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Unprotecting Broderbund's Ancient Art Of War. by Independent (IND)

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There were 3 releases for this title, 1984, 1985, 1987. The date for this file is a guess.
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          Unprotecting Broderbund's Ancient Art of War

To unprotect the Ancient Art of War:

     1.   Make a copy of the original distribution diskette using
          the DISKCOPY command.  Put your original away, and work
          on the copy.  Steps 2 to 6 assume that a disk containing
          DEBUG.COM is in drive A:, and your working WAR disk is
          in drive B:

     2.   From the A> prompt, type:

               RENAME B:WAR.EXE WAR.SAV

          Followed by, of course, hitting the Return key.

     3.   Now, start up DEBUG with:

               DEBUG B:WAR.SAV

     4.   From the '-' DEBUG prompt, enter:


     5.   DEBUG will display:

               xxxx:8BD8 CD-

          The 'xxxx' will vary for your system, but if everything
          from the colon (:) onward doesn't look the same, DON'T
          continue - either you have another version, or something
          is wrong.

          Enter 'F8', and hit the space bar.  DEBUG will display:


          Enter '90', and hit the space bar.  DEBUG will display:


          Enter 'EB', and hit the space bar, and then Return.

     6.   Now, from the '-' DEBUG prompt, enter 'W', and hit the
          Return key.  This will write the file back to disk.

     7.   Enter 'Q' to leave DEBUG, and from the A> prompt, enter:

               RENAME B:WAR.SAV WAR.EXE

          and hit the Return key.

     Your working copy of WAR will now run, and can, itself, be
backed up using the DOS DISKCOPY or COPY commands.

     Note:  if you use WAR on a fixed disk, you will not be able
to save a game in progress, due to a small bug - WAR tests the
default disk for the presence of a file named "M", instead of the
selected data disk, the intent being to prevent saving a game on
the same disk as that file.  To disable this test, after
completing step 5, patch the following location:

          xxxx:3B1D  0B-

replace the '0B' with '31'.  This will allow you to save a game
on a floppy disk in the A: drive;  Note, however, that this
removes a small margin of safety (if you save a new campain and
a game to the same disk, the game reloader will get confused).
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