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What To Ban. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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[18:16] <John_Dow> sitez, thats bullshit
[18:16] <[SNap]> sitez that'st BS
[18:16] <rebysP> if you ban pftp, then make sure you ban riscftp and traders who
use hotkeys and traders with auto login scripts
[18:16] <rebysP> because those aren't fair
[18:16] <[sitez]> oh yeh
[18:16] <[sitez]> and ban CRT too
[18:16] <rebysP> i don't have those
[18:16] <[sitez]> it has hotkeys
[18:16] <[sitez]> and netterm
[18:16] <rebysP> and ban pres
[18:16] <[sitez]> and netterm
[18:16] <[sitez]> =)
[18:16] <rebysP> pres aren't fair
[18:16] <[SNap]> Psyber that's another story
[18:17] <[sitez]> hehe
[18:17] <|Jman|> Can we ban apps?
[18:17] <[SNap]> pftp gives  TOO much help to trader
[18:17] <[sitez]> ya
[18:17] <[sitez]> prewh0res suck :)
[18:17] <rebysP> so deal with them then snap
[18:17] <[sitez]> lets ban CORE and frontier also
[18:17] <[sitez]> they script
[18:17] <rebysP> but don't ban a single person until you can ban them all
[18:17] <[SNap]> rebysP ? By using it myself NO WAY
[18:17] <[SNap]> i'm not that lame
[18:17] <[sitez]> and XF too
[18:17] <[sitez]> they ul at same time
[18:17] <[sitez]> that aint fair
[18:17] <WHiTENiTE> that never happened before that i remember..
[18:17] <[sitez]> and while we at it
[18:17] <[sitez]> lets ban
[18:17] <msaint> what ?
[18:18] <msaint> we always pre to all xf sites all at same time :)
[18:18] <rebysP> lets ban people who have awesome oc3 shells in sweden
[18:18] <rebysP> its not fair to us traders
[18:18] <BlackAcd> is idle: after 10m [pager: on]
[18:18] <[sitez]> ya
[18:18] <[sitez]> msaint
[18:18] <[sitez]> that aint fair :)
[18:18] <[sitez]> it aint fair to do that
[18:18] <[sitez]> hehe
[18:18] <[sitez]> im makin a pont
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