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Unprotect Diagram Master. by Independent (IND)

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If you, like myself paid out your hard earned cash for
diagram master only to find out it's install to hard disk
will not work on any drive but C: (contrary to what their
support staff says),  Follow the following procedure and
remove the silly copy protect altogether:

Make a copy of DM.EXE
rename it to DM.XXX
use debug
-d cs:3fc7
    you should see the following:
75 68 ...     if not then you've got a different version than 5.0
              and this won't work.
              If you see 75 68, then
-e cs:3fc7 eb 68

You now have a copy of Diagram Master without the copy protect.

After arguing with the Stupid freaks about the fact that some
people have a hard disk with other than a C: designation,
I finally gave up and spent about 3 hours tracing the code and
fixed the problem myself.

Happy Diagramming,
The Freebie Fixer
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