good bbs. Anyone who's a part of the
Console Scene knows the Crew at ATX , If you haven't Downloaded one of their
many Releases, then you probrably used one of the utilities created by ATX
members, Paninaro and The White Knight ( Pan & TWK ). ATX seems to be a
Programmers alliance these days in addition to being an active game
releasing group, so Sigma-Seven and his board SYNERGY seem to fit right in.


//  II. SYSOP REPORT //  This month's guest: BREAKDOWN

I asked Breakdown to give me his thoughts on the future of Bulletin board
systems and here's what he had to say:

|Sysop.nfo:| BREAKDOWN
|Years in the scene /online:| I have been in the console scene for about 4
+---------------------------+ years now. Started out with a 8Mbit SMD and have
survived SMC and SWC and all that good stuff. I believe I will still be able
to get 2-3 years out of the scene.

|Group affiliation:| I just recently joined NAPALM which I believe is a
+------------------+ cool group that has potential and still offers a challenge.

|Additional Info:| Well I guess I'm one of the last Sysops that trades
+----------------+ basically because thats the way i started in Europe. Have
been Co-Sys on many Boards that are dead now and have now concentrated a
little more on whats going on over at my place. Places I call frequently inc.
Hall of Fame, Land Of Confusion, Menace 2 Society, X-Factor and most group


   Well when Rave asked me late at night in a chat to write something for
BAUD i was interessted since I have not always have had an easy time as
sysop and was wondering what he would like me to write about. This topic
of where is the scene  and especially BBS's going effects all of us in
the so called real scene that is still left. I am gonna tell you up front
i am not really an Internet guy but more a old fashioned sysop/trader.
What do I think will happen with the BBS scene? Well i hear a LOT of
groaning that it's dying along with the console scene. The BBS's have a
lot to offer that I think people wont just give up for anything. I
certainly enjoy calling around and chatting with old as well as new guys
and as long as there are still people willing to communicate like this
there will be a chance for BBS's. It's harder for the sysops to say
that its all on a downward slide coz I dont think many users know what
a shitload of work we put into our boards. I just switched bbs software from
Pc-Express (buggiest piece of shit in the world) to SYSTEM EXPRESS. I did
it for the users not for myself. So I dont want to hear people say the
scene is dead or whatever. Ultra 64 will give it new life and also
there is a lot of life still left in 16-Bit (summer is always slow).
Yes there are many guys switching to the INTERNET and saying thats the
way to go and hey the INTERNET has a ton of things to offer but like
Rave was talkin about earlier a BBS has an atmosphere. You logon and
see the ASCII and shit and you like it or hate it. For me that adds
to the whole concept of having the bbs scene beeing more personal then
the INTERNET which is huge. The problem that BBS's have is the fact
that for many guys that have to pay it's LD and on the INTERNET for
example it's a free,local call. But like Rave said there are loopholes
and if we try hard enough we can find them. Thats what the scene lived
on in europe, phreakin coz Euro callers get ripped off by State phone
companies. But look ISDN comes along. Its helping cut back on high
phonebills (check it out RAVE hehe) and might breath new life into the
BBS scene. I think a lot of it depends on the Euro and Canada dudes.
They are the guys that can keep it alive if they find ways to avoid
getting those high bills and supporting boards. If the BBS scene dies
it will go first in Europe at least console whise coz all the games
are in the USA rareley in EUROPE first.

LOGOUT:- +++



-*- The Change of the Scene - IRC and the Internet-*-

Seems that lately we've all been bitching about how dead the scene is and
for the most part its true. Yes its dead  but games are not all there
is to the scene. There's also the social aspect of the scene , then there's
the competetiveness that the releasing of games is associated with. My
opinion has always been, Its only as fun as you make it and these new dudes
have no idea of how to make their own fun. Messaging may seem stupid to you
but its what keeps things going.  Its no wonder how recently IRC is seeing
so much of the real Console dudes. why is this the REAL scene, well this is
where it all begins. this is where it began too. when the first C64/Atari
boards went into effect, it started a legacy that we continue to enjoy.

IRC and the net is not the fucked up domain I encountered last year. Dudes
were so paranoid they never bothered to ask who you were, but when they
found out that you ran a board or was a part of a group they wanted to be
your friend. Today its different. The net and the Scene are becoming 1 unit
and it won't be too long before we are all on IRC chatting and trading. A
couple of dudes were very helpful in getting me started on the net. Piccolo
and Archimede. Even now I am still not too comfortable on the net so its
always good to see dudes like The Hoodlum, Spaceman Spiff, Sigma Seven,
Shadower, and the rest. I even heard that TWK has been on there lately. So
you know that things are changing.  I try to call there when I get a chance
and for the most part its pretty fun. its different to me so its still hard
to understand all thats going on there. If you don't have Ineternet access,
what are you waiting for? get your ass on there.

You can run into some of the old dudes from the early Console days and meet
all the other dudes our hard work has been benefiting on the INTERNET.


-*- Bye Bye Ghetto -*-

By now everyone knows about the Ghetto going down.  Well it lasted long
after the SEGA bust and I guess Andeveron felt it was time to close up
shop. So like the song goes: ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! It was a cool
board and I'm sure the users are feeling the loss. In fact it was one of
the bbs's I was going to review. Next Please... Andeveron was pretty bold
to stand up to SEGA awhile back, and it caused many people to believe that
he was a narc for sega. No one could believe that THE GHETTO was back on 
line. Some dudes never called it again, out of fear of being Busted.
     I remember people telling me that I was crazy to call The ghetto. They
said the feds were tracing all calls to the bbs and lots of other bogus
shit. It didn't affect me. I continued to call it and watched it BAN sega
warez and still survive. Some other systems never came back. The ghetto
became the hang out of dudes like TWK, S/Y\/Y\ , Propmaster and others and
you could always catch a good ragging between coders and traders. Andeveron
was always there to add more fuel to the fire.  Rip, the co sysop and ANSI
GENIUS  ( who by the way NEVER made the ansi for me that I asked for over a
year ago :)  constantly updated the board with some of the best ansi's I
ever saw.  That one animated ansi with the SHOT GUNs? Shit I don't know of
anything that could touch it. 

      So another Big board shuts its lines and the scene becomes a little
smaller. The 32 bit systems might force copiers into extinction but I
wonder if the same thing will happen to BBS's?


-*- Phreaking, a thing of the past? -*-

Once Upon a time when Sprint was stupid and At&T was easy we used to be
able to call everywhere for free. Hacking codes was as easy as loading up a
terminal program. Then one day the phone companies got smart. It was this
that put a price tag on calling cards. Back in the days we used to share
codes for FREE and everyone had 'em. Now you'd be lucky if you could buy a
code for $5. and the Bust in early 1995 put a big hurting on the scene. Now
the score is Phone Companies 1  - Pirates 0.  I'm sure there are still
loopholes in the system and its just a matter of finding them. we really
need to find a solution to the problem of calling out.  With both my nodes
being blacklisted there is a problem for euros to reach the system. This is
yet another plague on the scene. Several boards have either 1 or all nodes
blacklisted at this time and it seems that there is little solution to this
problem.  So it seems that the BBS scene is suffering all over. I know it
sounds crazy but we really have to work together with the euros and
canadians to keep things alive.  The internet is an alternative but not a
solution. Boards are suffering in a big way.
     I remember the days when there was a codes message base on every bbs
and Voice mail boxes ( VMB) that were updated daily with fresh list that
dudes called in to share. Even the old hacking programs that were used back
on the c64. You'd set it up and leave for the day, and when you got home
you'd have atleast 10 new codes and possibly much more.  Those days are
GONE! Not too many people remember those days. It was when sharing things
was considered COOL. Today you'd have to be crazy to give anything away.
Its just the way things are these days. If I get something ( every now and
then ) I usually donate it to the dude who has been helping me out since My
introduction to the Console scene. ( I won't mention the name but he knows
who he is ). I'm not sure how many other dudes are doing that, but there
should be more.  Im pretty dure that the future of phreaking is doomed. Its
getting worse everyday.
     All of the Major phone companies are doing what they can to prevent
fraud. and its working. So I pay for my calls which is no big deal since I
only call a few times a month. but Im sure for the TRADERS and users , its
a pain in the ass.  wjen someone finds a solution  fill the rest of us in.
in the meantime, I suggest we hang in there and use the net whenever
possible. maybe soon we will have bbs's connected to the net. I can see
that happening pretty soon.


-*- SWAT - Ready For the world? -*-

I recently caught up with CyberChrist and spent a while chatting with him
about his views on the scene. The confrontation with SNK and their plans for
the future.  SWAT's first releases were a surprise on the SEGA side and
right away I thought " here comes the next FUCK " a bombardment of releases
then you'll never hear from them again. Just like Propmaster  SWAT initially
came to the console scene with the " WORLD DOMINATION" attitude. Since then
they seem to have cooled their jets as well as the amount of their releases
but they are still hanging in there. The guys at SWAT seem to have their
minds set on making an Impact in the scene and wheteher you like them or
not, they appear to be here for the duration. SNK's Dragon Avenger has
posted numerous messages to and about team SWAT and its very funny banter
between these guys. Talk of "Honor" "legends" and Respect"  seem to be the
focus of their disagreements.  I agree that there are LEGENDS. and that
those Legends  have earned their respect from the rest of us in the scene.

While its easy to say " Can't we all just get along" its not too easy to
determine what SWAT has in store for the uncertain future.  whether SWAT
and SNK will ever see eye to eye on their differences is irrelevant. I'm
just curious to see if they will have the Longevity in the scene that the
prior groups have had. Or will they just be "FUCK" clones singing "We are
the world".Cyberchrist believes that they have something to offer the
scene and they are promising to deliver but on a quieter note. Letting
their releases speak for themselves is a good idea. There obviously isn't
any hard feelings on their side, since I see that Sneakers member DA gets
greets in Swat's .nfo files.

    I have to agree with Dragon Avenger. RACIAL shit whether its a JOKE or
just to piss someone off has NO place in the scene.  This is the one place
where none of that shit matters. and I hope the dudes at Swat see how
stupid that kind of shit is. How many times have you  chatted with a dude
and never known what his ethnic background or nationality was. My answer
to that is EVERY SINGLE DAY!.  Its about Warez and about systems and
Friendship and rivalry and Competition ( to some) but never about Race,
Ethnicity, Culture, Nationality or Color. Leave that shit in the real world.
we don't want it here. Thats my current gripe with SWAT and I hope they
understand it.

     Besides that, I support team SWAT in what they do. Its good to add
some competetiveness to the dominant forces in the scene as long as its in
fun. Nobody gets paid for this shit. In fact its actually cost MONEY to be
a part of the scene. These dudes are a good sign that THE USA can still
Hold their own in the Canadian dominated scene. No complaints either way
from me. but its good to see some Yankees in there every now and then.
Atlanta IN DA' HOUSE! so let the games BEGIN!


-*- Once is Enough - The bbs ad craze! -*-

       A current problem that is fustrating alot of us are the BBS ADs in the
archives.  Yes even I have 1 bbs ad automatically inserted. But can someone
explain to me why some boards have 5 and 6 and more? and then there are
those who create directories for their ads? And still those who are using
this utility SMILE WRITER to make ads , or IFF and GIF files. The bottom
line is that ITS NOT NECESSARY.  1 straight Text ad should be more
effective. All the bbs ads in the world isn't going to make someone call a
system. Its more than just the ad. that attracts the users/ groups members,
and traders to a particular board.

     Message Bases are the other place where you'll either see 10 ads from
the same bbs or 10 ads from some Console Copier/CD Rom seller.  Sysops
should know that it disturbs the "flow" of the messages when you have to
run through 7 bbs ads then 4-5 "FOR SALE" ads.  Some boards have a
conference for bbs ads, and I can't speak for everyone but I think its
useful. I try to read them. Maybe I'm looking for a board number , or want
to suggest a bbs for one of my users to call and I will direct them to
conference where BBS / For Sale stuff is located. Or the case where some
dude is looking for that  new 3DO or PC game on CD Rom. then its useful to
have those ads on the system. Just preferably in one conference.

     The CD rom business also seem to be on the rise.( Copiers faded ) Alot
of competition out there now , which means what? MORE ADS right?  I
actually prefer a price war if I have to see the 10 advertisments at least
let them be in my favor. LOW COST PRODUCTS! Thats the answer to more
business.  There's just too much of this stuff going around. Yes, Its
important  but also can be a real pain.

     Take these for what they are. Opinions. Im sure many will disagree
and thats fine, Its not my intention to start an arguement over text files
and bbs ads. But I think we all know these things can be a pain in the ass
if they are abused. I just wanted to shed some light on it!

-*- Cleaning up the scene - Text files/Slideshows -*-
                                      Written by NIGHT ASSASSIN

     Well, first of all I must say that I'm very honoured to voice my
opinion on the console scene through this magazine.  Until recently, there
have been a big slew of people jumping on the Internet bandwagon... so much
stuff in the media exposing this new 'information highway' Hah.  What a way
to put it.  All of this is great but the thing is, everyone is getting into
it and releasing anything and everything.  Boy, just call one of your local
ko0l console boards and do an N S U and what would you expect?  Games?
WRONG!  Tonnes of FAQ's, GIFS and whatever people can get free from the
NET.   I'm sure there are gamers out there who actually are interested in
this stuff but it is getting out of hand.  Yikes... it's pathetic going
through pages and pages of captures of IRC's and messages.  IMO, people
releasing these things are just in need of some credits.  What should be
done about this?  I'm sure it's possible to phase out these FAQ's but then
again people will start to complain about it.  Well, on M2S, HOF & MR&R new
rules have been set to move all this kind of 'junk' to it's own conference
dedicated to the gamer.  Does that sound so bad?  People will not clot up
the file areas (where the real warez should be sent to) and it makes it a
whole lot easier to look at the directories.  

     Another issue concerns the slideshows... sure those Anime characters 
are cute, but does the scene actually want to see hundreds of those lame 
slideshows of these naked japanese chicks?  I personally do not want to see 
these things clotting up the dirs when scanning for new files.  Well, once 
you've seen one slideshow you've seen them all!!  (as the saying goes) And
if you're a real anime freak, My suggestion is (I've seen this done on 
Freekworld and I think it's a good idea) is to setup one of those Manga
conferences so the whichever users can go and leech their favourite
slideshow of whoever.  With those damn IBM utils that let's you convert
GIF's to SMC slideshow format, slideshows of any kind should be banned.

     Afterall, these next few months will be the last of the console scene
and let's not end it off by seeing all these FAQ's and Slideshows which
anyone with half a brain can release.  I've been spreading games for about
3 years now, and phasing out the Slowrom/Pal fixes (err.. somewhat) can be
accomplished if we all work together and nuke this shit, so can the deal
with the FAQ's and slideshows!  

     There ya go guys, that's my opinion concerning the latest 'junk' to
hit the scene.  And if you want to respond, just leave me some mail on any
of the boards you see me hanging around.  And what are you waiting for?  Go
and read Console World (Shameless plug) :) I'm outta here!

// V. Greetings / Final words //

Sigma-Seven, Night Assassin, Splash, The white Knight, Cyberchrist,
Breakdown The 7a3, Bluewater, Piccolo, Archimede, Shadower, Ayatollah, 
Stephen King, The Lone Rebel, The Hoodlum, Mega, Dragon Avenger, Breakdown,
Fallen Angel, BadBoy, Enforcer, Shadow Master, Arctic Cat, G.E.M, Keywiz, 
New Sensation, Popcorn, DAviolator, Nostromo, Devious Doze, Mr. Mister, 
The Unknown Gamer, Fazwonga. Centurion, Mymurth, BamBam, Papillon, and YOU!

Anthrox, Sneakers, Quasar, Swat, NightFall, Cyberforce, Asgard, Cream, Napalm
and the retired groups:  Premiere, Censor, Elitendo, Illusion & Accumulators.

Synergy, Land Of confusion, Hall Of Fame, USS Enterprise, Death Row, Domino
Effect, Operation X, Robins First Orgasm, The Source and the other Cool
systems out there.

If I missed you, blame it on my OLD AGE and LOSS OF MEMORY!


B.A.U.D - BBS And Users Digest would like to thank all of the Sysops,
          Groups and Users in the Scene for "keeping it Alive".
Special Thanks to Sigma Seven and Breakdown for forcing me to get off my
ass and finish this thing and making the current .diz and logo.
Also to Night Assassin -SNK for helping out in the writers dept.
I am looking for a .diz and a logo for BAUD if you can help out, swing by
M2S or have someone else send it up for you.

Comments and Suggestions are Welcome and Encouraged - Contact me on any BBS
that you see me on or you can always leave me a PUBLIC message on M2S. If
you would like to submit an article for any Future Baud Publications, Or if
you want make some comments on the articles in this edition of BAUD, please
type it up so it can be included in the upcoming edition. Anything else?
then, please feel free to contact me.

PEACE! r/\\/e
BAUD.Txt 80x570 Font