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1998 August 31

Paradigm's Gun Metal Beta Release.
[+] Configuration Copy text
Netmonkey Weekly Report Issue XVIII August 31th, 1998 New Format It's been a couple weeks, hell it's been a month since I've seen my co-editor, so with all that's happening for me right now, NWR is a little tough to do every week all by my lonesome, I'm still waiting for someone to volunteer to do the stats, and Jaydee/SJ/MGD were nice enough to write some stuff for the issue, and that's basically the only reason I'm releasing this week. One correction from last issue, Jaydee is not a senior in Devotion, he's just a gimp.:) On with the show people.:) Lester [Co-Editor/Head Writer/WTF IS ND] -----------[ index ]----------- I.) Intro a) Lester II.) Lester's Biased Courier Report III.) Articles a) Movie Review - Blade b) DVN showing up PDM? - Midnight Grave Digger c) Prohibiting Minor Update/Lame Addons - Jaydee IV.) Closing -----------------------[ Lester's Biased Report ] ----------------------------------------------- Unfortunately kids, I haven't watched shit that closely because of all that's happened the past few weeks, so I wont do much in this issue, if I dont get some more help on NWR, then what I'll likely do is continue with the Biased report and include articles/etc whenever I write them or they get sent, until I have more time or ND decides he wants to come on irc again. Dimension: Seems to be back in swing, falling only behind Class on sites this past week:) Risc: Hrm, back to normal again, that whole week of trading must really have worn them out. Devotion: Always there, nothing spectacular to preach about, but least they aren't MNM. Millennium: The previous review kinda sums them up eh? Vengeance: uh Hawkeye is back, where's the feared comeback?:) NGT: Least you can say they are loyal right? EQL: Snap, Crackle, Pop, credit whores! Promise to do a full fledged rag session next week:) ------------------------------[ Articles ]------------------------------------------------------- Movie Review Of Blade Blade New Line Cinema (1998) Starring: Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff Rating: (***1/2=out of 4) Blade is a feature-film remake of the comic book Blade(hard to guess that title huh?). Well the plot is pretty simple, Blade's mother was bitten by a vampire while she was pregnant, she died during labor and Blade underwent dna changes and is now like half vampire/human. All strengths and no weaknesses. He walks in the day, likes garlic bread, silver bullets, the whole bit. So you might be saying it sounds pretty lame, and what if it's like that stupid PG-13 Spawn shit, well not the case my friends, this is full-fledge rated R and is a bloody/gory vampfest that owns your ass. After the first 15 minutes, you will have no more doubts about whether this movie will be good or not, because Blade rips some vampire ass. If you dont like blood/death/ exploding heads or Wesley Snipes, then don't go see it. But if you love that shit, Blade is where it's at, and Wesley is mr. cool as always. Stephen Dorff puts together a nice villain performance too. Final thoughts? Go see it in the theatre, and if you dig jungle/techno/ electronic music, you'll dig on the soundtrack as well, which sets off the fight scenes real well 3 1/2 out of 4 stars! ---------------------------[ Jaydee is a WHORE! ]------------------------------------------------ PROHOBITING MINOR UPDATES AND LAME ADDONS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ In the last issue of nwr you might have seen an interview with me where Lester and me talked about minor updates which is killing the scene, cause of lame utilsgroups trying to put out as many releases/megs as possible and DO NOT think about quality. <NWR> I'm writing an article about nuking, and what are your thoughts on cracking down on the crap that is allowed to go through sites these days, because a ridiculous amount of software comes out every week now, easily twice as much as just 2 years ago. And a great portion of it is there only to get credits on sites, do you think that more groups should be banned or nukers given more leeway to nuke on their best judgement? <Jaydee> Yes yes and yes. I hate all the shit some groups puts out Minor updates, Builds, Betas, whatever. Some utils are released in newer version every week, I can understand if ppl want updates on their major utils but somewhere in this mess it has to end An example: 200- 980612 ISP.Companion.v7.4.51-PREMiERE 17515KB 200- 980615 ISP.Companion.v7.4.53-PREMiERE 200- 980621 ISP.Companion.v7.4.55-PREMiERE Etc.Etc... Now how gay isnt that ? There┤s one example. Lester and me talked about it and thought this was VERY hard to prohibit, BUT its not. The other day I was talking to my friend mgd and he too seem to think this sucks. In many cases of theese releases same serial can be used. So he just made an nfo telling ppl where to get the updates (yes this is webware ofcourse), and put in the serial which will work until the next major update. ISP.Companion.v7.5.91-7.9.99.SERIAL.ONLY-IND. This was a very good move BUT there will still be alot of minor updates. And to prohibit that, we put in a rules on one of the best sites which said: * ONLY 1 VERSION PER PROGRAM PER 2 WEEKS UNLESS ITS MAJOR UPDATE. 1.0a->1.0b=NOT OK - 1.x->2.x=OK. NUKE X1. And hopefully this will reduce the amount of crap released by some unnamed groups. <cough> premiere <cough> versus. Now to the addons part. In many games releases you find a movie or intro addon released by some lame group or even IND a couple of days after the main release was released. Theese releases is of no other use then to get creds on sites by some lame trader who releases it. If u want movies, I suggest you get the iso cause if there would be music-speech-movie-intro addon released to a game thats exactly what you would have, therefor the games groups have to put priority to make the game feel groovy. In most cases music and speech gives the game more plessure then the movie clips. So in order to stop this massive lameness, we banned intro/movie addons on one of the best sites around and I know several sites will follow. If you dont agree with any of this, put out an articel by yourself, and give us some good arguments on why this is wrong. I do not want to be disturbed on irc with anything regarding this. Cause mostly this is my personal thoughts. Untill next time, be good :) - Jaydee ----------------------------------[ MGD is a Bizzitch! ]----------------------------------------- On August 8th, '98 the scene was blessed with a beta from our friends at PARADiGM, yet thats not the issue at hand here, Lester and I nuked it on a couple sites for it being a BETA / ALPHA, yet there was one little distressed immature, whining, stupid little cocksucker named Snap who wouldn't stop insisting it was final, and that lester and i misnuked the release that paradigm put out, that we proved as a beta / alpha. But as he is illiterate and cant read for shit, wouldn't even listen to what we were saying and went to go suck off some site ops to get it unnuked, after stuffing them with bullshit (like usual), claiming it was really a final. Yet as you can see now after Divine released the STORE final and pointed out several differences showing us that theirs is truly a final and paradigm's was a beta/alpha. <Begin:Snip from DIVINE.NFO> Why was Gun Metal beta? simple .. PDM released it ... This is the final sales version .... PDM's version has version 0.91 .. this is the official sales version thus v1.0 ... PDM's exe was dated 01/08 ... the official version amazingly has a 10/08 exe and its bigger in size then PDM's ... The PDM version also has a alpha readme text ... We believe in delivering FULL games to people ... so this is as full as it gets ... fuck beta's! <End:Snip from DIVINE.NFO> We thank Divine for standing up PDM and showing them who's boss. As for that stupid little dutchie, go fuck yourself and NEVER doubt us again, especially when you have NO fucking clue about what you are babbling about. - Midnight Grave Digger [CLS/DMS/ENT] -------------------------------[ Closing ]------------------------------------------------------- We be closed bitches! Well friends.. Thats about it. If you've read this far, we sincerly thank you. We like to know this thing gets read, so if you get the time, drop one of us a quick msg, and tell us what you think, give us suggestions, tell us it sucks, or just say "hi" to us!.... Please feel free to apply to write or help out in some way or another, as I am getting tired:) Find us on IRC in #nwr, or email us at our phearsome address: [email protected] A moment of silence for Ndetroit who is MIA. take care.. peace. lester. August 31, 1998
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